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Killer Bass
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: Who Can You Trust?
Place TDI: 15th
Relationship Justin (attracted to)
Trent (attracted to)
Family Mother, Cindy (sister), Gwen (aunt)
Friends Bridgette, Gwen, Harold, Justin (one-sided on her side), Katie, Leshawna, Lindsay
Enemies Courtney, Ezekiel
Voiced by Lauren Lipson

Sadie, labeled The Sweet Girl's Friend, was a camper on Total Drama Island, as a member of the Killer Bass. She did not compete either on Total Drama Action or Total Drama World Tour, but appears during the aftermaths as a commentator. She was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.


Sadie is most notable for being Katie's best friend. They do everything together, even wear the same outfits (which Katie sews herself). Like Katie, Sadie is a sensitive, cheerful, and sweet-natured girl. She is boy-crazy and when she has grown attracted to someone, she (and Katie) will fawn over him endlessly. Sadie can be considered the more logical one between her and her best friend. Her biography even states that she "thinks with her head," contrasting to Katie, who "thinks with her heart." Sadie was even the one who came up with the idea of their summer job, making their own ice cream and selling it at the pier where they live. Her label of The Sweet Girl's Friend may imply that Katie is more independent and capable of making decisions on her own.

Total Drama Island


Sadie and Katie arrive at the island.

When Sadie and her best friend, Katie, arrive in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, they seem ecstatic to be there, thinking it's a regular summer camp. Sadie is also seen passing out when Justin arrives. Sadie is put on the Killer Bass at the end of the episode away from Katie. Courtney comforts her while she yells that she needs to be on Katie's team.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Katie and Sadie are still upset about not being on the same team, begging Chris to put them on the same team. Izzy offers to switch with Katie, and Chris allows it, making Katie and Sadie were now on the Killer Bass. They then gleefully jumped off the cliff gaining two points for their team. Later, when the team has to push their hot tub supplies to the campground Katie and Sadie go to use the bathroom in the woods and unknowingly go in poison ivy enabling the girls to do anything, but scratch for the remainder of the challenge. They later seem shocked and disgusted by Ezekiel's sexist comments and presumably vote him out when their team loses.

In The Big Sleep, Katie and Sadie do not have much of a role. During the run, the girls walk the whole thing along with Gwen and Harold. Later during the Awake-A-Thon both girls fall asleep rather quickly and snore in a pattern with one another (one inhales, the other exhales, and so forth). The girls also appear in Tyler's dream, where they get mauled by a bear.

In Dodgebrawl, Sadie participates in the second round of the dodgeball game, but is quickly eliminated by Owen. Prior to this, Sadie was accidentally hit in the face when Tyler threw a dodgeball at her. Sadie is also picked by Katie to come back in after the latter catches a ball, but as she does a "hang loose" motion she is hit by a ball and eliminated.

In Not Quite Famous, Sadie auditions for the talent show by doing a dance with Katie, which horrifies most of their fellow Bass. They were not placed in the show though they appear in the audience with everyone else. Later, when Bridgette vomits all over Katie (and somewhat Sadie), Katie vomits on Sadie. They were not seen for the rest of the episode after that.

In The Sucky Outdoors, Katie and Sadie become separated from their team when they see blueberries and begin collecting them. After wandering around the woods, a fight erupts between the girls ending with Katie declaring that she was prettier then Sadie, causing the girls to say that once they got back to camp their friendship would be over. They eventually find refuge in a cave full of bats, scaring Sadie. When the girls awake the next morning, they come face to face with an angry Bear, whose roaring causes the girls to run away screaming all the way back to camp. When they arrive, they settle their conflict and decide to still remain best friends. However, since they arrived last to the campground, they lost the challenge for their team, angering them (especially Courtney). That night at the bonfire ceremony, Katie is eliminated, causing Sadie to cry. Katie then tells Sadie that she has to stay strong and win for the both of them. Katie and Sadie then share their final moments together at the dock before Katie's boat departs leaving Sadie on the dock sobbing.


Sadie mourns over Katie's elimination.

After Katie's elimination in the previous challenge, Sadie is still crying over her best friend's departure in Phobia Factor. Bridgette tries to comfort her, by saying Katie would want her to keep going, though Sadie ignores her. Eventually, Bridgette ends up having to drag Sadie away, causing her to rip off a piece of the dock. When the campers reveal their fears around the fire that night, Sadie says hers is bad hair cuts which Lindsay agrees with. When they had to face this fear for the challenge, Sadie and Lindsay bonded, calling each other cute. Sadie and Lindsay complete their challenge and earn a point for their respective teams.

In Up the Creek, Sadie partners with Harold for the canoe challenge, though Duncan tags along with the two to for an unknown reason. Sadie has no lines this episode nor does anything of significance, though she is heard cheering when her team won the challenge.

