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Toxic Rats
Mutant Maggots
Villainous Vultures
Gender Male
Hair color Orange
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDRI: Eat, Puke and Be Wary
TDAS: The Bold and the Booty-ful
Place TDRI: 4th
TDAS: 3rd
Relationship Courtney (broken up)
Family Father, uncle, mother, Albertha (sister), cousins, grandmother
Enemies Anne Maria, B, Brick, Cameron, Chris, Chef Hatchet, Courtney, Dakota, Dawn, Ezekiel, Gwen, Jo, Mal, Mike, Sam, Zoey
Voiced by James Wallis

Scott, labeled The Devious, was a camper and the main antagonist of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island as a member of the Toxic Rats. He later switched teams in Runaway Model. He returned as a contestant for Total Drama All-Stars as a member of the Villainous Vultures.


Scott is a country boy who lives to scheme. In his biography, he names his favorite memory from childhood as the first time he caused an argument between his parents. "Scheming Scott," as Chris calls him, is the main antagonist of his debut season. He loves telling others what to do, yet states that he enjoys taking orders as well (if only from certain people). In Total Drama All-Stars, Scott's antagonistic role is downsized a significant amount. His kinder and more bumbling side is exposed and he begins to form a crush on Courtney. Similar to her ex-boyfriend, Scott is intrigued by Courtney's headstrong personality and grows to appreciate her bossing him around. Scott still keeps his scheming side, but to a lesser extent. He displays a strange habit of taking enjoyment in eating disgusting foods. He considers moldy bread and dirt to be delicacies, even adding the latter as an ice cream topping. Scott has shown that he can be slightly lacking in intelligence at times, especially in terms of social skills due to his sheltered life. Such an example is in The Obsta-Kill Kourse when Mike/Mal lies that Alejandro purposely tried to "drive a wedge" between him and Courtney. In response, Scott is confused and asks if he means a wedge of cheese. However, it's possible that he's simply bad with metaphors.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


Scott gets the first marshmallow of the season.

Scott arrives to Total Drama: Revenge of the Island with the rest of the new contestants in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!. He is introduced after Jo, and is unfazed when Jo threatens him. He is put on Team A, which would later be known as the Toxic Rats. In the first challenge, Scott and his teammates get a saw as a reward. They are able to saw their respective totem pole due to B’s brilliant idea of creating a human totem pole to reach the rope. Scott, however, does not like B as seen in his first confessional. He explains that he has a plan and that they will soon not even see what hit them. Scott then throws a rock against the wall of the confessional, which bounces back and hits him. Later in the challenge, his team goes down the waterfall and makes it to the log cabins first. After realizing the time on their bomb is running out, Scott tells his team to place their totem on the luxury cabin and win the challenge. However, the Mutant Maggots accidentally destroy the luxury cabin with their totem. This makes the Toxic Rats lose the challenge and immunity. At the campfire ceremony, Scott is given the first marshmallow, signifying that he is safe.

In Truth or Laser Shark, Scott goes out to look for the McLean-Brand Chris Head. He did not find it, and is instead chased by mutant beavers. When his other team members ask him where he was, he lies and tells them that he was out kissing one of the other female contestants. When they ask him who it was, he tells them a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell. At the first challenge, Scott is seen wanting to quit the challenge after he is almost eaten by Fang, but Lightning makes sure he does not. In the second part of the challenge, he is given the rat. In order to lose, he takes a long time running across the course and begins to pet the rat in order to stall giving it to B, though the Rats actually lost due to someone else. Once his team loses, Scott tells his team that Dakota has to go and tries to persuade them to vote her off. Dawn and Lightning agree, and at the campfire ceremony, Scott is safe and Dakota is eliminated.

In Ice Ice Baby, Scott continues to sabotage his team at any chance and tries to prevent them from doing anything that would help the Toxic Rats from taking any sort of advantage. He continues to particularly target B as he tries to work out a method using the junk in the pile during the rock-climbing challenge and was creeped out by Dawn's befriending of the two mutant beetles, both of which ultimately lead to the Rats winning the first half. When asked which fort to take due to their initial victory, Scott specifically chose the run-down fort, which gave the team a disadvantage during the Capture the Flag game. Ultimately, Scott brought about the Rats' third straight defeat by throwing a snowball at B's reflecting mirror (which had been steadily melting the Maggots' fort up until that point), causing it to bounce off of the block of ice Sam was trapped in and instantly melt their own fort, causing them to lose. After manipulating the whole team into voting for him, Scott was finally able to get B off the island.

