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Screaming Gophers
Killer Grips
Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: The Very Last Episode, Really!
TDA: Ocean's Eight - Or Nine
TDA: Top Dog
TDWT: Niagara Brawls
Place TDI: 1st/2nd
TDA: 3rd
TDWT: 8th
Relationship Izzy (broken up)
Family Brothers, father, grandfather, mother, uncle
Friends Beth, Blaineley, Bridgette, Chris, Cody, DJ, Duncan, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Izzy, Justin, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, Trent, Tyler
Enemies Alejandro, Courtney, Heather
Voiced by Scott McCord

Owen, labeled The Party Guy, was a camper and one of the finalists in Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. He later returned as a castmate in Total Drama Action on the Killer Grips, and qualified for Total Drama World Tour as a member of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. He had two cameo appearances in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and while he did not qualify for Total Drama All-Stars, he made a small cameo in The Final Wreck-ening.


Owen's three biggest loves are eating, having a good time, and passing a large amount of gas. Among his peers, he is arguably the most popular contestant of all time for his cheerful ways, optimistic viewpoints no matter what the situation, and ability to see the best in people. He even accomplishes the impossible in making a friend of Chris. He always tries to help his team win challenges despite his physical and mental disadvantages. Usually enthusiastic at first, he often ends up failing, the majority in humorous ways. As a running gag in the series, Owen is frequently naked, farting, or sometimes both. He has mentioned on numerous occasions that his response to stress (among many other emotions) is eating. Owen is also a sensitive person, describing himself as feeling things on a deep level. He tells Heather in Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon that he feels like no one listens to him. Additionally, when he is strapped to an electric chair in The Aftermath: III, during the "Truth or Electrocution" segment, Owen is so frightened of being shocked that he launches into a tirade of all his wrongdoings - before Geoff even asks him a question. Despite being one of the nicest contestants on the show, Owen has a dark side like most others. In Dodgebrawl, he fiercely competes in the dodgeball game, and even though it was likely due to the competition, Katie and Sadie still said that he acted mean during it during Haute Camp-ture. In addition, during, Total Drama Action, broke from his mother's spending, Owen is offered money to come back from elimination and create drama between the remaining cast mates. Although he feels bad about his job and initially doesn't do a very good job, he continues to "stir up the doo-doo" even when not instructed, claiming "it's hard going cold turkey."

Total Drama Island


Owen is ecstatic to compete in Total Drama Island.

Owen is the nineteenth contestant to arrive at Camp Wawanakwa, happily greeting Chris and some of the contestants upon arrival. He is placed on the Screaming Gophers in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, much to his excitement. During the first challenge challenge in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Owen has trouble diving off the cliff due to his fear of heights. While his team mates tries to show support, others such as Gwen and Geoff doubt he is able to do it. Ultimately, Owen put his fear aside and jumps off the cliff, giving his team the advantage.

For most of the series, Owen is for his excessive eating and, particularly in this season, farting. His poor lifestyle and clumsiness results in him struggling mightily in certain challenges, getting tired easily during the morning run in The Big Sleep and later being the first person to fall asleep during the Awake-A-Thon. Despite this, Owen can also perform surprisingly well in certain challenges, such as in Dodgebrawl, where he singlehandedly wins the second round for them. In some challenges, both of these traits apply. For instance, in The Sucky Outdoors, while he manages to find food for his team, he is the most frightened when the bear approaches the Gophers' camp. This earn him a scolding from Heather, blaming all their misfortune to him and Izzy. His inconsistent wilderness survival skills are shown again in Paintball Deer Hunter, as despite getting close, he fails to get even one shot off both DJ and Duncan, due to his farts revealing his hiding spot both times.

Snapshot 2009-02-15 22-51-08

Owen's uncontrollable appetite causes his team the challenge in If You Can't Take The Heat....

As the season progress, Owen makes friends with almost every contestant he interacts with, including Chris. The one exception to this is Heather, but even though she treats him poorly, he doesn't seem to hate her back, enough to the point where he willingly paired up with her in Up the Creek. Heather showcased her dislike of him in If You Can't Take The Heat..., where she forces Owen to collect more supplies for his team, even when he is clearly in pain from previous trips. As a result, Owen was severely stung by bees on both trips. Even though he played a large part in their loss due to eating the ribs, both Heather and Beth recieved most of the votes that night. For the next few episodes, Owen oddly did not have much participation in most of the challenges, though he and Leshawna won their challenge in Who Can You Trust? and he was one the three final members of his team standing in Basic Straining.


Owen kissing DJ and Duncan after joining the Guy's Alliance in Hide and Be Sneaky.

After the teams split up, he ended up winning the tiebreaker Brunch of Disgustingness for his team. However, after this win, he struggled in several of the subsequent challenges. In Search and Do Not Destroy, Owen is required to find a key inside a bear's cave. While he succeeds in doing so, the Bear had devoured half of him, and even then, and all his efforts were wasted as his key doesn't open any of the chests. After Trent's elimination, since the girls outnumbered the boys, Duncan rallies Owen, DJ and Geoff to form a Guys' alliance with him in the subsequent episode, though Owen was threatened into it when he had doubts. Owen is caught by Heather during the challenge, which gave her invincibility for the episode, so the alliance decided to vote off Bridgette despite Geoff's wishes. Despite the fact that Owen accidentally revealed the alliance to Gwen, the girl's inability to collaborate meant their plan succeeded.

Izzy Owen GoneWild

Owen tries to apologize Izzy for his actions.

