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Screaming Gophers
Killer Grips
Team Victory
Heroic Hamsters
TDA DIY Char Lindsay (3)
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDI: That's Off the Chain!
TDA: Rock n' Rule
TDWT: Can't Help Falling in Louvre
TDAS: Heroes vs. Villains
Place TDI: 9th
TDA: 6th
TDWT: 14th
TDAS: 14th
Relationship Tyler
Family Mother, father, sister, Paula (sister)
Friends Alejandro, Beth, Bridgette, DJ, Izzy, Leshawna, Owen, Sadie, Trent, Tyler
Enemies Courtney, Duncan, Eva, Heather
Voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills

Lindsay, labeled The Dumb Princess, was a camper in Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. She later returned as a castmate in Total Drama Action as a member of the Killer Grips, and participated in Total Drama World Tour as a member of Team Victory. After making two cameo appearances in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, she returned as a contestant for Total Drama All-Stars as a member of the Heroic Hamsters.


Beautiful but not vain, Lindsay's big heart and childlike nature have made her one of the most well-liked competitors on the show. Although the other contestants are frequently annoyed by her severe lack of intelligence, Lindsay has been shown to have only pure intentions. At times, such as in Dial M for Merger and Get a Clue, she goes beyond this limitation and demonstrates that she has the ability to solve problems. Unfortunately for Lindsay, she is often fooled by false-friendships and easily manipulated by the show's antagonists. A major running gag on the show involves her having problems remembering the names of the others, even if that person is her boyfriend.

Total Drama Island


Lindsay arrives to the island, but forgets who the host is.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Lindsay is the fifth camper to arrive at Camp Wawanakwa. When she arrives, she forgets who Chris is, until he reminds her. She eventually asks "Kyle" if she could have a cabin with the lake view, since she is the prettiest of the campers. Although Chris agrees that she is the prettiest, he had to deny her request. After everyone arrives, Lindsay is placed on the Screaming Gophers team. Lindsay was the second contestant to use the confessional, but she didn't understand where the camera was. She later starts crying over the fact that there are communal bathrooms, and she screams when she encounters a cockroach in her cabin. Duncan is quick to kill the cockroach, but Tyler insists that he could have killed it as well, which causes Lindsay to smile. Lindsay is shown when Chef Hatchet serves the "food," Lindsay wonders if there's any white dairy in it, as her nutritionist says she can't eat white dairy, but Gwen tells her that there is none. Lindsay then walks off, content with her food.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, before Lindsay has to jump off the cliff, she tells Chris that she thought the show was actually a talent contest, to which he sarcastically laughs and says it isn't. In the end, she jumped like most of the other contestants, even though, at first, she refused to jump because Heather refused to jump as well. After seeing how Heather faked being friends with Leshawna, Lindsay asks Heather if she and her were friends, but Heather only says that they were for the time being. Lindsay helps her team in carrying the boxes to the camp, pulling a cart with Noah. After her team wins, Lindsay hugs Heather and Beth, and also gets hugged by a naked Owen, which Lindsay does not seem to mind as much as Beth and Heather (although she was rather shocked). When she hears Courtney saying that she is going to vote off Tyler, she selflessly gets up and objects loudly. To defend herself once everyone stares, she sits down and tries to say that there is no salt on the table.

In The Big Sleep, Lindsay, along with Beth, is recruited into Heather's Alliance for being unintelligent and obedient enough to do everything Heather says. She was extremely excited and squeals when she was promised to make it to the final three with the alliance. She noticed that Heather stole Eva's MP3 player, and actually pronounced someone's name right for the first time in the process. However, when they were about to discuss a more in-depth strategy, Lindsay fell asleep, making her get tenth place in the challenge. Throughout the episode, she also sees Tyler as a good candidate for the alliance, but Heather rejects the idea because he was in the other team.


Lindsay fails to grasp the concept of dodgeball.

In Dodgebrawl, Lindsay is shown to be so naïve that she is unable to understand the objective of dodgeball. When Geoff throws a dodgeball at Chris, he tells Lindsay that she was supposed to dodge, but she doesn't, and gets hit in the face with the ball. She is still confused during the first round, which causes Katie to have enough time to throw her out of the game. As Lindsay heads back to the bleachers, now with two bruises on her face, she gets Tyler's attention, but Heather angrily throws a dodgeball at Tyler's crotch. Later on, when Tyler is randomly throwing dodgeballs, he ends up accidentally hitting Lindsay, knocking her out and giving her yet another bruise on her face. She and Tyler then leave the court to try to steal a romantic moment under the Dock of Shame, and no one even notices either her or Tyler's until the third round. Heather eventually realizes Lindsay is missing and goes to search for her. Once Heather discovers them, she throws a kayak at Tyler in fury, and forces Lindsay to remain on the bleachers for the rest of the challenge, which the Gophers lose. At the campfire ceremony, Lindsay is in the bottom two. She remains safe and Noah is eliminated instead.

Lindsay on the look out

Lindsay is ordered to spy on Gwen in Not Quite Famous.

In Not Quite Famous, Lindsay is chosen by Heather to be one of the two judges, because of their alliance. After the tryouts are over, Lindsay is asked by Heather to spy on Gwen so that Heather could figure out what she is doing. While spying on Gwen, Lindsay gets distracted by Tyler, who is walking nearby. Lindsay is next shown making-out with Tyler in one of the bathrooms, while being tied up in his yo-yo. Later, when Gwen returns to the cabin after swimming, Lindsay attempts to distract her so Heather could find Gwen's diary. Even though Lindsay is intimidated by Gwen, Heather succeeds. She later votes out Justin, following her team's loss.

