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The following is a list of running gags on Total Drama.

Total Drama Island


  • Lindsay mispronouncing the other contestants' names.
  • Gwen's privacy being interrupted by either Cody, Owen, or the camera.
  • Owen either falling off of the cliff or being pushed off after annoying other campers.
  • Cody's failed attempts to woo Gwen.
  • Geoff failing to impress Bridgette.
  • Katie and Sadie doing everything together.
  • Tyler and Bridgette being klutzy.
  • Eva's anger management.
  • Harold getting pranked.
  • Trent getting injured.
  • A character mentioning the geographical error of the island such as the presence of alligators and coconut trees.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay refers to Leshawna as Lafawnduh.
  • Owen's running gag: Owen jumped off of the cliff due to that being part of the challenge.
  • Courtney telling everyone on her team that she's a CIT (Counselor in Training).

The Big Sleep

  • Gwen's running gag: Owen interrupts Gwen and Trent's moment when he sleepwalks by them naked.
  • Owen's running gag: Owen was sleepwalking and fell off the cliff.
  • Eva yelling and screaming at everyone.


  • Tyler throwing balls at everything other than the other team.

Not Quite Famous

  • Gwen's running gag: While writing her diary, Cody came and attempts to flirt with her. Later, Owen and Cody interrupt Gwen and Trent's moment by running down the dock while Gwen and Trent on sitting on it together.

The Sucky Outdoors

  • Cody wetting himself.

Phobia Factor

  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay refers to Tyler as Taylor, but quickly fixes herself.
  • Gwen's running gag: The mime interrupts Gwen and Trent's moment by sneaking up on Trent and causing him to run away.

Up the Creek

  • Gwen's running gag: When Gwen and Trent were about to decide to ride in a canoe together, Cody comes on to Gwen and tries to make her ride with him. Meanwhile, Beth and Lindsay do the same with Trent.
  • Izzy telling stories of her past in which nobody believes.

Paintball Deer Hunter

  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay refers to Beth as Belle.
  • Owen's running gag: An annoyed DJ threw Owen off the cliff, during the challenge.
  • Owen's frequent farting during the challenge.

If You Can't Take The Heat...

  • Gwen's running gag: Owen interrupts Gwen and Trent's moment by throwing a box of oranges at Trent and giving him a concussion.
  • Courtney mocking Duncan in the confessional with most of her confession needed to be fast forward.
  • DJ, Duncan, and Geoff pulling pranks on Harold.

Who Can You Trust?

Basic Straining

  • Gwen's running gag: Gwen is interrupted by Chef when she tries to say something to Trent.
  • Duncan and Geoff pulling pranks on Harold.
  • Duncan agitating Chef Hatchet.

X-Treme Torture

  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay refers to Duncan as Doug.
  • As the bear is about to eat his marshmallows, something or someone keeps preventing him from doing so.

Brunch of Digustingness

  • The boys having trouble eating some of dishes, requiring their teammates to help them.

No Pain, No Game

Search and Do Not Destroy

  • Gwen's running gag: While sketching a picture of Trent on her notepad, a hidden camera shows up behind her and Gwen immediately shoves it away. Later, Chris interrupts Gwen and Trent as they were just about to kiss before Trent walked the Dock of Shame.
  • Lindsay is shown in the confessional stall using the toilet rather than using the confessional for its actual purpose.
  • Geoff spending his time in the septic tank.

That's Off the Chain!

  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay refers to Gwen as "Greta" and Leshawna as "Laquisha."
  • Izzy riding on her bike like a maniac with Leshawna, who is screaming the entire time.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

  • The campers (and Chris) refer to The Killer as "the escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook," or they would forget the "hook" part and would be corrected by someone else wearing a fake hook prop on their hand (namely Duncan or Chris).
  • DJ running and screaming throughout the whole episode.
  • Contestants (except Duncan) ignoring Gwen's advice.
  • Owen's running gag: While running away from the Killer, Owen fell off the cliff, hitting several objects along the way including a goat and several explosives.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon

  • Heather and Owen appearing in the confessional together, bad-mouthing each other.

Haute Camp-ture

Camp Castaways

  • Owen running back into the confessional.
  • One of the characters seeing Owen's beard, asking him why he has a fake beard, and pulling on it, hurting Owen.
  • The campers all have a habit of saying "Note to self" frequently.

