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Screaming Gophers
Number of members 12
Highest ranking member Gwen, 1st/2nd place

Owen, 1st/2nd place

Lowest ranking member Noah, 21st place
Advanced to Action 9
Advanced to World Tour 8
Advanced to All-Stars 3
Team selected by Chris
Action counterpart Screaming Gaffers

The Screaming Gophers is one of the two opposing teams on Total Drama Island, the other being the Killer Bass. The Screaming Gophers originally consisted of Owen, Gwen, Beth, Trent, Justin, Leshawna, Heather, Cody, Noah, Lindsay, and Katie. In the episode Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Katie and Sadie, being inseparable, begged Chris to let them be on the same team, and after a while, Chris lets Katie switch to the Killer Bass and as a result, Izzy becomes a Screaming Gopher. The Screaming Gophers' logo is a green gopher standing upright with its fists drawn out. It is mounted on a pale yellow circle with a green ring around it. The Screaming Gophers were seen as the superior team to the Killer Bass in challenges, losing only five challenges compared to the Killer Bass' seven.

Total Drama Island

The Screaming Gophers went undefeated for the first two episodes, until Dodgebrawl, when the Killer Bass managed to defeat them in three out of five dodgeball matches only after the Gophers had already taken the lead with two wins, winning the third and fourth thanks to Duncan's prison tactics and the last match due to Harold's figure skating skills, which gave them their first win. Noah becomes the first Screaming Gopher voted off the island because of his refusal to help in the dodgeball match and lack of team spirit. All the way up until If You Can't Take The Heat..., the Gophers always had a slight numbers advantage over the Killer Bass. 

From Up the Creek to If You Can't Take The Heat..., the Screaming Gophers lost three consecutive challenges, losing Izzy, Cody, and Beth respectively, which decreases their numbers below those of the Killer Bass for the first and only time in the season's run. This was mostly perceived as bad luck from a cursed tiki idol that Beth unknowingly took from Boney Island in Up the Creek, which led up to her elimination. However, following Beth's elimination, the Gophers redeemed themselves by winning another three consecutive challenges up until Brunch of Disgustingness, when the teams merged (giving the Gophers a six-four advantage over the Bass), meaning that Heather, Trent, Gwen, Leshawna, Owen, and Lindsay are the only members to make it to the merge.

Izzy returns in No Pain, No Game, claiming to have been living in the woods since her elimination, along with Eva from the Bass (although Izzy was originally on the Bass team). In Search and Do Not Destroy, Trent is eliminated, after Heather sees his relationship with Gwen as a threat, and plots against him, earning invinceiility herself. Lindsay is eliminated two episodes later in That's Off The Chain!, and Izzy in Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, followed by Leshawna in Haute Camp-ture, and with Heather getting eliminated in I Triple Dog Dare You!, leaving Owen and Gwen as the final two Screaming Gofers members remaining in the game, and the final two overall.     


Original Members

Additional member

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Chris allowed one camper to switch teams, making a Killer Bass swap to the Screaming Gophers.

Screaming Gophers teammates
Beth | Cody | Gwen | Heather | Izzy | Justin | Katie | Leshawna | Lindsay | Noah | Owen | Trent


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Noah Male 21st 11th Dodgebrawl Refused to participate in the dodgeball game by being over-sarcastic and ticked off his teammates.
Justin Male 20th 10th Not Quite Famous Heather tricked others into voting off Justin instead of her.
Izzy Female Returns Returns Up the Creek Although she was not actually eliminated, the RCMP arrive to arrest her and she runs off screaming, "You'll never get me alive!"
Cody Male 17th 9th Paintball Deer Hunter He was in a full body cast due to being mauled by a bear and the team thought he wasn't useful anymore.
Beth Female 16th 8th If You Can't Take The Heat... Her team found out about the cursed tiki idol she took from Boney Island and was blamed for their losses.
Trent Male 11th 7th Search and Do Not Destroy Gwen told Leshawna that Heather kissed Trent. Leshawna told everybody to vote him or Heather off. Since Heather won invincibility, they voted off Trent instead.
Lindsay Female 9th 6th That's Off the Chain! Thanks to Heather she crossed the finish line second, but since Owen and Duncan couldn't make it to the finish line, due to their bikes being destroyed, by a technicality, she was the last to cross the finish line.
Izzy Female 7th 5th Wawanakwa Gone Wild! She shot Heather, Chef Hatchet, a plane, and a unicorn with a tranquillizer gun due to having bad hunting skills and being too crazy.
Leshawna Female 5th 4th Haute Camp-ture Katie and Sadie accidentally caused many of the campers and a parrot to vote her off by saying her name.
Heather Female 3rd 3rd I Triple Dog Dare You! Gwen and Owen teamed up against her, and she failed a dare on a technicality due.
Gwen Female 1st/2nd 1st/2nd The Very Last Episode, Really! Won the final challenge and won the first season; came in second in Owen's ending.
Owen Male 1st/2nd 1st/2nd The Very Last Episode, Really! Won the final challenge and won the first season; came in second in Gwen's ending.