In Finders Creepers, Scott tries to figure out a way to continue the team's losing streak during the horror challenge. He attempts to show some concern for victory by manipulating the Maggots into finding the clues for their team. The challenge is made easier with Dawn and Lightning being captured by the "giant spider" early on, leaving him only with Sam and increasing chances of defeat. By the time they reach the cave, both of the remaining Rats are wrapped together by the spider, but are the only ones who remain on the ground with the two remaining Maggots trying to save the team. Ultimately, they appear to lose when Brick frees himself from the web and beats them to the ground, but with Scott bringing Sam with him and Brick on his own, Chris gives the Rats their first victory, making him appear aggravated that his plan to lose has failed.

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Scott was dreaming about being chased by a shark when Brick's loud alarm clock wakes up the entire team. After the incident, Scott drops the alarm clock into the confessional's toilet, only for it to send a geyser of water shooting up into his face. In the first challenge, everyone notices that their stuff is missing and Scott blames Brick. In the second challenge, he tries to sabotage his team by shooting a seagull far off from the target, but accidentally hits the bell and detonates the buoy, scoring a point for his team and frustrating him. When Lightning is hit by one of the Maggots' seagulls and Sam takes the wheel, Scott fires the team's last seagull directly into Sam's back, causing the boat to lose control and crash. However, Dawn discovers Scott's act of sabotage and vows to expose him. However, Scott hears her plan in the confessional and decides to frame her for the items vanishing instead of Brick, which was his original plan. He reveals his plan in the confessional only to be blasted with water by Brick's alarm again. In the end, Scott's plan works, everybody blames Dawn, and she is eliminated that night. She frantically tries to tell the other Rats about Scott's devious ways, but Chef stuffs her into her own garbage bag and sends her away in the Hurl of Shame, saving Scott at the last moment.

Runaway Model (55)

Scott showing his true antagonistic self.

In Runaway Model, Scott joins the rest of his team in making fun of Sam for his "circus thumb." He later encounters Fang trying to capture him with a piece of pizza, yet tricks Fang into being caught instead. Later, during the second part of the challenge, he begins to try to work the Mutant Maggots team, starting with Zoey. He explains they're at a disadvantage without Dawn and fakes his hurt. He assists Lightning and Brick with rescuing Lindsay from the scaffolding, but is knocked down by a barrel. Later, at the elimination ceremony, Chris switches Jo and Scott, leaving him on the Mutant Maggots. He greets Zoey, much to Mike's suspicion.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, he tries to sabotage his new team. When the Maggots are in the mine carts, he says that he will stay with Anne Maria and Zoey, to "protect" the girls, however, this is only made to impress Zoey. When the teams arrives at the place where the Gilded Chris Statues are, he throws away the Maggots' statue which lands on Anne Maria's hair, making the team win and upsetting Scott.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (49)

Scott reveals to Zoey that he has found the immunity idol.

In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Scott was uneasy being stranded in the lake, and realized that Fang had the advantage over him in a marine setting. Scott tries to throw the challenges, but gets annoyed when their team seems to be doing well despite his obstacles. Scott reveals to Zoey that he has the immunity idol to gain her trust and discredits Mike's trust. Scott also reveals that he has some suspicion on Mike's secretive nature. When the Mutant Maggots lost, he tricked Cameron into revealing that Mike has multiple personalities. Scott was able to save himself from the elimination ceremony because of the idol.

Scott spends most of Grand Chef Auto blackmailing Mike to do things for him by threatening to tell Zoey about his multiple personality disorder. During one of the last parts of the challenge, he knocked Zoey off the totem poll and was able to mark it before she did. When he arrived at Mt. Chrismore, Lightning arrived with Fang, who attempts to eat him but was able to survive. He wins the challenge and chooses to eliminate Mike from the show.

