Sisters is the fifteenth song featured in Total Drama World Tour and the second song featured in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon. It is sung by Leshawna when she is forced to sing by Geoff and Bridgette to raise money for the telethon. Leshawna sings this song as a way of threatening Alejandro with revenge for manipulating her and her friends, and causing her elimination in the competition.


Leshawna: You think you got me good, okay, maybe you did,
You think you rule the game, I guess.
But you don't rule a thing, 'cause baby, you're a squid!
Who's gone and made a nasty mess!
Bridgette: Yeah!
Leshawna: You lied right to my face, and messed up my head!
And ain't that just the way with men?
Not you, Harold.
I know just how to do it, oh, brother's goin' down!
And won't be gettin' up again!
Geoff: Yes!
Leshawna: Sisters, come together now and take him down!
Sisters, come together now and sort him out!
Sisters, come together now, make him see what we're all about, whoah-oh!
Sisters, come together now, show what's what!
Sisters, come together now, help me strut!
Sisters, come together now, make him see what we're all about!
Oh, revenge!



  • This song, along with I'm Sorry, features the fewest singers of any other song in the season, with only one each.
  • This is the sixth song sung about another person and the third one sung about Alejandro.



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