  • Throughout the entire series, original members of the Gophers are generally more successful in winning than the Bass' members. Examples of this include:
    • They won most of the challenges (both pre-merge and post-merge) in Total Drama Island.
    • Every one of the Screaming Gophers (except Cody and Noah), qualified to compete on Total Drama Action.
    • All of the Gophers, except for Trent, Beth, and Justin, returned for Total Drama World Tour.
    • Every former Gopher, except Katie, has competed on at least two seasons.
    • Four out of the final five contestants (Owen, Gwen, Heather, and Leshawna) were Gophers, and the final three campers were all Gophers.
    • A Gopher has made it to the final two of every season so far, whereas there were no former Bass in the final two of Total Drama Island or Total Drama World Tour.
    • Every former Gopher has made it to or past eleventh place at least once.
    • A Gopher was never one of the first two people eliminated from the show until Total Drama All-Stars.
    • In each and every episode of the series (except Total Drama: Revenge of the Island), there was at least one Gopher competing, or (in the case of the Aftermath episodes) making some sort of an appearance.
    • The Screaming Gophers currently feature the highest amount of contestants who have competed on all of the first three seasons so far, tying with its Total Drama Action counterpart, the Screaming Gaffers. Both teams have six members in this category.
      • For the Gophers, those six are Lindsay, Heather, Gwen, Leshawna, Izzy, and Owen.
    • The Screaming Gophers have more members then the Killer Bass that have made it to the final four of a season, those members are Owen, Gwen, Heather, Beth, and Cody.
    • At least one member of the Screaming Gophers reach the final four in every season featuring the original contestants.
  • For some reason, Ezekiel is not included in the "Killer Bass" picture. Instead, he is seen in the "Screaming Gophers" picture. There are several strange flaws with the picture besides this. Examples include:
    • Gwen is standing on air, and, since she is leaning over, her back seems bent out of shape.
    • Cody's shirt and pants are altered from the promotional picture, and his legs are very irregularly shaped.
    • Leshawna's earring is half-way colored.
    • Noah is not smiling in the picture, even though he was smiling in the main promotional picture with all of the twenty-two campers.
    • Trent's shirt collar is missing.
  • The Gophers team is often seen to be able to work together in most of the challenges much better than the Bass. A good example is the very first challenge, in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2. In the second part of the challenge, the teams had to build a hot tub. Although it was probably just a one-time joke, the Gophers were seen to work together in almost perfect harmony, while the Bass couldn't do anything without conflict.
  • The Screaming Gophers have six females and five males. This is the reverse of the Killer Bass.
  • It is worth noting that, despite the fact that the Gophers were the first team to experience the dreaded three-in-a-row losing streak, they still managed to come out on top by the time the teams were officially dissolved in episode fifteen. As there were twelve challenge episodes that had the teams competing against each other before their dissolving in No Pain, No Game, the Gophers managed to win seven of these challenges, with the Bass winning only five.
  • In addition, a majority of the challenges starting from episode fifteen were won by former Screaming Gophers:
  • In most of the series, there are more former Gophers in the game than former Bass:
  • All female members who have ever been on this team (excluding Izzy and Katie) have won at least two challenges after the merge in a season.
  • Noah and Cody are the only members of the team to not be in any relationship at some point.
  • Beth is the only female Screaming Gopher to compete in only two seasons.
  • This is the only team Izzy has been on in which she wasn't the first member to be eliminated.
  • Former Screaming Gopher member Gwen currently holds the record for most challenges won in a single season (Total Drama Island), and also the most challenges won in all of the seasons she participitated.
  • This is the first team that includes more than one highest ranking member, as both Owen and Gwen outranked each other in their respective endings. The second is the Heroic Hamsters.
  • The runner-ups of the first three seasons of Canada are on this team.
  • Owen, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, and Lindsay are the only members of this team to have a cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
    • This team has more contestants who had a cameo appearance in the fourth season than any other team in the series.
    • Owen is the only male member of this team to have a cameo appearance in the fourth season.
    • Leshawna is the only member of the team who competed in the first three seasons to not have a cameo appearance in the fourth season.


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