In The Sucky Outdoors, Izzy tells Lindsay a story about her neighbor's missing cat, scaring her for the camping challenge. She is later frightened by the "bear," and hugs Beth in fear. She is later surprised to discover that the bear was only Izzy in disguise. The Screaming Gophers then go on to win the challenge, keeping Lindsay safe.

In Phobia Factor, Lindsay at first admits her fear of walking through a minefield in heels. After Sadie admits her fear, however, Lindsay agrees with her that bad haircuts are scary, and instead thinks that is her biggest fear. For the challenge, she and Sadie must conquer their fears by wearing a brown wig for the entire day. At the end of the challenge, both her and Sadie conquer their fear and earn points for their respective teams. Tyler is later eliminated at the Killer Bass' bonfire ceremony. Following his elimination, Lindsay blows him a kiss in the confessional.


Lindsay attempts to save Trent, but fails at doing so.

In Up the Creek, Lindsay becomes Trent and Beth's partners on the way to Boney Island. She asks Trent if she can lay on him to work on her tan, and Trent doesn't mind. On Boney Island, Trent falls into quicksand. Lindsay attempts to rescue him, but ends up getting stuck too, though they are quickly rescued by Cody. On the way back to Camp Wawanakwa, Lindsay rides with Cody and Beth. Her team later loses the challenge, and at the campfire ceremony, Lindsay is in the bottom two along with Izzy. Before the final marshmallow is given out, the RCMP arrives and chases Izzy off the island, causing Lindsay to get the final marshmallow by default.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Lindsay is a hunter for the challenge. Lindsay and Beth eventually meet up with Heather for an alliance meeting. Here, Heather orders Lindsay to get her some blueberries. Lindsay successfully finds them, but when she runs into Heather again she swats them out of Lindsay's hands. She also witnessed Beth quitting Heather's alliance and Leshawna's, Beth's, and Heather's argument. Hearing the argument, the Killer Bass arrive and open fire on Lindsay and the others. After the challenge, Lindsay is revealed to have been shot in the back with the Bass' paint-balls, despite Chris not originally believing she had been hit.

In If You Can't Take The Heat..., Lindsay is paired with Gwen for the cooking challenge. They are assigned to make a citrus macadamia upside-down cake flambé. Heather had to light the flambè, but when it backfires due to Lindsay pouring all of the gasoline on it, causing Heather to burn off her eyebrows. Lindsay and Gwen could hardly hold back their laughter. Despite her loyalty to Heather, she takes Leshawna's advice and throws Heather's makeup bag into the freezer, accidentally locking her inside. Once Lindsay's team loses the challenge, she realizes that Heather is still in the freezer, and rescues her. Later, Heather tells Lindsay that she considered voting her off for helping Leshawna, but since she rescued her from the freezer, she decided not to. Heather also tells Lindsay that if she ever allies with Leshawna against her again, she will cut of all of her hair. Lindsay then makes a confessional, where she is forced to vote off her good friend Beth under Heather's orders.


Trent has doubts about being Lindsay's partner.

In Who Can You Trust?, Lindsay participated in the second part of the challenge, which was serving a poisonous blowfish to Trent. Worried about the dangers, Trent asks Lindsay if she has taken Biology, and she said she had, so Lindsay cooked the blowfish anyway. Compared to Bridgette's dish of sushi, her mushy meal looked very unprepared. Trent ate it regardless, and he ended up getting poisoned and sent to the medical tent for the rest of the challenge. She then tells Trent she took Biology, but failed the class. She was later paired with Heather in the fourth challenge, the blind trapeze. She told Heather to jump at the wrong time, causing Heather to be out for the rest of the challenge when she fell into a pond full of stinging jellyfish. Despite all the times she caused her team to lose, the Screaming Gophers still win the challenge.

In Basic Straining, Lindsay participates in the canoe holding challenge, but after many grueling hours, quits from exhaustion. She is then yelled at by Chef Hatchet for failing her team. Lindsay isn't seen again until the final challenge, where she cheered when Gwen won for the Gophers.

Lindsay Gets Flags

Lindsay surprisingly does well in her challenge.

In X-Treme Torture, Lindsay did not have much of a role until the very last segment of the challenge, which was water skiing on mud. When Heather saw that Lindsay was wearing a new bikini, she claimed that they were "so dead." However, for once Lindsay actually performs well in her challenge, and unlike Harold, when she got all of her flags, she managed to keep them until the very end, and she won invincibility for her team. She later watched in awe, as Harold and Leshawna kissed goodbye.

In Brunch of Disgustingness, Lindsay along with ten other contestants make it to the merge. When the challenge is announced, Duncan makes an emphasis on the Battle of the sexes part of the challenge, but Lindsay blows a raspberry at him. Lindsay tries to welcome Bridgette, the only new girl to the cabin, but gets interrupted by Heather. Lindsay performs well in the challenge, and usually ate whatever was assigned. She had trouble eating most of the food but Bridgette helped her during the challenge. However, the girls lose. Lindsay and Heather are later locked out of the cabin that night (courtesy of Leshawna and Gwen).

