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Toxic Rats
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Dark Blue
Eliminated TDRI: Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!
Place TDRI: 13th
Enemies Anne Maria
Voiced by Ashley Peters

Staci, labeled The Compulsive Liar, was a camper on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, as a member of the Toxic Rats.


Little is known about Staci due to her limited time on the show. She is most notable for constantly exaggerating about her family, something that has left it exceedingly difficult to decipher truth from fiction when it comes to her background. It seems as if Staci is a nice girl, just overly talkative to an annoying extent. She spends so much time stretching the facts that she almost forgets to focus her attention on what's really important.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


Staci instantly loses her hair after she touches the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom.

Staci is introduced to the show in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, on a yacht with all the other contestants, talking to Anne Maria about how her ancestors created the spray tan. However, Anne Maria gets annoyed by her chatter and sprays Staci in the face with her hairspray, causing Staci to fall to the deck, coughing. Later on, the yacht is blown up and the contestants all land in the water. Staci has trouble swimming and Mike attempts to save her, but almost drowns due to her weight pulling him down. Zoey manages to save both of them. She talks about one of her ancestors creating swimming and mimics what the people before that used to do in the water. However, once the cast reaches the beach, her ramblings were ignored by Mike and Zoey. Staci is later placed on the Toxic Rats team. Through out the episode, she would constantly talk about what her ancestors did whenever their "inventions" were being used during the challenge, though no one seemed to care when she spoke of them. When her team loses the first challenge, she brags about more of her ancestors, thoroughly annoying her entire team. At the campfire ceremony, Staci is voted off and is the first to receive the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom. Upon the marshmallow landing in her hand, she loses all of her hair in an instant. Consequently, she is the first person placed in the Hurl of Shame, and she starts rambling about how one of her ancestors invented catapults, only for her to be launched as she was talking.


Staci caught in Larry's mouth during the finale.

Staci did not appear throughout the season until the finale, Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown. She is seen with the rest of the eliminated contestants, sitting next to the original Toxic Rats members. When the mutant animals and creatures attack the cast, she is seen in the mouth of Larry, talking about one of her "relatives" until Larry closes his mouth. Cameron manages to save her by attacking Larry's weak spot. Later, Staci and the other contestants left the island after the winner had won. She is last seen laughing at Chris after he fell into the lake and was arrested by the RCMP.


Total Drama Reloaded

Staci Original

Staci's original design.

Staci's original design had light blonde hair with a small blue band in it, which was changed to a modified version of Zoey's original hair, being shorter with a smaller bow. Her jacket was originally a coral pink color, but it is now a hot pink color. Her jacket also has two purple pockets on it, and is rolled up at the end of the sleeves. Also, her pants were originally dark blue, but have since changed to light purple. The lines on her knees were removed. Her eyes are now dark blue, her nose is smaller, and her figure also became much less round, and now slightly resembles Sadie's.

Audition tape

View this video for Staci's audition tape.
Staci starts by claiming that she will win Total Drama: Revenge of the Island because she came from a long line of people who think outside of the box. She then points, with a stick, to a bo
Staci's Family Tree

Staci talking about her relatives during her audition tape.

ard that has pictures and text about her relatives. She states the many relatives' inventions, such as forks, invented by her great grandfather Dave; plates, invented by her great great aunt Lois, and floors, invented by her great, great, great uncle George. She also explains how people managed to do things before these inventions were created. In the end, Staci says that she is very excited about telling everyone about her family and that she knows they will be impressed.


  • Staci, along with Beardo, are the two contestants who got the lowest participation in the series; she has currently competed in only one episode.
  • Staci is one of three contestants to have never outranked another contestant. The others being Ezekiel and Beardo.
    • Staci is also currently the first contestant in Total Drama history to never beat another contestant, as Ezekiel first beat Duncan in Total Drama World Tour (before he later returned). She was followed by Beardo.
  • Staci is one of six contestants to never received a symbol of immunity, with the others being Ezekiel, Noah, Blaineley, Anne Maria, Amy, and Beardo.
    • She is the second female to have never received a symbol of immunity.
    • However, she is the first to have a scheduled elimination in the first episode, since Duncan quit.
  • Staci is the only contestant on Total Drama to not use the confessional during her time on the show.
  • Staci is one of six contestants to become bald at some point. The others being Heather, Ezekiel, Sierra, Alejandro, Dakota, and Dave.
    • She, Dave, and Ezekiel remain bald.
  • On her Refresh label, Staci's name is spelled Stacy.


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