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The Drama Brothers singing their hit single, When I Cry.

The Drama Brothers is a boy band that is formed during the time between the last aftermath of Total Drama Action and Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special.


This band originally consists of Cody, Harold, Justin, and Trent. However, during Total Drama World Tour, Sasquatchanakwa replaces Cody, as he was still competing in the competition. They have one known hit single, entitled When I Cry, which topped the charts. The band's songs and albums sold out stadiums and rocketed the boys to stardom. The band also sings and plays some of the Total Drama World Tour aftermath songs.

Total Drama Action


The Drama Brothers jump into a pool in the nude, causing them to do community service.

The Drama Brothers took the world by storm for a short period of time. They were pop celebrities, and as a result had groupies, gained publicity, and threw parties. However, due to a birthday party incident where they all went skinny dipping into a pool, the group was forced to do community service, and their image gets destroyed. Afterwards, things were going seemingly well for a while until an interview with Celebrity Manhunt host Josh reveals some animosity within the band. Trent gets annoyed by Justin "playing" the guitar and snatches it away from him. Justin states that he can't actually play an instrument, but the fans don't seem to care, as they seem to admire his beauty much more than his talent. Trent declares that their problem is the music, to which Harold rebuts "You mean the beatboxing." Trent replies that the issues are because of not "giving the fans what they want," suggesting touching fans on an emotional level like what he does. Although, Harold insists that lots of fans want him to make a solo album based around his beatboxing. Trent sighs, mentioning to Josh, "You just can't bring up the beatboxing around him". 

Drama Brothers chatting with an interviewer

The Drama Brothers' interview with Josh from Celebrity Manhunt.

Cody asks Justin what he thinks, but Justin is busy breaking up with his girlfriend via text message, to which Trent asks Justin to do him a favor and break up with his girlfriend too. Later that day, Harold confesses to Josh that he's made the decision to leave the band and go solo (LO$O). They are then shown promoting their latest albums at a record store, with Justin, Trent, and Cody at one table, and Harold at another. The boy band is only able to get a girl to take an album for free since she wants the case, while the "H-Bomb" is not able to sell any albums, breaking up what is left of the band.

On the red carpet, during Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, they reveal that they are getting back together to re-release their hit single, despite Harold's tell-all book about the band. Harold and Cody later qualify for Total Drama World Tour, while Trent and Justin don't.

Total Drama World Tour


The Drama Brothers perform with Sasquatchanakwa.

The band reunites in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water with Sasquatchanakwa replacing Cody. They perform a music number called Baby, and are later chased away off-screen by a yellow bus full of fangirls. Trent ends up tied to this bus with his guitar. The fate of the others is unknown.

The band performs back-up for the song Save This Show, in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon.

The band is seen again in Aftermath Aftermayhem, this time playing back-up in the song, Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley. During this song, Trent plays a balalaika, Harold plays a tuba, and Sasquatchanakwa plays the accordion, instead of their usual instruments. However, Justin plays his tambourine.



  • Hawaiian Style is the only Aftermath episode in Total Drama World Tour in which the Drama Brothers do not perform.
  • Harold is the only member of the band to compete in all of the first three seasons, as all the other band members only competed in two.
  • Cody is the only member of the band to not compete in Total Drama Action.
  • This is one of the two boy bands mentioned in the series. The other being "Fame Town," a boy band that Chris was apparently a member of at one point, as mentioned by Sierra.
    • Coincidentally, Sierra is seen to obsess over at least one member of each band.
  • All of the members of the band were rejected, or dumped, by a girl from the show. They also rejected or dumped a girl:
  • Both boys Beth is attracted to are in this band. She also kissed two members of the band.
  • All of the members of the band, except for Harold, were on the Screaming Gophers.
  • All of the members of the band made it to the merge only once: Trent in Total Drama Island, Harold and Justin in Total Drama Action, and Cody in Total Drama World Tour.
  • Sasquatchanakwa appears to be a member or a friend of the band's, as he takes Cody's place during the aftermaths, and attends their party in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special.
  • Excluding fangirls, Cody is the only member to not have more than one person attracted to him.
    • Trent has had attractions from Gwen, Katie, Sadie, and Lindsay.
    • Harold has had attractions from Beth and Leshawna.
    • The only girl who is attracted to Cody is Sierra.
    • All of the original female contestants plus Owen, have been attracted to Justin at some point.



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