In No Pain, No Game, Lindsay is shocked to see that Izzy returned to the show. For her first torture, Lindsay had to undergo a marshmallow face waxing. Even though she felt pain, she was actually grateful for the challenge, as she couldn't get over how smooth and hairless her face felt afterwards. However, she couldn't make it past the Wawanakwa hair salon challenge, due to the fact that a chainsaw was going to be cutting her hair. While still amazed about how smooth her face was, she voted off Eva, as she believed she was scarier than Heather, "Lequisha," and Gwen combined.


Lindsay signals Heather.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, her key is nearby a hive of bees. She is scared to get near the bees, but Izzy decided to help. While Izzy easily got the key, all the bees followed Izzy out of the hive and chased Lindsay to the dock of shame. Sometime before Lindsay got her key, she helped Heather get her own key by helping her into Chef's kitchen using a rope. She was with Heather when they witnessed Gwen and Trent kiss. When Lindsay is next seen, she is seen covered in bee stings, obviously due to the bees. When Heather decides to do her meanest scheme to Gwen and Trent, Heather has Lindsay deliver the fake love note to Gwen placing it on her bed, Gwen then comes in and Lindsay hides under the bed where she becomes covered in Cockroaches, She then flees the cabin screaming. Heather also assigns Lindsay to lure Trent to the dock. Lindsay then must give a signal to when Gwen comes. She apparently did a good job imitating the bird, as several birds crowded around the tree she was calling on. As a reward for finding her key, she receives an accordion.

In Hide and Be Sneaky, Lindsay has extreme difficulty finding a good hiding spot. She tries to go practically everywhere, under a bed covering, in a bathroom, and behind a pole. She eventually meets up with Heather, but Chef Hatchet easily catches both of them. Lindsay was with Heather when she found DJ and Owen, but Heather refused to share invincibility with her. Lindsay voted with Heather that night against Owen and was shocked to see Bridgette eliminated that night. In the same episode, Lindsay started to rethink joining Heather's alliance.


Lindsay says farewell to Total Drama Island and Heather.

In That's Off the Chain!, Lindsay was shown to be very good at building bikes, as she built Heather's bike, which was a dismantled version of Chef Hatchet's car, as well as her own bike, which was modeled after a dream bike she wanted for Christmas as a child. Duncan rode Lindsay's bike and actually liked it, despite the bike being the exact opposite of his real self. Lindsay's bike made it to round two and made it past most of terrain there. At the piranha pool, Lindsay couldn't get across, but Heather did, allowing her to win the challenge. Because Lindsay crossed the finish line after Heather, and also since Duncan and Owen did not cross it at all, Lindsay was automatically eliminated from the competition on a technicality. Before she left, Heather admits she didn't care that Lindsay was eliminated, and that she was only using Lindsay to get ahead of the competition. This made Lindsay extremely angry, and also made her curse profusely at Heather while sticking up her middle finger. As she left, she said good-bye to everybody, and promised that Karma would bite Heather in the butt.

Lindsay was not seen again until Haute Camp-ture, where she seemed happy at Playa Des Losers. She said if she had known about the place earlier, she would have gotten kicked off in the first episode. She was also very happy she could be reunited with Tyler, although she has forgotten who Tyler is. She viewed Duncan as cruel, and stated that she wanted Gwen to win. By accident, she voted for Leshawna twice. In the next few episodes, Lindsay is mentioned several times by Heather, mainly her either apologizing to her or making fun of her. Lindsay actually caused Heather's elimination in I Triple Dog Dare You!, where Heather's refusal to do Lindsay's dare resulted in her being automatically eliminated.


Lindsay switches to Owen's side, albeit reluctantly in The Very Last Episode, Really!.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Lindsay initially supported Gwen, but switched to Owen's side when he announced he would throw a yacht party if he won. She later assists Izzy in her plan to let Owen win, by using a fan to blow the smell of brownies to Owen, in order to make him cross the finish line. She is later ecstatic when Owen wins, and happily kisses Tyler. In Gwen's ending, Lindsay cries on Beth's shoulder when Gwen wins.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Lindsay is seen relaxing by the pool with her new best friend, Beth, while celebrating Owen's Total Drama Island win. Due to Izzy's incredible burp, Lindsay is sent across to the other side of the pool. Lindsay pairs up with Beth and Ezekiel. She then reveals she wants to use the money to be the queen of France (Even though Ezekiel mentioned that it wasn't enough money). Lindsay, and Beth start up a conversation about clothes, causing them to blindly walk right by the case. They later find the case in the river, but it is quickly stolen by Duncan, and Courtney, they are then chased away by an Alligator. They also find the case yet again, by the washroom. It is here that Justin tricks Lindsay into giving him the case. When Lindsay is next seen, she (along with Beth) is shown chasing the case to the dock. In the end, Lindsay and Beth managed to qualify for Total Drama Action when they fell in the water, while Ezekiel did not.

Total Drama Action


Beth and Lindsay become "Best Female Friends For Life".

Lindsay is introduced in Monster Cash, and is enamored with the entire theme of the season, impressed with the makeup confessional, and taking pictures of the film lot. She became closer with her friend (and soon to be BFF) Beth and the two are often seen doing many things together. Her blossoming friendship with Beth becomes similar to the friendship with Katie and Sadie, with both girls doing various things together. She still harbors a hatred for Heather for betraying her last season. She is put on the Killer Grips, after being Trent's first choice, for being beautiful. As a running gag throughout the season, Lindsay believes that her boyfriend, Tyler is still present in the competition, often getting his name wrong in the process, which causes her teammates (and others) to grow annoyed with her stupidity, but she eventually gets the message that he is not in the season.


