Raised By Wolves

aka RBW

  • I live in Gifted Inmates Academy
  • I was born on October 24
  • My occupation is Ultimate Supreme Leader
  • I am Male (He/Him)

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  • Just wanted to let you know that I love you sm <3 <3 <3

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  • I just wanted to say hi I enjoyed your Control your own adventures when I read them but I wasn't a user when they existed

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  • I see you brought back your Lindsay icon and it looks nice. I've always liked that icon. :)

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  • I think you might be interested in this.

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      I love the fanservice around the two-minute mark sdfg celeste and junko my queens

      this is very fitting for celeste considering she's the ultimate gambler, hope she gets some kind of spotlight on the exterior or something

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hi there

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  • Saw your comment on my blog. How are you doing? Nice to meet you btw!

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  • Hey RBW. I haven't visited this place in a while because the Daycare idea has annoyed me but since it's been a long time I decided to rewatch back RR and to please you and ArtDraw for nostalgia's sake, I edgiced it along the way. I know you haven't watched TD in a long time either but I thought you might still enjoy a chart like this. You may have to open it in full size to see it in full but hope you and Art enjoy :)


    Some opinionated trivia:

    • The Cadets have a BEAUTIFUL one, you can really notice the gradual development they got from clashing at the beginning until they learn how to work properly together<3
    • I love the Daters one, it's really funny for going from UTRP-->OTTN-->MORM and then a random OTTP by the end lmao
    • Can't stand the Surfer's edgic, it really represents how much they annoyed me on rewatch. It's fine to be a positive character, but when it's practically a 24/7 thing it feels so bland for me. Even other OTTP characters like TDI Owen would still have one or two negative traits but the Surfers were stiff and boring in constantly being edited as though they're amazing people who can do no wrong and can't annoy anyone.
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    • YO Epic what's poppin??

      Yeah, I haven't really been around either. Nice to see someone in the same boat, I guess.

      Uhhh lmao I'm still a nerd for reality show stats and charts so obv I love this.

      • I noticed the Cadets as well, how they transition to CPP after staying MOR for most of the game. It really shows their growth as well, and how they didn't start off as Winners(TM).
      • Honestly, everything about the Daters is just hilarious? They flip flop and they're so weird it only makes sense that their edgic is just as ridiculous. Love these two.
      • Yeah, a big example of that would be in the ice episode (literally forgot the title...think it was 19 or around 19?) where the Ice Dancers try to break them apart but nope they're P O S I T I V E and have an annoyingly unbreakable bond. That team is the biggest flaw of the season.
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    • Lol nice to see you replied, wiki activity is pretty much dead otherwise.

      Yeah, you're referring to Lord of the Ring Toss. To be fair I liked them more in that since they had a storyline and relevance for once and I can get behind the new thing of them both being self-conscious about how useful they are, but it's also an episode that's one of the major times they could've made them more negative but didn't. Edgic all relates to editing, so they easily could've elaborated more on the Surfers clashing with each other or touched more on the Ice Dancers' disliking of them. It felt like such a missed opportunity and one of the main reasons I really don't like them as finalists. Usually, finalists of reality tv go a long way facing challenges along the way to overcome. Sure there's been exceptions like Owen and Lightning but they at least had established flaws to them to still seem balanced characters. The Surfers not only rarely have to overcome anything but their flaws are... they're kind of stupid i guess??

      And I know it gets brought up a lot, but I hate their return even more on rewatch because they easily could've centered the last two episodes around the Cadets/Ice Dancers/Sisters and there would've been much more important things going on. I can't even remember what the Surfers did apart from Brody getting fatter and their comedy being even more hit-and-miss than before.

      And worst of all I was watching the finale on youtube and planned to switch to the Cadets ending once the last minute and a half of the episode was approaching, but before I did I had so many comments below either saying things like 'I'm glad the Surfers won' or 'Cadets should've won, not the Surfers' not realizing that there's two endings to choose from to begin with. It's actually a major problem I have with the Total Drama community and it occurs every season, and ends up devolving into petty arguments about things like 'Well I saw x win on TV so that means they beat y!' and it's so needless and sometimes annoying.

      This is a tangent too, but after watching RR again I found another new flaw with Noah you can endulge in!:D In Hawaiian Honeyruin when a team member of each team goes underwater to find rings, you're only meant to have one ring in order to proceed. For competition reasons, I assume they only had one ring for each team. Noah decides it's okay to steal an extra ring and is only stopped by Mickey drowning and holding onto Noah hoping for a ring. Noah of course rolls his eyes and exclaims that he was going to SELL the extra ring for money before reluctantly giving it to Mickey, meaning that if Noah hadn't bumped into Mickey he would've committed petty theft of a ring probably belonging to the producers and would've then sold it for a few wads of cash. Despicable. His team, the Surfers, Geniuses and Stepbrothers were definitely the weaker parts of the season for me.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Did you block me or something because I can’t send a message

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  • Sorry for being a bigot, I really hope you can really give the time to forgive me for being such a disrespectful and disgusting person. I truly regret my mistakes and hope we can be friends in the future.

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  • some of my favorite albums:

    • Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman [2016]
    • Beyoncé – Lemonade [2016]
    • Bridgit Mendler – Hello My Name Is... [2012]
    • Britney Spears – Femme Fatale [2011]
    • BTS – Wings [2016]
    • Demi Lovato – Confident [2015]
    • Fifth Harmony – Reflection [2015]
    • Fifth Harmony – 7/27 [2016]
    • Katy Perry – Witness [2017]
    • Lady Gaga – The Fame [2008]
    • Lady Gaga – ARTPOP [2013]
    • Marina & The Diamonds – Electra Heart [2012]
    • Miley Cyrus – Bangerz [2013]
    • Selena Gomez – Revival [2015]
    • Taylor Swift – Reputation [2017]
    • Taylor Swift – 1989 [2014]
    • Troye Sivan – Blue Neighborhood [2015]
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    • Raised By Wolves wrote:
      • Katy Perry – Witness [2017]


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    • TDIfanaric wrote:
      Raised By Wolves wrote:
      • Katy Perry – Witness [2017]

      don't come for ha!


      Anyways, here are mine!

      Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman
      Lady Gaga - The Fame
      Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster
      Lady Gaga - Born This Way
      Lady Gaga - ARTPOP
      Lady Gaga - Joanne
      Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad
      Britney Spears - Circus
      Britney Spears - Glory
      Kesha - Rainbow
      Kesha - Animal
      Taylor Swift - 1989
      Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
      Katy Perry - Witness
      Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me

      might add more later!

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    • A FANDOM user
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