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Moon Madness
Season 5, Episode 5
MM Courtney
First aired (CAN) January 30, 2014
First aired (USA) October 8, 2013
Challenge(s) Make it to the finish line during the Blue Harvest Moon
Challenge reference The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean
Reward(s) The loser from the losing team; Staying a night at the eco-friendly McLean Spa Hotel
Winner(s) Villainous Vultures
Exiled to Boney Island Scott
Episode guide
"Food Fright"
"No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition"

During a rare Blue Harvest Moon, all of the wildlife is affected to become their opposite, turning into ravenous monsters that hunt the teams. Someone's condition takes over as a result, and they wreak havoc on their teammates, while another camper becomes suspicious. Meanwhile, one camper starts to warm up to another, as someone else tries to make amends. When someone expresses their interest in someone else, their partner promptly breaks up with them. One camper on the losing team volunteers for elimination in order to escape another's affections, but is instead switched to the other team.


The Heroic Hamsters are shown eating slop for dinner outside the cabin, while Duncan gags and Cameron complains. As Cameron walks down the stairs, Mike's evil personality trips him from underneath. Mike suddenly returns and helps his friend, but when he attempts to give Cameron his glasses, they split in two. Zoey notices Mike's odd behaviour, and is shocked by this. Meanwhile, Sierra, still distraught from breaking her smartphone, begins questioning her existence. She asks Zoey if she is invisible, but as Zoey attention was still fixed on Mike tripling Cameron Zoey doesn't respond. This leads Sierra to scream in Zoey's ear, temporarily deafening her.

Meanwhile, Alejandro and Heather argue at the McLean Spa Hotel. Alejandro's lack of interest is annoying Heather, who is flabbergasted when he calls her "typical." Alejandro reveals in the confessional that he is doing this in order to distract her. Outside, Courtney sees a bird reseambling Scott and realizes she misses him. All the while, Scott is searching for the invincibility statue on Boney Island, but runs into some trouble with a bear. He is "rescued" by Chef Hatchet airlifting him away, presumably before he actually finds anything. He drops him rather harshly at the starting line where Chris is about to announce the challenge. Courtney worries for him, but insists that she is only interested in Scott as an ally, although she calls him "cute, in a rustic kind of way."

Chris explains the "extremely dangerous nighttime challenge," which turns out to be a throwback to The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean. The contestants must race to the other side of the island, with the team with all of its members at the finish line first winning. Duncan remarks that it sounds easy, and Chris reveals that the full moon that night is a rare blue harvest moon which will cause all of the island's animals to behave unusually. He gives the Villainous Vultures a map for winning the last challenge, and has Chef give bacon hats and sausage tails to the Hamsters before sending them off.

Moon induced Mike
Mike becomes his evil personality due to the effects Blue Harvest Moon.
RaincrazyAdded by Raincrazy

When Mike suggests to Cameron that they follow the Vultures since they have a map, his idea is quickly praised. Zoey then whispers to Cameron that Mike purposely broke his glasses. Cameron confronts Mike about this, accidentally breaking Zoey's request. However, Cameron accepts Mike’s apology, and promises to help him should any problems arise with his personalities. While talking, he smashes into a tree, only to be saved by Sierra. Sierra again refers to him as Cody before pointing out the moon. It turns blue, releasing a ring of radiation that turns normally gentle animals violent, and vice versa. Mike is also affected, at this point changing to his evil persona. He shows in the confessional that he can imitate Mike’s voice and hair without changing back, and intends to do this so as not to alert the others.

The Vultures come across an alligator, who confuses them by wagging its tail like a dog and seeming docile. Alejandro deduced that the moon has caused the animals to become their opposites. Unexpectedly Heather sweetly compliments him and cuddles the alligator, seemingly affected as well. This New 'Nice Heather' shocks her teammates, particularly Alejandro who is terrified.

Moon Crazy birds attack Cameron, Sierra, and Duncan, while Scott gets "taken down by a gang of bunnies." A duck with large teeth walks menacingly towards Zoey, its quacking imitating demonic laughter. 'Mike' convinces Cameron to ditch Sierra, though the latter is concerned that it will hurt her feelings. 'Mike' then convinces him to grab onto a stick with him so they won’t get separated, and runs off dragging Cameron along. The Vultures run along, though Scott is still being chased by bunnies and Heather stayed awhile cuddling the alligator. When she finally moves on, she prances around happily, leading Gwen and Courtney to joke about being 'part wolf'. Courtney initially laughs at the joke before remembering she still hasn't forgiven Gwen yet. Gwen in the confessional comments hoew she was "so close".

Cameron, still holding the stick, talks about how Mike getting hit with a shovel may have triggered his inability to bring out his personalities. The evil Mike lookalike notes how much Cameron knows and sees this as a threat. To keep Cameron from figuring out anything further he halts abruptly, causing Cameron to trip and tumble down a slope. Cameron doesn't realize it was Mike who caused him to fall and apologetically states he "lost his footing." However Mike is nowhere be seen, a seemingly innocent looking bunny appears, but as Cameron smiles at its cuteness it suddenly roars and a whole pack of them close in on him. Sierra saves him just in time by swinging by on a vine and snatching him out of harm's way. Now even more delusional she refuses to let Cameron out of her sight and weaves a pouch to keep him in so that he can't leave her, and carries him for the rest of the challenge. Meanwhile Duncan comes across 'Mike' who is holding a bird and talking to it menacingly. Once again hearing the familiarity in his voice Duncan confronts him and demands to know where he knew Mike from, the Mike imposter tries to cover himself, saying he knew him from Season 4, but Duncan doesn't buy it. Knowing Duncan is onto him, the Evil Mike sets the moon-crazy bird on him, and laughs as it chases Duncan.

