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Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot
Team Amazon
Heroic Hamsters
All-Star Sierra
Gender Female
Hair color Purple
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDWT: Awwwwww, Drumheller
TDAS: Suckers Punched
Place TDWT: 4th
TDAS: 9th
Relationship Cody (attracted to)
Cameron (attracted to)
Family Mother, grandparents, great-grandparents
Friends Cody, Izzy, Sam, Cameron (one-sided, on her side)
Enemies Alejandro, Blaineley, Chris, Courtney, Gwen, Heather
Voiced by Annick Obonsawin

Sierra, labeled The Obsessive Uber-Fan, was one of the three newcomers who competed on Total Drama World Tour. She was originally a member of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, but switched teams with Izzy in the second episode so that they could be with their love interests. She was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. She was a contestant for Total Drama All-Stars as a member of the Heroic Hamsters.


With blogs dedicated to every member of the cast and personal information extending as far as their dental records, Sierra is Total Drama's biggest fan. Being a blogger, she sometimes uses internet slang such as "LOL" or "OMG" when she converses with the others. She quite evidently spends a lot of her time online; as shown by how dependent she is on the internet. Aside from blogging, she also plays an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game). Whenever deprived of the world wide web, Sierra will devise questionably-insane methods to compensate, such as using a pizza box as a laptop during Total Drama World Tour or having a mental breakdown when her smartphone is broken in Total Drama All-Stars. Sierra admits that a great amount of her knowledge and her multiple skills have been garnered from the internet, her family, or a relative of another contestant. She seems to be a maternal person, having adopted two animals and referred to herself as their mother. She is generally polite, enthusiastic, and easygoing, however, she can also be aggressive and violent, especially when Cody is threatened.

Total Drama Action


Sierra makes her first confessional ever, and it eventually runs out of battery.

Sierra, along with Alejandro and Blaineley, debuts in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, where she flaunts her knowledge of the Total Drama series. She created a blog for each and every contestant from the series and has been shown following them around in multiple occasions. She is briefly seen during the report about Bridgette and Geoff's relationship problems, where she is seen in a picture, getting her stomach signed by Geoff, which angers Bridgette. Her cover however is blown by Izzy in an interview when she turns on the lights and reveals that she has been feeding Sierra this information so that she could get the Royal Canadian Mounted Police off her back, since Sierra had been paying her for this. Sierra gets a small job interviewing the cast on the red carpet, but Blaineley was the one who thought out her questions. Sierra was the one to encourage the contestants that they are not "has-beens" and tells them to stop Chris from doing Total Drama Dirtbags. She is seen helping all of the contestants beat the Total Drama Dirtbags vehicle. After finding out that she would make it to the next season, she has an extensively long confessional, ending the show saying she is a third-generation Chris McLean scholar and can tell whether he is lying or not by his vocal tone and body language. She also knows where Chris shops for his clothing and the names of his three dogs. With an interest to finally answer all of her blog questions on Cody, she wonders about things like the type of deodorant he uses, the number of freckles on his back, and what song he sings in the shower, mentioning that the final question will be a "six-month analysis." However, as she starts listing the names of all her dogs back home. However her confessional takes so long that she ends up making the camera run out of battery.

Total Drama World Tour

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Sierra is the last person to exit the bus, running out obviously incredibly ecstatic to be on Total Drama, exclaiming that it's the "best day of her life." Sierra then notices Cody and rushes over to talk to him. Sierra quickly tells Cody that she has always dreamt of this moment, only Cody wasn't wearing a shirt in her dream. Inside the Total Drama Jumbo Jet,

Sierra, along with Cody and Heather, in the "Pyramid Over Under" challenge.

while Chris is explaining the rules of the competition, Sierra is shown to be one of the only people to be listening. Heather expresses interest in starting an alliance with Sierra in this episode since she believes that Sierra is the only person that she can trust. While waiting to arrive in Egypt, Sierra states Cody's full name and reveals that he was born on April 1st. She then attempts to flirt with Cody, saying that Cody is her own April Fool. During Come Fly With Us, Sierra sings with Cody. In the "Pyramid Over Under" challenge, she forms a team with Heather and Cody, going under the pyramid; she almost injures Heather and herself during the challenge by walking onto a loose step, causing arrows to shoot out of the wall. The trio later runs into Izzy, dressed up as a mummy. Sierra is later put into "Team Two." While deciding on the team name, Sierra shows some attraction towards Chris, naming her team Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot along with Alejandro, Noah, Owen, and Tyler.