Are We There Yeti?

  • Owen's running gag: Duncan pushed Owen off the cliff when he is too afraid to climb back down.

I Triple Dog Dare You!

  • Chris and Chef attempts to hold down their vomit.
  • Owen repeatedly saying pancakes in the beginning of the episode while using the confessional.
  • Owen being used as part of the challenge.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

  • Gwen's running gag: Owen interrupts Gwen and Trent's moment at the end of the episode.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island

Total Drama Action


  • Lindsay mispronouncing the other contestants' names as well as thinking that Tyler is still in the game.
  • The other contestants thinking that Gwen and Duncan are a couple.
  • Heather desperately attempting to cover her bald head.
  • Harold showing off a skill and mentioning learning it from a camp owned by a man named Steve.
  • Trent's obsession with the number 9.
  • Leshawna's hair growing into an afro.
  • Bridgette and Geoff making out.
  • Courtney calling her lawyers.
  • Justin thinking that he is ugly everytime he gets injured.
  • Izzy changing her personality.
  • Beth mentioning Brady.
  • Katie and Sadie fighting over Trent.
  • Chef cross dressing.
  • Truth or _______ gets renamed.
  • A clip ends in the middle of Courtney screaming.
  • Chris interrupts the show to remind the audience that the show being Family Friendly.

Monster Cash

  • Izzy's running gag: Izzy demanding the others call her as Kaleidoscope or E-Scope.
  • A male contestant yelling "I love you" to his love interest as the monster drops them into the moon bounce.

Alien Resurr-eggtion

  • Chef constantly demands Chris for his paycheck.

Riot On Set

  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay mentioning Tyler and being told he's not competing anymore.
  • Izzy's running gag: Izzy demanding the others call her as Kaleidoscope or E-Scope.

Beach Blanket Bogus

  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay refers to Owen as Omar and Trent as Tyler.
  • Gwen's running gag: Owen interrupts Gwen and Trent as they are about to kiss at the end of the episode.
  • Beth gives everyone on her team friendship bracelets.
  • In the surfboard challenge, Lindsay keeps getting thrown against the wall.
  • Owen keeps on getting hit in the face with sticks.
  • A nine-obsessed Trent asks for nine flags, jam rooms, moats, sticks and his team to say his name nine times. He also shook his necklace nine times throughout the episode.
    • Duncan states that Trent is on cloud nine.

3:10 to Crazytown

  • Trent seen is the confessional slapping himself in the head and saying, "Stupid! stupid!" over and over again, eventually getting a red handprint on his forehead.

The Chefshank Redemption

  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay refers to Owen as Omar.

The Sand Witch Project

  • Harold's running gag: Harold says he went to Magic Steve's Magic Camp. 
  • DJ having hallucinations of his mother scolding him for being in an illegal alliance with Chef.

Masters of Disasters

  • Harold's running gag: Harold tells about him going to Picky Steve's Lock Picking Camp.
  • Beth's running gag: Beth telling everyone about her boyfriend, Brady and how great he is, despite no one believing her. She would tell them about Brady's attributes and jobs.

Full Metal Drama

  • Izzy's running gag: Izzy's alter ego, Explosivo enjoying blowing up objects.
  • Leshawna farting.

The Aftermath: II

  • Aftermath Gag: Truth or Hammer gets renamed to Truth or Anvil.
  • Izzy's running gag: Izzy uses her new alias Esquire in order to regain her spot as an Aftermath guest.

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine

  • Beth's running gag: Beth mention Brady's habit of cracking his knuckles.
  • Harold's running gag: Harold tells about him going to Picky Steve's Lock Picking Camp.
  • Owen's hunger makes him see his team as types of food. He sees:
    • Lindsay as a soda bottle, a lollipop, and a drum stick.
    • Beth as a strawberry ice cream cone and a drum stick.
    • Justin as a drum stick and a hot dog.
    • Chris as a slice of pizza.
  • Leshawna was locked in the safe since the first challenge to the end of the episode.
  • Chris is seen running into something with his car, then saying "Awww crap!".

One Million Bucks, B.C.

Dial M for Merger

  • Chris getting attacked by his cat.
  • Justin keeps trying to use his brain to figure out a solution to the challenges, and only manages to move things forward through dumb luck.

