The final four participate in an animal-themed challenge, as the castmates return to the location of season one. The drama intensifies when someone is exposed for the mole he is. At the elimination ceremony, the real antagonist finally meets her end in the contest, along with her long awaited comeuppance, but not before discovering a spy and causing him to be fired. This all leads up to the final two of this season being determined.



Duncan shows Owen the thirty two-page long letter Courtney wrote for him.

This episode opens with Owen waking up from his sleep, and being surprised that Duncan is not picking on him, which leads him to wondering where he could be. All of a sudden, Duncan walks sleepily into the guy's trailer. Owen asks Duncan where he was all night, and begins to think that Duncan was captured by aliens for a night of probing. When Duncan reveals he was with Courtney all night, Owen wonders what the two did together. Duncan reveals that he and Courtney spent the night talking about "relationship stuff". Duncan then shows Owen the large relationship rule contract that Courtney wrote out for him, and he states that Courtney wants him to follow and memorize all of it. Duncan jumps onto his bed, and tries to sleep. However, Chris wakes him up, and tells the boys that the challenge is starting soon. Duncan hopes that the challenge is a "guy in a coma" movie challenge, so that he can sleep. Owen tells Duncan he was not listening to him, due to Chris mentioning breakfast. Afterwards, all of the castmates are seen at breakfast. Beth receives breakfast from Chef Hatchet, and says that the scrambled eggs look good for once. Upon hearing Beth's comment, Chef begins to laugh and falls over in laughter. Beth sits with Courtney, and they start chatting about Duncan. Courtney becomes concerned and hopes that the two did not keep Beth up all night.


"You may hold me now."

– Courtney

In the confessional, Beth reveals that she heard everything that they said, except for some minor parts, which she is able to list exactly by paragraph and sub-section. Owen arrives, excited about breakfast, and receives it from Chef, who is still laughing. When Duncan enters, Courtney immediately begins to impose the rules of the contract on Duncan, asking if he memorized the contract yet. Owen and Beth watch, and Beth is disgusted by the unstable relationship. Courtney then "allows" Duncan to hold her. Afterwards, Owen begins to choke, and so Beth saves him. When Owen coughs out a chunk of his breakfast, it falls into Chef's pot, but Chef continues cooking without a care. Chris then appears with a parrot, and Duncan refers to it as a "flying rat". Chris explains that the day's challenge is an animal buddy challenge. In the confessional, he says that he is running low on ideas, as the only other idea he had was the "guy in a coma" movie challenge. Chris's parrot bites him, and Chris goes off-screen as the castmates watch in horror. Chris returns, covered in feathers, and mocks the castmates by saying it will be easy for them to befriend animals, as they are all animals. In the confessional, Beth reveals that she is excited for the challenge, as she is friends with the rats back home.


"I told you, bright green like my mohawk, not that wussy moss green!"

– Duncan

Outside the trailers, Chris shows the castmates the choices for their animal buddies. The choices are a shark, a bear, a raccoon and a chameleon. Courtney immediately chooses the shark, before anyone else has a chance to say anything. Duncan decides to take the chameleon, as it reminds him of Scruffy. Owen points out that Scruffy, unlike the chameleon, is not a reptile, and Duncan gets mad at Owen for disrespecting Scruffy. In fear of Duncan, Owen hides behind the bear's cage, choosing him as his animal buddy. Beth takes the only remaining animal, the raccoon, and tries to shake its paw. This results in the raccoon clawing Beth, and Beth weakly asking Chris if the raccoon has had its shots. Later, each castmate is shown with their animal buddy. Duncan tries to get the chameleon to change to the color of his mohawk, but the chameleon fails. Duncan says "I told you, bright green like my mohawk, not that wussy moss green!", but the chameleon still gets it wrong. Meanwhile, the raccoon is seen angrily shrieking at Beth. Beth tries to calm him down by offering the raccoon a treat, which does not end well. Courtney, meanwhile, says that she does not like her shark, and her shark does not like her back. Then, she says that if her shark helps her win, she will make him a very rich shark.


Owen sabotages Duncan first, changing the color of his mohawk.