Sierra quickly builds a boat for her new team after Chris allowed her to swap.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Sierra tells Izzy that Duncan and Courtney's fans will be disappointed on her blogs, but she and Owen have a chance of becoming the new Total Drama power couple. Sierra then tells Izzy that Cody is hotter than Owen and he still sleeps with a stuffed emu. Sierra then rants about how Alejandro is not hot and sees the other girls as crazy for liking him. She goes through with Alejandro's plan on the goat. When she reaches the Nile, she tells everyone she's a fourth generation basket weaver, which means she is quick to build half of Teams Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's raft. She and Izzy then switch teams due to her wanting to be close to Cody and Izzy wanting to be with Owen. She then quickly builds Team Amazon's raft and manage to get help try to get the camel on. Once Team Amazon gets their camel onto their raft, they proceed to go across the Nile. Sierra and the rest of Team Amazon are the first to cross the finish line with the item they are supposed to bring, thereby escaping elimination.

55 (4)

Sierra sings about marrying Cody before she dies, creeping him out.

Sierra is seen in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan sniffing Cody's shoe and the shoelace ends up getting stuck up her nose after Heather mentions her as a "friend." When Chris sends all of the contestants out of the plane, they sing Before We Die, in which Sierra mentions she wants to marry Cody. Cody participates in the human pinball challenge and Sierra is in it with him, rather than with a panda bear, like the other two teams. In the pinball challenge, she kisses him all over his face. She says that if they got a point for every time she kissed him, they would be millionaires. Then in the second challenge, after Heather, Gwen, and Courtney fight, she and Cody created "Huh?" as their commercial, which ends up winning the challenge for Team Amazon. She proceeds to have a "group hug" with her team, but only hugs Cody and proceeds to block the rest of her team from the group hug.

In the beginning of Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Sierra is seen with Cody in the first-class department, massaging his feet. After waking up from a peaceful sleep, Cody tells her that he doesn't like his feet touched, but Sierra proceeds to jab him in a pressure point, which temporarily paralyzes him.
TDWT4 22

Sierra using a fish to save Cody.

Sierra then listens in to Chris in the commercial class area and explains in the confessional that after viewing, reviewing and re-reviewing season one and season two, that when Chris says one thing, he means another. When everyone gets out of the plane and are together, Courtney mentions huddling together for warmth. Sierra grabs Cody and happily embraces him after Gwen rejects him. Then, when Chris explains the challenge in Yukon while drinking cocoa, she mentions that cocoa is Chris' second favorite drink, his first being tomato juice. When Chris asked how she knew this, Sierra explains she interviewed his school teachers for an unauthorized biography. During the challenge, Sierra is seen saving Cody and Owen by throwing an ice block at a polar bear when it is about to eat them. She then uses a trout to paddle to Cody to rescue him after Owen pees in the water. When Sierra saves Cody, she realizes he needs warmth and needs to be on land, so she throws him back to shore, but unwittingly making him hit a rock, too. She then follows him using his footprints and both are rescued by Courtney, Gwen, and Heather. Later, she and the rest of Team Amazon sing back up to Stuck to a Pole, due to Chris' commands. She is seen last losing with her team to Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and Team Victory, when suddenly, Chris announces Team Amazon is in second place due to Bridgette not being with Team Victory and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot placing first place.

Sierra shows how much she knows about Chris by constantly humiliating him with facts.