Super Hero-ld

  • Beth's running gag: Beth mentions that Brady has two dogs named Steve.
  • Harold farting.
  • Duncan kicking Harold's back pocket that contains a burrito.

The Aftermath: III

  • Aftermath Gag: Truth or Anvil gets renamed to Truth or Electrocution.
  • Owen keeps telling the truth no matter how hard Geoff tries to provoke him in Truth or Electrocution.
  • Bridgette keeps asking Owen to tell Geoff what it is that Bridgette is saying in an indirect way, even though Geoff can hear everything that Bridgette is saying.

The Princess Pride

  • Justin gets hurt repeatedly.
    • He gets hit in the eye by a glass boot (twice).
    • Betsy, the horse, kicked him in the face.
    • He fell off the tower, and hit his chin several times on the way down (courtesy of Courtney).
    • He his his head on the door of the Lame-o-sine.
  • Beth saying "Does this mean I have a concussion?"
  • Beth keeps criticizing Chris' fairy tale story.
  • Chris attempting to sell three products during the episode, parodying the Disney Princess line.
    • The "Princess Courtney CD" (which Harold buys).
    • The "Princess Courtney Limited-Edition Glass Boot Doll" (which Lindsay and Beth buy).
      • However, Courtney's lawyers demanded 80% of sales, so they decided to market "Princess Beth" dolls instead.

Get a Clue

  • Courtney demanding a prize from Chris.
  • Courtney's running gag: Courtney screams and gets cut off after declaring she doesn't care about Duncan going to the movies with Lindsay.
  • Lindsay is upset that everybody listens to Courtney's ideas rather than her own.
  • Harold and Lindsay saying "murdered" in a strange voice.
  • Harold playing dramatic music on his keyboard after someone mentions the words "murder," or "murdered."

Rock n' Rule

  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay believes Tyler will be returning to the competition.
  • Courtney's running gag: Courtney screams and gets cut off after Lindsay's victory in the second part of the challenge.
  • The contestants keep breaking the paparazzi standee's while they run on the red carpet.

2008: A Space Owen

  • Beth's running gag: Beth received a candy ring from Brady though the other contestants believed she send the ring to herself.
  • Scruffy landing on Harold's face.
  • Owen regretting about Chris' deal to sabotage the other contestants.

Top Dog

  • The raccoon feeding Beth dog treats.
  • Courtney fighting with her shark instead of focusing on the challenge.
  • Courtney's running gag: In the exclusive clip, Courtney screams and the scene ends after all her important documents were blew out of the Lame-o-sine.

Mutiny on the Soundstage

  • Beth's running gag: Beth mention of sharing her prize money with her "non-imaginary boyfriend." She also mention that she already has a boyfriend to Duncan.
  • Chef getting tired trying to be in two places at one.

The Aftermath: IV

  • Izzy's running gag: Izzy votes for her alter ego Explosivo instead of Duncan or Beth.
  • Chris and Chef has trouble getting to the Aftermath Studio.
  • Courtney's running gag: After she doesn't get to ask a question, Chris mutes her just as she begins to scream.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

  • DJ's mother slapping people.
  • Josh intrests in catfights.
  • The janitor having problem trying to fix the Drama Machine.
  • Sierra having problem interviewing the contestants.
  • Gwen getting teased for having feelings for Duncan.
  • Ezekiel trying to rap or speaking in slang.

Total Drama World Tour


  • Lindsay forgetting the other contestants' names, and failing to remember Tyler, until Slap Slap Revolution, in Eine Kleine.
  • DJ accidentally hurting animals.
  • Sierra stealing Cody's personal belongings.
  • Sierra telling the other contestants personal info of Chris and Cody.
  • Alejandro shuddering every time Owen calls him "Al."
  • Tyler getting injured in almost every episodes he appeared.
  • The contestants having to sing at inconvenient times.
  • Ezekiel's cameo appearances throughout the season.
  • Bridgette saying that she has a boyfriend prior to her elimination.
  • Cody's failed attempts to woo Gwen.
  • Chris giving nicknames for Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot and Team Victory.
  • Chris stating wrong or mispronounced information on the current area. He also speaks the national language of the country they are in either wrong or in a bad accent.
  • Heather and Alejandro denying their attraction for each other.
  • Owen hurting Noah by accident.
  • Chris declaring a non or fake elimination on his own terms.
  • A contestant barging into the confessional while another is using it.
  • Sierra fighting with animals.
  • A contestant suffers a certain form of mishap (usually being pushed or thrown out of the plane) while taking the Drop of Shame.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