Lindsay and Beth fighting over Justin.

Early in the season, she grows a strong attraction to Justin, complimenting him, admiring him, and grasping onto him for protection, and it gets to the point that she argues with Beth over him in Beach Blanket Bogus, with their friendship temporarily growing strained with her, only for things to be repaired in the same episode. Unbeknownst to the them, Lindsay and Beth ends up being in the exact same position like there was last season, being manipulated by Justin to do his bidding and remove anyone who is a treat to him. Under his influence, the two of them help him to vote off Trent, Gwen and Izzy. Around midway through the season however, her attraction to Justin starts to dim, and she eventually gets over him completely, not missing him when he eventually leaves shortly after the merge, not even paying attention when he is eliminated.

TDA Ep. 11 (Admiral Lindsay)

Lindsay as Admiral Lindsay, Her Hotness.

After Trent is eliminated and as her team's losing streak continues, Lindsay starts to eventually take a leadership position. In The Sand Witch Project, she was bothered by Heather who calls her and Beth "spineless followers," and tries to prove to her that she can be a good leader. She is able to plan out good strategies such as selecting Beth as their team's killer since she couldn't scream and correctly discovers that they are being pranked by the Screaming Gaffers. In the end however, her team still loses and she is at risk of being eliminated due to her bossy leadership but manages to survive. Nevertheless, Lindsay does not give up and takes on leadership again two episodes later, under the titled "Admiral Lindsay, Her Hotness,” though her "assistant," Beth was the one who came up with actual military plan.
TDA Ep. 17 (Lindsay and Courtney)

Lindsay's rivalry with Courtney is one of the most focus conflicts on the season.

The moment Courtney returns, Lindsay immediately clash with her, as Courtney grew annoyed by Lindsay's stupidity while Lindsay is angry that Courtney asserts her as their team captain as well as having many unfair advantages. Desperate to show Courtney she is can be better than her, Lindsay tries her best in challenges but always ended up second before her. When the merge arrives, their conflict does not simmer, and when they both won the first merge challenge, they both had to go to the cheese factory together, which ended up being extremely awkward. During the superhero challenge, Courtney's was annoyed and angry that Lindsay's outfit gets a higher score than hers but none of the guys cared, and liked Lindsay's revealing costume. When Courtney wins invincibility, Lindsay rallies Beth, Leshawna and Harold to vote off Duncan in order to make Courtney angry but the plan fails after Harold turns against them. In The Princess Pride, Lindsay is shown to be jealous of Courtney being the princess and gets back at her by using the Princess Dolls as voodoo dolls.


Lindsay successfully figure out who is the culprit.

The conflict between her and Courtney reaches its breaking point in Get a Clue. When she tried to be the leader when the group tries to find Chris, suggesting that he is buried alive, her idea gets ignored in favour for Courtney's. She was later tricked by both Courtney and Beth into taking her DNA while she on the other hand was unsuccessful in getting anyone's DNA. On the train, she helps Harold and Beth handcuff Duncan, believing that he was the one who murdered Chris. She continues to show confusion in trying to solve the challenge to the point even Beth wanted to partner with Courtney instead of her. Just as when the odds of winning the challenge are against her, Linday is able to gather evidence that Courtney is the culprit, solving the case and winning the challenge. As a reward, Lindsay gets to choose who she gets to take with her to the movies and she chose Duncan. Though the two have an awkward together, Lindsay's plan to make Courtney jealous is a success.


Lindsay and Beth share a hug before the former leaves the show.

Courtney and Lindsay continue to get on each other nerves in Rock n' Rule. Early in the morning, Lindsay sings a song off-key which made Courtney to scold her but Lindsay ignores her. When Chris announce that someone is returning to the competition, Lindsay hope it is Tyler but is still happy when the person turns out to be her goodfriend Owen. Although Lindsay fails the first challenge and was electrocuted, she manage to win the second one when she stops to show off for the fake paparazzi (which everyone else ran by). This gives her an extra 20 seconds in the third part of the challenge which was useless when Courtney when amok and destroyed everything, winning immunity for the third time. Lindsay plans to get Duncan eliminated again and manage to receive help from Beth and Harold. However, Lindsay carelessly votes, being distracted by Beth, and accidentally casts a third vote for herself, and is eliminated. After a sharing a hug with Beth, Lindsay bids everyone goodbye before entering the Lame-o-sine.

In the finale, Lindsay is an avid supporter of Beth, and wishes that she wins. When it is her turn to ask a finalist a question, she states that she is voting for Beth because she is her BFF, and Beth said that she would take her on a cruise. Chris made her rephrase that statement into a question, which Beth and Duncan both got right, leaving her confused on who to vote for. During the voting, Lindsay sneezes on her ballot and her vote does not count. After the winner is declared, she is impressed to see Beth's boyfriend in person.


Lindsay and Tyler "high five" each other's faces.

It is revealed in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special that after Total Drama Action has ended, Lindsay and Beth went on a vacation to Paris but ended up in jail after Lindsay smudged the Mona Lisa. In order to bail them out, Beth's parents have to sell their expensive car or if Beth is the winner, she uses her prize money instead. She is reunited with the other contestants at the Gemmie Awards and joins them in stopping Chris from starting his new reality show. After one event leads to another, Lindsay is among those who were saved by Chris and qualifies for the next season.