In Broadway, Baby!, Sierra is seen with Cody, warming his feet up from the last episode, in the economy class section of the plane. Heather then comes over to Sierra and Cody, saying she "values their friendship." Sierra then says that she values their friendship too, and requests a hug, which Heather promptly denies. Alejandro then comes up to her and offers her smuggled treats from first class, however, Heather stopped her and told her that Alejandro was the "enemy" and not to accept things from him. Sierra then turns down the offer and calls him an enemy. When they arrive in New York, Sierra talks to Chris about his sadistic ways, and how she loves the terrible movies he did about talking cats, to which Chris then thanks Sierra and pushes her away. Sierra then is picked to help the team to climb up by Heather. Sierra is last to climb up under Cody and calls it the best view in New York. In response, Cody covers his butt. While climbing, Alejandro tells Sierra that she can help Chris revisit his glory days because he thinks no one cares about him anymore. Sierra then brings up that Chris had his own cooking show and that his white rice recipe was delicious. While on the boat, Sierra tells Courtney to turn around because Cody fell off the boat. After grabbing Cody, Sierra and her team get eaten by an alligator in the sewers, who then spits them to the dock. Sierra then informs everyone that Chris was in a boy band, and she has an obituary ready for him, causing Chris to snap and tell her to zip it, permanently. Sierra tries to comment on Chris when he answers Owen, only to be yelled at by Chris again. Sierra then retrieves the apple for her team last, but her team ends up coming in first. Later, Heather tells Sierra not to talk to Chris for a while. When opening their rewards for winning, Sierra opens an apple, which contained many smaller apples.

Sierra Angry

Sierra is angry when Cody is knocked off the platform in the challenge.

Sierra was talking to Heather in Slap Slap Revolution about who is going home next. Sierra believes that someone from Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot will go home due to statistics and overconfidence. She later checks on Cody while he is sleeping and lets him suck her thumb. When Cody wakes up, he is horrified by this. He wonders in the confessional if Sierra keeps her thumbs in her armpits when they're not looking. Sierra is then shown in the confessional with her thumbs in her armpits. During the first part of the challenge, she uses some of her team's sausage in order to build a model of Cody, but loses it on the mountain. She reveals that she is a really good slap dancer and does a dance which proclaims her love for Cody, through song. She wins the second part of the challenge for Team Amazon due to Alejandro being distracted by Leshawna slapping Heather. Sierra then slap dances to Alejandro, making him fall off the platform. She is excited that she has won the challenge for her team; enough to pass out from excitement even after Chef uses the board to try and shock her awake.
Sierra Cry

Sierra's reaction to when she finds out that Cody voted for her.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Sierra was working on a laptop she had made from a pizza box and she told Gwen that she was on the Internet. She was actually staring at a pizza box with a drawing of a computer desktop (a picture of a buff Cody holding her in his arms), and using a real mouse as a computer mouse. Later, she pointed out that Gwen's prediction of good luck for Team Amazon in the Amazon would bring bad luck to them instead. Later, when Cody mentioned that going through the jungle would require him to bring his medication to avoid allergies, Sierra begged to be the one who would carry the needle and inject him if necessary. Instead, Cody managed to convince Gwen to do it, much to Sierra's chagrin, due to her knowing all of Cody's allergies. She and the rest of the team were captured by the Zing-Zings and held hostage, thus losing the challenge for them and forcing them to face elimination for the first time. Sierra initially seemed to be angry at Gwen due to her jinxing the team, but she ultimately agreed to join votes with Courtney and Gwen to vote out Heather, on the condition that Gwen stop being nice to Cody. Chris, instead, reveals the votes on a monitor rather than handing out Barf Bags. Through this, it is confirmed that Sierra did, in fact, vote for Heather, as did Courtney and Gwen. And when Sierra voted, she said that voting Heather off is something that she always wanted to do (and even pretended to do so at her house) in the confessional. Cody was revealed to have voted for Sierra due to her being such a stalker, which devastated Sierra and thus left her crying and confused for the rest of the episode.


