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The following is a list of challenges on Total Drama.

Total Drama Island

  1. Jump off a one thousand-foot cliff into a shark-infested lake, pull crates back to camp and build a hot tub from material found in the crates.
  2. Stay awake the longest in the "Awake-A-Thon" after running twenty-kilometers and eating a huge meal.
  3. A best three-out-of-five dodgeball game.
  4. A three-on-three talent show contest.
  5. Go into the forest, build a camp, and stay out there overnight, then race back to the campgrounds in the morning.
  6. Face your worst fear (specific to each camper).
  7. A canoe trip to Boney Island, a portage, starting a bonfire, and canoeing back to camp.
  8. Hunt the other team dressed as deers with paintball guns, or if one is a deer, avoid being hit by them.
  9. Create a three-course meal for Chris to judge.
  10. Participate in a set of thee-out-of-five trust exercises.
  11. Make it through Chef Hatchet's boot camp.
  12. Participate in three extreme sport challenges. In this case, the challenges are "sofa skydiving", riding a moose while avoiding being tossed off it, and water-skiing on mud.
  13. Eat a nine course meal of disgusting food made by Chef, with the team with the most cleaned plates winning. Drinking shot glasses of blended cockroaches as a tiebreaker.
  14. Get through several rounds of torture, lasting at least ten seconds in each one.
  15. Collect keys to open treasure chests in one of the many dangerous places.
  16. Avoid getting sprayed by Chef's water gun in a game of hide and seek.
  17. Build a bike and race it.
  18. Watch a horror movie and then avoid being captured by the "psycho killer".
  19. Catch the specific animal assigned by Chris and bring it back to the campground unharmed.
  20. While handcuffed to one of the other campers: eating disgusting food with your hands behind your back, while the other one feeds you, return Beth's cursed tiki idol to Boney Island, and assemble a totem pole of the wooden heads of the voted out campers.
  21. Find Chris and Chef after being washed away by a storm.
  22. Find your way back to camp after being left in the wild.
  23. Survive a series of dares suggested by the eliminated campers until someone drops out.
  24. Climb a flag pole and retrieve a flag, walk across a board on top of shark infested a water while carrying an eagle's egg, cross the finish line first.
  25. Find a case containing $1,000,000 and bring it to the Dock of Shame before anyone else does.