  • DJ's running gag: DJ tosses a stick in the air, hitting a seagull.
  • Drop of Shame gag: After Ezekiel was eliminated, he starts to mock his team before being kick out of the plane by Chef. Duncan (who quit in the previous episode) follows him shortly after Chris pushes him.
  • Confessional gag: Chris enters the confessional to tell DJ to hurry up when he is taking too long to decide who to vote for.
  • Lindsay misunderstanding the voting process.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

  • DJ's running gag: DJ accidentally hurts a panda bear during the first challenge.
  • Ezekiel's cameo: Team Amazon spots Ezekiel's silhouette from behind a pile of crates while in the cargo hold, but disappear seconds later.
  • Harold's running gag: Harold tells about him going to Sensei Steve's Summer Camp.
  • Drop of Shame gag: Harold perform a fake seppuku and fall off the plane without a parachute.
  • Courtney declaring herself as the leader for her team.
  • Harold correcting Chris on false information about Japan.
  • Lindsay misunderstanding the voting process, despite telling Chris that she does.
  • Team name gag: Chris says "Team I Am Really Really Really Hot" instead of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

  • DJ's running gag: DJ unintentionally hurts a baby seal as he couldn't see where he was going.
  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay refers Tyler as Noah.
  • Ezekiel's cameo: As the plane is about to land, Ezekiel is seen in the cargo hold watching three rats jumping off the plane through a trap door, wearing small parachutes.
  • Drop of Shame gag: As Bridgette is about to revealed Alejandro's true nature to her team, Chris quickly pushes her off the plane.
  • Confessional gag: Both Lindsay and Chris interrupted Tyler's last confessional of the episode.
  • Bridgette saying she has a boyfriend.
  • Sierra's running gag:  Sierra threw ice blocks at a polar bear that was approaching Cody and Owen.
  • Team name gag: Chris says "Team Chris Is Really Really Crazy Hot" instead of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.

Broadway, Baby!

  • DJ's running gag: DJ causes a baby snapping turtle to get eaten by a much larger turtle when he attempts to threw the former back into the pond.
  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay refers to Tyler as Dave.
  • Sierra annoying Chris, often by revealing embarrassing information about him.

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water

  • Ezekiel's cameo: Owen saw Ezekiel, through a window, hanging upside down on one of the planes wing, but vanish when Owen shook his head. A second clip shows Ezekiel appearing in Chris' hot tub, obscure by the steam, with Chris in it. As Chris reach out for a baseball bat, Ezekiel once again vanishes.
  • Eva saying "Aw, forget this," hurting someone (usually by throwing a microphone down at the ground so that it bounces up and hits the innocent bystander in the groin) and storming away angrily.
  • Geoff denying that there was a second guest by bringing up extra segments.

Slap Slap Revolution

  • DJ's running gag: DJ hurts a seagull and baby goat.
  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay refers to Tyler as Darrel, but later on in the episode, remembers that his name was actually Tyler.
  • Team name gag: Chris says "Team Chris Is Reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaally Hot" instead of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and "Team Elusive Victory" and "Team Opposite of Victory" instead of Team Victory.
  • Drop of Shame gag: After she was voted off, Leshawa attempts to hang on to the door after being shove by Chris but Alejandro pushes her off.
  • Chris speaking German incorrectly.

The Am-AH-Zon Race

  • DJ's running gag: DJ stepped on and slapped a bunch of small monkeys as he mistaken them for mosquitoes.
  • Team name gag: Chris says "Tiny Victory," "Victory Duo," and "Victory Twins" instead of Team Victory.
  • Team Amazon getting bad luck after Gwen curses them for saying it will be an easy challenge, since it will be located in the Amazon.
  • Chris calls a fake elimination on his own terms, after Heather gets the most votes.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

Newf Kids on the Rock

  • DJ's running gag: DJ nearly suffocates a killer whale, and indirectly hurts a seagull.
  • Ezekiel's cameo: After Chef threw Heather out of the plane, Ezekiel can be seen hiding behind some crates while Chef is laughing. He is also seen in the exclusive clip inside a pot and was frighten at the sight of Owen.
  • Confessional gag: Heather interrupts DJ's confession by popping out of the vents in order to recruit him into an alliance.
  • Sierra stealing Cody's toothbrush, after Heather finds it on the ground in the Total Drama Jumbo Jet.
  • A person making a mistake and saying something embarrassing in the confessional and afterward, reaching for the camera and demanding the tape.
    • This gag was performed by Heather, Gwen, and Courtney, as the three of them were members of Team Amazon.
    • All three confessionals are about a boy the girls are attracted to.
  • Heather trying to get DJ to form an alliance with her.