Sierra is crying while Courtney tries to help.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Sierra is first seen crying, while eating straight out of a gallon of ice cream due to Cody voting for her last episode. Heather drags her out of the room because of Alejandro pointing that she is easily upset about a boy. When at the Louvre, Sierra is seen with her team running from the bear. Throughout the episode, Sierra constantly cries, first crying when the bear was about to attack them, which reminded the bear about his ex-girlfriend. Cody constantly tries to cheer her up, which fails. Chris then comes by to tell them to sing, which is when Sierra volunteers to sing Paris in the Springtime. She focuses her song on how Cody broke her heart, and finishes by singing that she wants to go outside. Cody then takes her out for a romantic dinner, which doesn't work. She doesn't gets impressed since she knows that he isn't doing this because he wants to. Cody finally snaps at her, telling her that she isn't acting like her usual self, and that he actually misses it. Sierra finally forgives him. Later in the confessional, she reveals that she wasn't that mad at Cody and that she liked him paying attention for once. She tells that she was playing hard to get, and that it really works.

In Newf Kids on the Rock, after Heather finds Cody's tooth brush in the vent, Sierra grabs it and happily brushes her teeth with it. She told Heather she has been looking for it, as Cody told Heather it was his ninth and final tooth brush. Sierra is pushed out with everyone else. She tells everyone they're in Newfoundland, Chris' homeland. She helps paddle the boat for Team Amazon with Cody. After Gwen and Courtney climb down from the rock they thought they saw Duncan on, she tells everyone about a dream where Cody is riding a white horse outside her window. This frightens her team. She and the rest of the team arrive, and then find out they lost.

Team Amazon Swimwear

Sierra and Team Amazon on the cliff.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, Sierra is seen with her teammates in the loser's cabin. She was sitting next to Cody just watching Heather and Courtney complaining about having lost the last challenge. As the plane was falling, she screamed and hugged Cody, but they luckily landed in Jamaica. During the first challenge, she cheered for Cody to show "who is the boss?" to the shark he ended up having problems with. Sierra also participated in the challenge and when she jumped in the water she threw water everywhere, which ended up getting an electric eel on Courtney's head, electrocuting her and later Gwen when she tried to help Courtney. She didn't find the treasure, but Gwen later found it and Heather took it to Chris, winning for them the challenge, which made Sierra happy. Sierra was excited to have Cody bobsledding with her in the second challenge. She expressed how this sport was really cozy, while hugging him. They did well in the two times they did the course, but they ended up smashing into the pool's wall, getting injured a bit. They didn't win, but did better than DJ, so they didn't go up for elimination, but she was disappointed along with her teammates about losing the winner's cabin again.
Sierra and pizza^^

Sierra types on her pizza box "laptop."

At the beginning of I See London..., Sierra is seen typing on her pizza box laptop, mimicking writing a blog. She gets mad at Noah for making fun of her. When they finally reach London she is seen holding hands with Cody and saying that Queen Mary II got married when she was just fifteen, scaring Cody and making him ask for her to release his hand. Sierra gladly volunteers to strip clothes off of a tower guard in order to find a hidden clue, only because Gwen tapes a mask of Cody's face over the guard's face. She is later seen in a hallway with Cody, trying to get him to kiss her, just before Jack the Ripper kidnaps them.

Sierra gets annoyed with everyone in Greece's Pieces because nobody takes Cody seriously. When Chris asked the contestants where the Olympics where, Sierra answered Atlantis. She was chosen to do the fight challenge, but ended up fighting Courtney due to Courtney calling Cody weak. She loved that Cody was wearing a Greek costume and said he looked like an angel. She did not want him to win the challenge so she could vote off Gwen, who is the object of Cody's affection. When they won, Sierra gushed over how awesome it was that Cody punched Duncan.

Sierra was making a paper doll of Gwen in The EX-Files then bites off its head out of anger. Sierra reveals in the confessional that she knew Gwen and Duncan liked each other, but believes boyfriend stealing is wrong. When trying to sneak into Area 51, she jumps on top of Cody's shoulders when in the mine field. Once inside, Sierra sees a cloned version of Cody approaching the real Cody and this excites her. She hugs them both, which causes the clone to explode, confusing Sierra.

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Sierra hugs Cody in fear during the bungee-jumping challenge. When she realizes her team is struggling, she gets excited and jumps off the cliff without an ankle harness shouting, "This one's for you, Cody!" She also cries at the elimination ceremony when Cody votes for her again.