Later, Duncan is seen fed up with his chameleon. Courtney arrives, and reminds Duncan that he has to compliment her once every hour, as it says on the contract. Duncan, nervous, tells Courtney that she has "nice teeth", which does not amuse Courtney. Courtney asks Duncan "What's more important, winning some stupid challenge, or making me happy?" In the confessional, Duncan says that he wants both the prize money, and the girl, but knows that he needs the money more than a "high maintenance" girl with a "superiority complex". After calling Courtney that, he asks the audience not to tell Courtney he said that. Back with Owen and his bear, Owen is seen about to eat a lollipop. However, the bear snatches it and takes it for himself. Chris arrives, and whispers something in Owen's ear. In the confessional, Owen reveals that Chris was telling him to begin sabotaging the others. He says that he was uncomfortable with it at first, but it is okay as long as he messes with everyone equally. Owen's first target is Duncan, who is still trying to get his chameleon to change to the color of his mohawk. Owen spray-paints Duncan's mohawk several different colors, which the chameleon follows. However, since Duncan cannot see, he believes that the chameleon is still not listening to him.


Courtney and the shark battle.

Next, Courtney is shown, demonstrating a cheer to her shark. She spells out "F-I-S-H-Y", shaping her body in the shape of each letter. She then sings "You ain't got no alibi! You fishy, uh huh, you fishy uh huh!", which Duncan enjoys watching. Courtney's next line is "Come on, get ya fins up!", which she has to repeat in an angrier tone due to the shark not listening. Owen arrives to sabotage Courtney, poking his finger with a needle and dropping a small amount of blood into the shark's tank. The shark, having now gained a thirst for blood, tries to attack Courtney. In the confessional, Courtney says "I've been dealing with an entire team of top notch lawyers. I’m not about to be intimidated by a glorified dolphin!", and begins to fight her shark. Beth is also shown demonstrating a trick to her raccoon, concerning treats. She then begins to pant like a dog, causing the raccoon to give her a treat instead, which Beth enjoys. Owen arrives, and believes that he is not needed there. Chris calls everyone to perform. Courtney arrives, injured, and a concerned Beth asks her what happened to her.


Beth wins the first part of the challenge.

Beth is up first to perform, and regretfully tells Chris that she could not teach her animal buddy anything, and then realizes that she lost her retainer. Upon hearing this, the raccoon jumps into the nearby trash can, and digs out Beth's retainer. Chris and Chef are impressed, and both give Beth a ten. Beth and the raccoon are pleased by this, and high five. Owen's demonstration is next, and it simply shows both Owen and the bear sleeping and farting. Chris and Chef are unimpressed, and give Owen a six. Owen retorts by telling Chris that he had not even begun his demonstration yet. When it is Duncan's turn, he simply points at his mohawk, looking at the chameleon. The chameleon understands Duncan's notion, and changes to the color of Duncan's mohawk. Chris and Chef applaud Duncan, and give him an eight. Before Courtney performs, she receives a message on her PDA. Chris asks Courtney where her animal buddy is, and Courtney responds by serving Chris and Chef sashimi. Chef wonders where Courtney got it from, then glares at her, implying that he thinks Courtney killed her animal buddy. Courtney refutes this, saying she did not kill the shark, but rather "roundhouse kicked" him until he coughed up his lunch, saying "from his stomach to yours!" This disgusts Chris and Chef, and they declare Beth the winner.


The remaining contestants return to Camp Wawanakwa.

Before the second part of the challenge begins, Courtney is shown at a river somewhere, getting ready to fight three sharks at once. The remaining three, Beth, Duncan and Owen, have returned to Camp Wawanakwa's forest. Chris reveals the next part of the challenge: The animal buddies have to help the castmates find their way out of the forest. The animals are revealed to have no idea where to go. The challenge begins, and Owen reveals that Chris gave him a GPS device for sabotaging the others. In the forest, Beth is shown trying to navigate, and crashes into a tree. She begins to think that the entire forest is closing in on her, and starts hyperventilating. Meanwhile with Duncan, he is tired and frustrated. He wishes that he had taken the bear, so he could ride on its back. The chameleon suddenly disappears from Duncan's shoulder, and Duncan tries to find it. While searching, he accidentally activates one of the booby traps by stepping on a rope, causing a rock to be hurled at his stomach. Back at the river, Courtney has dispatched two of the sharks, and only her animal buddy shark remains. She tells the shark to "bring it".


The shark taunts Courtney by keeping her PDA hostage.