In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, Scott is seen at the beginning of the episode fighting with Fang until an object, revealed to be a blimp, flies overhead. Once the challenge starts, Scott, who had gotten to choose last, ends up getting the bird to build, which clearly upsets him. He grabs feathers from some violent, mutated birds to build it. Later, he talks to himself about wanting to get Zoey voted out and gets chased by Fang yet again. However, Fang gets caught in a rope. While saving Heather, he is blasted by Jo with the smoke machine and Zoey's fire goats. His wings are burned off and he lands on Fang. He is shown safe at the elimination ceremony.

In Eat, Puke and Be Wary, Scott attempts to stop Cameron from negotiating alliances with Zoey and Lightning to vote off him by setting up traps that hurl Cameron across the island. However, Chris steps into one of his traps and ends up getting hurled and trapped inside the island's septic tank, so that leads to Chef takes over the challenge. The first part is to make a delicious meal out of things found on the island. Scott helps Cameron to get mushrooms for his pie, and decides to make one as well. The only problem is that his pie doesn't turn out as well. When DJ is brought in to sample the food, Scott's pie is enough to make DJ break out of his restraints and run away. Because DJ ran away, Chef forces them to eat their food without throwing up. Scott switches his pie with Cameron's and wins. The next challenge is for the four campers to run through the woods to a flag in a race. Whoever wins gets immunity. Since Scott won the first part of the challenge, he does not have to wear a tracking collar that the other three campers must wear. As Scott is about to reach the finish line, Fang appears and chase him once again. Scott finally finds out that Fang has been chasing him all this time to get back the tooth Scott took for him. Despite this, Scott refuse to return Fang's tooth as Fang still has hundreds of teeth with him. When Fang accidentally fell into one of Zoey's pit trap, Scott laughs, but realizes the pit wasn't his. Just then, one of Zoey's log trap that was meant for Chef hits Scott, badly injuring him and has to be put into a full body cast and on a wheelchair. At the campfire ceremony, Scott receives the most votes and was given the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom which melts through his legs. Just as he is about to take the Hurl of Shame, Chris returns and as a revenge for putting him into the communal bathroom's septic tank, Chris let Fang accompany Scott to take the elimination. Fang finally retrieves his tooth back and joins Scott on the catapult and the two were launched away from the island.

Scott Trauma Chair Full View

Scott in the Trauma Chair as his retribution.

In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, Scott is seen inside a machine called "Trauma Chair" (probably due to being mauled by Fang offscreen after they took the Hurl of Shame), which helps him to communicate a "yes" and "no" with the other contestants. When Scott's Trauma Machine blinks the red button, which made Cameron to ask whether it was a yes or no; Chris answered that he doesn't know and mentioned that it isn't important since no one actually cares for him, which made Scott to drop a tear, while most of the other contestants laughed. It can be interpreted from Scott's reactions during the episode (and also from common color convention) that the red light means "no" and the green one means "yes." When the mutant animals start to attack the contestants, Scott is seen running away with the red light blinking. Once the winner is announced, Scott leaves the island with his fellow contestants and Chef, but does not cheer for the winner due the fact that he can't speak.

Total Drama All-Stars

HvsV 2

Scott explaining his fear of sharks.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Scott is introduced after forcibly being thrown out of the plane by Chef, and is later placed on the Villainous Vultures. After Chris announces the challenge, he is shown to be frightened, due to him developing a phobia of sharks, mainly because of his conflict with Fang. He argues with Jo on deciding who will push the carriage, but is later dragged away from Lightning. On the cliff, he is shocked, and when it comes time for him to jump, he his wedged off of a boulder by Lightning, but they knock into the Robot, causing him to fall off instead. His team later wins the challenge due to Alejandro, who was freed from the Drama Machine, chose the correct key.