Sierra holding a tool to construct their boat.

Sierra is shown to be in a good mood in Sweden Sour. She explains that she is happy that Gwen is gone and that Cody can finally see that she is his true love. She gets frustrated at Heather when she constantly asked if there was gum on her shorts in an attempt to get Alejandro's attention. Once in Sweden, she convinces Courtney to let Cody build because they did not know what they were supposed to build. Once he finished, she is annoyed that it was a model of Gwen's head. On the boat ride, she tries to cheer up Cody with a vision of her happy place. It is a mountain view of Codys, some large, some small, and some covered in chocolate marshmallows, which causes the real Cody to vomit. She nominates Cody as captain and even takes a cannonball to the gut so he wouldn't get hit. She votes for Courtney at the fake elimination ceremony.


Sierra pulling on Blaineley's hair.

In Niagara Brawls, Sierra is dropped from the plane while asleep with the rest of the cast. She manages to get into a swan boat with Courtney and Owen, only to discover they are heading for a waterfall. When Cody says if they live, he'll let Sierra kiss him, she instantly uses Owen as a grapple and pulls both boats to the shore. Once they reached the shore, Sierra kissed Cody. When it comes time for the second part of the challenge, she plays the lottery for her "husband." She is heartbroken when she winds up with Alejandro and cries for another shot (which she is given later after Heather takes Alejandro). Sierra ultimately gets Cody (who is less than thrilled to be paired with her). During the second challenge, Cody purposely slacks on giving Sierra directions to her wedding dress, but when she hears Chris saying how the others have got theirs, she blows through all the obstacles to reach the dress. During the final part of the challenge, Sierra winds up being the one carrying Cody across Niagara Falls. She reveals she has learned a wedding ceremony and is an ordained minister, meaning she is legally allowed to marry people. She tries to get Cody to say "I do" (but to no avail). Though the two reach the end, they are sent back due to Sierra failing due to "insane" status. She ends up getting in a fight with Blaineley (upset that Blaineley upset Cody) and kicked Owen in the leg that caused all of them to fall into the water in result (narrowly escaping the sharks). Later, back on the plane, she does manage to get Cody to say I do and believes she's now married to him. Alejandro promises her that he will be the official witness, provided she joins him in voting off Owen. His plan works and Owen is eliminated.

Sierra's "Love-me" tea makes Cody sick.

In Chinese Fake-Out, Sierra was still trying to help Cody out with the competition after she "wed" him. On the Great Wall challenge, she used the pogo stick to get across, but then Ace the donkey knocked her off onto someone’s house. Later, the Chinese woman that lives in the house tells Sierra to take some of her "Love-me" tea. During Chris' lunch challenge, she didn't exactly eat anything, she just drank her tea. In A Chinese Lesson, Sierra didn't sing, she just keep drinking her tea. At the end, however, she and Cody share time in first class together, and the "Love-me" tea makes Cody sick, and Sierra shoots him with the EpiPen. When Blaineley gets voted off she tells Sierra that Cody's been voting for her every time. Of course, she just keeps drinking her tea.


Sierra talking to Chris, with a comatose Cody in her backpack.

In African Lying Safari, Sierra gives Cody some of her love-me-tea, which causes him to become indisposed. Sierra carries a semi-comatose Cody in her backpack throughout the whole episode and tells Chris she'll play for both herself and Cody. In the soccer challenge, she accidentally used Cody to block the soccer balls. The two failed to complete the challenge and were given goggles and two tranquilizer balls total. Sierra is shown to be good at crafts as she built her own slingshot. Later, Sierra hits a rhino with a rock. Frightened, she runs away at high speed, only to launch Cody into a tall tree. She, along with Heather, chase after a baboon that has kidnapped Cody. She and Heather accidentally tranquilize Duncan and Alejandro, only to be tranquilized themselves. Later, she finds Cody and saves him from the baboon that had taken a liking to him.


Sierra concerned about Alejandro leading Cody on with candy.