Jamaica Me Sweat

  • DJ's running gag: During the toboggan challenge, DJ runs over a walrus and a flock of seagulls.
  • Ezekiel's cameo: During the elimination ceremony, Ezekiel can be seen on top of the hut.
  • Izzy hitting Owen in the groin.
  • Team name gag: Chris calling Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot "Team I Am So Hunky Dory Dreamy Hot," "I Am Super Duper Mega Whopper Hot," and "Team I Am So Wicked Wicked Hot."
  • Drop of Shame gag: Even though the plane had already landed, DJ still jump off the plane but he accidentally landed on a colony of ants.
  • Tyler getting random stuff instead of Chef's gold chains in the lagoon.

Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon

  • DJ's running gag: Several clips shows more animals that DJ accidentally hurt.
  • Izzy's running gag: Izzy becomes Brainzilla after she became a genius due to the events in the previous episode but turn back to her usual crazy self after she received a blow on the head.
  • Ezekiel's cameo: During Total Drama Fugitive segment, Ezekiel's silhoutte can be seen pouncing on a rat.

I See London...

  • Owen attempts to make jokes in an attempt to make Noah laugh, and fails.
  • Confessional gag: Duncan enters the confessional while Gwen is using it. Tyler also pokes his head in as Duncan and Gwen are kissing.

Greece's Pieces

  • Ezekiel's cameo: While the contestants are listening to Chris in the cafeteria, Ezekiel can be seen under the table, slowly closing the trapdoor.
  • Drop of Shame gag: Chris declare his intern to be eliminated instead of Duncan and pushes him off the plane.
  • Chris shoving interns out of the plane.
  • People calling Cody weak and Team Amazon an all-girls team.
  • Chef whipping Duncan with a towel.
  • Duncan being forced to sing for every word he says.
  • Team name gag: Chris says "Team Me," "Team I Am Really Really Really Hot" and "Team Super Hot Me" instead of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.
  • Chris calls a fake elimination on his own terms, after Duncan gets the most votes. In result of this, he eliminates an intern.

The EX-Files

  • Ezekiel's cameo: Early in the episode, Ezekiel is in the cockpit next to Chef's inflated dummy.
  • Drop of Shame gag: An enraged Courtney threw Tyler out of the plane.
  • Alejandro hypnotizing Owen and Owen singing "The Running Man" (Take Me Out to the Ballgame).

Picnic at Hanging Dork

  • Ezekiel's cameo: Ezekiel is seen sleeping under on of the plane's wheel, preventing the plane to land.
  • Team name gag: Chris says "Team Chris is Super Hot," "Team I am Totally Smokin' Hot" and "Team Mini Me" instead of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.
  • Drop of Shame gag: While insulting Courtney, Gwen fell off the plane before she could wear her parachute.
  • Confessional gag: Chef enters the confessional to pull Courtney out while she is stamping on Gwen's passport several times.
  • Sierra stealing Cody's underwear.

Sweden Sour

  • Ezekiel's cameo: While Alejandro and Heather are in the cargo hold, Ezekiel's silhouette appears behind several crates when Chris announce Team Amazon to go to the elimination ceremony.
  • Team name gag: Chris says "Team Me," "Team Perfect Me," and "Team Me Be Hot" instead of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.
  • Chris calls a fake elimination on his own terms, after Courtney gets the most votes.

Aftermath Aftermayhem

  • Tyler getting injured.
  • Harold adding worse details about Bridgette's situation.
  • Geoff attempting to keep the show running longer so Blaineley would get fired, while Blaineley does the opposite, and attempts to rush to show.

Niagara Brawls

  • Ezekiel's cameo: Ezekiel appears early in the episode stealing a piece of cheese from a rat and quickly hides as two interns pull Owen into the cargo hold.
  • Drop of Shame gag: Owen gets stuck in the door and Alejandro has to kick him out in order to free him.