Despite their relative lack of interaction during the season, Owen begins a relationship with Izzy in Hook, Line, and Screamer. While the campers are watching a horror movie, Izzy jumps into Owen's arms, and once The Killer is revealed on the loose on the island, Izzy pulls Owen away from the group and the two have a walk in the woods. Once Owen realizes how bad of an idea it is to walk alone in the woods, they decide to make out in a nearby bush anyway. This relationship does not appear to last very long, however, as once The Killer corners them, Owen leaves Izzy behind. Even after Chris reveals the entire situation is just an act and the killer is actually Chef in disguise, Izzy is still upset with him. This continued into the next episode, where Izzy still does not want to talk to Owen. Izzy is eliminated at the end of the episode, and even though they do not appear to get back together by this time, Izzy appears to be over it by the next time they see each other.

TDI Heather and Owen 6

The conflict between Owen and Heather become mutual in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon.

Owen is paired up with Heather in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, and just like before, Heather is unhappy with Owen, but he continues to act friendly towards her. While they win the first challenge, Owen eventually snaps at Heather during the third challenge, where Heather mocks Izzy in front of Owen while holding a wooden head figure of his crush. Owen tries to get both of them disqualified via the wimp key and curses at her in the confessional, though he still does not vote her off in favor of Geoff. With Geoff's elimination, it meant that Owen advanced to the final five.


Owen loses his mind in Camp Castaway.

Owen is separated from most of the other campers in Camp Castaways, as he was in the confessional booth rather than the cabins. Even though he landed in the same area the others did, he quickly loses his mind, growing a bushy beard in a couple minutes as well as talking a coconut which he named Mr. Coconut. Once he finds the others, he eventually persuades them to try to attack a nearby area, though this merely ends up being where Chris and Chef were located. For the sake of his sanity, Chris decides to eliminate Mr. Coconut rather than a contestant. Owen and Duncan work together in the next episode, but even though they managed to outsmart the girls several times, the girls ultimately got the last laugh. While. Owen actually managed to pass them at the end, he was going for Chef's cinnamon rolls, not the totem pole, the intended destination. This causes Duncan to get eliminated, and while Owen is sad to see Duncan go, he seems happy to be the only guy left.

Owen Wins

Everybody celebrates Owen winning Total Drama Island.

Despite Gwen and Heather winning several of the post merge challenges, Owen fared much better than the two of them in I Triple Dog Dare You!, at one point having twenty freebies. Midway through, Gwen convinces Owen to help her get rid of Heather once and for all, and Owen agrees to share half his freebies with Gwen if she would share her winnings with him and, if he wins, she would buy him a box of donuts. Heather is unable to finish all her assigned dares, which ultimately causes her to get eliminated. In the finale, while Owen initially had the same number of supporters as Gwen, he gains the support of everyone other than Trent, Cody, Leshawna, and Eva once he states he will use his money to throw a party on a yacht. He is in the lead for most of the challenge, as his supporters, primarily Heather, Izzy, and Geoff, help him get through several of them. However, some of what Heather does also hinders Owen, as he gets equally distracted by Justin as Gwen was and, midway, Owen suddenly has a stomachache and loses precious time in the bathroom, due to him eating a laxative filled muffin that was intended for Gwen. Once Owen is significantly behind, Izzy uses a large fan to blow the scent of freshly baked brownies to attract him. Upon discovering the scent, Owen rushes to the finish line, knocking Gwen in the process. Depending on the ending, Owen either crosses the finish line and wins the prize money and the final marshmallow, which he eats, or he stops just short of it, allowing Gwen to cross it instead. In both endings, Owen, Duncan and Geoff throw Chris into the lake to finish off the season.

During the special, Owen is partying with his fellow contestants when Chris announced the extra challenge he setup. If Owen was the winner of the season, he immediately forfeits his original prize money for the bigger reward and quickly returns to camp to search for the briefcase. If Gwen was the winner of the season, the events are the same aside from Owen having the check with him. He teams up with DJ, Cody, and Tyler, whose group is the first to find the case. However, due to suspicion, they all tie themselves together so no one can run away with the case. This immediately causes problems, Owen had to uses to the bathroom en route, and during it, Harold and Heather manage to steal the case away from them. They eventually retrieve the case from Justin, but they find themselves cornered by a bear at the top of the cliff. Luckily, they were caught by Courtney in a hot air balloon, but she refuses to let them down safely them unless they give up the case. While they refuse to give up the case, Courtney manages to eventually get it from them, though they do get off the balloon safely. After a long series of events, the case that contained the money was eaten by a shark and there were no winners. However, since Owen was at the Dock of Shame when the case was lost, he qualifies for Total Drama Action alongside the thirteen others that were in the lake at the time.

Total Drama Action

TDA027 201 T1

Duncan and Owen hiding from the monster in Monster Cash.

Owen arrived on the set with the other contestants in Monster Cash and despite his inability to find a proper hiding spot as well as his hunger tiring him, he is the last person remaining while everyone else has been captured by the monster controlled by Chef Hatchet. The monster attempts to pick up Owen but because of his weight, it broke down and short circuit Chef. With no other obstacles left in his way, Owen proceeds to find the trailers though it took him ten hours to find where the other contestants are held and he freed them by bursting the bounce house they are trapped in. Moving on with the second challenge, Owen believes that it is an eating contest and quickly devoured everything on the table. However, Chris reveals that the food are simply props and he was supposed to find the key hidden among them, which Owen burp out. For winning the challenge for the boys, Owen is allowed to choose which trailer for the boys but he chose the one that was crushed by the monster earlier. As a result from eating the prop food, Owen suffers from poor bowel controlled in Alien Resurr-eggtion and voluntarily allows Chef to eliminate early so he could use the bathroom.