Scott appreciates the the spa hotel in Evil Dread since it is a nice contrast to his home. He cheers for villainy with Duncan and talks strategy with Jo at breakfast. Scott says maybe the team should throw the next challenge to vote off Lighting but decides against it since he enjoy the spa life. During the challenge Scott finds a puzzle piece when Cameron was flung at him by a booby trap and later tries to hide a Heroic Hamster's puzzle piece until Manitoba Smith caught him in the act. Scott accidentally hit Manitoba in the head while defending himself from a swarm of bees. Unbeknownst to the contestants (including Mike himself), Scott has awaken Mike's evil personality that he never reveal last season. Ultimately, the Vultures lost the challenge due to Lightning miscounting the number of pieces they have.


Jo accidentally fires the leech cannon at Scott, eliminating him from the challenge.

In Saving Private Leechball, Scott and the other male Vultures are complaining about the losers' cabin's condition before Scott's bed collapses on him. Both times Chef shot a starting pistol for the challenge (that used leeches as ammo), a leech landed on him. Unlike his teammates, Scott has no intention of luring Gwen and Duncan into an alliance. During the challenge, Scott was accidentally shot by Jo with their team's cannon, eliminating him from the challenge. His team suffer their second lost and they vote off Jo for shooting at him.

CARE1009191300001738 010 1280x720

Scott flirts with Courtney.

In Food Fright, Scott is awakened by Chef's "breakfast in bed" powdered gruel, which Scott claims to find delicious. He stops by the girl's side of the cabin and visits Courtney, asking for more gruel. His visit sparks interest in Courtney, who considers forming an alliance with Scott. When Chris announces the obstacle course challenge, Scott is unimpressed, which prompts Chris to make the challenge more dangerous. Later, Scott's stomach becomes upset which slows him down. His complaining annoys Courtney, but he responds to her demands by cheerfully obeying, which only makes Courtney more irritated. Scott holds in his barfing in order to win his team points. Nevertheless, his team suffers elimination, but Chris calls it off to reveal that a Sam, a member of the Heroic Hamsters had not completed the challenge. Once this is revealed, Scott and Courtney embrace in a hug, only to pull back in embarrassment at the realization of what they were doing. He then volunteers to go to Boney Island, believing that he is able to find the Idol like last time.


Scott reassures Courtney before he goes to Boney Island in Moon Madness.

In Moon Madness, Scott is first shown on Boney Island, looking for the invincibility statue hidden there. He's ambushed by a bear though, and just as he's about to get attacked, he's picked up and taken back to Camp Wawanakwa by Chef and his helicopter. He's dropped right in front of the other campers gathered for the challenge. Courtney immediately kneels down next to him to check if he's okay; however, Scott quickly gets up and nonchalantly insists that he's fine, only to then crack his back and grimace in pain. Courtney then orders him to get it together for the challenge, to which he happily complies. In a subsequent confessional, Scott states that due to his pappy being in the army and his mama was a waitress, he likes taking orders. Later on during the challenge, he stands up to a group of vicious moon-crazed bunnies, who then attack him. Scott then states in a confessional scene that he wasn't scared of those bunnies, he was just surprised; however, as he says this, he hears growling outside the confessional outhouse, which causes him to scream in fear. Later on, as the Vultures come across a rickety rope bridge, Scott tells the other Vultures that there's a special way to cross these types of bridges back where he's from. He then clears his throat and starts screaming at the top of his lungs with his arms flailing above his head as he runs across the bridge. When he gets to the other side, he spots a beaver, which then bites his hand. As he shakes it off, he accidentally makes the beaver land on one of the ropes holding up the bridge; the beaver promptly chomps through it and causes the bridge to tilt, causing the other Vultures to groan. The vicious beaver attacks Scott again as the other Vultures carefully cross. Courtney then helps Scott by grabbing the beaver and tossing it away. At the elimination ceremony following the Vultures' victory, Scott volunteers himself for exile, which upsets Courtney. He apologizes to her (calling her "babe" in the process) and states that he needs to go find the invincibility statue. He is last seen being taken away by helicopter to Boney Island.


Courtney and Scott holding hands.