Total Drama World Tour


Lindsay blows a kiss as she gets off the bus.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, at the beginning of the episode, Lindsay steps off the bus and blows a kiss to the camera, while Chris announces her return for the third season. As soon as the whole cast were touring the plane, Lindsay started to fall for Alejandro's charms, causing her boyfriend Tyler to get jealous and tried to impress her by doing a handspring; however, he failed to get her attention, and ended up hurting himself. Lindsay felt sorry for him, but ended up confusing his name with Alejandro's. During the Come Fly With Us musical number, she sang with Bridgette and Alejandro, while she stood on one of the first class seats of the plane. Alejandro helps her and Bridgette get down, while both girls blush and giggle (while he evilly smiles to the camera). Later, she teams up with Bridgette, and Alejandro in order to climb the pyramid. However, Alejandro's charm cause her to leave Tyler behind. After reaching the top of the pyramid, Bridgette says that they should surf down the pyramid, and they do as she said. Lindsay climbs on Bridgette's shoulders while they were surfing down. They were the second group to reach the end, just after Harold, Leshawna, and DJ. Later in the episode, Lindsay ends up on Team Victory, along with Bridgette, Leshawna, Harold, DJ and Ezekiel.


Lindsay stamps all the passports.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, she gets scared of Harold's comments on how he could use the stick to defend everyone from deadly sand snakes, common in Egypt. After Chef releases the scarab beetles, she quickly tells her team to hop on to the stick, and that it would save them, but obviously, it didn't move. She was in charge of holding the stick during the race in the desert, though she didn't hold it, during the river crossing part. Lindsay and her team get lost, but they manage to use the stick to lead them to the Nile. They end up reaching last in the challenge, and wouldn't have had to vote someone off, but a crocodile ate their stick while they were crossing the river. Since they were not able to hang onto it, they were up for elimination. At the elimination ceremony, Lindsay didn't quite understand the voting system, as she crazily stamps more than one passport in the confessional, including her bandanna. Chris seemed suspicious that this may happen. She was the fourth contestant to receive a barf bag, even though, she wasn't considered to be eliminated by her teammates as seen in their confessionals.


Lindsay telling her team about her idea for the commercial.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Lindsay thought that the challenge would be a reward, because Tyler said it might, and hoped that the reward will be candy or shoes, or even better, shoes made of candy. Lindsay had a few solos in Before We Die, and sang about her dream of becoming an actress in a drama. Lindsay tried to help her team in both challenges. She tried to pull a slingshot of the pinball challenge, with help of Bridgette and Leshawna. Her idea for the commercial wasn't approved by her team, so they followed another idea. Lindsay played a hungry villager, along with her other teammates, while Harold was a samurai, in the second challenge. Lindsay's team lost, since their commercial was terrible and they ended up going to the elimination, again. Then, Leshawna agreed that Lindsay's idea might not have been that bad. Lindsay didn't vote off anyone, even though Chris warned her again about the voting system, instead she just hugged her passport (saying it was a really cute photo of her) and left the confessional. She was the first one to receive a barf bag and was surprised with Harold quitting the game.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Lindsay is first seen next to Bridgette and Leshawna in the loser's cabin. She gets annoyed with Chris' comments about how he didn't care about them. When the plane starts to shake she crosses her fingers, arms and legs for luck. When they reached the Yukon, Courtney suggested them to cuddle for warmth, Lindsay ran, along with Izzy and Leshawna, to hug Alejandro. Lindsay is having trouble remembering Tyler's name still, calling him "Noah.” He tries to correct her, by saying he was Tyler, but it didn't work well as she answered she was Lindsay and not Tyler. Lindsay was picked up by her team, during the second challenge. After DJ hit a baby seal, Lindsay felt horrible for the baby seal and told DJ it had fallen off the ice. DJ began to cry, so Leshawna lied saying the seal was okay and got Lindsay to mimic the baby seal's cry, since DJ was blinded by his own frozen tears, he didn't know the difference. Lindsay's team was the first to cross the finish line, but since Bridgette wasn't with them, they came in last. Lindsay got the first barf bag and was safe from elimination. She was in Tyler's last confessional of the episode and called him Noah, again.

WNTL - Lindsay 3

Lindsay singing and being carried in a baby stroller by her teammates.

In Broadway, Baby!, Lindsay is shown encouraging her team at the beginning. She tells them, they aren't losers, they are fighters and winners! In the confessional, she admits she's packed a whole seasons worth of lip gloss, and hasn't finished the first one so she's not ready to go yet. Then, Alejandro comes by with some snacks from first class cabin. Firstly she refuses, but when she saw it was a chocolate bar she accepted it and desperately ate it. On the boat, Lindsay speaks to Tyler when he tries to start a conversation in the beginning, but forgets who he is again, asking him "Dave is it?” After falling from the plane in a boat, they reach New York, overjoying Lindsay. Once again in the confessional, she says how she will buy in lots of stores, more lip gloss, enough for ten seasons, without even trying. Lindsay screams and becomes extremely depressed when Chris announces they aren't going shopping. In the first challenge, she and DJ, already having reached the top of Liberty Statue's head, helped Leshawna climbing the rope. DJ got the carriage for them and they slid down the statue by a fireman pole. They are the second team to reach the boats and the first one to reach the sewer. Lindsay gets really afraid when they heard some creature's grunts, she even questioned if it was an alligator. After getting off from the sewer alive, she commemorates with her team, saying how she loves them. In the second part of the challenge, that is to reach the heart of Central Park, one person from each teams had to be carried in one of baby carriage. Lindsay offered herself, because she likes being called "Baby" to which Noah tells Tyler to make a mental note of it. Later, when the contestants are singing What's Not To Love, Lindsay has many lines and at one point criticizes Leshawna's dancing skills, because it held the team back despite having the shortest track. In the song video, Lindsay was seen wearing a dress and holding coffee, inside what it seemed to be a theater. Lindsay refused to pick the apples because of her lip gloss, making DJ do it. She held their giant apple until the end of the challenge. For the first time, Team Victory wasn't the last in the challenge. Lindsay high-fived with Leshawna and were really happy to escape from elimination, until Chris said this week's challenge was for rewards.