Chinese Fake-Out

  • Ezekiel's cameo: Ezekiel can be seen hiding behind the bar, attempting to steal some of Duncan and Courtney's cake, but quickly hides when Duncan approaches.
  • Drop of Shame gag: Chirs quickly pushed both Courtney and Blaineley out of the plane.
  • Chris getting interrupted several times by getting a phone call during the challenges.
  • Chris speaking Chinese incorrectly.

African Lying Safari

  • Alejandro and Heather speaking in unison.
  • Drop of Shame gag: Chris once again push Duncan off the plane.
  • Confessional gag: Chris interrupts Heather's confession at the end of the episode.
  • Sierra's running gag: Sierra fighting monkeys for Cody.

Rapa Phooey!

  • Ezekiel's cameo: Ezekiel can be seen hiding in economy class, behind a curtain, watching at Sierra and Heather.
  • Chris trying to take control of the plane, with Chef smacking his hand away.

Awwwwww, Drumheller

  • Ezekiel's cameo: When it is revealed that Sierra uses sparkling candles on the cake she made, Ezekiel and several animals quickly ran out of the plane before it explodes.
  • Confessional gag: Sierra walks into Heather's confession, frightening her.

Hawaiian Style

Hawaiian Punch

  • Sierra's running gag: Sierra fighting a shark before it eats Cody.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


  • Brick getting hurt.
  • Dakota's paparazzi appearing and then shooed by Chris.
  • Staci's constant lying.
  • Dawn reading other people's auras.
  • Scott getting hurt in the confessionals.
  • Scott having bad interactions with Fang.
  • Lightning thinking Jo is a male.
  • Sam's gaming.
  • Chris hurling people away before they can finish what they wanted to say.
  • Cameron pulling on heavy items.
  • Cameron being excited that it is his first time doing something.
  • Mike's multiple personalities appearing.

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

  • Dawn's running gag: When Dawn is introduced, she reads B's aura saying that it was purplish-green. She also read Zoey's and knows that she is an only child.
  • Chris getting rid of Dakota's paparazzi.
  • Staci's running gag: Staci constantly bringing up one of her family members or ancestors, claiming that they invented a certain object or action, such as:
    • Her great-aunt Millie invented suntans.
    • Her unnamed third uncle twice removed invented life preservers.
    • Her great-great-great uncle Boris invented swimming.
    • Her uncle Bill won the New York marathon four times.
    • Her great-great-great aunt Dora taught native Canadians how to carve totems.
    • Her great-great-great uncle James invented log cabins.
    • Her great-great-great-great-great aunt Phillis invented roofs.
    • Before she took the Hurl of Shame, she is about to mention another family member, but was flung away before she can finish her sentence.
  • Mike's running gag: Chester, one of Mike's alternate personalities, appears for the first time during the challenge.

Truth or Laser Shark

  • Dawn's running gag: Dawn reads Dakota's aura saying that her need of fame is really a depressed cry for love.
  • Mike's running gag: Mike turns into Chester in his sleep. Later, he becomes Svetlana for the first time during the obstacle course challenge.
  • Chris takes Sam's video game console and Dakota's cell phone.

Ice Ice Baby

  • Mike's running gag: Mike becomes Chester when he is hit by a spoon. During the snow fort challenge, he turns into Svetlana in order to break in to the Toxic Rats' fort. Finally, Vito also appears for the first time almost immediately after Svetlana broke into the fort.
  • Dawn's running gag: Dawn reads Scott's aura and knows of his sad childhood.

Finders Creepers

  • Mike's running gag: Mike becomes Vito after his shirt was snagged by a tree branch. Later, in order to save Zoey, he transforms into Svetlana.
  • Anne Maria and Mike (Vito) making out, annoying Cameron.
  • A contestant being captured by the giant spider while their team mate (who is just next to them) has their back turned.

Backstabbers Ahoy!

  • Mike's running gag: At the beginning of the episode, Mike transform into Vito, Svetlana and Chester while in his sleep. Later in the episode, his shirt was accidentally ripped off when Anne Maria and Zoey are fighting, transforming into Vito. He also become Svetlana during the surfing challenge.
  • Dawn's running gag: Dawn read Brick, Lightning and Mike's (offscreen) aura.

Runaway Model

  • Sam hallucinating everything around him like in a video game.
  • Mike's running gag: Mike transform into Chester after getting tired of Anne Maria and Zoey putting make up on Jo.