Total Drama Action

  1. Search through the movie lot to find the cast trailers while avoiding the giant monster robot, then find a key on a buffet table. Based on the Monster Movie genre.
  2. Search for and retrieve alien eggs while avoiding being hunted down by an alien. Based on the Alien Movie genre.
  3. Set up a film set and perform a skit to make Chef show emotion. Based on the Soap Opera Drama genre.
  4. Balance on a surf board while avoiding the objects being shot, build a sand castle and a dance off. Based on Teen Beach Movie genre.
  5. Land on a horse from a high diving board and cattle roping the other team. Based on Western Movie genre.
  6. Select a teammate to be locked in a cage while eating gross food made from the opposite team, select a team member to push a laundry cart with the rest of the team in it through an obstacle course, and dig a hole to the trailers. Based on the Prison Movie genre.
  7. Assemble and revive a 'Franken-Chris'; cure a 'fatal' outbreak of disease. Based on medical trauma movies and medical school practices.
  8. Choose a "serial killer" for each team; participate in three challenges in which the Killer's job is to frighten their opponents, whoever's team screams the loudest overall wins; attempt to scare the losing team from the past challenge out of the Craft Services Tent. Based on the horror movie genre.
  9. Complete an obstacle course including earthquake-like vibrations, pits, hail-sized golf balls, lava (tomato soup) and objects thrown at you by Chef; escape from a submarine while it is filling up with water. Based on the Disaster Movie genre.
  10. Jump from an airplane "three kilometers" off the ground; arrange a collection of paint bombs so, when ignited, they splatter in a creative and controlled way and form a pattern; play a version of "capture the flag" using the "big trunk of mind-blowing secrets." Based on the war movie genre.
  11. Rescue a teammate who is locked in a vault; Rob a bank; Build and Race Go-Kart. Based on the Bank Heist Movie genre.
  12. Create fire by using rocks; Battle a member of the opposite team using bones. Although it was not performed, Chris had planned a mammoth hunting, however due to Owen's elimination, it was canceled. Based on the Prehistoric Movie genre.
  13. Conditioning; Boxing; Badminton; Ball pit wrestling; Slam Dunk competition; Cheerleading contest. Based on the Sports Movie genre.
  14. Retrieve a heavily-guarded package; Escaping an "exploding" building; defusing stinkbombs. Based on the Spy Movie genre.
  15. Make a super hero costume, with a name and superpower; race through a superhero obstacle course and rescue a sack of potatoes in a dress. Based on the superhero movie genre.
  16. Put on a glass "slipper" (actually, a combat boot) to be dubbed a princess (girls only may be princesses); cross a bridge that is guarded by an "ogre" (played by Chef Hatchet) while blindfolded; slay a "dragon" (the animatronic monster from "Monster Cash" poorly adorned with dragon physical properties) and rescue the princess from the "ivory tower" (actually, a radio antenna disguised as a castle tower). Based on the fairytale movie genre.
  17. Collect a part of DNA of one contestant and discover who "killed" the host (Chris). Based on murder mystery movie genre.
  18. Play an electric guitar, walk the red carpet while avoiding the photographer props and trash a hotel room. Based on the Rock n' Roll movie genre.
  19. Train a fighter in a unique fighting style, use a remote control to make the fighters fight the way the trainer wants them to, climb up a hill carrying a glass of water to a "kung fu master" to collect a bonsai tree from the top to bring back down to the bottom of the hill. Based on the kung fu movie genre.
  20. Spend the rest of the night in a zero-gravity space ship themed roller coaster, survive a ride on the "Vomit Comet" the longest. Although it was not performed, there was going to be a challenge that involved recycling waste on a spaceship. Based on the Outer Space movie genre.
  21. Pick an animal, train it to be like you and find your way back to the lot through the forest. Based on the animal buddy movie genre.
  22. Clean up a bathroom stall, climb with your flag to the top of a greasy pole, launch yourself out of a cannon to the movie lot, go through a treasure hunt through all of the season's challenges, and finish before your opponent. Based on the Pirate movie genre, though it can also be considered a movie marathon, seeing how challenges from most of the episodes were used from the season.
  23. Answer a question for each of the eliminated contestants. It was used to help the eliminated contestants decide who the winner would be after the tie in the previous episode.