The shark comes above the surface of the water, with Courtney's PDA in his mouth. This shocks Courtney, who, in the confessional, says that she needs her PDA or she would be on level ground with the others. Courtney tries to bargain with the shark to save her PDA, but the shark simply taunts Courtney while swimming away. As the two swim down the river, the camera zooms out to show that it splits into two streams. Owen and the bear block one path, causing the shark and Courtney to go down the stream that leads to a waterfall. Then, Beth is shown in the forest again, holding a camera. She turns the camera to the raccoon, who points in the opposite direction, revealing a path. Beth claims that she knew the path was there all along, and was only testing the raccoon. Back to Duncan, he is shown begging his chameleon to return to him. Owen sets up a fake sign on a tree that points to the exit of the forest. This makes Duncan happy, believing he can win without his animal buddy. However, he is mistaken, as he triggers yet another booby trap and falls into a pit, moaning "No more booby traps". After watching Duncan fall, Owen and the bear begin to strategize, but get caught in a large net.


Mr. Whiskers introduces Beth to a high-end raccoon den.

Owen grabs a fistful of berries from the tree next to them. In the confessional, he says: "There is no problem that can't be solved by excessive eating." Owen's plan is to eat their way out of the net by having their combined weight grow and break the net. Both the bear and Owen immediately begin feasting on berries. Meanwhile, Beth and the raccoon are shown outside a cave, and Beth follows the raccoon inside. Inside the cave, an entire raccoon den is revealed, where the raccoons are living luxuriously. Beth is impressed, and says that the raccoons are like equals to humans. A raccoon waiter holding sandwiches in a plate walks by, and claws at Beth angrily. Beth reaffirms her statement, saying that raccoons are superior to humans. The raccoon turns to Beth, standing on a ping pong table. Beth agrees to play one game, but says that they have to leave after the game and a gourmet meal. Back at the waterfall, Courtney swims after her shark, as the shark hangs off the waterfall and spits out Courtney's PDA. Courtney, concerned about the safety of her device, dives after it.

Beth wins Top Dog

Beth wins immunity again.

Meanwhile, inside the pit, Duncan is shown to have gone insane due to being trapped alone. He grows hungry, and takes out Courtney's contract. He begins to eat the paper, and says that it is not that bad. In Owen's net, he and the bear have consumed a large amount of berries, and their very large combined weight finally breaks the net, freeing the two. Owen goes to the confessional, and reveals that the berries were poisonous, and that everyone should "stay out of the woods" for a while. Back at the trailers, Chris has grown a beard while waiting for the castmates to arrive. Beth arrives, winning the challenge. Day and night pass, and Beth tells Chris that they have been waiting two days, and should perhaps send out a search party. Chris interrupts Beth, announcing that the rest of the castmates have finally arrived. Courtney and Owen arrive. Owen has grown a beard again, and Courtney is shivering. Beth asks Courtney what happened to her, and Courtney says that she is shivering due to PDA withdrawal. Duncan swings in on a vine, and slingshots a pebble at Beth, causing Courtney to say, "Lord of The Flies much?"


Courtney and Beth confront Owen about being a traitor.

Later, Mr. Whiskers, Beth's animal buddy, arrives with Courtney's PDA. Courtney is angered to see a raccoon holding it, and snatches it from him. She receives a message from her lawyers, and wonders what the "bloodsuckers" want now. She reads the message with Beth, and the two find out that Owen is a traitor, and has been one since his return to the game. They also realize that Harold was right about Owen, and confront him for being a cheater. Owen refuses to come out from behind the bear, but reveals in the confessional that he is actually relieved that the castmates discovered the truth, since now he can go back to being nice. The bear roars at the girls, and Owen, still hiding behind him, says that Courtney and Beth underestimate his cowardice. Then, Beth gets hit by a tranquilizer dart, and the culprit is revealed to be Duncan once again. Courtney rolls her eyes and kisses Duncan, causing him to snap back to normal. Courtney asks for her contract back so she can make a few changes, and Duncan tries to think of an excuse for why he does not have it. Courtney says it is fine, since her lawyers made multiple copies. Owen talks to Duncan and compliments him on being able to bond with his chameleon so well. Duncan asks Owen what he is talking about, then sees that the chameleon was sitting on his head the entire time, invisible.


Duncan and Beth are declared as the final two.