Testing the bridge
Scott tests the rickety bridge for the Vultures
RaincrazyAdded by Raincrazy

The Vultures come to a rope bridge. Gwen leaves (much to the disapproval of her teammates) because she believes it will break. Seeing his team's hesitation Scott demonstrates how people cross bridges where he's from, and promptly sprints across whilst screaming. However, he's met by a moon-crazy beaver on the other side. At first Scott is uncertain whether the beaver is dangerous as he's unable to remember whether beavers are "usually nice or usually evil". His question is answered when the beaver bites him in the rear-end, in his struggle Scott manages to loosen the beaver but it instead a beaver chews through one of the bridge's ropes, leaving it suspended by only one rope. The rest of the vultures carefully cross using the remaining rope. As they do so, Heather looses, her footing but is saved by Alejandro. Heather then reverts back to her usual mean self, revealing thwhole thing was an act to fool Alejandro and trick him into admitting he still cared for her.

Duncan and Gwen, each being chased by animals, run into each other. Duncan saves them both by using his sausage tail as bait to lure them away, but the two are not together for long. He angers her by asking about Courtney, specifically, what she has been saying about him since the team swap. She retaliates and walks away. Gwen is then shown in the confessional, labeling his "obsession" with his ex-girlfriend "so uncool it burns."

Zoey arrives at the now-broken bridge and 'Mike' appears behind her and attempts to club her with a stick, but is interrupted by the rest of the Heroic Hamsters arriving. Zoey once again becomes suspicious of Mike lying when he says that a bear chased him (when a bear should've been nice under the effects of the blue harvest moon). Sierra comes up with the idea to swing them all over on a rope, and though they all smash into a tree on the other side, they are able to climb up and get close to the finish line around the same time as the Vultures. Believing her team will lose because of Gwen, Courtney screams into the forest angrily. A deer then viciously threatens her. Gwen shows up with enough time to shove a stick in the animal's mouth. After some small talk and the stick breaking, the moon returns to normal, reverting all the wildlife as well as Mike back to their usual behaviour. In his confusion, he stands still, letting Gwen and Courtney cross the finish line. The Villainous Vultures claim another win.

Cameron is sent to the Villainous Vultures
Burger ThingAdded by Burger Thing

At the elimination ceremony, Gwen wishes aloud that she were a Heroic Hamster. Duncan comforts her and kisses her cheek, but asks excitedly if Courtney was watching. This angers Gwen, who then pushes him away and breaks up with him. Scott volunteers for exile, to Courtney’s dismay, as Cameron volunteers for elimination, to Sierra's dismay. Chris then announces the twist he had in mind - rewarding the winning team with the eliminated member of the losing team. Thus, Cameron joins the villains. Cameron is both relieved to get away from Sierra and not getting eliminated, he approaches Mike (who once again reverts to his evil self) and reassures him that he will still help him with his problem. Cameron greets his new teammates, who stare him down. Chris signs off the episode shortly afterwards.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Alex House Alejandro
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Rachel Wilson Heather
Cory Doran Mike
James Wallis Scott
Annick Obonsawin Sierra
Barbara Mamabolo Zoey
  • Chef Hatchet appeared, but had no dialogue.
  • An intern can be heard screaming, but it is unknown who voiced him.





Slender man
Slenderman can be seen on the left monitor.
RaincrazyAdded by Raincrazy
  • The episode in general references the Lunar Effect, an unconfirmed belief that different lunar phases will influence animal behaviour.
  • When Chris, from the control tent, signs off the show for the commercial break, the internet meme horror figure Slender Man can be seen on the far left monitor behind him, a reference to the character created by Eric Knudsen under the user name Victor Surge on the Something Awful forums.
  • The bunnies on the island becoming wild and ferocious is a reference to the 1972 horror film Night of the Lepus. They can also be a reference to the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • The episode may also be a reference to the horror film The Town That Dreaded Sundown, with murderers who killed only during the moonlight. Especially when the duck wears Cameron's hat which has eyeholes (similar to the mask worn by the moonlight killers).


  • When the Heroic Hamsters are about to reach the other side of the bridge with a liana, Mal's dark circles around his eyes are missing.
    • This also happens again when Mike finds out Cameron is switching to the Villainous Vultures.
  • The side of which Zoey's flower is on changes throughout the episode.
  • The watch on Chris's hand disappears or appears throughout the episode.
  • Some of the sausage tails disappear and reappear throughout the episode.
  • When the Vultures are terrified by 'Nice Heather' hugging the alligator, Courtney's freckles momentarily disappear.
  • When the Hamsters are in the confessional, they are not wearing their bacon hats and sausage tails.
  • In the previous episode, Sierra fixed her broken phone for "emergency repairs," but in this episode, her phone is still broken.


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