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Toxic Rats
Heroic Hamsters
Sam (Total Drama Online)
Gender Male
Hair color Auburn
Eye color Black (dotted)
Eliminated TDRI: Runaway Model
TDAS: Food Fright
Place TDRI: 10th
TDAS: 11th
Relationship Dakota
Friends B, Brick, Cameron, Dakota, Dawn, Mike, Sierra, Zoey
Enemies Alejandro, Courtney, Scott
Voiced by Brian Froud

Samuel "Sam," labeled The Nice-Guy Gamer, was a camper in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island as a member of the Toxic Rats. He later returned as a contestant for Total Drama All-Stars as a member of the Heroic Hamsters.


Sam is addicted to video games and his GameGuy. In fact, his first ever appearance in the series involves him playing on his console, excited about an upgrade. As a result of his attachment, Sam's physical strength is lacking and he is the slowest contestant of the second generation. However, Sam is a nice, optimistic guy who is easy to get along with and not hesitant to give compliments, and even though he has bad luck, he wants to help his team win and be useful to them. He tends to use language and terms related to video games, such as when he calls his team mates "expert level awesome" in Saving Private Leechball. He also says he needs a "power up" or "power levels low" whenever he's tired and low on energy. Whenever deprived of games, Sam will often hallucinate real life as being parts of a game, seeing the world as pixelated game sprites. In Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, he develops a crush on Dakota and is sad when she is eliminated early on, stating that he was looking forward to flirting with her and being rejected all season. When she returns and is made an intern, his kind nature allows him to break through to Dakota, becoming her only real friend. Even when she suffers a great misfortune, Sam continues to harbor feelings for her, finding her even more interesting than before.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


Sam arrives at Camp Wawanakwa, playing a video game on his portable console.

When Sam is first introduced in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, he is seen playing a portable console, excited about obtaining a grenade launcher upgrade. He is heard screaming when Chris blows up the yacht. Sam is the last to make it to shore, all the while protecting his handheld and manages to swallow a fish in the process. He is then shown in the confessional, where he states that he hopes not to be eliminated first and hopefully sixth or seventh at least, saying he wouldn't mind that. He then resumes playing his video game immediately. During the race, Sam only finished before Staci and is placed on the Toxic Rats, which he thought was a cool name. Later, when Dakota is frightened by a mutant squirrel, she jumps into Sam's arms, and he smiles at her. During the challenge, Sam is used as the base for B's "human ladder" and compliments his idea of how to get the totem pole down, saying he should change his name to "A+." After losing the challenge, Sam, along with the rest of the team, becomes irritated by Staci's constant chatter. At the elimination ceremony, Sam is thrown the fifth marshmallow, which lands on his GameGuy.

In Truth or Laser Shark, Sam is awakened by Scott running in through the door. Scott tells his team he was out kissing one of the female contestants when they ask which one, he says a gentleman never kisses and tells. Sam is confused by the statement and thinks Scott has kissed a man. At the beginning of the challenge, Sam's portable console and Dakota's cell phone were confiscated. When Dakota complains about not getting enough beauty sleep, Sam attempts to compliment her, but is scared upon seeing her eyes. Sam compliments Dakota again later while walking in the woods. However, he ends up talking about her nostrils which confuses her. He tries to bond with her over their mutual dependence on electronics, but fails in the process. In the first challenge of the episode, it is revealed that Sam farted on his first, and apparently only, date. Sam later tries to be excused from the challenge, saying he has already been embarrassed, but is denied. Sam seems to complete his part of the obstacle course challenge quickly, but struggles to hand off the rat to Dakota, having to do so after falling (and wiping off the rat). When Scott suggests his team vote out Dakota, Sam defends keeping her, despite her distraction caused by the paparazzi and costing them the challenge. Nonetheless, she is eliminated. In the confessional, he is upset about her departure, saying how he looked forward to making awkward passes at her all season while getting rejected the whole time.