In Slap Slap Revolution, Lindsay is sitting in the loser section, until a hole in the plane almost pulls her out of the plane, along with her teammates and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. She saves Owen with the help of DJ from being dragged out of the plane, while Leshawna closed the hole. After an entire season of everyone telling her Tyler wasn't in the game, she believes Tyler isn't in this season either. He gets mad at her and tries to explain they've been together in season one, but she states that he must have confused her with someone else. She calls Tyler "Daryl,” but finally remembers who he is during Eine Kleine. She hugs him and looks at him lovingly. At first he didn't seem to believe her, but when she confirmed she was talking about him towards him, he happily cheered, causing an avalanche. They were the second team to win the race down the mountain. In the end, they lost the second challenge and ended up going to elimination, once again. Lindsay is the first one to win a barf bag and Leshawna is voted off from the competition.


Lindsay falls asleep with a bloated stomach.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Lindsay is first seen waving at Tyler. She then tries to cheer up DJ, who's feeling bad for voting off Leshawna and believing that he should have left for hurting animals. She tells him that if Tyler came back, then they could be the "best team" ever. However, Chris comes in and tells them that the "best team" is Team Amazon, which devastates Team Victory. During the hike, Lindsay and DJ take the left path, and they get to the zipline first, allowing them to use the only T-Bar available. Lindsay rides on DJ's back as they zipline across the river. As night begins to fall, the two of them meet up with Chris again, who gives them a lot of bananas as a reward for still being in first place. During the walkie-talkie conversation, Lindsay exclaims about Team Victory being in first place and says hi to Tyler. At night time, Lindsay finds DJ slapping small monkeys with a flashlight, after he thought they were bugs. After he bandages them up, the two of them try to sneak away quietly, but DJ steps on a twig and the monkeys attack him. After reaching Machu Picchu, Chris tells them that they're still in first place. DJ then goes on to blame himself for hurting animals, stating that he deserved what he got from the monkeys. Lindsay cheers him up, stating that they got a big chance of winning. The two of them then split up to look for the treasure. Lindsay eventually finds it, claiming victory for her and DJ. The two of them, Chris, and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Hot quickly escapes from Machu Picchu after Owen lifts up a cursed crystal to the sun, causing the site to crash. Afterwards, on the plane, Lindsay asks DJ if Tyler can join them in first class. After he agrees, she gives him a kiss on the cheek and rushes to retrieve Tyler.


Lindsay in first class.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Lindsay is seen in the first class compartment getting her pedicure while relaxing, as she states she even thinks her brain is asleep. She proceeds to throw tea on herself to confirm the claim that her brain is asleep. She also said she couldn't wait to see Tyler and remembered his name. However, before the challenge, Lindsay almost forgets about Tyler when she doesn't recognize what he looks like, but Tyler reminds her who he is. She gets really excited when Chris announces they reached Paris and then asks Chris if they will go shopping, due to being in Paris, but he tells her no. The challenge starts and Lindsay is seen carrying DJ, while running from the baby seal that DJ hit in the Yukon. Lindsay carries all of the statue pieces, while DJ leaves to try to find a way to resolve his curse. Tyler sees her doing the challenge alone and asks if she's alright and where is DJ, for which she answers that he might be in Egypt. Whilst DJ is gone, she puts the statue pieces together, and almost finishes first until DJ crashes a golf cart into it by accident, destroying it. Because of this, Team Victory loses, and due to there being only two members left on Team Victory, she and DJ must do a walk-off to determine which of the two will go. She picks Tyler for the challenge, much to his displeasure.


Lindsay doing Tyler's hair.

While getting Tyler ready, she tries different hairstyles on him, none of which seem to work, as he didn't approve any of them. Lindsay asks for some support, but Tyler explains that things will get "ugly" when the guys from his hockey team watch him with that hair style. She decides to choose his clothes, showing to him a drawing of a little girl with red dress carrying some balloons and asking if this was manly enough for him. He states that this isn't going to get any better for him. The outfit she designed for the challenge consisted of Tyler wearing a shirt made from wrapping a portrait together, tied with a belt made of rope, and Tyler holding a frame around his face. Lindsay cheers for him, while he was in the runway, but he was still embarrassed and angry, because the guys were laughing at him. Lindsay ends up losing, against all odds, and is automatically eliminated, since none of the judges, Heather, Owen and Chris, liked her outfit, being really criticized by Heather who said she didn't understand what Lindsay was thinking when doing her design. She is seen with Tyler before she takes the Drop of Shame, as he was supporting her. Lindsay said he is nice, even being a "bad-walker" and she hopes his hockey team wasn't watching before, but he replies that at least they saw him with a cute girlfriend. She attempts to kiss Tyler, but Chris stops her and tells her that they are out of time since it is only a thirty minute broadcast and that she has to take the Drop of Shame. Before finally going she looks back, telling Tyler that this was a victory for them and tries to blow him a kiss, but Chris interrupts her. She goes to jump out, but hits her head on the top of the door and falls out of the plane, screaming. A deleted scene reveals that her parachute became tangles in a gateway, and left her hanging upside down from it, a mime approaches her, and Lindsay asks him whether she can borrow his cell phone. The mime simply imitates her movements in reply, which begins to confuse and annoy her until she eventually begins yelling at him (Since she does not understand that it is a mime), only for him to imitate yelling back.

