Total Drama Action Alternate Realities shows what the contestants would've been like if they weren't put in Total Drama Action.

Owen's cooking class

Owen runs a cooking show where he eats everything instead of cooking, saying he eats when he is stressed, which he claims to be.

Gwen's home makeover show

Gwen runs a house makeover show where she gives the family's baby room a makeover. It turns out to be black and covered in gothic stuff, which not only causes the baby to cry, but terrifies the father as well.

Duncan and Harold in "Dork Fishing"

Duncan runs a show that makes fun of nerds. In this reality, he is hosting a segment called "Dork Fishing" and is hanging Harold over a shark pit with man-eating sharks inside.

Heather in "The Bills"

Heather is in a reality show called "The Bills." In this show, she is a spoiled rich girl who spends all of her father's money.

"Bridgette and Geoff Plus Chef"

Bridgette, Geoff, and Chef run a comedy show called "Bridgette and Geoff Plus Chef," in which Geoff and Bridgette partake in babysitting Chef.


  • The announcer states Heather uses 100 USD, despite the show taking place in Canada.
  • Each of the contestants' series are based on real-life television shows:

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