Owen is chosen by Trent to be on his team, seeing that his position as a former finalist an asset. Like last season, Owen's physique is either advantage or disadvantage to his team. With his strength, he is able to pull his team's make up trailer to to top of the hill with ease in Riot On Set. At the same time, because of his weight, he easily loss the challenge in Beach Blanket Bogus and 3:10 to Crazytown. Meanwhile, Owen realizes Trent is acting weird ever since he is apart from Gwen. Inadvertently, Owen tells Trent that girls like to win and Trent follow his advice and throw many of his team's challenges to the Screaming Gaffers. When Justin reveals this to the other members, Owen is shocked at Trent's actions and voted him off. Although it is unclear whether or not he had join Justin's unofficial alliance, Owen is not shown helping them to blackmail Gwen into throwing the challenge in The Chefshank Redemption.

TDA Ep. 10 (Owen)

Owen broke his jaw in Masters of Disasters.

When Izzy return, Owen hopes for them to continue their relationship. Though there are times Izzy seems to return her feelings , she was also annoyed by him whenever he tries to flirt with her. Nevertheless, the two happily make out in The Sand Witch Project and unaware that Beth is trying to frighten them. Out of all the contestants, Owen is devastated at DJ's decision to quit the show as he found out that it was DJ who cooked the food for the past few days. In Masters of Disasters, Owen injured his jaw after Chef threw a book into his mouth and has to be send to the hospital. Because of his injuries, his team are deemed the winner of the first challenge by Chris. After the challenge is over, Owen is brought back in a wheelchair and his jaw rewired. As a result of the pain killers he took, Owen became disoriented. Chris allows Owen to eat with the Screaming Gaffers only if Owen promises not to file a lawsuit for the damage of his jaw, which Owen agrees to. Because of his condition, he is required to eat blended food for a while, which gives him constipation in Full Metal Drama. Chef attempts to cure his bowel problems by giving him blended puree but he refuses. When Izzy is eliminated again that night, Owen tries to kiss her but Chef pull her away.


Owen's speech after he is eliminated.

By Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Owen has finally recovered and is able to eat like a "normal person." He smell something good in the kitchen and somersaults into the kitchen, only to find out that it was simply boiling water. Suddenly, Owen was bagged by an intern and is locked inside a vault. As his team struggle to get him out, Owen begin to suffer a mental breakdown as a result of prolong starvation. Beth finally is able to lure him out using her perfume scent. After breaking out, Owen's mental state further decline to the point he imagine his team mates as food. Because of his condition, Owen causes the Grips to lose the second challenge as well as giving their team a disadvantage while building a go-kart. Unaware of his condition, Courtney blame him for their loss and voted him off with a single vote. Before he leaves, he was granted a farewell speech and thanks his fellow teammates and his family, even imagining Chris, Justin, Lindsay, and Beth as food products like pizza, a hot dog, soda pop and a drumstick respectively.


Owen in the electric chair.

In The Aftermath: III, Owen is briefly reunited with Izzy before she return to her seat. In an effort to catch Owen lying, Geoff straps him to an electric chair and ask whether or not he is angry at his elimination. Surprisingly, Owen reveals that he carries no grudge on Courtney for eliminating him, much to Geoff's frustration. Owen also discovered that his mother had spent fifty thousand dollars on a cheese cellar, under the assumption he won the previous season. After the commercial break, Owen mainly acted as as a peacemaker between Geoff and Bridgette after they ended up in a huge argument. He then joined Bridgette, Heather and Leshawna to give Geoff a taste of his own medicine and realizes his mistakes.
Chris using Owen

When he returns to the show, Owen is forced to follow Chris' orders.

As a result of the cheese cellar his mother brought, Chris agrees to pay Owen $50,000 and brought him back to the show in Rock n' Rule as a saboteur, in order to bring more drama to the show. He was happily welcomed by everyone except Courtney. Although guilty for being the producers' mole, Owen follow Chris orders throughout Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen and is allowed to withdraw from the challenge under the pretense of "snucking off set to go skateboarding." Owen was supposed to sabotage either Duncan and Harold or Courtney and Beth during the challenge but due to his friendly nature, so instead of sabotaging one team, he helps both. After Duncan and Harold win, Owen attempts to persuade them to turn on each other but much to his surprise, the long-time enemies refuses. Owen is happy to see Duncan and Harold finally making peace with each other but Chris orders him to sabotage them. Having no choice, Owen succeeds in telling Harold to punch Duncan and win the challenge.

In 2008: A Space Owen, Harold become suspicious of Owen's actions and realizes the true purpose of his return. When confronted, Owen feint ignorance and farted enough so Harold would leave him alone. With his position compromised, Owen voted for Harold that night and he is eliminated. Harold would continue to warn the others about Owen while Chef drag him to the Lame-o-sine. In Top Dog, Owen admits he starts to enjoy messing with the other contestants despite his guilty conscience in the previous episode. He is paired with a bear but instead of training it, Owen messes with Duncan and Courtney's respective animals. He leaves Beth alone, believing that she will not perform well without his meddling. For the second challenge, Owen is given a GPS to track the other contestants. He succeeds in leading Duncan into a pitfall and change the river flow, causing Courtney to fall off a waterfall. As he tries to look for Beth, he and the bear were caught in a net. In order to them to free themselves, ate excessively, and gained enough weight to break the net. Two days later, Owen finally return to the film lot and was confronted by Courtney and Beth, who had found out that he is indeed a traitor, just like Harold said. Since almost everyone know about his position, Owen is fired by Chris that night and is eliminated alongside Courtney.

Owen Duncan vote

Owen votes for Duncan in The Aftermath IV via drawing a stick figure of him.