During Paintball Deer Hunter, Sadie was a deer for the hunting challenge, She once again has no lines and does not do anything important, though at one point she almost got shot by Beth.

In If You Can't Take The Heat..., Sadie is partnered with Harold to make Antipasto. She has no lines, though she is shown laughing when Harold comes back wearing his thong underwear and when he says he is "a master at cutting cheese", as well as cheering when her team wins the challenge.


Though Sadie was eager about the Blind William Tell Challenge, it was what eventually got her eliminated.

In Who Can You Trust?, Sadie is paired with Courtney for the Blind William Tell Challenge, which required one of the two girls to knock an arrow off the other's head while blindfolded. She is ecstatic to be in this challenge and volunteers to slingshot the apples, which she fails to do. Sadie doesn't notice that the challenge is over and continues wildly shooting apples, angering Courtney to the extent of calling Sadie a moron. Sadie later realizes that the challenge is over and owns up to her mistake. However, Courtney is still angry and says that Sadie is going down. Sadie watches the blind jellyfish pool challenge and the blind toboggan race challenge silently. At the bonfire ceremony, Sadie (most likely) votes for Harold, and appears unaware that she is on the chopping block. However, Courtney reveals that she convinced the team to vote Sadie off. After Harold recieves the last marshmallow and Sadie is left the only bass without one, she gets very upset with her team and calls them all "marshmallow eating freaks". She runs to the dock in tears, but after seeing her friend Katie on the Boat of Losers, Sadie makes a hang loose motion and squeals with Katie.

Katie and Sadie are seen together constantly in Haute Camp-ture, admiring Justin at the beginning of the episode. They also seem to enjoy hanging out with Noah, although the feeling doesn't appear to be mutual. Sadie and Katie are responsible for the unfair elimination of Leshawna, whom they both greatly admired. When Chris asks them who they would like to see join them at Playa Des Losers, they both say they miss Leshawna the most, clearly misunderstanding the question. This counted as a vote due to them saying Leshawna's name, which, after many other contestants mistakenly repeated her name, indirectly caused Leshawna's elimination.

Katie and Sadie appear again in finale, where they take Gwen's side. They later switch to Owen's side when he promises a party. Other than that, they do not do anything of significance, though they are heard cheering when Owen wins.

During the special, Sadie teams up with Justin and Katie, but both girls are abandoned in cave by Justin when their constant talking annoys him. Sadie later gets in a fight with Katie in the cave, arguing over which one of them Justin likes more. After leaving the cave and continuing to argue as they walk through the woods, Geoff and Bridgette run past while being chased by a moose, dragging Katie and Sadie into the chase as well. The four of them make up on the diving board to escape the moose, only to be caught up in the fight for the case with Courtney, Cody, DJ, Owen, and Tyler. When the board breaks, Katie and Sadie, along with Cody, Courtney, and Tyler, fall into the green jelly pool below, and thus were unable to make it to the dock in time. Unlike most who did not qualify, Katie and Sadie seem content in not being eligible for the next season, as they care more about being with each other than competing. They are excited to be able to watch the action from the sidelines.

Total Drama Action


Katie and Sadie are too busy flirting with Trent instead of talking to Gwen about their conflict.

Sadie is seen with Katie (along with the others who did not qualify and the current castmates that were voted off) in The Aftermath: I, a sideshow that is hosted by Bridgette and Geoff. When given the opportunity to voice their opinion on the Gwen and Trent breakup, Sadie and Katie side with Trent and even volunteer to be his new girlfriend, though he does not appear to be interested. Nonetheless, Sadie and Katie remain consistently sympathetic towards him. Katie tells Geoff and Bridgette that every time she thinks about what happened to Trent, she throws up in her mouth and Sadie admits that too and does throw up in her mouth. When debating about whether Heather kissed Trent or whether they kissed at the same time, the two best friends had their third fight (shown on the series), but when Trent explains where his number nine obsession came from, they quickly make up.

In the second aftermath, it is revealed that Sadie and Katie have started a Trent Fan Club/Anti Gwen Club. It seems both her and Katie have developed a major crush on Trent and a hatred for Gwen. They spend most of the episode flirting with Trent, instead of answering questions.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Sadie and Katie have patched up their conflict with Gwen, serving as assistants on her webshow. However, they accidentally ruin the show after starting to annoy Gwen about one time where she and Katie had a paint fight. In support of going green for Gwen, Sadie and Katie wore green outfits to the Gemmie Awards. Sadie is shown to be scared of speaking in public as she starts to whimper when Sierra tells her that ten million viewers were watching Celebrity Manhunt at the time. After falling off the cliff, she goes along with Geoff's search party and does not qualify for the third season.

