Sarcastic Don

aka Katie

  • I live in Your Basement
  • I was born on December 28
  • My occupation is a tailor's apprentice and I got y'all knuckleheads a loco parentis. I'm joining the rebellion, cause I know it's my chance to socially advance, instead of sewin' some pants
  • I am Female (pronounced like tamale)

Tennis rivals out

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  • Don is a blessed gift, even if it does not seem like it, it is the true engine of TDRR, does everything positive and teamwork possible, being fair, avoiding humiliations and not thinking of yours. I want to see him again soon.

    I wish I was the host of the sixth season.

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    • Don is an "it"? He's not thinking of yours what?

      If I were you, I'd rather be a real person than a cartoon character in TD universe (especially since you'd replace your fav). Also, it's a spin-off, not season six.

      But in all seriousness, always nice to have more Don fans. :)

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    • I'm real xD.

      Do not worry, I know you Don is a fictitious character;).

      And if I love Don, I know he can not be the host of TD (maybe a cameo), I just hope Chris returns his TDI personality.

      Thanks and regards.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • seriously you are such a good friend and a fellow DR fan

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  • Hey everyone! Been a while since I was active here so I'll answer any of your questions honestly!

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    • TRRFan6 wrote:

      1. Favourite celebrity? Beyonce
      2. Least liked celebrity? Amy Schumer
      3. Favourite animal? Dogs
      4. Yogurt or pudding?
      5. Vanilla or chocolate?
      6. Strawberries or cherries?
      (Music genres)
      7. Pop or rock?
      8. Hip-hop or rap?
      9. Disco or Jazz?
      10. EDM , dubstep or house?
      11. Black hair or blonde hair?
      12. If you had to choose a staff position: administrator or chat moderator?
      13. Facebook or twitter? best part is, I don't have twitter
      14. Ages: 5 or 10?
      (Do you believe in)
      15. Love? Yes
      16. Life? No, I'm dead inside
      17. Luck? Kinda
      18. Karma? YES
      19. Destiny? No
      20. Science? Yes
      (Have you ever seen…)
      21. An eclipse? Yes
      22. Mean Girls? Yes (11 times to be precise)
      23. Total Drama? no yes
      24. Danganronpa? YESYESYESYESYES
      25. The Simpsons? Yes
      26. Family Guy? one episode
      27. Family Feud? do youtube videos count?
      28. A weird animal? Yes
      29. Something so scary that you couldn’t sleep? YES DO NOT WATCH AHS BEFORE BED
      (Do you have any)
      30. Siblings? yep, 1
      31. Cousins? little over 2 dozen
      32. Friends? yes, enough to be comfortable
      34. Enemies? a few >.>
      35. Have you ever fired a gun? absolutely not
      36. Been caught doing something you weren't supposed to do? yes >.>
      37. butter, plain, or salted popcorn?
      38. Have you ever cried for no reason? sometimes when I lie down my eyes start crying
      39. Are you a pervert? is my name Teruteru?
      40. Would you ask me out? yas let's go to a gaga concert
      41. Rain or sun? I like both tbh
      42. 10 words that describe yourself? reserved, sarcastic, witty, innocent, independent, petite, salty, petty, diligent, laid-back
      43. Favourite emoji/s? red heart, eyes, laughing face
      44. Most frequented site? discord or tumblr
      45. Have you ever skipped school? I've taken personal days but never ditched
      46. Do you know how to swim? yes
      47. Have you ever been on TV? I was on the local news in middle school
      48. Favourite salad? caesar
      49. Favourite salad dressing? ranch
      50. What’s the dream job you had at 5? pop star
      51. Favourite ice-cream flavour? cookies and cream
      52. Reveal a long-hidden secret. I've read someone's diary without their permission >.>
      53. What is the most annoying thing people ask you? if I'm a freshman
      54. Favourite board game? clue
      55. Paper, rock or scissors? scissors
      56. Favourite smell? anything pumpkin scented
      57. Your inspiration? to find love that stays (any type)
      58. Favourite quote ever? You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist - Indira Ghandi
      (Choose a celebrity)
      59. Lady Gaga or Rihanna?
      60. Katy Perry or Selena Gomez.
      61. Britney Spears or Beyoncé.
      62. Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift.
      63. Demi Lovato or Miley Cyrus.
      64. Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes.
      65. Nicki Minaj or Iggy Azalea.
      66. Favourite Disney character? Hades from Hercules
      67. Do you like coffee? I like the smell but I don't drink it
      68. Do you like beer? No
      (Did you ever…[again!])
      69. Talk to yourself? Yes (and I have fun too!!!)
      70. Pretend you are a robot? no lol
      71. Eat a whole pizza? a small one
      72. Cry at movies? many times
      73. Lose someone? yeah
      74. Get an F? yes
      75. Get pregnant? no
      76. Say such a bad joke that no one understood it? yes >.>
      77. Write the first 6 words that come up in your mind right now. gorilla glue mercury jungle flag wednesday
      78. Write 4 more! >:D human romper piggyback fire
      79. Spell your name backwards. Eitak
      80. Spell your name with your tongue. katie (I'm cleaning my keyboard after this smh)
      81. Spell your name with your nose. latie
      82. Spell your name with your hair. t (none of the keys pressed down lol)
      83. Last song you listened to? The Blackest Day by Lana del Rey
      84. Last book you read? Wild by Cheryl Strayed
      85. Last thing you ate? bagel
      86. Last thing you’ve watched? The Office
      87. Last thing you’ve played (with)? piano
      88. Last thing you drank? vitamin water
      89. Favourite thing to do when bored? text my friends
      90. Your hair color? blonde
      91. Your eye color? blue
      92. Your nose color? white?
      93. What’s the color you are wearing right now? black/blue
      94. Opinions on Lady Gaga? queen of sun hats
      95. Top 5 songs by her! Bad Romance, Paparazzi, The Cure, Telephone, Alejandro
      96. Favourite band? Broken Up: Beatles Together: Red Hot Chili Peppers
      97. Opinions on me? a king who should be more active ;)
      98. Opinions on you? confused college student who needs money
      99. Where do you see yourself in 20 years? successful in my field and has a family
      100. Are you going to ask me anything now? :P What do you want to draw next?