Owen watches Duncan and Beth compete in the finale and is shocked to find out that they ended up in a tie. For his question in The Aftermath: IV, Owen had the finalist face each other in a healthy eating contest. Owen chose to support Duncan by drawing a stick-man with a mohawk on the voting pater. He later used the voting booth as a restroom, grossing out Leshawna and Trent.


Owen is excited when Alejandro brings him pancakes.

After Total Drama Action has ended, Owen appears in a commercial advertising exercise equipment. Because of him mishandling the product, the equipment broke down and the price reduces to a mere five dollars. He is also briefly seen in DJ's cooking show trying to steal some food, but DJ's mom slaps his hand before he can get any. Owen joins his fellow contestants to stop prevent Chris' new show from arriving at New York. In order to slow the other bus, Owen uses Leshawna's bra as a slingshot to fire chocolates at them. When the bus falls into the canyon and hits the ground, Owen is seen being relieved that he's alive, but unknown to him, he crushed Noah. Owen stays by the bus while Geoff search for help and is rescued by Chef. He and those who remains are qualified for Total Drama World Tour.

Total Drama World Tour


Owen almost kisses Ezekiel, thinking that it's Izzy in a costume.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Owen is shown to still have aerophobia (even though he supposedly conquered his fear in Total Drama Island). After complaining too much about not wanting to get on the plane, Owen is hit with a frying pan on the head by Chris. Later, during the musical number, Owen is once again seen complaining about flying, getting knocked out on the head with a frying pan again by Chris. After arriving in Egypt, Owen forms a trio with Izzy and Noah. However, during the challenge, they lose Izzy. Later, Noah seems to have found Izzy, and Owen wants to give her a kiss, however, Noah quickly realizes that it isn't Izzy, causing Noah and Owen to run out of the pyramid in fear, thinking it was an actual mummy (although it turned out to be Ezekiel). Owen is later put into Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, along with Alejandro, Noah, Sierra and Tyler.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Owen is inspired by Alejandro's speech in the beginning of the challenge. He decides to call him "Al" to which Alejandro pretends to be fine with, but secretly has a problem with it. Owen tries to help his team, as he picked some plants he found near the Nile River, for the purpose of constructing the team's canoe. Sierra explained to him they would need a lot more for this. Then, Izzy and Sierra swap teams and Alejandro once again motivates his team. Owen is seen finishing the rest of the canoe with Izzy. Later in the episode, his team finishes second and doesn't have to go to the elimination ceremony. Owen is last seen panicking about being in the plane.


Owen dressed as a monster for his team's commercial.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Owen is still panicking about being on the plane. Noah tries to reassure him about it, saying he'd only be in danger if he were in a deathtrap, but a piece of the plane breaks off. It sucks Owen towards it, but he is too big to fall out. Instead he acts as an air lock to prevent anyone else from falling out. In the song Before We Die, Owen has a few solos and sings the last one of the song. In the human pinball challenge, Owen's team wins, giving them an advantage in the next challenge. They get to choose their props for a commercial first. They find a monster costume which Owen agrees to dress up in after extra persuasion from Izzy. He gets into his character early, before the team has started filming. So Noah warns him not to crush the city that he and Tyler are building before they start. In the commercial, Owen is destroying the city until Alejandro gives him Chef Hatchet's Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails to make him stop. After the commercial is filmed and Chef is judging, Owen is still wearing the monster costume because he gets sweaty and can't get it off. Nonetheless, his team finishes second in the challenge, saving them from elimination, but once again they stayed in the losers' cabin.
Noah owen hug bridgette cuddle

Owen hugs Noah for warmth in the Yukon.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Owen is sleeping in the beginning of the episode, but is woken up when he hears Noah say "Candied fish-tails." He soon after panics about being in the plane yet again, so Alejandro pushes one of his pressure points to stop panicking and he falls back asleep. When the plane lands, he and Noah are the only ones who don't walk and fall out of it into the snow, but he pushes Noah and jumps out. Once in the Yukon, he sees Noah get rejected by Bridgette and lets his know that he can cuddle with him, and he crushes Noah in the process. When the challenge starts, he jumps on the ice flow after Noah and accidentally sends him flying into a pile of snow. But he continues anyway. He and Cody, despite being on opposite teams end up on the same ice flow and are almost attacked by a polar bear. Sierra gets it away, but causes them to fall into the water. Owen pees in the water, making Cody swim away. Later in the episode, Izzy and Tyler, who were the first to make it through the ice flow on their team, pick up Owen soon after Noah. On the sled, after they pick up Alejandro, Owen talks about how he wants to go to Russia because they have the biggest cake in the world. When Tyler tries to pull the sled he can't do it because of Owen's weight. After he and the rest of his team almost fall off a cliff, they get back on the sled at a fast speed. Owen leans forward after Noah's direction to get more speed and it works, putting his team in first place. He offers to give Alejandro a high-five for their victory, but he walks away.

In Broadway, Baby!, Owen is first shown asleep and tied up in the first class section, until he rolls off the couch. This uncovers a crushed Noah. When Chris is explaining the episode's challenge, Owen says he's always wanted to ride in a horse-drawn carriage. While climbing the Statue of Liberty, Owen gets stuck in the rope and eventually gets stuck inside the nose. Owen cheers for Izzy as she gets the carriage. When it is his turn to slide down the pole, he gets stuck in the hole and asks Alejandro to give him a push down, to which he responds by whacking Owen on the head with the carriage. Owen has many solos in What's Not To Love. He grabs Tyler out of the water after he gets their apple to shore. Owen complains that Noah ate all his pretzels when he thought he turned into a baby. Owen's last appearance in the episode is when he is seen cheering because the challenge was only a reward challenge.

Owen the sausage

Owen ate so much meat that he practically became a sausage.