In Rapa Phooey!, Sierra is depressed that Cody is in first-class with Alejandro and she isn't there with him. Once off the plane, Sierra is ecstatic to see Cody while he's gorging on candy and says he looks a little taller in the time they've been apart. Sierra states that she would never join any alliance, because she knows how they always end, but the only one she's willing to join is one exclusively with Cody. During the egg challenge, Sierra finds a colored egg of Alejandro's. While he thanks her, she drops the egg (on purpose), since she's jealous that he took Cody away, calling him 'homewrecker'. Though when she finds a colored egg of Cody's, she's more than happy to give it to him to help him. Sierra isn't thrilled that Alejandro's eggs are bunched in with Cody's. Sierra tries to warn Cody of Alejandro, but he baits him away with candy. While Heather is holding one of Sierra's eggs, it proceeds to hatch and Sierra adopts it and names it Cody, Jr. Though the bird seems to take a liking to the top of Heather's head, which Sierra doesn't like. During the second part of the challenge, Sierra climbs up the condor nest during the song, but fails the challenge. At the elimination ceremony, Sierra is voted out and this makes her sad making her hug Cody, but it turns out to be another reward challenge. Sierra reveals that she will not make any alliances as they never last according to her research, but she will trust Cody.


Sierra remembers Cody's birthday.

In Awwwwww, Drumheller, Sierra has Cody sleeping on her lap, and after he is startled due to being woken up, she makes sure to hide him from a surprise she is preparing. Later, Alejandro shows her a picture of Cody and Heather sleeping next to each other in loser class, which causes her to be hurt and angry. In the first part of the challenge, she builds a dinosaur with glitter glue and wins. She also reveals that she remembers Cody's birthday. She wins a drill and continues to be mad until Cody proves that the photo was fake, saying that since Sierra only leaves him alone in the bathroom, there was no way that Cody and Heather could have cuddled together without her knowing about it. Contemplating that it was Alejandro who showed her the photograph, she warns Cody and goes to find Heather. She is the first to find a barrel and despite offering it to Cody, wins immunity. She turns down a barbecue with Chris in order to bake a cake in the plane's kitchen. She interrupts Heather's confessional in order to warn her of Alejandro's trick. She is excited that the elimination ceremony is like the one during first season and eats her marshmallow happily, saying that she used to do it all the time at her house. Before it was announced who would go home, Sierra goes to get Cody's birthday cake, topped with lit sparklers. One of the barrels had leaked oil around the base of the plane, so a spark from the sparklers ignites the oil barrels and blows up the plane. Caught in the explosion, all of her hair gets burned off. Chris finally loses his temper and declares that Sierra would go home even though she had invincibility. Sierra wants Cody to win for them since her elimination.

In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Cody is digging Sierra out of the plane's wreckage. It seems Sierra was severely injured in the explosion, although not needing immediate medical attention. Heather, sympathizing with Sierra that she is bald on national TV, finds a wheelchair in the wreckage and a headdress from Rapa Phooey! to cover her baldness. Chris leaves in a two-seater helicopter, and tells the injured Sierra to find her own way home. This finally breaks her crush on Chris, and requests that her mom back home destroy their Chris shrine/guest room. She spends most of the episode encouraging Cody to finish the race, giving him her wheelchair for his hot air balloon and giving him the final push when the balloon crashes.
HP - Sierra

"Drop it, drop it!"

After all her unconditional support, Cody finally considers her as a true friend, which she claims is enough for her. She also reveals that the locket she has worn all season contains a picture of Cody inside. She almost gives it up to help Cody, but the salesman ends up being huge Cody fan, so she doesn't need to sell her locket. She drives the boat for Cody as he battles with Alejandro. The boat makes it safely to Hawaii, but Alejandro's boat crashes into it, causing Alejandro, Sierra and Cody to crash onto the beach at the same time.

In Hawaiian Punch, Sierra is vocally cheering for Cody, and later rescues him from the shark-infested waters when he is knocked in by Alejandro. Afterwards, she is seen fleeing the island with the other contestants. She is later seen laughing with the others when Ezekiel falls through Chris' boat. In Heather's ending, she is later seen cheering for Heather as she wins.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Oie 8835442WPvuv12

Sierra holding Cody while he is smiling.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Sierra appears on the yacht along with the other veterans. She is seen at the stern of the yacht, holding Cody against her chest. She is still mostly bald (with only some hair grown back on the sides), and wears a red baseball cap to cover it up. Additionally, she is able to stand on two feet once again.

