The Big Picture is a Total Drama Action game, produced by Cartoon Network and Teletoon. In this game, the player takes photos of the original fourteen contestants who compete in Total Drama Action that are running across the screen trying to gain as much points as they can.


The main goal of the game is to capture the best possible photos in order to earn money. The amount of money earned for each photo is as follows:

  • Photos that have one castmate can be worth 50-250 points.
  • Photos that have a castmate hidden behind a scenery part can be worth 300-500 points.
  • Photos that have two castmates can be worth 500-900 points.
  • Photos that have three castmates can be worth 1,000-1,200 points.
  • Photos that have a pairing or couple shown can be worth over 3,000 points, making them one of the most valuable photos in the game.

A shot of the gameplay in The Big Picture.

  • Photos with two or more of the above factors vary in the amount of money they earn.
    • Photos that are blurry or not centered are worth less points, usually three, four, or five points, no matter how many characters are in the image. Images without characters in them are worth nothing. The focus may reduce or increase the amount of points that the picture is worth.

In order to proceed to the next level, the players must earn a certain amount of money within a set amount of time. If they fail to reach the goal, they are taken to a game over screen, and are given the option to print or save their best pictures.




The four couples in the four studios.


Thebigpicture 4personshot

On April 4, 2011, adding on to the original part of the game, players became able to earn badges (just like in several other Cartoon Network games) for their profile by completing different tasks, such as taking a picture with two people in it and scoring 100,000 points or more. This is one of the first Total Drama games to have badges added to players' accounts.

In mid-2012, when the site was updated, the badge that was given when a player took a picture with four people in it has been removed. It hasn't returned (nor has it been replaced) since, and the game currently has five badges rather than six.



  • Heather, although appearing bald in nearly all of Total Drama Action, has her original hair from Total Drama Island in the game.
    • However, she is seen in the badge for "Amateur Photographer" as bald.
  • Beth can be seen with braces in the game, despite the fact that her braces were removed before the season began.
    • However, she is seen in the badge for 100,000 points or more without her braces.
  • Justin is seen wearing Trent's shoes instead of his usual sandals.
  • Duncan is shown with long sideburns when the player is given the "Four People" badge.


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