In Slap Slap Revolution, Owen starts to become overconfident. He claims that, under Alejandro's leadership, they can do anything and says he is even unafraid of flying. This soon changes due to the plane breaking and him almost falling out. During the challenge, his team believes they are making progress on their sausage, while Owen is actually eating all of the meat, so his team uses him as the sausage and rides him down the mountain. He was one of the people to do the dancing challenge, but fell off the platform after throwing up some sausage, which he later eats.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Owen is sleeping in the plane and snoring, when Alejandro tries to wake him up. However, this causes Owen to flail his arms, just barely missing Izzy and punching Alejandro in the eye. He notices that Alejandro wants revenge on him, and even worries about it in the

Owen crossing the river, but due his weight he is pulled into the river and attacked by piranhas.

confessional, wanting to be better friends with him. In the challenge, he follows his team to go left on the path and then the team comes across the rope that helps them cross the river. Alejandro goes first, encouraging his team to try it out. Owen goes on with his encouragement, only using his hands to slide down, ultimately burning his hands on the way down to the other side. When Izzy crosses with Noah in her backpack, she knocks over Tyler and Owen. During the walkie-talkie conversation, Owen joins the conversation asking if Chris was going to need back-up singers. Chris says no, that only Team Amazon was going to sing in this episode. That night, his team is attacked by giant caterpillars and is apparently dragged away by them and covered in a cocoon. The next morning, his team leaves without him, not noticing what had happened to him until they reach the summit of Machu Picchu, where Alejandro volunteers to find him. When he does, Owen asks why he let the caterpillars take him away, knowing that he was awake, but Alejandro tricks him into thinking that he was his only true friend because he was the only one searching for him. Owen accepts this, though he admits that he is still scared of him. When he reaches Machu Picchu, he pulls out an obelisk that makes the temple behind everyone begin to collapse, making everyone run away to safety. His team once again got second place and will not be attending elimination.

Owen eats a painting in Paris.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Owen tries to cheer Tyler up, who is missing Lindsay. He says he also misses Izzy when she's gone for too long. Owen is used as something heavy to grab onto when Izzy messes with the plane's controls. Later during the challenge, Owen says he can't make it through the security lasers so Noah does it instead. He is later seen eating a painting of a fruit bowl and saying that acrylic tastes good. Before the walk-off, when Chris announces it, he says he hates walking. He is one of three judges, in the walk-off. He says Tyler's outfit just made him hungry, and that he liked DJ's "design." Although, he also said during DJ's judging that he wasn't really paying attention, because he didn't know that there would be a second model, but still states that he liked DJ's shirt.

In Newf Kids on the Rock, Owen is seen to be rather nervous about allying with DJ, because he feels he's always been the "alliance-ee, not the alliance-er." Noah then gives Owen advice on approaching him, stating that it's like asking a girl out. However, he takes this literally and tries to set Noah and DJ up for a date. Soon after, Heather falls out of a luggage compartment and covers up her spying by issuing Owen a "ticket for dirty socks." Once contestants are pushed out of the plane and forced to swim up to their team's boat later on in the episode, the other members of Team Chris Is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot pull Owen to it in a fishing net. Since Team Amazon doesn't make it to the beach before them, "Team Victory" and Team Chris are put in to several challenges against each other, all of which DJ is forced to do by himself. Owen easily chugs vinegar during one of the before mentioned challenges. Towards the end of the episode, Alejandro finds one of Owen's socks in his soup, due to the works of Heather. In a deleted clip, Owen is seen in this episode going through a barrel. In this, he finds a pair of underwear, which he eats, an MP3 Player resembling Eva's which he keeps, and lastly he finds Ezekiel hiding in the pot. They both scream at each other until Owen quickly shuts the barrel and exits.

Izzy kills

Izzy lands on Owen's "kiwis" before the plane lands on and injures them both.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, Owen enjoys first class with Noah eating his facial cucumbers/fruit plate (according to himself.). After Izzy kicks him in the groin trying to show him the springy airplane seats, Owen tells him that he has decided to break up with Izzy even though he still likes her, to which Noah responds he should because she's "nutty." Izzy begins chewing on an airplane bag, when Owen sweetly states that she's happy. Later, Owen tries to talk to Izzy about their relationship, but she jumps from the crashing plane, the force pulling him out with her. Owen lands on the nearby beach, not far from the plane, unharmed, until Izzy lands on him and unintentionally kicks him in the groin again. While Owen cries in pain, the plane suddenly lands on top of both him and Izzy, leaving Owen delusional with a concussion and Izzy in a temporary coma. Owen and Izzy are both rushed

Owen says goodbye to Izzy.

to the hospital (a.k.a: a small Jamaican infirmary) in an ambulance. Owen eventually awakens at the infirmary; however Izzy remains in a coma in a hospital bed next to his. Owen blames himself for Izzy's coma, thinking that wanting to break up with her made it happen. Izzy suddenly wakes up, a new person, stating that she has devised a mathematical theory for time-travel, scaring Owen even further. Owen remains in the infirmary, only visited by Gwen, who is suffering from electric shock. While they exchange friendly greetings and concerns for the other, Owen informs her that he is fine, but tells her of Izzy's condition, saying that the doctor told him the impact of the plane fixed a blockage in her brain, making her a genius. Gwen laughs, wondering if the words she is speaking are even English, to which Owen responds he has no idea. Soon after, Izzy is taken away by the U.S. army, because of her new-found genius, not before Owen admits that he was thinking of breaking up with her. Izzy then ends the relationship herself, saying that they just weren't compatible. Owen is devastated, and misses Izzy, though Gwen supports him and tries to convince him that she was the one who was wrong and just plain crazy. This prompts Chris to ring the bell, meaning that Owen and Gwen have to sing a song about their feelings towards Izzy. Owen sadly sings and reminisces about Izzy in Oh My Izzy. During the song, Gwen mentions that Izzy was the one who broke up with him, not the other way around, and once the song ends, Gwen put her hand on him for comfort. Much later in the day, Owen rejoins his team with the doctor's "okay" to compete again, however he is still uncoordinated from the injury, and trips. This is much to Alejandro's displeasure. During the challenge, Owen fills Noah in on what happened to him and Izzy. Owen and Noah are paired up for the challenge, though Owen repeatedly gets stuck in pipes on the course, making horrible time for their team. However, due to Alejandro's trickery, Owen and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot win the challenge, sending DJ to elimination.