Total Drama All-Stars

Sierra jump

Sierra arrives at Camp Wawanakwa, shouting "For Cody!"

Sierra returns to the competition, and is put on the Heroic Hamsters in Heroes vs. Villains. As a significant amount of time has passed since Total Drama World Tour, Sierra's legs have recovered and most of her hair has grown back and is now tied into a small ponytail. Due to Cody's absence, Sierra is more in control of herself and less aggressive towards her peers though they are still often disturbed by her odd habits. Sierra explains to Sam that her main reason for being on the show again is to win for Cody, and is often seen missing him in the early episodes, using him for inspiration to complete challenges. It is also revealed in Evil Dread that Sierra manage to smuggle her smartphone into the competition and uses it to take pictures and update her fan blogs.

Sierra starts to hallucinate Cameron as Cody.

By Saving Private Leechball, Sierra forms an odd friendship with Cameron. The two bonded over their vast knowledge on their fellow contestants and often speak in unison. Just as their friendship is starting to blossom, Sierra begins to hallucinate Cameron as Cody and even refers him as Cody instead of his name. This greatly disturbs Cameron, who knows how Cody suffered two seasons ago, to the point he volunteers for exile duty in hopes that Sierra's mind will recover during his absence. Unfortunately, Sierra discovers in Food Fright that someone had broken her phone, straining her mind even further. When her teammates attempt to cheer her up, Sierra's mind made her view them as Cody. Suffering from tech withdrawal, Sierra begins to question her sanity in Moon Madness and begins to believe that she is slowly fading away from existence. She continue to refer Cameron as Cody and strap him to her back after saving him from a pack of squirrels in hoping that will not get separated anymore. After their team lost, Cameron had enough of Sierra and attempts to quit the show, much to Sierra's surprise and beings to cry hysterically. Her sadness is not stopped even when Chris announces that he is spared from elimination, and is put on the Villainous Vultures.


Sierra is voted off after the Villainous Vultures chose to eliminate her.

Sierra tries to recover from the emotional meltdown of having Cameron being put on another team in the next episode, but it does not work and when Zoey attempts to comfort her, Sierra ended up becoming agitated and runs away in sobs. During the challenge, Sierra tries to partner with Cameron despite being on different teams until Gwen pulls him away from her, causing Sierra to scream in agony. At one point, Sierra finds an egg that hatches into a conjoined rat like creature. She decides to keep it as a pet, and deems herself a "mother again, naming them after Cody. Her motherhood is so important to her, that despite the pets being a nuisance, she "dumps" Cameron in Suckers Punched in order to focus on raising their "children."  For the challenge, Sierra is pitted against the mother of conjoined gerbils rats. Despite her efforts and seemingly monstrous strength, she did little to no damage to her opponent and is easily defeated by the creature before taking back its children from Cameron. Immediately after this, Sierra takes back her word on breaking up with Cameron, causing Cameron to scream in terror in the confessional. That night, the Villainous Vultures got an opportunity to vote off a contestant, and they "reluctantly" voted Sierra off, which she is confused by. As she is about to take the Flush of Shame, the other campers encourage her to "run back to the Cody" while Duncan tells her to continue posting more Gwuncan videos. Chris then activate the giant toilet, with Sierra screaming "I'm coming, Cody!" before she disappear out of sight. In the exclusive clip, she ends up in the Black Box building in Area 51 where she happily chases after multiple Cody clones. 

In The Final Wreck-ening, Sierra appears in one of the balloons, but when it is not popped, she floats away with the others before an intern can get her down. 


Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama All-Stars



  • The fact that Sierra knows everything about the contestants, and how she occasionally uses it to her advantage (such as how she's aware Heather was playing her in Broadway, Baby!, so she decided to play Heather) is similar to how in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains; many contestants used what their opposing contestants did in their previous seasons to determine who to target.
  • It is mentioned on her Re:Fresh blogs profile, that Sierra moderates wikis.


