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Screaming Gophers
Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Dark Brown
Eliminated TDI: Dodgebrawl
TDWT: I See London...
RR: Got Venom
Place TDI: 21st
TDWT: 11th
RR: 8th
Relationship Emma
Family Mother, father, siblings, cousins, aunt
Friends Cody, Emma, Eva, Izzy, Kitty, Owen, Tyler
Enemies Alejandro, Chris, Duncan, Heather, Justin
Voiced by Carter Hayden

Noah, labeled The High IQ, was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. He did not compete on Total Drama Action, but he appeared on the Total Drama Action Aftermath as a member of the peanut gallery. He was a contestant on Total Drama World Tour as a member of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. He was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. He is also a competitor on the spin-off series as a member of The Reality TV Pros team with Owen.


Noah comes off as being sarcastic, cynical, and lazy to most. He is extremely intelligent, but finds physical activity as laughable as the ridiculous antics of some of his peers. His attitude has a tendency to repel friendships; although, he finds his best allies in Owen and Izzy. He seems to have few interests as he didn't give proper answers in his profile. Despite his weak body structure, Noah doesn't seem to be afraid to insult people such as Eva, Duncan, Heather, and Courtney, even though they are clearly physically superior. Noah also uses Churchill wit frequently, a form of word play created by former British Prime Minister Churchill, which consists of comparing one subject to another in a synonym of the other inside of yet another synonym. An example of this is in I See London..., when Noah says that Alejandro is like "an eel dipped in grease swimming in motor oil." By the time he joins The Ridonculous Race, Noah has become more determined to win the game than he was in Total Drama as he has grown tired of losing on every show he has been on. He is also more patient with Owen's odd antics, even being the only person not to be affected by his gas. When Noah experiences love for the first time, he develops a personality change where he becomes lovestruck and immersed in his own world.

Total Drama Island


Noah arrives at Camp Wawanakwa.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Noah is the twelfth contestant to arrive and has little impression on the island. He is immediately at odds with Duncan when the two exchange several insults regarding Duncan's piercings, which ends in Duncan contemplating piercing Noah's lip. Noah is placed on the Screaming Gophers, and his team wins the first challenge with ease. He and Owen join Leshawna in her victory dance at the end of the episode. In The Big Sleep, Noah passes out during the morning run and has to be carried to the main lodge by Owen, who attempts to revive him via CPR. However, upon hearing that the Gophers are the possible winners of the challenge, Noah immediately awakens and cheers with the rest of his team. During the Awake-A-Thon, Noah is one the first contestants to fall asleep. He awakens a few hours later and is horrified to discover that he is kissing Cody's ear, leading both of them to scream in terror and run off.

Noah's so called "enthusiastic" cheering during the dodgeball challenge.

In Dodgebrawl, Noah is very unhelpful to his team, choosing to sit on the sidelines reading a book throughout the whole game, and not caring about the outcome. When criticized for his lack of involvement, he feigns support by giving an unenthusiastic cheer. When his team loses, everyone glares at Noah for his laziness. At the elimination ceremony, he hypocritically tells Chris that his team lost due to a weak effort being put in, which angers his team. Noah is shocked to discover he's the first member of the Screaming Gophers to be eliminated. He then insults his team by saying they voted off the only one who had brains, which leads everyone to throw their marshmallows at him, with Leshawna calling him "turkey" as a final insult. Unfazed, Noah walks to the Dock of Shame and leaves the island.

In Haute Camp-ture, Noah spends most his time at a refreshments bar during his time in the Playa Des Losers pool, with Katie and Sadie for company, while Izzy swims around them. He states his surprise at being the third person to be eliminated, and also empathizes he learned nothing being on the show. However Izzy is quick to remind him that he kissed Cody. After arguing with her, Trent backs her statement, much to his annoyance. When Lindsay announces that she made it on the cover of "star-stalker magazine," he sarcastically congratulates her. Noah is also annoyed by Courtney's constant complaining of her unfair elimination, telling her to get over it, only to have her throw a glass thrown at him in retaliation. He also joins the other contestants in teasing Courtney about her feelings for Duncan. Noah reveals that he is rooting for Leshawna due to the fact that she locked Heather in the fridge during If You Can't Take The Heat....