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

  • Dakota's hatred for Chris further mutates her.
  • Mike's running gag: All of Mike's personalities appear at one point. First Manitoba, then Chester, Svetlana and finally Vito.

Grand Chef Auto

  • Mike's running gag: Mike transform into Chester while using the confessional. Scott later rips his shirt, turning him into Vito, in order for him to help Scott.

Eat, Puke and Be Wary

  • The interns take their time messing with Chris instead of helping him out of the communal bathroom.
  • Lightning having trouble cooking.

The Enchanted Franken-Forest

  • Lightning reading the map wrongly and ended up at different places.
  • Lightning getting burned by a fire breathing flower.

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

  • Staci's running gag: Staci is about to say what her great-great grandfather invented, but Larry ate her before she can complete her sentence.

Total Drama All-Stars


  • Mike's multiple personalities appearing.
  • Sam having bad interactions with animals.
  • Gwen accidentally injuring Courtney while trying to apologize to her, making other people such as Chris commending Gwen for being evil or thinking Gwen is doing this on purpose.
  • Gwen ignoring Duncan's attempts to flirt with her.
  • Gwen feeling like a fish out of water, being a "good person" on a team of villains.
  • Sierra mentioning Cody, who isn't competing. Additionally, she starts to hallucinate Cameron as Cody and started to call him Cody instead of Cameron.
  • Alejandro faking his leg injuries by hand walking.
  • Scott and Cameron getting injured.
  • Duncan acting as a nice person but denies it when he realizes what he is doing.
  • Zoey frequently apologizing to everyone.
  • Scott having bad interactions with Fang.
  • Scott being unimpressed with challenges.
  • Chris being a bad room mate during his stay at the McLean Spa Hotel.

Heroes vs. Villains

  • Gwen defending herself saying that she didn't steal Duncan from Courtney, as they were not dating at the time.
  • The Robot tries to get close to Heather.
  • Lindsay's running gag: Lindsay calling Alejandro "Jalapeño".
  • Mike's running gag: When Mike is introduced, all of his personalities make brief appearances.
  • Sierra's running gag: Sierra fought Fang and two sharks after she dive into the lake.
  • Sierra's running gag (2): Sierra jumps out of the helicopter, proclaiming, "For Cody!". While talking to Sam, she says that she is going to win for Cody. She also found a key that resembles Cody.
  • Sam's running gag: Sam's photo of Dakota is stolen by an octopus. He was also attacked by Fang and two other sharks while in the water.
  • Gwen's running gag (2): Gwen tries to apologize to Courtney by giving her flowers, however, Courtney turns out to be allergic to them.

Evil Dread

  • Contestants setting off booby traps or falling into their team's moat and having crabs attack them.
  • Sam's running gag: Having his blood sucked up by a mosquito, Sam spends the entire episode drowsy. He was also attack by crabs and stung by jellyfishes.
  • Gwen's running gag (2): After the challenge, Gwen attempts to congratulate Courtney, but she accidentally triggers a booby trap. Attempting to defend herself, she hits the falling garbage bag and hits Courtney.
  • Mike's running gag: Cameron places a hat on Mike in order to get Manitoba Smith to aid them in the challenge. Later, Scott accidentally hits Mike on the head, unleashing an evil personality known as Mal.
  • Sierra's running gag (2): Sierra has been digging at the exact same spot for an hour, resulting in a twenty feet deep hole. It is then revealed that she is pretending to look for Cody.
  • Lightning vomiting throughout the episode after eating a raw fish at the beginning of the episode.

Saving Private Leechball

  • Scott getting hit by leeches.
  • Sam's running gag: On Boney Island, Sam is hiding from a group of bears by climbing a tree. However, a squirrel threw an acorn at him, causing him to fall down and get mauled by the bears. Later during the challenge, he gets hits with a bunch of leeches after he was used as a shield by Courtney.
  • Gwen's runnning gag (2): When Gwen tries to welcome Courtney on her team, she accidentally kicks a bucket full of leeches at her.
  • Sierra's running gag (2): Sierra starts to see Cameron as Cody and even calls him Cody.

Food Fright

  • Sam's running gag: While eating the pancakes, Sam accidentally disturbs a beehive, causing the bees to attack him.
  • Sierra's running gag (2): Sierra views her entire team as Cody and calls them by his name.
  • Scott thought that the challenge wont be hard so Chris adds the salad spiner.