In Newf Kids on the Rock, Tyler yells at DJ for not getting eliminated, because if he had, Lindsay would still be there. Later, Alejandro suggests Tyler to imagine that he was kissing Lindsay instead of the fish. She appeared in Tyler's vision attempting to kiss him and he really ends up making out with it.


Tyler imagines the fish is Lindsay in Newf Kids on the Rock.

In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, Lindsay is interviewed by Geoff on her time on the show. Some of the lip gloss tubes she brought this season were being offered as gifts in exchange for cash donations. She, along with the others, is attacked by the animals in the segment, "DJ's World Of Animals."

In The EX-Files, Tyler refers to Lindsay multiple times, especially when Courtney flirted with him. Throughout the episode, Tyler brings up his loyalty to Lindsay and his refusal to cheat on her with Courtney.

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, she sat with all the other eliminated contestants in the Peanut Gallery. When Geoff announced Blaineley was going on a tour to interview Total Drama fans from all around the globe, meaning she would be far from them, she was seen clapping and smiling, along with everybody else. She was surprised that
IMG 0848

Lindsay receives her challenge from Blaineley.

Blaineley actually didn't go and was terrified because Bridgette was in Siberia. When Tyler fell on the floor, she got worried about him and remembered his name. Leshawna believed that Lindsay would have remembered his name and won five bucks from Trent because of it. Lindsay was one of the chosen ones to compete for a return to Total Drama. She got the "Owen challenge," which was to have her mouth full of peppers and milk, while trying not to laugh at embarrassing clips of Tyler. She wins the challenge, saying she could never find her boyfriend's pain funny, and right after this, she started to breath fire because the peppers were so hot. She also had to balance three Swedish meatballs on her nose, which she succeeds in doing before the challenge was even announced. She makes it to the final two with Beth, but loses to Blaineley.

In Hawaiian Style, when the commentators are to choose who to support in the finals, Lindsay, along with Tyler, Courtney, Katie, and Sadie all choose Alejandro's side. She was not chosen to participate in the challenge (she didn't speak, either).

Lindsay fight

Lindsay helps Alejandro in the final challenge.

In Hawaiian Punch, Alejandro picks Tyler and Courtney to assist him in the final challenge. However, because Tyler was unconscious, Alejandro chose Lindsay instead. She helps Courtney assemble Alejandro's dummy of Heather. Later, she fights with Harold in an attempt to cut off Heather's rope. Cody then tells her there is a sale on mascara and, believing this, Lindsay runs off squealing. Lindsay later appears at the top of the volcano. She is last seen fleeing the island along with everyone else. In Heather's ending, despite being on Alejandro's team, she cheered when Heather won.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Lindsay appears on the yacht with the other twenty-three original contestants. She and Tyler are sitting on a rail at the stern of the yacht, making out.

Runaway Model (13)

Lindsay returns as one of the judges for the challenge.

Lindsay returns in Runaway Model as a guest judge for the fashion show, alongside Chris and Chef, and is wearing a new pair of light blue boots. She initially gives the Mutant Maggots a 1.8, but after their maggot vomits and barely misses her (instead hitting Chef), she flips it around to give them an 8.1. Before she can score the Toxic Rats' Sasquatchanakwa, it goes into a fit of rage and kidnaps her, taking her to Boney Island on Chris' jetpack. This resulted in Chris making the impromptu decision to have the second part of the challenge be saving Lindsay from the Sasquatchanakwa, and whichever team's member rescued her would win invincibility for their team. He took her to the top of a mountain above a series of long wooden boards that the contestants had to ascend in order to reach them. During her time with him, she seemed to understand Sasquatchanakwa and his problems (at least so far as him having hairy body issues). She describes him as a "snowflake," except much larger. When Jo attempts to save Lindsay from him by putting on makeup (done by "Chester") to distract him, she tells Sasquatchanakwa how that's a "fashion don't," and they both laugh at her. Jo then becomes enraged and punches Sasquatchanakwa off the cliff, "saving" Lindsay. The challenge was over and while Lindsay was checking her makeup, Jo swipes Lindsay's mirror to check her own face, finally realizing what Lindsay and Sasquatchanakwa thought was so funny. In a post-elimination scene at the end of the episode, it was revealed that Lindsay was accidentally left behind on Boney Island. She asked the Woolly Beavers where the boat is, but the beavers growl back and approach her.