Total Drama World Tour

  1. Go either under or over a pyramid to reach the finish line to form the teams. Location: Giza, Egypt.
  2. Travel through the desert with your item and then weave a boat out of river reeds to cross the Nile river and reach the finish line while keeping your item. Location: Egypt.
  3. Team up with a panda bear or a teammate in a game of giant human pinball and win the most points. Then make the best commercial advertising Chef Hatchet's candy that will be judged by Chef. Location: Tokyo, Japan.
  4. Jump onto ice floes and reach the dogsled first (therefore having to pull it), drive to all the check points to pick up teammates, and then cross the finish line with them all. Location: Yukon, Canada.
  5. Climb up the Statue of Liberty, retrieve your team's carriage, get your team down a thirty story fireman's pole ride down, boat race across water and sewers to a Turtle Lake, retrieve an apple from the lake using no hands, and race the apple in the carriage to Central Park. Location: New York City, United States of America.
  6. Put meat into a grinder to make a huge sausage to slide down a mountain and slap dance with another person and then try to knock them off of the platform. Location: The German Alps, Germany.
  7. Race through the Amazon, then follow an ancient trail to Machu Picchu in order to find a hidden treasure. Location: The Amazon, Peru.
  8. Race through the Louvre and gather pieces of famous statues, then be the first to reassemble them. For the elimination, both players selected a model from another team, design an outfit and had a walk off. Location: Paris, France.
  9. Swim to your boat, then row to the shore of Newfoundland; "Screeching in" relay. Location: St John's, Newfoundland.
  10. Cliff diving for "pirate treasure" and bobsled racing around a rickety rack. Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica.
  11. Find clues in various places in order to capture Jack the Ripper, whilst avoiding being captured. Location: London, England.
  12. Participate in mock Olympic events such as a Spartan Scavenger Hunt, Wrestling Match and a hurdles race. For the tie-breaker, two players used wings made of wax and feathers to fly up and grab a gold medal. Location: Athens, Greece.
  13. Search the Black Box Warehouse in Area 51 for a working alien artifact, return to Area 52 and present the alien artifact to Chris. Location: Area 51 and 52, United States of America.
  14. Ride an emu to Hanging Rock, then bungee jump off the edge, grab a sheep with your team's symbol tattooed on it, and shear it. For the tie-breaker, Gwen and Courtney had to feed a starving baby koala eucalyptus leaves without using their hands. Location: The Outback, Australia.
  15. Build a boat, ride it to the other side of the lake to get a flag. First team to get the flag or sink the other team's ship wins. Location: Gothenburg, Sweden.
  16. Guide your bride through an obstacle course to their gown, then carry them across Niagara Falls on a tightrope and answer trivia questions. Location: Niagara Falls, Canada and United States of America.
  17. Race across the Great Wall of China, then eat as much authentic Chinese food as possible. Location: Beijing, China.
  18. Collect plums without getting hit by a soccer ball, then break a gourd with them using a cricket bat; capture Ezekiel using tranquilizer balls. Location: Serengeti, Tanzania.
  19. Search the stone heads of former contestants for three eggs that are the same color as your headdress. Then traverse through a cave to the highest point of the island, and return the eggs to a condor's nest. Location: Easter Island, Rapa Nui.
  20. Create a dinosaur out of various materials; dig up an oil barrel and be the first to arrive at the Total Drama Jumbo Jet with it. Location: Drumheller, Alberta, Canada.
  21. Take a speedboat to Hawaii and cross the finish line to make it to the final two. Locations: Alberta, Canada/Tijuana, Mexico.
  22. Tie-breaker challenge: Knock your opponent into the water in a Hawaiian battle on a raft and untie Heather from a pole on fire. Location: Hawaii, United States of America.
  23. Build a dummy made out of driftwood and pineapples to throw into the volcano. Location: Kilauea, Hawaii, United States of America.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

  1. Race through the forest to the finish line to form the teams. Cut down your team's log from a tree and race it down a mountain to the cabins before the bomb attached to them explodes in seven minutes.
  2. Admit to an embarrassing fact read about you to score one point for your team. Compete in a baton-passing relay race on an obstacle course suspended over a pit of mud.
  3. Use many materials to get up a rocky mountain, while being attacked by a mutant beetle. Play a game of Capture the Flag while surviving the icy elements.
  4. Go on a creepy scavenger hunt in the forest, in a cemetery, and in a dark cave, and reach the finish line with more surviving members than the other team.
  5. Obtain water skis underwater, use them to ski on the water while a team member drives the boat, and another shoots seagulls at bells on top of the mines, and set off more mines than the other team.
  6. Dress up a mutated animal and make it walk the runway. Rescue Lindsay from Sasquatchanakwa.
  7. Search for golden Chris McLean statues in an old mine.
  8. Reach the shore first, then save Gwen and Sam from a buried chest.
  9. Find a key, steal Chef's go-karts, then be the first to spray-paint a mark on each of the three monuments on the island.
  10. Build a flying machine, use it to catch or stop Heather in her hijacked blimp, and retrieve the million dollar case.
  11. Cook a dish using materials from around the island and have the dish judged by DJ, eat your own dish first, and race to the flagpole without getting hit from Chef.
  12. Race through a forest of radioactively mutated carnivorous plants and other creatures, retrieve a flower from a giant Venus Flytrap, and race back to the finish line with the flower.
  13. Make a suit of armor out of various materials from a junk pile, duel your opponent, and pin him to the ground for three seconds.