Noah and Owen with Chris, after they caught the Ripper.

In I See London..., Owen is first seen in the economy section with his team and Team Amazon, despite them winning the previous challenge. After Sierra updates her 'blog' using a pizza box, Noah starts to make fun of her causing Owen to squirt the milk he was drinking out of his nose and onto Noah,much to his dislike. Owen and Noah continue joking around about Courtney's bird poo and Sierra's blog updating, causing an annoyed Alejandro to leave. When it comes time to jump down to London, Noah and Owen wind up sharing a parachute since they are short one. Owen lands on Noah when they land on a double-decker bus. Once arriving at the Tower of London, Owen and Noah force Tyler into stripping the guard down in order to find the first clue. While wearing the guard's hat and imitating the Queen Owen finds the clue in the guard's hat, much to Tyler and Noah's annoyance. During the next challenge, Noah and Owen tie Tyler to the stretch table. As they stretch him, Noah reveals to Owen that he dislikes Alejandro. Owen and Noah find the clue, but end up leaving Tyler on the table, which results in him being kidnapped by the Ripper. They next head to the banquet hall where Owen is attacked by the guard dogs, but they don't harm him and he states they're like a fur coat for animal lovers. After Noah reads the clue, Owen figures out that it is a double-decker bus to which Noah comments on Owen's sudden stroke of genius. Once the two reach the bus, Noah is kidnapped by the Ripper and is locked inside the driver's compartment. Coming to his friend's aid Owen reveals that he has the guard dogs inside his bag and, while imitating the Queen yet again, commands them to attack, though they end up attacking him instead, as he had a sausage in his pocket the whole time. Owen manages to kick the sausage towards the Ripper, causing the guard dogs to attack the Ripper. Owen captures the Ripper and farts in his face, which ends up gassing up the whole bus much to Noah's dismay. The two make it back to the plane and realize that their teammates have been listening to their entire conversation. Owen reveals the Ripper, who turns out to really be Ezekiel, but despite this, his team loses after Team Amazon find Duncan, who Chris has been looking for since he left. Owen is nervous that Alejandro might target Noah at the elimination, which winds up becoming true. Owen is both shocked and saddened about Noah's departure. Noah tries to warn him about Alejandro before leaving and then jumps out of the plane.

Greece owen tyler ready

Owen and Tyler prepare for battle.

At the beginning of Greece's Pieces, Owen is resting with this team in the economy-class section. He frantically talks in his sleep, warning Noah not to eat a poisonous food. He then frightens himself awake from his bad dream. In his confessional, he states that Tyler and Alejandro seem to be really tight now, and that he misses Noah. When Chris mentions that during the first years of the Olympics, athletes wouldn't wear any clothes, Owen starts to unbuckle his belt before Chris and everyone else tells him to stop. He then, along with Alejandro and Tyler, offers to compete in the wrestling portion. He bumps Cody clear out of the ring with his "girth.” In retaliation, Sierra climbs on him and leg locks him, choking him. But before Sierra can put Owen completely out of commission, Cody returns from his flight from Owen and Courtney tells him to just not get in the way, also calling him a pip-squeak in the process. As a result of Courtney insulting Sierra's love-interest, Sierra begins choking Courtney and she retaliates by choking back. Eventually, they choke each other out. Then Owen comes in, standing triumphantly over his "victory.” He scores 2 gold medals, which would be Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's only medals.

In The EX-Files, Owen is first seen talking to Tyler and Alejandro in the economy class section about Duncan's relationship with both Courtney and Gwen, stating that Duncan is the only guy in Total Drama history to score two babes in the "Total Drama Babe Olympics." Owen is next seen complaining about the fruit possibly being his last meal, and begins whining about dying. A fart is heard, to which Owen immediately denies it being his doing after the planes lights go out. It is then revealed that Alejandro hypnotized Owen into getting over his fear of flying, but then he

Owen in an Area 51 examination chamber.

states that he also did something else to Owen as well. When Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot splits up, Owen goes with Duncan, and after watching a bunny get fried by a laser, Owen becomes frightened and almost gives up the challenge. Duncan comes up with a plan to throw rocks to avoid the lasers, but instead of throwing his, Owen runs with it, and ends up getting hit by the laser, and he lands on the other side of the fence and is then sucked into the facility through a vacuum like tube. Owen is next seen in some kind of chamber, in which he starts screaming at the computer system, and the central computer threatens him with torturous devices, he also thinks he is going to have his memory wiped and stating he only wants to remember nachos. Owen isn't seen till much later, when Alejandro accidentally frees him, and he comes out with clown make-up on his face, thinking he lost his memory and crying about he how he won't remember Tyler, Duncan, Alejandro, or Chris. Alejandro then reveals the other hypnosis he put on Owen, which is whenever he says Revenge, Owen gives himself a hyper wedgie, pulling his underwear over his head and begins singing 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game'. After getting shocked by an Alien, Alejandro and Duncan carry Owen back to Area 52. Owen is last seen at the elimination ceremony, where he is concerned about Tyler's elimination, until Courtney says revenge and he starts singing 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' again.