They all go to the Gilded Chris ceremony that evening. All the votes are shown individually. First, Beth's vote is shown. She begins to mull over whether to vote for Owen due to being a traitor, or Courtney for being a threat, and decides on Courtney. Next, Courtney's vote is shown. She decides immediately to vote for Owen, saying "see you never, traitor!" Then, Owen's vote is shown. He says that, while Beth and Courtney are suspicious of him, they eat less than Duncan, and so he votes for Duncan. A tired Duncan is shown, but his vote is not revealed. Chris announces that the first two Gilded Chris Awards go to Beth and Duncan, then says that Courtney is eliminated, and Courtney is shocked that Duncan voted for her. Duncan is shown in the confessional, explaining why he voted for Courtney. He says that her popularity has gone very downhill, and he does not want her to bog him down. He adds that the biggest reason he voted for her is due to the thirty-two page contract that she made him read. As she is forced into the Lame-o-sine, she is furious at Duncan for betraying her and breaks up with him. Before the Lame-o-sine leaves, Owen asks Chris why he did not receive a Gilded Chris Award. Chris then fires him for having been discovered, so he also leaves the competition. After Courtney and Owen are taken away, Chris proclaims Beth and Duncan the final two, then pushes them away from the frame, and tells the viewers to tune in for the finale.

Exclusive clip

Mad look

Courtney in the last Lame-o-Sine of the season.

Courtney hopes Duncan wins the prize money, as he signed a contract stating that he has to share the money with her. Courtney attempts to call her lawyers, but receives a message from them saying that they are on vacation for three weeks. Angered, Courtney throws her PDA through the window. She then pulls out several documents that "hold her entire future", but a breeze causes the pages to fly out of the hole in the window. Courtney begins screaming as the camera cuts off.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Sarah Gadon Beth
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Scott McCord Owen



  • Like her fellow antagonists, Courtney has a major downfall in the episode in which she is eliminated.
  • Duncan choosing the million dollars over Courtney can be paralleled to Courtney leaving him for the briefcase in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island.
  • Owen's role in the show is revealed by Courtney's lawyers, and Chris fires him from the position.
  • Each cast member receives an animal during the challenge:
  • Two of Courtney's rules are revealed in the episode:
    • Only Courtney can utilize pet names.
    • Duncan must compliment Courtney at least once every hour.
  • This marks the first time in Total Drama history that a contestant has been fired.
    • This is also the first time that there is no proper final three, due to Chris firing Owen.
  • Duncan is the only one who doesn't find out prior to the Gilded Chris ceremony that Owen is a spy working for Chris.



  • The episode's title could be a reference to Top Cat, Top Gun, or Top Dog.
  • Beth makes a reference to The Blair Witch Project, when she is alone in the woods with her animal.
  • After Duncan comes wildly swinging into the set from the forest, Courtney briefly refers to Lord of the Flies.
  • The scene in which Duncan falls in the hole and goes crazy, wanting food, may be a parody of the 2005 animated movie, Madagascar.
  • The way Duncan and Courtney break up in this episode is similar to Ross Geller and Rachel Green's second break up from the television series Friends.
    • In both couples, the female writes a rather long letter to the male which highlights the mistakes that the male needs to correct in order to fix their relationship. This ultimately leads to the end of both couples as the male refuses to have such complication in their relationship.
  • Courtney's cheer is a parody of the song U.G.L.Y. by Daphne and Celeste.


  • When the castmates and their animals are arriving at the forest on the bus, the raccoon is shown to wear glasses. When it is shown again, it is not wearing glasses.
  • Chris says that he had to make twenty-six movie genres. However, he didn't, because of the three Aftermaths.
  • Courtney is eating the "scrambled eggs", though her rules say she does not have to eat Chef's cooking.
  • Chef says that the bear had one more day on its contract in Monster Cash. However, the bear returns in this episode. It is possible that his contract was renewed, or that it is a different bear.
  • The raccoon has a new facial design in this episode, having white eyes and black pupils. However, when Chris introduces all of the animals together at the beginning of the episode, it has black eyes and white pupils.
  • When Owen is seen in the confessional right after he eats all the berries, if you pay attention to his Canadian logo on his shirt, you can see that it is pumping during the whole scene he is at the confessional.
  • When Duncan leans up from the bed, his goatee is missing.
  • While Owen is messing with the castmates there are a few goofs:
    • After Owen sprays Duncan's hair, it goes back to normal in the next scene.
    • Owen is also carried by a rope while messing with the castmates, although he is seemingly not connected to anything.
  • When Duncan is lying on his bed after Chris says that breakfast is ready, he appears to have two eyebrows instead of his usual unibrow.
  • It is shown that Duncan votes for Courtney on accident (i.e he is sleeping thus isn't paying attention), but when Courtney is announced to be eliminated, Duncan behaves as if he knew exactly what he was doing.


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