Total Drama All-Stars

  1. Find a key in the lake and stroll your teammate to the spa (combination of the challenges from Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Broadway, Baby!, and Jamaica Me Sweat).
  2. Dig up 3D puzzle pieces at the beach to assemble an international landmark (combination of the challenges from Can't Help Falling in Louvre and Awwwwww, Drumheller).
  3. Collect unusual paintball weaponry in the forest to pick off members of the opposite team (combination of the challenges from Paintball Deer Hunter and Full Metal Drama).
  4. Eat a giant stack of pancakes and complete an obstacle course without vomiting (combination of the challenges from Brunch of Disgustingness and Truth or Laser Shark).
  5. Get to the other side of the forest during a rare Blue Harvest Moon with all your team members (homage to the challenge from Finders Creepers).
  6. Find six eggs from the mutated creatures in The Fun Zone of Boney Island (combination of the challenges from Alien Resurr-eggtion, Rapa Phooey!, and The Enchanted Franken-Forest).
  7. Fight in a boxing match with your worst fear (combination of the challenges from No Pain, No Game and Phobia Factor).
  8. Race one lap around the island in a boat (combination of the challenges from Newf Kids on the Rock and Backstabbers Ahoy!)
  9. Find and rescue Chris from certain doom (homage to the challenge from A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste).
  10. Race through a deadly obstacle course (homage to the challenge from Basic Straining).
  11. Race to make a sundae by getting the ingredients found on certain places on the island then feed it to one of the starving interns, but changed to the point the they had to eat their own sundae (homage to the challenge from Eat, Puke and Be Wary).
  12. Search for various items throughout the island and bring them back to Chris (homage to the challenge from Search and Do Not Destroy).
  13. Scale the chasm, get across a moat of doom at each level, then storm the castle by getting past the "Mad King" and extract the sword from the stone. (combination of the challenges from every single season so far).

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

  1. Avoid Chef's projectiles and gather materials to build a fort that can survive a moose stampede.
  2. A relay race using greased pigs as batons to be passed through an obstacle course.
  3. Avoid getting hit by balloons stocked with dangerous items thrown by the other team.
  4. Tell a deep truth or complete a difficult challenge to avoid being electrocuted.
  5. Make three X's out of dueling sticks which you have to retrieve from the other side of the dock while avoiding getting thrown into the water by the opposite team.
  6. Retrieve a coin from a monkey and insert it into a vending machine before the other team.
  7. Traverse through an underground cavern and cross the finish before the other team (Nobody did it right).
  8. Cross three "zones" quietly to avoid various obstacles while carrying real live babies through the first two "zones". 
  9. Drink expired meat shakes and avoid getting captured by Sugar. 
  10. Stop Scarlett from destroying the island, and shut down the self-destruct system in the control room.
  11. Climb to the top of Mt. "Everfast" and grab the flag on top of the mountain.
  12. Compete in challenges constructed by the final three.
  13. Race around the island at first aided by a helper, before the helpers are made "hinderers" and then avoid the changing landscape on their part.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

  1. Either Or: Climb 144 flights of stair or take the elevator and do a skywalk; Ride a zip line across Lake Ontaro.
  2. All-In: Pick 5 spices from the spice kiosk, ideally Cumin, Cinnamon, Paprika, Saffron, and Ginger; Ride a camel to a restaurant; Botch or Watch: Eat a stew made from the spices you chose.
  3. Botch or Watch: Draw a caricature of your partner; Navigate through the catacombs and find giant cheese wheels; ride one of the cheese's down a river and bring it to the chill zone.
  4. Botch or Watch: Swim to get a Travel Tip from the dorsel fin of a great white shark; Build a sandcastle of the castle of Versailles.
  5. All-In: Listen to Don speaking Icelandic on a speakerbox then run through a field of hot springs and repeat the statement to an Icelandic local; Either Or: Eat a tradition Icelandic feast or search and retrieve a fossil in the ice caves.
  6. Botch or Watch: Retrieve a travel tip from a mitt full of bullet ants; Crossa gorge by any means necessary then find the next Travel tip hidden in a pile of coconuts; All-In: Make a Brazilian carnival costume.


  • Currently, the show has had a total of one hundred and ten challenges in its five seasons.
  • Total Drama Island has the most amount of challenges, with a total of twenty-five. Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour both have a total of twenty-three challenges. Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island and Total Drama All-Stars are tied for having the least amount of challenges with a total of thirteen each.
  • Gwen currently holds the record for winning the most challenges in a single season and the most challenges over the course of multiple seasons.
  • Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Haute Camp-ture, and Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special are the only non-aftermath episodes of Total Drama to not feature a challenge.

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