Noah teams up with Eva and Izzy in the special to take down Justin.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Noah is one of the campers that originally sides with Owen, even before he announces he'll be holding a party with his friends.

In the special, Noah teams up with Izzy and Eva to hunt for the million dollars. He serves as the civil, voice of reason among the trio, though is sometimes annoyed by Izzy's antics. After his team manages to snatch the case from Courtney, Noah stays back to mock Duncan for being abandoned by Courtney, believing the bully was too helpless to retaliate. However he discovers he's mistaken, and ends up losing his pants as a result. He manages to catch up with his team during an encounter with Justin, who Noah had apparently developed a rivalry with during their stay at Playa Des Losers and refers to him as "The Anti-Me". Noah is angered that Eva and Izzy succumb to Justin's charms and hand over the case. He fearlessly scolds the short tempered Eva, who surprisingly does not retaliate. Later on, Noah helps execute Izzy's plan to take back the case, and they manage to steal it back from Justin. Unfortunately, Noah and Eva fail to reach the docks in time and do not qualify for Total Drama Action, while Izzy does.

Total Drama Action


Cody and Noah in The Aftermath: I.

Noah returns to Total Drama Action as a commentator on the Total Drama Aftermath, along with the other eliminated contestants and non-participants as the Peanut Gallery. He does not have much role other than reacting to the events of the show. Noah's only line in the entire season is in the season finale, when he gives a sarcastic, but friendly, "Yeah, right," in response to Owen saying that he is on a diet.

Noah is revealed to have been Chris' assistant.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, people have been trying to find information on where Noah has been since the show ended, but all they get is a blurry photo shot of him getting out of a limo. Later, at the Gemmies, he reveals that he is Chris' assistant. He is fired minutes later by Chris because the latte he had delivered to him was cold. After becoming infuriated at Chris for not crediting him during his award speech, Noah angrily kicks a TV off-screen and calls Chris a "schmuck." Noah later joins the rest of the cast on a race to New York, in an attempt to get there before the "Dirtbags" do. They use DJ's bus, after Izzy's plan of building a boat proves to require too much work. Later, Noah is skeptical about Harold's plan to use some sort of bra-catapult to slow down the Dirtbags' bus. They use the idea because, as Gwen points out, there are no better ones. After the bus went off the road and landed at the bottom of a valley, Noah is crushed by Owen. He is one of the contestants to stay behind with the bus and is seen sleeping next to Cody until the helicopter arrives. He is one of the seventeen contestants that Chris rescued and therefore was allowed to compete in Total Drama World Tour.

Total Drama World Tour


Noah is introduced into the season.

Introduced by Chris as a "fan favorite," Noah returns to Total Drama World Tour with a personality largely the same as before, as shown by him quickly showing disinterest in Harold's facts about air sickness. Compared to Total Drama Island, however, even though he is still relatively lazy and not very excitable, he is more willing to participate in the challenges, if by only a slight amount. During the first challenge of the season, he, Owen, and Izzy decide to go through the pyramid and are forced to dress her up like a mummy. After losing track of her and finding a "real" mummy, Noah and Owen escape from the cave and are placed on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. During the next challenge, even though he doubts Alejandro's plan to balance the team on the goat, he is impressed when it does end up working. He also tells Izzy not tell the camel on Team Amazon to get on the canoe after she switches teams, telling the other team that it would not be fair since she had been exchanged.