Sam eats Chef's disgusting food in the mess hall.

In Ice Ice Baby, Sam spits out Chef's gruel at breakfast, saying that he now knows why gruel rhymes with cruel. Later, Sam gives up in the mountain climbing challenge. Suddenly, a raging mutant beetle emerges from the pile of trash. Dawn picks up a recorder, hoping to sooth it with music. Sam says he has a high score in a recorder video game, so Dawn tosses it to him. He begins playing it and is disappointed when he realizes the recorder doesn't sound similar to the one in his game. However, he does manage to distract the beetle long enough for B to put together a contraption that gets the whole team to the top of the mountain. In the second part of the challenge, Sam and Lightning are sent to capture the flag, even though Sam asks if someone with more "leg-foot coordination" could go instead. When they reach a path of ice, Sam gets an idea and rides on his belly, exclaiming, "The thunder will arrive before the lightning! I'm thunder!" However, he slides into some cold water and gets turned into an ice cube. Later on, Scott uses him in his frozen state to melt the Rats' fort, letting the Maggots win the challenge. That night, Sam is in the bottom two with B. Before the results are announced, Dakota hang-glides in, and crashes into Sam, causing an pleasant reunion between the two. Ultimately, he is given the marshmallow, and B is eliminated from the competition.

Sam VS Squid

Sam fights the giant tree squid.

In Finders Creepers, Sam is pushed out of the way by Scott as they are running out of the cabin. He tries to greet Dakota, but she can't hear him because her ears are still damaged from the air horn. When Lightning is attacked by a mutant squid, Sam tells Scott a video game technique to use to save him. However, it doesn't work and Sam is attacked by the squid as well. After Lightning is captured by the spider, Sam is worried about him and Dawn and argues with Scott about whether to search for them or not. Later on, Sam states that Dakota's absence is making him more focused and starts to run faster. He runs over a land mine and is blown up. Afterwards, Sam is accidentally pushed into a grave full of kitchen grease by Scott. Dakota comes along to dump more grease in the grave, and Sam is attacked by giant maggots. Dakota feels bad for him, but leaves anyway. After the Mutant Maggots leave the graveyard, Sam calls Scott over. He tries to warn Scott that the coffin will spring up when the key is used on it, but Scott doesn't listen and gets hit by it. Sam looks amused as he states that he tried to warn him. As Sam and Scott are walking by Anne Maria, she trips them and the spider wraps them in webbing. Despite Scott telling him to give up, Sam continues to try and win the challenge. He wins the challenge for their team, due to Brick losing all of his teammates.

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Sam, along with the other Rat males, is awakened by Brick's alarm clock. He complains about the noise in the confessional, before going back to playing his game. He was present when Lightning's protein went missing later. In the first part of the challenge, Sam is given the task of pumping air down to Brick, but after he couldn't do it fast enough, Lightning took over. During the second portion of the challenge, Sam, along with Brick and Dawn, are the water-skiers for their team. That is, until Jo shoots Lightning in the back, with one of the seagulls, thus forcing Sam to drive the boat. As they approach the final mine, Scott shoots Sam with a seagull, rendering him unconscious, causing the Rats to lose the challenge. Later, Sam was shown with Scott discussing who to vote out, when Scott framed Dawn for stealing the contestants most prized possessions. Unlike the other contestants, Sam does not seem angry at Dawn, as when Scott threatens her, Sam looks at her with a sad, almost sympathetic look. At the elimination ceremony, he is given the second marshmallow of the night.

Runaway Model (64)

Sam is grabbed by Sasquatchanakwa during the challenge.