Due to being on Boney Island twice, Scott is a little tired in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition. He mostly falls asleep and during the challenge he accidentally attacks Courtney because she woke him up. Courtney calms him down and they look for eggs together. As they hide from the mutant crocodile, Heather finds them and lies that Alejandro is convincing everyone to vote of Scott, implying that they should vote for Alejandro. Later, Scott gets ambushed by a mutant gopher but Courtney saves him, and the two grow closer. After the Vultures lose the challenge, Scott votes for Alejandro. But he and his teammates are shocked when Alejandro presents the invincibility statue, keeping him safe. Since Heather has the second most votes, she is eliminated instead.

Scott Sucker Punched

Scott gets pummelled by Fang.

Scott was shown eating breakfast with the Villainous Vultures by the cabins in Suckers Punched. As he explained that back home, he never got a cold due to eating his mom's penicillin purée, or the green toast that was in the breakfast.  Scott is annoyed that Alejandro was offended when Courtney called him "Al," stating that he calls his sister, "Al," short for Albertha.  In the boxing challenge, Scott was up first but due to Chef fixing the spin, Fang was revealed to be his opponent, visibly paralyzing Scott with fear to the point where he does not recognize Courtney waving her hand in front of him in concern.  After being thrown into the ring by Chef, Scott is beaten into unconsciousness and loses to Fang.  Thanks to Courtney and Gwen getting two points, the Villainous Vultures win with the score of 3-2 and Scott is safe from elimination. He then talks with his team on which Heroic Hamster to eliminate, ultimately picking Sierra, and watches with the others as she goes down the Flush of Shame.

Scott was trying to eavesdrop on Courtney and Gwen in You Regatta Be Kidding Me but was not able to because of the thick walls. Despite the villains team having more members, Scott was concerned because the actual amount of villains left were only him and Alejandro. But later on, the teams were merged, and everyone was fighting for themselves. During the boat race Scott shared a raft with Zoey, Cameron and Duncan. Cameron used Scott as bait so the raft could use Fang's strength as a motor. Scott voted for Cameron because of that action.

In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Scott heads for the McLean Spa Library when he trips on a hole in the wood at the cabin porch. When Courtney appears from behind, he sniffs himself and claims that he is just checking if he does not stink. Suddenly, Courtney trips and lands on top of Scott, and they share an "accidental" kiss.

Courtney and Scott's reaction after they accidentally kissed each other.

Pulling out his shoelace, he makes a ring and asks her to go out with him, which she replies yes. At the monitor room, they join with the other contestants to watch Chris as he explains the challenge for the 100th episode of Total Drama. But when the host gets kidnapped by Ezekiel, they all head for the mines to find him. Scott goes with Courtney and rejects Gwen, claiming that he needs to celebrate his one-hour anniversary with his new girlfriend. When they find an entrance, Scott offers for Courtney to go first, but then takes it back and wonders if that was the right thing to say. When he sees that she goes on ahead, he follows her to guard her back. He confesses that he has no idea about how to be a boyfriend. Inside the mines, Scott holds Courtney's hand and compliments her eyes, but accidentally holds his flashlight straight into her eyes and obstructing her vision. She then falls down a cliff and Scott quickly chases after her. They slide into Cameron and Mal, and when they all start to get up, Scott sees Courtney and Cameron kissing. This angers Scott and he argues with Courtney about who kissed who. Suddenly, the two of them are caught by Ezekiel and he locks them up with Zoey. Scott then breaks up with Courtney and gets his shoelace back. When Alejandro joins them, they are attacked by Ezekiel with fudge. They are all saved after Gwen wins the challenge.

Scott is depressed about the kiss between Cameron and Courtney in The Obsta-Kill Kourse. As Courtney trips on him, Scott is seen eating dirt due to him being depressed regarding the situation but is happy to hear that Courtney and him are back together mostly due to his attraction to a bossy lady; however, he hasn't forgiven and forgotten her actions just yet.  In the challenge, Scott makes another comment about the challenge being easy, resulting in Chris giving the cast heavy backpacks for the challenge.  In the challenge, Scott slips through a tire, bending his foot to touch his face, climbs up the electrical rope on the wall climb, being zapped, and falling into the pond of snapping turtles on the snapping bars task, eventually resulting in Courtney leaving him behind.  Eventually, he learns that Courtney kissed Alejandro in the past but Courtney reassures him that she cares about him.  At the zipline, he has to cross the gap by hand for ditching his backpack earlier, resulting in him coming in last for the challenge, being stuck on the zipline.  At the elimination, he joins Zoey, Mal, Gwen and Courtney in voting for Alejandro to take the Flush of Shame. 