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Owen must ride two emus to the second part of the challenge because he is too heavy to ride just one. He is still the last one to finish from his team, but makes it in time to participate in the challenge. When he bungee jumps to get a sheep, he accidentally picks up a dingo instead. He thinks that it's a sheep that had already been sheared, until it attacks him. Owen and his team win the challenge and save themselves from elimination.

At the beginning of Sweden Sour, Owen is seen talking to Duncan about Noah in first class, recalling his warning about Alejandro and that Noah had known Alejandro liked Heather. Owen then sadly mentions that he still misses Noah. When Duncan tells Owen that they should respect Noah's, "dying words,” Owen immediately panics, spitting out the cookie he was eating and then lifting Duncan up by his collar and screaming, "When did he DIE!?" in horror. Once Duncan explains that it was just a figure of speech, and that he had simply meant Noah's final words to Owen, Owen calms down, smiling and laughing brokenly in relief. In the confessional, Owen finally realizes that Alejandro is his enemy; and as an enemy, Owen tries to not fart so Alejandro wouldn't be annoyed by him. In the first part of the challenge, Owen compares one of the parts to his team's boat to ribs. To this, Alejandro calls him "an incredibly stupid genius." Duncan tells Owen that Noah was right about Alejandro. When Owen, Duncan, and Alejandro figure out that they are working on a boat, Duncan tells Owen not to mention it to Team Amazon, but he does. After the contestants sing We Built Gwen's Face, Owen can no longer hold in the gas that he'd been holding all day. His fart is so powerful that it breaks the ice they stood on. This actually allows the boat to float to the next part of the challenge. Duncan congratulates Owen on a job well done and mentions how Alejandro earlier called him a "incredibly stupid genius." Alejandro says that it was a bad joke and not everyone can be as funny as Owen.

Owen instantly gets into character when his team picks him as their captain.

When they must pick a captain for their boat, Alejandro and Duncan elect Owen, who proudly takes on the role. He makes them both talk with "Viking" dialect, which annoys Alejandro. While he leads the war between his ship and Team Amazon's ship, he loses his hat and doesn't want to continue without it, but does anyway after persuasion. When his team runs out of ammo and Team Amazon is about to win, he volunteers to cannonball himself at their ship. This works and Chris announces Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot as the winners. In the first class cabin, when Owen says that he promised not to vote out Alejandro. Duncan asks him "What would Noah do?" This strikes a nerve with Owen and he realizes that he should vote out Alejandro next.

Owen is eliminated from the game.

In Niagara Brawls, Owen is paired up with Blaineley for the wedding-themed challenge. She acts bitter throughout the episode, but Owen is friendly anyway and tries to cheer her up. In the end, Alejandro convinces Sierra, Duncan, and Heather to vote him off due to his popularity being a threat. When he gets stuck on his way out the plane's exit door, he asks Alejandro for a little help. An infuriated Alejandro, desperate to see him go, angrily kicks him out of the plane, only for Owen to accidentally fart in his face right before he flies out. In an exclusive scene, Owen is shown to have landed safely, but on a plate of a hungry shark.

In Rapa Phooey!, Alejandro searched a stone moai shaped like Owen's head. After finding several food items in the moai, Alejandro angrily claims that Owen "still tortures him with his uselessness," until the moai burps and one of Alejandro's green eggs comes out of the stone.

Owen is shown to support Cody in Hawaiian Style. He was asked by Bridgette to help Blaineley surf for Heather's "team,” but he did not want to. He feels that it would go against Cody, but he eventually gives in. Owen reveals he is afraid that Heather would hurt him if he did not help. Owen, while singing I'm Winning This, helps Blaineley through the s

Owen scratches his back with a sign.

urfing challenge, but loses to Courtney.

Owen had little dialogue in Hawaiian Punch but openly admitted that Alejandro and Heather admitting their feelings for each other was beautiful. He also used one of the anti-pineapple signs to scratch his back. Later, Owen was shown running away from the lava with everyone else, as well as laughing when Chris' boat sank. In Heather's ending, he cheers when Heather defeats Alejandro with the rest of the cast.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Oie 8835442WPvuv12

Owen's first cameo of the season.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Owen appears on the yacht with the other twenty-one original contestants and the two newcomers, Alejandro and Sierra. He is seen dancing at the stern next to Sierra and Cody, while Izzy hangs upside-down from the edge nearby. When the yacht passes right by the Dock of Shame, Owen is heard yelling "NO!" He then appears in his own, separate cameo much later in the episode, when he reveals that he jumped off the boat and swam to the island. He tried to ask Chris why the boat carrying he and his friends isn't stopping and was shocked to find out that they are not competing this season as they have outlived their usefulness. Chef then places a bomb on Owen’s face, causing him to run around in panic before it explodes and sends him flying off.

Total Drama All-Stars


Owen's only cameo of the season.

Although Owen did not compete, he appears in the finale, The Final Wreck-ening, and helps Chris fill balloons to hold the eliminated contestants by eating beans and filling the balloons with his farts. At the very end of the episode, Owen is seen water-skiing away from the sunken island being pulled by a boat full of animals.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama All-Stars

Video log


Owen's parents.

Owen's parents (both of whom are obese) send a video log to him at camp just like the other campers in the final five of how much they miss them. His father says that he was very proud when Owen burped the entire alphabet in the talent show try-outs, and his mother says that she sent him a care package full of gravy. His mother resembles Sadie. In The Aftermath: III, his mother appears on television and talks to Owen.