In Runaway Model, Sam attempts to join in on his team's circle of trust, but is quickly rejected after Scott points out his "circus thumb". Sam defends himself by saying that's what you get when you have ten years of gaming experience and then adds that he has cat-like reflexes. Sam attempts to prove this by removing cheese quickly from a mouse trap, which he does, but quickly stumbles backwards and falls into all of the other mice traps he had set up. During the fashion challenge, the Toxic Rats attempt to catch Sasquatchanakwa with Brick's duffel bag, which contains army boots, jockstraps, and vests. Sam is against this idea and says that they need chic, sophisticated, and coordinated looks. Sam then goes to Dakota for fashion advice and she tells him a secret: stripes. The Rats use Brick's duffel bag trick to dress Sasquatchanakwa up in stripes, but lose the fashion part of the challenge after they use horizontal stripes and not vertical stripes. When the Rats travel to Boney Island, Sam begins suffering from video game withdrawal and begins to see random objects (such as ducks) digitized, just like a video game. After Brick, Lightning, and Scott fail to save Lindsay from Sasquatchanakwa, Sam uses his team's "last life" to climb up the scaffolding, avoiding the barrels Sasquatchanakwa is throwing, and attempts to rescue Lindsay, but quickly gets thrown off the scaffolding by the much larger and stronger Sasquatchanakwa. A while later, Jo is able to save Lindsay from Sasquatchanakwa, winning the challenge for the Mutant Maggots. At the Rat's elimination ceremony, Sam is in the bottom two with Brick and receives the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom, signifying his elimination. Brick salutes Sam as he leaves, and Sam returns the gesture. As Sam is about to take the Hurl of Shame, Dakota runs up to him and gives him her number, which quickly ends up back in her hands after Sam is catapulted off the island after he drops it by mistake.

In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Sam is brought back to the island and is trapped underground with Gwen for the second part of the challenge as an incentive to complete it. He is eventually rescued by Dakota (who is now mutated into a gigantic mutant monster). However, he does not seem to mind her new form thinking she is even cooler than before. At the elimination ceremony, Sam compliments Dakota's new appearance, and the two begin to make out, disgusting the Mutant Maggots. They continue to make out, even after Dakota is eliminated from the competition, and as they take the Hurl of Shame together.

Sam returns for the finale in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, where he reluctantly supports Lightning, after being forced to by Chris. As the episode progresses, Sam begins to fully root for Cameron after believing him to be the underdog. When the mutant animals attack the cast, Sam is crushed between the Mutant Turtle's legs, while Dakota tries to save him. He is later ecstatic when Cameron wins. At the end of the episode, Cameron (in his ending) decides to spend the money on all the other contestants, exciting Sam, who plans to buy the world's largest television, and every video game known to man. He then leaves the island along with the other contestants and Chef, while Chris gets arrested. In Lightning's ending, he was disappointed that he won and not Cameron.

Total Drama All-Stars

Tdas 1 3

Sam and his team are splashed by the Flush of Shame.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Sam is introduced like the other contestants by being thrown off a helicopter. He is visibly disappointed when Chris says there is no more waste on the island as he wanted to be a mutant just like his girlfriend, and shows a picture of her while talking. Sam is then placed on the Heroic Hamsters along with Courtney, Sierra, Mike, Zoey, Lindsay, and Cameron. While on their way to the giant cliff, Sam talks to Sierra, wondering what she has been doing lately. Sierra answers by talking about Cody, her disqualification, and reason for returning to the island. In the challenge, Sam jumps in with Heather, but is attacked by the sharks. He tries to unlock the door to the McLean Spa Hotel, but is unsuccessful. Sam's team eventually loses to the Villainous Vultures after Alejandro chooses the correct key. At the Campfire Ceremony, Sam receives a marshmallow and is safe from elimination. After Lindsay is eliminated, he and the rest of the team watch her take the Flush of Shame as toilet water douses them which he responds to in disgust.

While sleeping, Sam gets bitten by a mosquito in the beginning of Evil Dread. This leaves Sam very lightheaded because of the blood loss and he is barely able to dig during the challenge. He also triggers many booby traps; one hits him in the groin, and another throws him into the lake where he gets stung by jellyfish. Despite his lack of participation, Sam's team wins and he volunteers to go to Boney Island for exile.

