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Total Drama Action
Season 2
Total Drama Action
Country of origin Canada
Genre Animation
Reality television
Television channel(s) Teletoon
Cartoon Network
Episode count 26 (+1 special)
Teletoon premiere January 11, 2009
Cartoon Network premiere June 11, 2009
Created by Tom McGillis
Jennifer Pertsch
Developed by Fresh TV Inc.
Directed by Todd Kauffman
Mark Thornton
Preceded by Total Drama Island
Succeeded by Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama Action is the second season of Total Drama.


This season's challenges are based on movie genres, and the site where each challenge takes place is an abandoned film lot. The grand prize for this season is $1,000,000. Fifteen castmates compete for forty-two days for one grand prize. When eliminated, contestants have to take the Walk of Shame and enter the Lame-o-sine, which takes them to the Total Drama Aftermath studio. Here, they are interviewed by two hosts about their experiences on the show and how they feel about their current position.


After the events of Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, in which all of season one's contestants attempted and failed to win the million dollars in a final challenge at Camp Wawanakwa, Chris recruits the closest lucky fourteen (later fifteen) players, who all tied in that challenge to continue on to the second season, which takes place on an abandoned film lot in Toronto. For forty-two days, the cast is forced to compete in movie genre themed challenges for the one million dollar grand prize, faced with new challenges, surprises, and drama. Once split into two new teams, the Killer Grips and the Screaming Gaffers, the contestants take part in various movie-genre-based challenges, where the winning teams gain immunity or rewards for their successes. The losing teams are forced to attend an award ceremony, where they vote on who will receive the Gilded Chris Award or immunity, and who will be forced to take the Walk of Shame to the Lame-o-sine, and be eliminated from the competition. The lucky cast member who outlasts their other castmates wins the highly anticipated $1,000,000.


Elimination is a common practice carried out throughout the entire Total Drama series. In Total Drama Action, the elimination ceremony generally happens after every other challenge. The team or players that haven't received immunity will vote off another contestant via electronic devices. The participant who receives the most votes leaves the competition.

Participant Team Status Placing
Geoff None 1st/2nd Voted out
in Alien Resurr-eggtion
15th/14th Place Pre-Teams
E-Scope Killer Grips Returns in The Chefshank Redemption
3rd Voted out in Riot On Set
Trent Killer Grips 4th Voted out
in 3:10 to Crazytown
13th Place
Gwen Screaming Gaffers 5th Voted out
in The Chefshank Redemption
12th Place
DJ Screaming Gaffers 6th Quit
in The Sand Witch Project
11th Place
Izzy Killer Grips 7th Voted out
in Full Metal Drama
10th Place
Owen Killer Grips Returns in Rock n' Rule
8th Voted out in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine
Heather Screaming Gaffers 9th Voted out
in Million Dollar Babies
9th Place
Leshawna Screaming Gaffers 10th Voted out
in Super Hero-ld
8th Place Merged
Justin Killer Grips 11th Voted out
in The Princess Pride
7th Place
Lindsay Killer Grips 12th Voted out
in Rock n' Rule
6th Place
Harold Screaming Gaffers 13th Voted out
in 2008: A Space Owen
5th Place
Courtney Killer Grips Debuted in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine
14th Voted out
in Top Dog
4th Place
Owen Killer Grips 15th Fired
in Top Dog
3rd Place
Beth Killer Grips Winner in The Aftermath: IV
Runner-up in Duncan's ending
Duncan Screaming Gaffers Winner in The Aftermath: IV
Runner-up in Beth's ending

The final frame of the theme song, featuring all twenty-two of the original campers.


Voice Actor Role Episode count
Christian Potenza Chris 27/27 episodes
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet 27/27 episodes
Sarah Gadon Beth 27/27 episodes
Drew Nelson Duncan 27/27 episodes
Brian Froud Harold 25/27 episodes
Stephanie Anne Mills Lindsay 24/27 episodes
Scott McCord Owen 21/27 episodes
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney 20/27 episodes
Adam Reid Justin 20/27 episodes
Novie Edwards Leshawna 20/27 episodes
Rachel Wilson Heather 18/27 episodes
Katie Crown Izzy 16/27 episodes
Clé Bennett DJ 14/27 episodes
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen 13/27 episodes
Scott McCord Trent 12/27 episodes
Dan Petronijevic Geoff 9/27 episodes
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette 9/27 episodes


There is a total of twenty-six episodes of Total Drama Action, and a special that led up to next season.