In Sundae Muddy Sundae, Scott is seen trying to compliment Courtney, but struggles to form the right words as he shows his muscles.  However, he suddenly becomes enraged at Courtney when Mal reveals her chart on who she wants to eliminate as he sees that she gave him a rat tail.  In the challenge to fetch sundae ingredients, he is first up the snowy hill; however, slips on the ice, hanging onto an icicle.  He arrives last to the swamp, prompting Zoey to mock him.  Later, he then arrives last at the main lodge and as a result, he is beaten by the newly rebuilt Drama Machine.  At the burnt puddle of chocolate (due to Mal's sabotage), he uses dirt as a substitute, stating that it would've been his first choice back home.  Near the end, he wants Courtney to lose, not caring who won but she won the race. However, due to a twist that everyone has to eat their own sundae, Courtney ends up losing as Zoey wins. Scott offers to eat her nasty sundae, but Chris stops him because everyone had to eat their own.  After Courtney gets flushed, Scott admits that "she wasn't all bad."

In The Bold and the Booty-ful, Scott is depressed that Courtney is gone. However, Mal manages to convince him that Gwen is to blame and Scott yells at Gwen when she attempts to form an alliance with him. Scott then says in the confessional that he is the only real villain left and will do everything to win. For the challenge, Scott opened his treasure chest only to get punched by a boxing glove and had to retrieve the McLean Diamond on the pirate ship guarded by Fang. Scott is obvious upset at this thinking it's not far as Gwen only had to find some art. Later, Scott is the first to make it to his destination but Chris keeps yelling through the speaker which causes Fang to come out. Scott then wonders where the diamond is and it is revealed to be in Fang's mouth much to his displeasure. Scott manages to avoid Fang by climbing up to the sail and is tying a rope together attempting to capture Fang. Scott manages to get the rope around Fang's nose but Fang easily pulls him down and drops several objects onto him. Suddenly, Mal is seen saying the timing is perfect and reverts back to his "Mike" voice attempting to help Scott with his challenge by teaming up to capture Fang. However, Scott gets trapped by Mal and Scott is brutally beaten up by Fang. Scott is then carried over to Chris where Mal uses him to complete his challenge, by presenting Chris's favorite thing: "A hurt competitor." At the elimination ceremony, Scott is voted off by Zoey and was forced to take the Flush of Shame after Gwen, but not before complaining that Mike is the real evil, in which to his surprise, Zoey states that she already knew.


Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama All-Stars

Total Drama Reloaded

Scott Original

Scott's original design.

In his original design, Scott had a beard and goatee that matched his hair color. His tank top was originally a dark green, but is now white. His pants were also a mix of dark green and blue, but are now full-on dark blue. In addition, he originally wore military dog tags around his neck; an extra trait that was later removed and given to Brick. His eyebrows were originally black, but are now orange. He also had a watch on his right wrist, which is now gone. Also, he lacked the freckles that he now has, and his eye color was originally black, but was eventually changed to blue.

Audition tape

View this video for Scott's audition tape.

"Do you like my moves, Chris? Call me. Your little island won't know what hit it."

- Scott

In the audition, Scott shows how his "pappy" (which either means father or grandfather) taught him to kill kitchen rats. Then, a rat appears and Scott gets a baseball bat to hit it, only for another one to run by with Scott chasing it, too. Although all the hits are off-screen, he clearly causes much damage as loose objects and food items crash all over the floor as he swings the bat. He runs back into the center of the room and tells Chris to call him. He then runs off-screen to chase after a third rat, with another loud and devastating smash.