Sam's idea of going to Boney Island turns out to be a bad idea as shown in Saving Private Leechball. He is attacked by several bears and starves the whole night. When he returns the next morning, his teammates (except Courtney) give him food taken from the hotel. Still injured and tired, Mike and Sierra carry Sam and hide him in a cave so he can rest, with Courtney volunteering to take care of him. When Jo finds them, Courtney uses him as a human shield to protect herself. That night, Sam is depressed that his gaming console was mysteriously broken by someone. Unknown to him and his team, the culprit was actually Mike's evil personality Mal.


Sam takes the Flush of Shame in Food Fright after being caught cheating in the challenge.

In Food Fright, Sam holds a party to welcome Duncan into their team. During the challenge, he is filled with the motivation to win, and has Zoey switch places so that he can compete against Alejandro. When Alejandro insults him, calling him "Game-child", Sam gains confidence and finishes the course first, winning for the Heroic Hamsters. At the bonfire ceremony, he taunts Alejandro and the other villains by stating that the heroes would be sleeping in the McLean Spa Hotel. However, Chris mentions that the Heroic Hamsters did not complete the challenge; Sam is told to empty his pockets and, to the teams shock, reveals the pancake pieces he took from the challenge to save for Boney Island's Exile Duty. This makes the Villainous Vultures win, and he is then eliminated, taking the Flush of Shame. However, due to plumbing problems, he does not get completely flushed until Chef Hatchet unclogs him with a giant plunger.

In The Final Wreck-ening, Sam's shadow appears in one of the balloons. However, he floats away with the rest before an intern can get him down.


Total Drama Reloaded

Sam Original

Sam's original design.

Sam had practically no changes to his design or outfit at all. His original design had him sporting a full beard in addition to a small goatee. Now the beard and goatee are gone completely, leaving only some slight chin hair. Another difference is the brown color on his shirt and shoes were changed into a dark red color.

Audition tape

View this video for Sam's audition tape.

Sam playing video games while recording his audition tape.

Sam says that he has a strict morning routine, which is warming up with a little bit of "game blob," then hit it hard. He then cheers and says he got the sorcerer's medallion, and punched out the ninja overlord. The power suddenly goes out, and he states that he's blown a fuse again. Sam laughs and says, "That's cool."


  • Sam and Harold share the same voice actor, Brian Froud.
    • Both share some personality traits, both are nerds and into video games.
    • Both also have/had a girlfriend.
  • Sam's voice and appearance are similar to actor/comedian Seth Rogen.
  • Sam's shirt resembles Cody's, but with longer sleeves and different colored undershirt.
  • As revealed in Truth or Laser Shark, Sam passed gas on his first and only date before Dakota.
  • Sam is capable of playing video games with his feet.
  • Sam, along with Beth, Izzy, Justin, Sky, and Trent have all been confirmed to date someone who is not a contestant.
    • He is the only second generation character to do so.
  • On the last day on Earth, Sam wants to have an MMORPG party, (massively multi-player online role-playing game).
  • Sam is one of only two contestants to take the Hurl of Shame more than once, with the other being Dakota.
    • Sam has taken it twice while Dakota has taken it three times.
    • Coincidentally, they are in a relationship with each other.
  • Sam is one of four competitors to compete in more than one season but never make it to the merge, the others being Ezekiel, Noah, and Tyler.
    • Sam is the only contestant to not make the merge in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, but return for Total Drama All-Stars.
    • He, along with Courtney, is one of only two contestants in Total Drama All-Stars to not make the merge in their debut seasons.
  • Sam is one of five characters known to roleplay. The others are Harold, Leonard, Noah, and Sierra.
  • According to Sam's Total Drama Revenge of the Island contestant biography, his favorite color is red and he loves salty snacks.
    • Also stated in his biography, Sam's favorite movie is "Dungeon Demons".


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