Total Drama World Tour


Sadie having a slap-fight with Beth and Katie.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Sadie sits in the Peanut Gallery with the other commentators. Sadie says that she doesn't care that she didn't make it to the third season, saying that as long as she was with Katie, she would be fine. After seeing Ezekiel appear on the wing of the plane and in Chris' hot tub in a video clip, Katie suggested it was a ghost, and Sadie screamed in terror at the thought of it, annoying Blaineley. Sadie, Katie and Beth got into a fight about The Drama Brothers, as she is seen dancing and enjoying their music after Harold starts to sing Baby, a song dedicated to his love interest. She (along with Katie) is seen crying after Bridgette sang her apology song to Geoff, I'm Sorry.

In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, she appears, but she has no lines. Like the other commentators, she is also helping donate money for refueling the plane, and is also attacked by the animals in the segment: DJ's World Of Animals.

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Sadie is in her usual spot in the Peanut Gallery. When she is given the chance to compete in the third season, the can of peanuts shot at her gets stuck in her gut, creeping out Katie. It is a normal can of peanuts, so she isn't allowed a chance at the third season and the million.

During Hawaiian Style, Sadie is shown to support Alejandro, along with Courtney, Katie, Lindsay, and Tyler.

Sadie Compliments Alejandro

Sadie cheers for Alejandro.

In Hawaiian Punch, Sadie said that Alejandro was more handsome in person. Sadie also supports Alejandro, even cheering "Go team Ale-hunk-dro!" Sadie is very moved by the romantic moment between Alejandro and Heather, even if "it is Heather" according to her. Sadie runs away screaming with the rest of the group when the volcano erupts and is later seen in the ocean with the rest of the contestants, except for Blaineley, Ezekiel, and Alejandro. She is last seen swimming away from the island with the others as it becomes covered in lava.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Sadie appears on the yacht with the other veterans. She and Katie are squeezing Trent in a tight hug.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Audition tape

View this video for Sadie's audition tape.
Sadie audition2

Sadie smacks Katie with a pillow.

After putting the camera back into an upright position (following Katie's audition tape), Sadie and Katie are in a pillow fight. While Katie knocks her lightly with a pillow, Sadie accidentally knocks out Katie in a pillow fight. After she realizes this, she immediately switches the camera off.

Camp TV


Sadie's Camp TV design.

Like many other campers, Sadie was included in Total Drama Island's prototype show, Camp TV. Little can be said about her differences in personality, if there were any, as she was not featured in the promo at all, but her initial design is dramatically different from her final design. She is as thin as Katie in Camp TV, but does not wear the same outfit as she does (nor does she wear her hair the same way as Katie does). Sadie's shorts resemble the shorts she would wear in the Total Drama series, but she did not wear a striped shirt and, additionally, wore a scarf.

Her design is recycled in Rock n' Rule as one of the paparazzi, along with Katie's. It can also be seen in the Total Drama Action Alternate Realities clip as one of Heather's friends, and in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special as Justin's girlfriend that he broke up with via text message.



  • Sadie, along with Katie and Eva, are the only contestants to be aftermath commentators for two seasons.
  • Sadie, along with Katie, Noah, Ezekiel, and Tyler, are the only contestants from the original cast to never make it to the merge at any point in the series.
  • Sadie and Gwen were the only campers to reject a marshmallow. This is seen in The Sucky Outdoors when Katie is eliminated. When Chris called her name, Sadie refused to catch her marshmallow and instead cried for Katie, asking why she was the one who had to go.
  • Sadie, along with Katie, Eva, and Blaineley, is one of the only four contestants from the first three seasons of the series to have competed in only one season.
  • Sadie, along with Eva and Geoff, are the only competitors from the original cast to only be on one team so far in the series.
  • Sadie has gone the second-longest of any contestant without competing on the show since her elimination, as she was eliminated in the eleventh episode of Total Drama Island and hasn't competed since.
    • Coincidentally, the contestant that went the longest from competing is her "BFFFL" Katie, who was eliminated in the sixth episode of Total Drama Island and hasn't competed since.
  • Sadie, Eva and Katie are the only veterans who haven't sung at any point in the series.
  • Sadie's design closely resembles that of Owen's mother. Coincidentally, they are both voiced by Lauren Lipson.
  • Sadie and Katie were the first pair of contestants to know each other prior to the show, with the second being Amy and Samey.
    • This is unless one counts Alejandro and Sierra interacting with the contestants before officially competing.
    • Duncan also knew Mike from juvenile detention, although it seems this was not mutual, as Duncan said he steered way clear of him.


  • As seen in a Cartoon Network extra, Katie and Sadie have starred in a movie entitled "Mall Cop Force." This may be a parody of the movie Mall Cop.


  • According to Katie's biography, Sadie's outfit (as well as Katie's) were sewn by her.
  • Sadie, along with Katie's audition tape, is the only one not to feature any lines from either of them, unless laughter counts.
  • In Haute Camp-ture, it is revealed that Sadie and Katie are from Toronto, Ontario, making them the only two contestants to have their hometown revealed.
  • Sadie and Katie are the only two contestants to ride in the Boat of Losers together.


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