Moon Madness

  • Sierra's running gag (2): Sierra calls Cameron Cody instead of his name.
  • Heather pretended to fall under the effects of the Blue Harvest Moon and started to act nice to attract Alejandro.
  • Scott being attacked by the Blue Harvest Moon affected animals.

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

  • Sierra's running gag (2): Sierra name the mutated rat after Cody. Additionally, she asked Duncan can she call him Cody.

Suckers Punched

  • Sierra's running gag: Sierra fought the mother of her conjoined rats in a boxing match but lost easily.
  • Sierra's running gag (2): Sierra calling out for Cody as she takes the Flush of Shame.
  • Gwen and Courtney talking in unison.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

  • Cameron doing actions that are deemed villainous.
  • Courtney insisting that Chris's cottage is bigger than what Chris deems--particuarly a mansion.

Zeek And Ye Shall Find

  • Chris' running gag: Chris joins Alejandro at the hot tub, skinny dipping which distrubs Alejandro and making him leave.
  • A character cuddling in fear in the confessional.
  • Chef and the fat intern having trouble trying to fix the monitor.
  • The captured contestants describe the cage they are in a party.
  • Gwen's claustrophobia.
  • Scott attempts to compliment Courtney.
  • Chef eating ice-cream to calm himself.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse

  • Chris' running gag: Gwen complains of Chris' behavior in the previous night while they are at the Spa Hotel.
  • Alejandro failing to warn the others about Mal.
  • Once more Scott thought the challenge would not be hard as a result the player had to wear a 50 pound pack for the challenge

Sundae Muddy Sundae

  • Chris' running gag: Chris suddenly pops up from one of his painting to sign off the episode, disturbing Zoey who is trying to sleep.
  • Scott stuck at last place and suffers several misfortunes.
  • The bear trying to eat its ice-cream.

The Bold and the Booty-ful

  • Chris' running gag: Chris complaining to Zoey about the Spa Hotel's condition.
  • Chris speaking loudly through the loudspeakers.

The Final Wreck-ening

  • Alejandro and Heather making out.
  • Chris receiving phone calls from the producers.


  • Chris' mistreatment towards his interns and Chef.
  • Chef crossdressing which either earned him the disgusts of the other contestants or him getting embaressed.
  • Numerous characters ended up becoming bald:
  • Noah having several unexpected events occur to him whenever he is seen sleeping:
  • Noah's unique form of word play and sarcasm:
    • In Haute Camp-ture, he states that his "golden Labrador drools less over a rib-eye" than Courtney drooling over Duncan.
    • He describes Izzy being a "Brazil nut-sized nut-job" in Can't Help Falling in Louvre.
    • In Jamaica Me Sweat, he calls Izzy "Nutty as a ten ton bag of pecans smothered in peanut butter encased in a cashew the size of China."
    • In I See London..., he express his opinion on Alejandro and described him as an "eel dipped in grease swimming in motor oil" and "he's like Heather only with social skills."
  • Animals and even male characters falling for Justin.
  • Trent being uncomfortable with girls after his failed relationship with Gwen.
  • Chris disturbing the contestants while they are using the confessional.
  • Lindsay surprising the other contestants when she came up with a good plan or when she perform well in a challenge.
  • Owen's eating habit and other odd behaviors.
  • The contestants ignoring Heather or saying "No one likes you" to her after Total Drama Island.
  • Chris being disliked by animals:
  • Certain characters being pain magnets and suffered from near-death injuries comically in almost every episode they appear.
    • In Total Drama Island, the pain magnets are mainly Trent, Cody, Geoff, Owen, Harold and Tyler.
    • In Total Drama Action, they are mainly Duncan, Harold and Justin.
    • In Total Drama World Tour, they are mainly Tyler, Noah, Heather, Cody and Blaineley.
    • In Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, they are mainly Cameron, Brick, Dakota and Lightning.
    • In Total Drama All-Stars, they are mainly Cameron, Scott and Sam.
  • Alejandro and Justin admiring themselves in a mirror or removing their shirt.
  • Owen mysteriously grows facial hair in a short amount of time.
  • DJ mentioning his mother and hoping he gets to see her again.
  • Lindsay having problems trying to vote, usually resulting in her voting for everyone or herself.
  • Duncan refusing to admit of being nice.


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