Movie genres

In each episode's challenge (except for the aftermath episodes), there are movie genre for each challenge. Including:

  1. Monster in Monster Cash.
  2. Alien in Alien Resurr-eggtion.
  3. Drama in Riot On Set.
  4. Beach in Beach Blanket Bogus.
  5. Western in 3:10 to Crazytown.
  6. Prison in The Chefshank Redemption.
  7. Hospital in One Flu Over the Cuckoos.
  8. Horror in The Sand Witch Project.
  9. Disaster in Masters of Disasters.
  10. War in Full Metal Drama.
  11. Bank heist in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine.
  12. Prehistoric in One Million Bucks, B.C..
  13. Sports in Million Dollar Babies.
  14. Spy in Dial M for Merger.
  15. Superhero in Super Hero-ld.
  16. Fairytale in The Princess Pride.
  17. Mystery in Get a Clue.
  18. Rock 'n' roll in Rock n' Rule.
  19. Kung fu in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen.
  20. Space in 2008: A Space Owen.
  21. Animal buddy in Top Dog.
  22. Pirate and miscellaneous (a combination of almost all of the past movie genres) in Mutiny on the Soundstage.

Total Drama Action EXTRA

The official Cartoon Network Total Drama Action site. It features videos, information about the contestants, games (see above), headlines, and exclusives, all on Total Drama Action recent stuff. Also, the Best. Game. Ever. challenge announcement changes weekly according to the previous episode of the season.

Best. Game. Ever.


Best. Game. Ever..

An online game seen on Cartoon Network's official Total Drama Action site. It consists of RPG gameplay, where the player creates their own avatar and receives missions from Chris, which will change weekly, so it will relate to the last challenge done on the show. The player will be forming alliances, fighting beasts and obtaining money to buy more accessories for their avatar throughout the game.

The Big Picture

Another Cartoon Network game made on Total Drama Action. The main goal is to take high-quality pictures of the contestants, with as many castmates in them as possible while they run across film studios.


There are many more challenge prizes in Total Drama Action than in the previous season. Since this season has less contestants and the same number of episodes, a large number of challenges are reward and non-elimination ones.


Since there aren't any Region 1 and Region 2 DVD release of this season, Australia released Total Drama Action: Collection 1, in a Region 4 DVD on November 2, 2011. Total Drama Action: Collection 2 is released on July 4, 2012.


Total Drama Action has been released onto Netflix. This season has unedited dialog and full screen, 16:9 aspect ratio. It also includes all the episodes of the season.


  • This is the first season where a contestant(s) is eliminated before the teams are formed. The only other time would be in Total Drama World Tour, with Duncan.
  • Every contestant (except Eva) who made it to the merge in Total Drama Island made it into this season.
  • The two characters who returned after being previously eliminated in this season were Owen and Izzy.
    • This also marks the first time that the two returning contestants are of the opposite gender; one male and one female.
  • This season is currently the only season where team captains were chosen by a challenge, and the captains got to choose the teams, rather than the producers making the decisions or by rankings in a challenge.
    • This is also the only season in which the teams weren't formed in the first episode.
  • While a major part of the previous season was getting a romantic relationship started for most campers, this season focuses on keeping a relationship going, surviving hardships, and several major relationships breaking up.
  • The first five contestants shown in the opening are the final five of Total Drama Action. In this case, they are Duncan, Harold, Courtney, Owen, and Beth.
  • This is the first season to ever feature a double elimination, and features two in total: Alien Resurr-eggtion and Top Dog.
    • Due to the two double eliminations, this season never has an actual final thirteen.
  • This is the first season to feature Total Drama Aftermath, where the eliminated contestants talk about their time on the show, and what they have been up to since.
  • This is the first season in which the final two contestants were from two different teams.
  • This is the first season in which no contestants became bald, with the second being Total Drama All-Stars.
  • This is the first, and currently the only, season in which a former Killer Bass member was in the final two.
  • This is the only season where no new couples were formed.
  • This is the only season where there is no team swap between two contestants.
  • This season, along with Total Drama World Tour are the only seasons to not feature the outhouse Confessional.


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