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  • I was born on October 19
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  • Here's a message wall game. You choose one contestant and make an excuse for how they kill another. Last surviving contestant wins.

    A more extreme version of "My Cookie".

    You must wait for someone else to go before you can have another turn. 

    Please note, only Brody and Tammy from Ridonculous Race are included. And as a bonus, so are Chris, Chef, Don and Mr. Coconut. 

    I'll start with a basic one. Scott lures Owen into the forest with a trail of marshmallows. Owen is mauled by a bear. Next.

    Dead: Owen.

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  • Hey, would you mind coming to chat when you get a chance?

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  • Hype.

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  • I know RBW left you a message asking you to stop speaking to him and I want to let you know to not resort to name-calling. Please do not harass other users and if there is a problem, you can contact one of our other administrators to take care of it. You will be blocked if this occurs again. Our community guidelines are here.

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  • Hi, I've seen you added something to your page not a while ago:

    Hey everyone, I'm Mughees. I'm always ready to make new friends at a moment's notice! But that doesn't apply here, because most of this community is toxic.

    That reflects our community very poorly and it could clearly discourage new users from contribuiting on the wiki, so I highly recommend deleting that before someone might report you. Thanks for understanding!

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    • Alright, I'll stop.

      I do have issues with certain people but it's nothing report worthy, just personal dislike. So I'll avoid them if it helps.

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    • Okay, thanks for listening. If there are people on this wiki you don't like, the best advice I can offer is to ignore them because confronting them in comments won't solve much.

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  • Whoops, I originally gave you a staff notice for a duplicate photo. Then, I realized the photo was not a duplicate. My apologies. Just so this thread isn't a total whiff, how are you doing?

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  • So I decided to be unoriginal and do one of these.

    Now just a place to voice my thoughts!

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    • TDIFan13 wrote:

      Mughees J. Simpson wrote:

      2. Least liked celebrity? Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj.

      Omg who doesn't like Nicki!!!! Mughees... love yourself.

      I dunno, she always seemed apalling to me. I'll try.

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    • it was meant to be a cup of spoiled milk, whoops

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  • Hi. I left a comment on a user's blog here, and you replied with "You mean like that thread that kept getting bumped up during the duration of your ban?" I find it funny how you decided to give your two cents when there was no reason to.

    Why did you feel the need to respond to a comment that had nothing to do with you, when you added absolutely nothing of value? In my comment, I was trying to inform the user that what they were doing wasn't right. Obviously, you had no intention of supporting me in that and instead chose to say something irrelevant. I already do not want you speaking to me because of past events, there's no way you didn't already know that. I'd appreciate if you would back off and leave me alone, since I would rather not be involved in another drama caused by you.

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  • This is off-topic but I'm super excited for this as I did not see it coming.

    May is typically the month where Pokemon lays out their plans for the year and E3 is just around the corner, so I wouldn't be surprised to get a trailer for new generation seven games!

    I hope it's the Sinnoh remakes. -crosses fingers-

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  • I seem to have lost touch with that season and after the hurricane that was All Stars, I'm not sure what direction they were going for with characters like Scott and Zoey. 

    This thread is just so that I can reproduce my thoughts. 

    Any response welcomed.

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    Mughees J. Simpson
    Mughees J. Simpson closed this thread because:
    Rewatch completed.
    14:50, June 5, 2017
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    • Episode #12: Enchanted Franken Forest

      Let me just start off by saying that I think that the Chris and Larry interaction is absolutely revolting and I fail to see what they were going for. 

      My favorite part of this episode was seeing Commando Zoey take control, she contributed to the banter by ridiculing Lightning, something she wouldn't normally do.

      It was nice to see Cameron and Zoey's friendship evolve into something else, a mistrust for one another before once again establishing a bond.

      This reiterates my previous point about Zoey acting odd a few episodes ago because she'd started to focus on winning the million than on gaining friends.

      Nice to see they came back to that. Must be how Commando Zoey came into fruition in the first place.

      I burst out laughing when Lightning was ready to tear Cameron to shreds at the end there. I really can't take him seriously after a season of mishaps. A+

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    • Episode #13: Brain Vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

      Before we start off, one thing that I'd like to give the writers credit for is the recaps, because they couldn't have made it easier to continue where the show left off.

      The conversation between Lightning and Cameron at the start quickly highlighted the faults of both characters, Lightning being cocky as usual.

      Of the two, I believe only Cameron has come a long way because he's picked up on specific traits of his fellow competitors, such as taking bold moves, like voting for Jo, because of the confidence he has acquired.

      Cameron's mother looked like a cover-up, like Cameron in a disguise knowing that his mother wouldn't approve of auditioning for such a death-defying show. Though really those messages from home were just to up the level of tension.

      Lightning's seemed pre-recorded, not that it would hurt his confidence. Just make him nervous.

      An amazing wrap-up to a mediocre season, as I found myself cheering as well when Cameron took home the million in his ending. It just felt right. A+

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