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Welcome to Stryzzar's message wall. Entrancing isn't it?

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  • Hi guys! Yep, I'm doing one of these too. I'll answer all your questions with honesty, so long as they're not about private information. Ask away! :)

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    • PhoenixDragonSamurai wrote:

      Favourite non-Modern Warfare Call of Duty

      How far many seasons of Power Rangers did you watch before stopping?

      Do you play any of the following games: Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect (anyone of them), Bully, Kingdom Hearts, Halo, Ape Escape

      Favourite Resident Evil game

      Goku vs Kratos

      Favourite Disney Princess

      Scariest Stephen King novel/movie

      Can't say I really have one, I'm not really into COD games.

      Umm, I watched that thing on-off over the years. I think I stopped around Mystic Force, had a gap of several years, then started watching Samurai because I was bored and there was nothing else on at the time. Then watched a little bit of Dino Charge and then stopped completely.

      Have played Kingdom Hearts and Halo before, but not currently. Really want to play Mass Effect and Bioshock but never got round to it, but have seen reviews and let's plays of them. Have not played Ape Escape and have never heard of Bully.

      Probably 4.

      Goku due to range and versatility. Kratos may surpass Goku in raw power, but Goku always has the option of BFR.

      Tie between Rapunzel and Merida.

      That'd have to go to It.

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    • Numbuhthreefan wrote:

      List of all the songs you have on your phone? If you have a lot, just list your faves.

      Favorite popsicle flavor?

      Favorite kind of gum?

      This is embarrassing, but most of my songs are soundtracks from movies or TV shows. The only actual songs I have are "Price Tags" by Jessie J and "Am I The Enemy" By Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

      Pretty much anything but lime.


      Stolen5487 wrote:

      Who's smarter: Sheldon Cooper or Cameron?

      Do you have a driver license?

      Do you play any sports?

      I'll go with Cameron on this one since he can create Iron Man armors and rockets. Sheldon was only able to change the batteries on a remote control robot.

      I do, currently on my probationary licence.

      I played tennis in highschool, but haven't really had time for sports since college.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi. Just warning you that Jodi love caleb is a recently created account just to vote on Flame's H&H game. You know it smells a sockpuppet.

    Judging by the time of voting and the contestant they healed, I would guess they're Tomas T's sock. May be wrong about it though.

    EDIT: Their behavior seems different than the other users' and they have long time accounts on other wikis, so I won't be shocked if they turn out to just be a new user though.

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  • SDF is causing needless drama on chat only DAYS after that other incident. This was to Gogo because we were telling SDF not to make dark jokes about dog fights. I honestly think it's pathetic that they're getting away with so much and I think it's time for a ban. We're all sick of SDF constantly harassing us and making us uncomfortable. This crosses the line. Gogo didn't do anything wrong and enough is enough.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 10.36.46 PM

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  • Whenever you get a chance, can you come to chat?

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  • Here's another page to remove. Also, I remember there were 646 pages on the wiki, so there must be some other one. Unless it still counts already removed TD Murder page.

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  • How do you make it so that if you edit a page, you don't end up following it?

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  • I come on chat after so long and I find a troll with no chat mods online, okay then.

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  • How are you going? I've been thinking about you a bit and I hope you're doing well. Obviously we don't have to talk all the time but I hope things are ok between us. I'm sorry about how things ended.

    Anyway, Nowhere Boys Series 4 is now all but confirmed. I know you don't really seem to be interested anymore, but I thought I'd let you know.

    In addition to that, this is old news but Beth Frey invited me to set. She even told Luca, I discovered only two days ago, and Luca even told her sister about me, so I'm getting connected in that regard stronger than ever. During her live stream then she even gave me tips for how to approach her in person and how to be myself and not be nervous. She didn't confirm Season 4 though; she said "they're trying" to do it or something. I guess she's unaware or been told to keep her mouth shut, but Beth did apparently tell her that I'll be going which is cool!

    That's awesome tbh, but also I've played the Switch HEAPS in the past few months as I discovered there's a place in Ballarat that have consoles and high-end PCs and all that, along with a Switch. Played lots of Breath of the Wild there, it's such a good game, and the Switch is so amazing in handheld mode. I also did my work experience there (Switch in lunch breaks :P).

    Thanks, NoahR9

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    • Okay then. Well catch you round Noah. Best of luck with everything you have planned.

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    • Thanks I guess...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Star Wars Qs : do you consider Rey as a Mary Sue?

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  • Some of the Camp TV prototypes bear a resemblance to characters that've been created recently such as Blaineley and Jacques. 

    Does this mean that they reused the design?

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