Despite him acting a bit more enthusiastic than before, he still occasionally does not do very much to help in certain challenges. An example of this early on is during Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, where he doesn't do the first challenge because he is allergic to panda dander (this is never confirmed) and he doesn't really care about what the team's commercial is about during the second one. In addition, he also volunteers to be pushed in the baby carriage in Broadway, Baby! (which meant that he didn't have to to run through central park), even falling asleep while the episode was progressing. Even then, his lack of athletic abilities can still work against him even when he tries to do certain challenges. This occurs in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, where when he sees Izzy easily cross the ice floes, he thinks he and Owen can do it as well, but he trips when he lands on the first ice floe that he lands on and is flung far into the snow when Owen jumps on it. He is, however, able to let the team barely defeat Team Amazon by instructing Owen to lean forwards.


Noah tricks Sasquatchanakwa with an imaginary ball.

Although he is often overshadowed by Alejandro when it comes to coming up with ideas for the challenges, he still is able to use his observance and cleverness to help himself and others during the challenge. For instance, in Slap Slap Revolution, he is the first member of his team to question Alejandro's motives. Though they get along for most of the season, he is confused as to why he gives Leshawna, a member from another team, a pep talk. Alejandro stating that he is trying to work an angle on her and, while he accepts this, it wasn't long before Leshawna ended up defeating him in the challenge (although she was eliminated later on, which was his intention). He is also able to ward away Sasquatchanakwa in Can't Help Falling in Louvre by tricking it into thinking that he was throwing a ball, which was a trick that would later work on Izzy as well, albeit unintentionally. Despite his intelligence, like any other contestant, there are still times where Noah is unable to understand what is going on, such as when he is completely stumped by what Jerd McLean was saying in Newf Kids on the Rock.


Noah and Owen relaxing in first class together.

Noah's closest friend this season appears to be Owen, as the two are often seen working together during the challenges or speaking to each other while they are in the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. While he and Izzy are subject to many sarcastic remarks on the part of Noah and he sometimes is in disbelief of what Owen does, such as eating the sausages that he threw up in Slap Slap Revolution or being unable to convince DJ to be in an alliance with their team in Newf Kids on the Rock, they still get along and are often paired up together for challenges. He does not appear to support the relationship between him and Izzy, however. Even though he is still friends with Izzy, he doesn't really understand how Owen can be happy together with her and seems to encourage Owen's decision to break up with her in Jamaica Me Sweat.


Noah is eliminated, but gives his team a warning about an "eel" before leaving.

Noah's biggest role is in I See London..., where, due to Alejandro's absence, he takes the leadership role for his team. While Noah takes the challenge more seriously than usual, he is a bit annoyed by Owen's efforts, as well as telling him off during the first part of the challenge in Changing Guard Mix, especially since Owen was focusing on trying to make Noah laugh. It is here where Noah tells Owen about his distrust of Alejandro, calling him a "Heather with social skills" and "an oil dipped in grease," despite Owen's thoughts about Alejandro being a genuine person. After they find the second clue, it is down to only the two of them, where after they conclude that Jack the Ripper is in the Double-Decker bus, they are able to capture him. Unfortunately for them, Chris decided that, even though Noah and Owen captured the correct criminal, they still lost the challenge because of Duncan being captured by Team Amazon and, to make things worse for Noah, Alejandro had heard all of the footage from within the plane. This caused him to be voted off, but before he left, he told Owen to be wary of Alejandro. It would not be until later, however, until Owen would actually put these words into consideration. In the exclusive clip, Noah managed to land safely into a lake but was immediately attacked by a school of eels.

Noah gets a chance to come back into the competition in Aftermath Aftermayhem, despite the fact that he is against coming back onto the show; he only participates because he is held by his contract to do so. He doesn't make it past his first challenge, which was to dodge lasers under risk of being attacked by the aliens from The EX-Files. He manages to dodge the lasers for a fair amount of time, but he doesn't make it to the next challenge as he eventually gets hit. When only three contestants remain, he roots for Cody but switches to rooting for Heather afterwards like most of the other contestants. Notably, he is the only one, other than Blaineley, to not be surprised when Alejandro and Heather admit that they love each other.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Noah appears on the yacht with the other veterans. He is seen staring at Izzy, who is hanging upside-down from the edge of the yacht with life preservers on her head and left hand, with a blank expression on his face. He then looks at the camera with the same expression.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race


Noah is used to Owen's farts.