Camp TV


Owen's Camp TV design.

Owen appeared in Camp TV along with a majority of the cast. Despite his role as the one of the finalist of the current Total Drama Island, Owen seemed to be no more than a supporting character in the original series. He was briefly seen once in the promo with some other campers in the shower stalls, but only his feet were shown while the rest of him was covered in steam. Most of the basic elements of Owen's design are present in his Camp TV form, but there are some differences. While he is still shown to be large and obese, Owen's shirt had torn sleeves with the words "Keg me" in place of the Canadian maple leaf. Owen's hair is slightly longer as well, curving upward on each side, and his chin seems to be slightly more muscular, but the basic face shape is still the same.



  • Owen's character and history on the show makes him comparable to real life Survivor contestant Richard Hatch. Both of them are the original winners of their respective shows, both are overweight and are known for being clothes optional, both have expressed attraction towards males, and both experienced financial problems after winning a season.
  • In a Cartoon Network EXTRA called Total Drama Action Alternate Realities, Owen hosts a cooking show, but he eats all the food because he is stressed. It referenced the style of programming they show on Food Network.


  • Owen is one of three contestants to make it to the merge three or more times. The other two being Duncan and Courtney.
    • However, all three needed to return to the competition in some way to achieve this. In his case, Owen was brought back to Total Drama Action by Chris in Rock n' Rule after he was eliminated in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine.
    • He is the only former Screaming Gopher to make it to the merge three times.
  • Owen is one out of a few characters to have their name referenced in an episode title, the others being Chef Hatchet, Harold, Courtney, Bridgette, Chris, Ezekiel, Scarlett, and Sky. He is currently the only character whose name is used in more than one episode title. In this case, Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen and 2008: A Space Owen.
  • Owen is one of only three contestants to make it to the final three more than once, the others being Heather and Zoey.
    • He is the only male to do so.
    • He is the only contestant to do so as a result of returning to the competition.
    • He is also the first of two contestants to do so in consecutive seasons, the second being Zoey.
  • Owen is one of the few characters to have had his weight revealed, as he states his weight was two-hundred and ninety-six pounds (also being ten pounds heavier as of The Aftermath: III, and gained enough weight to break the net holding him up in Top Dog). The only other characters to do so are Harold and Cameron.
  • Owen, Cody, Tyler, Trent, Cameron, and Sierra are the only contestants that have been injured to the point of having to be in a wheelchair.
  • Owen is one of seven contestants to have theme music dedicated to them, the others being Alejandro, Brick, Duncan, Justin, Izzy and Lindsay.
    • In his case, an orchestra is played whenever Owen is doing something weird such as when he is climbing the waterfall while he's asleep in The Big Sleep, and when he uses himself as a human cannonball in Sweden Sour.
    • This music will then be used for Svetlana, one of Mike's alternate personalities.
  • Owen shares immense similarity with Sugar:
    • Both are overweight and deemed unfit.
    • Both have immense appetites.
    • Both are considered disgusting by others, due to being flatulent and capable of eating anything.
    • Both came third in a season.
    • Both experienced cramped bowels on one occasion.
  • Owen is one of five contestants to have returned after being previously eliminated, the others being Izzy, Eva, Duncan, and Dakota.
  • Owen is one of only four contestants to make an alliance with an authority figure, the others being DJ, Ezekiel, and Blaineley.
  • Owen is the second male character to cross dress. The first being Chef Hatchet.
  • Owen, along with Beth, are the only finalists to not participate in Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Owen, along with Blaineley, Ezekiel and Izzy, are the only non-competing contestants to have a guest appearance in Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Owen is one of five contestants to make an individual cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island but not compete in Total Drama All-Stars. The others are Bridgette, DJ, Ezekiel, and Izzy.



  • When left to his own devices on a solo mission, Owen has a tendency to narrate his exploits in a colorful third-person persona ("The Hunter" in Paintball Deer Hunter, and "The Naturalist" in Wawanakwa Gone Wild!)
  • Owen is one of the seven contestants to not have their full audition tape released.
  • Owen has a habit of rapidly acquiring facial hair, as shown in Camp Castaways (a beard) and Monster Cash (a mustache). He also grows a beard in Top Dog.
  • Unlike most people, Owen seems to enjoy Chef's cooking, though his opinion has a tendency to change throughout the series.
  • Owen has been shown to have a fragile mentality, and easily loses his sanity.
    • In Camp Castaways, he creates Mr. Coconut out of loneliness after nine minutes of being away from others, and Chris had to eliminate his fruity friend for his own personal safety.
    • In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, he turns crazy after becoming excessively hungry due to just having his jaw un-wired, and thinks his friends were types of foods.
    • Several times on the Total Drama Plane he becomes terrified whenever hitting some turbulence and will scream out that they will all die.
  • Owen, along with Chris, Courtney, DJ, Gwen, and Harold, appear in a Cartoon Network parody called "Total Drama Reality".
  • Owen has shown the most nudity out of all the characters in the show.
    • Each time Owen's dream sequence is featured, he is seen without his clothes.
  • Owen has a unique style of animation when he tells a story. This is used when he talks in The Sucky Outdoors, the third aftermath, and when he sang about Izzy.
  • Owen is the first contestant to compete on Skatoony.
  • Owen is the first contestant overall to cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • According to an interview with show creator, Tom McGillis, Owen is his favorite character.
  • Owen can be seen in Cartoon Network's mural that's celebrating their 20th anniversary with other Cartoon Network past and current shows.
  • It is revealed on Total Drama Online that Owen's left pocket of his shorts contains fossilized chicken wings and his right pocket contains dried blue cheese dipping sauce.


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