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Stop kicking yourself

Welcome to my Message Wall!

Harold! Stop kicking yourself!

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  • Hi, this is just a reminder to send in all 3 of your Wikivision songs as soon as possible. Please let me know when you can meet me in chat to give them to me, thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey Chewy,

    Can you come onto chat for a few minutes? I would like to ask you something.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, this is just a reminder that you need to enter your Wikivision song before Sunday. Please let me know when you can meet me in chat to give it to me, thanks!

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  • Finally, there are some good football matches to watch this week. Here's my prediction for this week matches.

    PSG vs Barcelona 0-2

    Barcelona got stronger... PSG got weaker. Thiago Silva will defend as best as he could but the MSN is just too much for any defence.

    Benefica vs Dortmund 1-2

    Both of them are pretty good but the pace of Aubameyang could be too much for Benefica to defend.

    Bayern Munich vs Arsenal 3-1

    Just beat Arsenal for me, please? Beat them but not a lot so Wenger keeps his job which is good for Chelsea and other EPL clubs! :)

    Real Madrid vs Napoli 4-0

    Napoli... what do they have? No Higuan = crap team. Easy win for Real Madrid.

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    • Oh I forgot to tell you guys that you should check out my prediction Champion League game which is entirely for fun!

      Bayer vs Athletico Madrid 1-2

      Key Player: Hernandez (Forward)

      Bayer may be weak but I think they are a pretty good team on home ground advantage. Should be tough for Athletico Madrid.

      Man City vs Monaco 3-2

      Key Player: Gabriel Jesus (Forward)

      I don't think Man City defence is good enough to handle a rejuvenated Falcao and hard-working and agressive midfield. But their attack should be enough.

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    • 14 goals, incredible night. I hope Monaco will qualify.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Chewy. I'm just sending you this message because you haven't voted on Wikivision yet and I wanted to make sure you knew the voting link is posted on the blog. I'll also include it here for easy access. Please vote by Sunday ^_^


    To vote, place your top 10 songs in order from favorite to least favorite. The song you place as 12 points will recieve the most Marshmallows, and the song you place as 1 point will recieve 1 Marshmallow. Any songs under the song you place as 1 will recieve 0. Please enter your Wikia Username and which country you currently live in.

    • You cannot vote for your own song.
    • Please remember that the voting website does not support mobile! If you cannot access a computer by Sunday, you will not be able to vote.
    • Please do not vote if you have not entered Wikivision. If your name is on the list above, you can vote.
    • Do not close the page until you have clicked "Save" in order to prevent double voting, the site does not allow the same IP address to access it twice. If you get locked out then you cannot vote.
    • Some songs take up two lines, and it looks like they take up two spots, but they do not. As long as there are 10 songs going down from the 12 points mark, points will be awarded correctly.
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  • I fully accept my 1 day block from chat. I got overcompeitive and said something really mean. And I'm sorry and will wait out my block. Please convey to everyone in chat I'm really sorry and will never do it again and fully accept my block from chat.

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  • Hi Chewy, I'm just reminding you that you have until Sunday to submit your Wikivision song. Please let me know when you'll be able to meet me on chat to give it to me.

    Thanks! :)

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  • Here's mine

    GK: Neuer (Typical)

    LB: Alaba but I know they will pick Marcelo

    CB: Ramos and Pique

    RB: Lahm or Bellerin

    CM: Modric, Hazard, Kante

    LW: Ronaldo

    RW: Messi

    ST: Griezman or Vardy or even Lewandoski. But I pick Griezman.

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    • Hmm

      GK: Neuer (duh who else)

      LB: Marcelo bc he plays in RM

      CB: Ramos (ofc) and Pepe? He won Euro

      RB: Lahm (I hope)

      M: Kante, Modrić and... Hazard? Maybe Payet

      LW: Ronaldo (duh)

      RW: Messi (duh)

      ST: Griezmann (I'd like to pick Lewy but Griezmann was in the finale of Euro and was the top scorer and MVP)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Chewy, I really like the profile pic of Kitty wearing earmuffs. Where did you find it because I would like to download it onto my computer and iPhone.

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  • Where are youuuuuuuuu?? I miss you so much!!

    Come back soon my fav <3

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