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    • Geo1234 wrote: Would You Rather/This or That:

      Cats or dogs?

      TDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDI or Celebrity Manhunt Reunion Special?

      Be never able to compliment anybody or never able to complain?

      Be electrocuted everytime you swear (or type swears) or swear at least 1 time in every sentence you say (that includes in front of family)?

      Not be able to stop being serious or not be able to stop joking?

      Bathe in vomit or bathe in worms?

      Wear clothes from 30 years ago (the 80s) or dress like you are from the future?

      Be a wizard or be a vampire?

      Die a long, painful death as the last one killed in Danganronpa (as the mastermind) or be the last one eliminated on Total Drama and winning no money due to losing at something you excel at (basically embarassing yourself in front of millions of people watching on tv)

      Eat all the carpet in your house or eat all the wood and tiles in your house?

      Give up christmas or give up your birthday? (basically the same day)

      Spend a whole day with your favorite celebrity and get your memory wiped at the end of it (you only have 5 pictures to use to try *but fail* to jog your memory) or never get to hang out with them, but have them acknowledge you know who you are?

      Eat 300 donuts in 4 hours to win $500 or drink entire cup of spoiled milk (in whatever time needed) to win $100?

      Live with no electronics or live with no friends?

      Be topless all the time or be pantsless all the time? I can just wear long dresses or shirts ;)

      Never eat pizza again or never drink soda again?

      If you were in a horror movie in a group of 8 (that including youself): Be the boring protagonist that survives till the end or be the fan favorite, comic relief deuteragonist that's the last person to die (with the least painful death possible)

      Be forced to give up what you excel at the most or never be able to type again?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, this is just a reminder to send in all 3 of your Wikivision songs as soon as possible. Please let me know when you can meet me in chat to give them to me, thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Do not undo that edit I made ever again. That was a line Courtney said in that screenshot. 

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    • Actually, Katie was right to revert that edit. The way you wrote it was not in quote form, but rather in a description form. While the quote would be better suited to that image, you didn't write it properly, therefore it was incorrectly used in the gallery. I have fixed it now, but make sure to use proper grammar when writing a quote in the future. It should be written as such:


      "It was a good, strategistical, logical move, because it messed with Courtney's head!"

      – Lindsay

      This would be coded as such:

      [[File:YESLINDSAYYES.png|thumb|center|"It was a good, strategistical, logical move, because it messed with Courtney's head!"<div align="right">– Lindsay</div>]]

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Queen <3

    Reply to this for your 3000th edit!!

    (Yes, I know I'm not Don, but I still wuv you <3)

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  • Hi, I'm just reminding you that you have until tomorrow at 5pm EST to vote in Wikivision. I know you're taking a break right now, so you won't get a strike if you don't vote. The voting link can be found on the blog.

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  • You created actual pages instead of user extensions. You forgot to include "User:" in the names of the pages.

    Please copy the content before the pages will be deleted and paste it on correct user extensions.

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