Noah returns for Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, along with Owen in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, and the two are dubbed "The Reality TV Pros." In the first part of the race, Noah and Owen choose "Scares" but have to wait for the elevator to arrive. Once in the elevator, Owen farts, disgusting everyone, except Noah, who merely gives an annoyed look. Noah admits that he's lost on every reality show he's been on and will do anything to win the Race. The two take the skywalk outside the tower, where Owen saves Noah from being blown away by the wind, whereupon he agrees that doing the show may not have been the best idea. By picking up speed, he and Noah manage to book themselves onto the first flight to Morocco.

They are later seen in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2, where they have to pick the five spices right for the next challenge. Though Noah picks the spices randomly, confident that Owen would be able to eat it no matter what they chose. During the challenge, he watched Owen drink the stew, but he picked the spices wrong as the stew was too spicy for him. They are placed in eighth place.

In French is an Eiffel Language, Noah was supposed to draw a caricature of his partner. His caricature passed and he dragged Owen away as he doesn't want Owen to see it. In the catacombs, he later waits for Owen to go to the bathroom. After made it out of the catacombs, he was desperate trying to not to be the last team as Owen keeps on eating their raft. They are the first team to get a penalty, as they had no raft to roll to the Chill Zone. Just as their penalty is up, the two jump onto the Carpet of Completion at the same time as Gerry and Pete. They are deemed safe from elimination however as Gerry's foot does not fully reach the carpet, putting them in sixteenth place.

Noah and Owen work together nicely through the race in which they eat the feast despite being grossed out in Bjorken Telephone, and creating each part of the costumes in Brazilian Pain Forest.

Throughout A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket he was in charge of carrying Owen in a casket to the graveyard. As he waits for his partner in the gymnastic challenge, Noah begun to develop a crush on Emma. They are placed in second.

In Hawaiian Honeyruin, he and Owen are in the donkey cart with the Sisters and Ice Dancers.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Audition tape

View this video for Noah's audition tape.

Noah explains that his selling point is his intelligence.

In his audition, Noah introduces himself, saying that although the viewer doesn't know him yet, they soon will and that he has a plan. His explanation is interrupted when a classmate of his, Joey, congratulates Noah on winning class presidency, telling him that he deserves it. Noah seems annoyed at the interruption at first, but smiles and thanks him before turning back towards the camera and saying that intelligence is what wins in the end, ending his audition by re-assuring the viewer that he's, "got this one in the bag.”





  • Noah is one of the few characters to have their ethnicity confirmed, as Todd Kauffman confirmed that he is Indian-Canadian.
  • According to Total Drama Online, Noah got his first job at age six, working as a site moderator for Kosmic Kaos after hacking into the system to make improvements to it.
  • Even with his participation in Total Drama World Tour, Noah still has the lowest amount of participation in the series out of all of the original Screaming Gophers, as he has competed in only seventeen episodes.
  • Noah states in Haute Camp-ture that he has a golden labrador dog which "drools less over a rib-eye steak" than Courtney drools over Duncan.
    • His Golden Labrador is mentioned again in Can't Help Falling in Louvre, where Noah is able to distract Sasquatchanakwa by using a trick he claims his dog falls for easily; his actions in this episode also indicates that Noah is very affectionate towards it.
  • As a running gag in the series, Noah has had several unexpected events occur to him whenever he is seen sleeping.
  • According to his biography, Noah loves to play video games and he's the only one in his Underground Alliance who knows how to get to the secret twelfth level of Dragon Assassin (video game).
  • Newton, Pythagoras, and Kranthor, from the game Kosmic Kaos, are Noah's heroes.


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