  • Scott has caused the most eliminations in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, and the fourth-highest amount of eliminations of any contestant in the series, as he caused seven eliminations. He played either a direct or indirect role in eliminating Staci, Dakota (both times), B, Dawn, Sam, and Mike.
  • Scott is one of only two contestants to cause the elimination of the same person twice in a single season, as he caused both of Dakota's eliminations, the other being Courtney.
  • Scott is one of the characters who serve as a "pain magnet" of a particular season, who is injured excessively aaems part of a running gag. He does so in Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Scott is the first of three contestants in Total Drama history who has won the prize of choosing to eliminate, as he did so in Grand Chef Auto, the others being Lightning and Zoey.
  • Scott is one of only two contestants who do not have black eyebrows, the other being Noah.
  • Scott is one of five characters to have grown up on a farm, the others being Beth, Sugar, Rodney, and Ezekiel.
    • Coincidentally all five contestants are known to have poor social skills.
  • Scott is the sixth contestant to throw a challenge, along with Trent, Gwen, DJ, Courtney, and Alejandro. He is currently the only new contestant to do so.
    • Scott has thrown (or attempted to throw) more challenges than any other contestant in the series:
      • He slowed his team down by taking too long to hand off the toxic rat to B in Truth or Laser Shark.
      • He threw a snowball at B’s giant reflecting mirror, causing it to bounce off of Sam’s block of ice and instantly destroy their own fort in Ice Ice Baby.
      • He repeatedly tried to slow down his team’s pace so that they would lose the race in Finders Creepers. He also tries to hide his team's key to prevent them from finding the clue.
      • He shot Sam in the back with the seagull cannon in Backstabbers Ahoy!, causing their boat to crash.
      • In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, he threw away the Golden Chris Statue, hoping to make the Mutant Maggots lose, but the statue landed on Anne Maria's hair and his team won when they make it out the mine.
      • In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, he drew an arrow in the ground to show the rival team which way to go, stole his team's compass, and tricked them into digging in the wrong spot.
  • Scott's antagonistic approach in season four is very similar to that of real life Survivor contestant Russell Hantz. Both of them easily found the immunity idol and used it to divert votes from themselves, both of them orchestrated the eliminations of several competitors, both have sabotaged other competitors personal belongings, both were placed on the Villains team in the second season they competed, both came in third place in their second season, and both were ultimately eliminated as the result of several competitors teaming up and voting them off. In addition Hantz was dubbed as one of the "most devious villains" in the show when the season was promoted.
  • His favorite movie is called "Animal Place." This could be a reference to the 1978 comedy film, Animal House.
  • Scott is the second character to blackmail another contestant and later cause his/her elimination with the first being Justin, who blackmails Gwen to throw her team's challenge, and forces her to vote herself off.
  • Like every other antagonist before him, Scott received some form of payback for his role as the antagonist. In his case, he was severely mauled by Fang after they took the Hurl of Shame together. His injuries are so severe, he has to be placed in a mechanical body for a certain period of time in order to live.
  • Scott is the only antagonist to place better in the next season after the one he was the main antagonist in.
  • The mechanical suit used by Scott in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown appears to be based on a similar suit used by the injured Capt. Christopher Pike in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode, "The Menagerie". Scott's facial expressions even appear to be similar to those of Capt. Pike in "The Menagerie".
  • Scott shares many similarities with Alejandro.
    • Both competed in two seasons.
    • Both were the main antagonists of the first season they competed in.
    • Both were injured so badly in their debut season that they need to be put into robot suits to recover.
    • Both were placed on the Villainous Vultures in their second season.
    • Both were the contestants to found and use the McLean-Brand Chris Head Invincibility Statue.
    • Both have had romantic interactions with Courtney.
    • Both were the only two contestants to be exiled twice in Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Scott is the eighth contestant to leave the show with major injuries, the others being Cody, TylerJustinIzzy, DJ, Sierra, and Alejandro.
  • Scott is the only member of the Toxic Rats to make it to the merge twice.
  • Scott is one of only two people to reach the final five twice, but not the finale. The other is Courtney.
  • Scott is one of only eleven contestants to switch teams, the others being Izzy, Katie, Sierra, Brick, Jo, Duncan, Courtney, Cameron, Max, and Sky.
  • According to Scott's Total Drama Revenge of the Island biography, his favorite colors are blue and green.
    • Also stated in his biography is that he loves Kan'Ya East's music. Kan'Ya East is a reference to Kanye West.


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