  • Sierra is one of several characters who possesses more than one main design, as she has her original design with long hair, and her later design with a shorter ponytail. Other characters include: Heather, Ezekiel, Mike, Dakota, Lightning, and Scarlett.
  • Sierra is the third tallest female contestant (second being Jasmine and the tallest being mutant Dakota), surpassing Heather, and the sixth tallest character overall (the other three being Rodney, DJ, and Geoff) of the original cast. She is seen as being taller than Alejandro, whose height was mentioned to be six foot. This means she is over six feet tall, which is significantly tall for a girl.
  • Sierra, along with Ezekiel and Alejandro, are the only contestants to use the confessional in a season that they did not participate in.
    • Sierra is the only female contestant to do so.
  • Sierra is the first and only contestant to make the camera in the confessional run out of battery.
  • Sierra is one of the three new contestants in Total Drama World Tour, with the others being Alejandro and Blaineley.
  • Sierra is one of nine characters on the show to have been bald or currently be bald, with the others being Chef, Alejandro, Ezekiel, Chris, Staci, Dakota, Dave, and Heather.
  • Sierra is one of two contestants to have purple hair, with the other being Max.
  • Sierra is one of the seven contestants to not have their full audition tape released.
    • Sierra herself confirmed that she auditioned twice, but either of them still have yet to be seen.
  • Sierra is one of six characters known to roleplay. The others are Harold, Noah, Sam, Leonard and Tammy.


  • Sierra is the third contestant to be eliminated in a challenge she won in. In this case, it was in Awwwwww, Drumheller.
    • The others being DJ, Ella, and Izzy, where each of their teams won the challenge the day they were eliminated.
    • She is also the first and only contestant to be eliminated despite earning solo immunity.
  • Sierra is one of the eleven contestants to switch teams, the others being Izzy, Katie, Brick, Jo, Scott, Duncan, Courtney, Cameron, Max, and Sky.
    • Furthermore Sierra is the second contestant in the Total Drama series to switch teams with Izzy, with the first being Katie.
  • Sierra is one of five contestants to be kicked out by Chris without being voted off. The others are Owen, Duncan, Gwen, and Ella.
  • Sierra received votes at every Barf Bag Ceremony she participated in except one. Ironically, she was disqualified in the only episode that she didn't receive votes in due to having immunity.
    • The majority of these votes were from Cody, who voted for her even when she was immune, such as in Chinese Fake-Out.
  • Sierra has been eliminated back-to-back with Duncan in both seasons she participated.
  • Sierra has ranked three places behind Alejandro in both seasons they competed together (counting Alejandro's ending).
  • Sierra has never been eliminated in the traditional way:
  • Sierra is one of the only contestants in the third season to not be eliminated because of Alejandro, with the others being Ezekiel, Lindsay, Gwen and Izzy.
  • Sierra is the second contestant to stay on the show after being eliminated without officially returning, with the first being Ezekiel.


  • Sierra's obsesses over Chris and the contestants of Total Drama (especially Cody), to the point where she knows many details of their personal life implies that she suffers from Celebrity Worship Syndrome.
  • Sierra's ethnicity could possibly be German, as she mentioned her grandparents were from Germany in Slap Slap Revolution.
  • Sierra claims to be a certain "generation" of various things:
  • Sierra appears to have a monstrous strength and is one of the strongest females (and characters in general). She is able to lift the three hundred pound Owen, fight off several baboons easily, attack several sharks at once, and hold up a rope carrying her whole team using only her teeth.
  • Sierra is the only girl on Team Amazon not to have kissed Duncan, unless one counts Izzy who hasn't kissed Duncan either.
  • Sierra's necklace is revealed to be a locket that has a picture of Cody in it in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles.
  • It was revealed on Total Drama Online that her hair is dyed purple because it is the same color as Cody's bruises, she carries pictures of Cody in her hair, she wears the same pants as Cody's mom, and she has six toes on her left foot.
  • In Saving Private Leechball, she reveals her favorite of Mike's multiple personalities is Svetlana.


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