Total Drama All-Stars

Lindsaytoo tired

Lindsay during the first challenge.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Lindsay is one of the contestants brought back to compete in Total Drama All-Stars, and is placed on the Heroic Hamsters. In the season's first challenge, Lindsay is chosen to push the baby carriage containing her teammates to the McLean Spa Hotel by Courtney, as nobody else on the team wanted to do it. She first has trouble remembering how to get to the hotel and also how to push the carriage, making Courtney angry with her. Lindsay tires out early in the challenge, as Sierra jumps into the carriage with Courtney inside, making it two times heavier. This tires her out to the point where Mike has to steer himself with a pole when Lindsay falls behind. Due to her weak performance in the challenge, Lindsay is voted out by her team and is the first all-star eliminated. Lindsay is delighted as she felt the money wasn't worth the effort. Her only concern was having to take the Hurl of Shame, but instead was put through the Flush of Shame. In the exclusive clip of the episode, she ended up in the sewers of New York and encounter the sewer alligator from before. Upon realizing the danger she is in, Lindsay runs away in fear.

In The Final Wreck-ening, Zoey and Mal must shoot down former contestants inside of balloons. No one shoots down Lindsay, causing her to float away with the other un-shot contestants.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama All-Stars

Audition tape

View this video for Lindsay's audition tape.
Lindsay audition

Lindsay lists all of her good qualities.

Lindsay mentions all her good traits, says she has a bikini for every season (even those not on the calendar), gets along with everyone (even ugly girls), loves to go camping (even though she's never gone) and is self-considered "bi-languagal" (meaning to say bilingual). She says she speaks fluent English and American, being unaware that American isn't a language.

Camp TV

Lindsay (Camp TV)

Lindsay's Camp TV design.

Like many of the campers, Lindsay was featured in the prototype series of Total Drama Island called Camp TV. She was one of the main characters of the show. Like the current show, Lindsay was portrayed as being a spoiled rich girl, being called "The Spoiled Princess" by the narrator. Lindsay still has a relationship with Tyler, one that seems to be similar to Bridgette and Geoff's in Total Drama Action. Lindsay and Tyler's relationship is the only one portrayed in Camp TV that remained the same in Total Drama Island. Lindsay also seemed to be really close to Leshawna, though with Heather nonexistent in Camp TV and Leshawna offending Lindsay in one scene, it is unknown if they were best friends or adversaries. Lindsay's Camp TV voice is much lower in pitch and sounds more mature and refined compared to her high-pitched and childish tone she has in the Total Drama series. She also recites a line in the Camp TV promo that she would later say in Total Drama Island's second episode: "I thought this was going to be a talent contest!", just before diving off a cliff in both instances. Later in the promo, Harold's Red Ant Farm was seen all over her as she screamed and ran away.

Lindsay's design today does not greatly differ from her current design. Outside of the obvious change of art style, Camp TV's Lindsay's bandanna had white polka dots, she wore brown sandals instead of boots, her hair was slightly shorter and not as bright blonde as it is today, with a slightly dirtier look to it, her shirt straps were red instead of brown, and she was wearing a visible red thong that slightly protruded from underneath her skirt instead of her normal pink underwear.

In contrast to her current sweet and loving personality, her original role in the series was the main antagonist.


  • Lindsay is never shown without something on her head; she is only seen without her bandanna while in an alternate outfit and even then she wears a hat, sleeping mask or has a towel wrapped around her head. She even wears her bandanna when swimming.
  • Lindsay, along with Izzy, Duncan, Mike (as Mal), and Beth, has been arrested by major authorities in the past.
  • Lindsay shares many similarities with third generation cast member Ella:
    • Both are labeled as "Princesses."
    • Both have major conflicts with "Queens," which are one-sided, if only temporarily.
    • Both place ninth in their debut season.
    • Their rivals cause their elimination in their debut season.
    • Both have been associated with the same light, fluttery music.
  • Lindsay, along with Alejandro, Brick, Duncan, Izzy, Justin, Owen, most of Mike's personalities, Max, and Sugar are the only contestants to have a theme music dedicated to them. For Lindsay it is a light, fluttery tune which plays whenever she is clueless about something.
  • Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island confirms that Lindsay highlights/dyes her hair. She is one out of two known contestants so far to dye her hair in a natural color. The other being Blaineley.
    • She is one out of six contestants who have dyed their hair overall, the others being Duncan, Gwen, Sierra and Blaineley.
  • Lindsay is one of three characters who wear boots, the others being Alejandro and Brick.
  • Lindsay is the only member of Heather's first alliance to never make it into the final two.
  • Lindsay is the only member of Team Victory to qualify for Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Despite being clearly unintelligent, there have been several instances where Lindsay is shown to be smart during the series.
    • She is capable of building two fast bicycles (one for Heather and another for herself) in That's Off the Chain!.
    • In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Lindsay understands Chris' clue about the location of the briefcase and leads Beth and Ezekiel to the water. Ezekiel even compliments her for this.
    • In The Sand Witch Project, she was able to correctly discover Harold and Duncan's plan and was able to keep her team in the game for most of the challenge. However, she completely depended on the "Ghost Meter" and was tricked like the others were when the opposing team managed to activate it. Also, she proposed to her team to choose Beth as the killer as Beth couldn't scream.
    • In Get a Clue, she was able to solve the whole mystery about the supposed "death" of Chris, even though she had committed several mistakes during the episode. In the end, after winning her prize, she stated that she had made a "good, strategistical, logical move," by inviting Duncan to the movies. This was because, in her opinion, it messed with Courtney's head (in which it did).
    • In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, she was able to build the statue of "The Thinker" all by herself, until DJ destroyed it.
  • Lindsay has worn more different outfits than any other contestant on the show:
  • Lindsay is shown to have a problem with remembering names, as evident throughout the series.
  • Lindsay is one of the few female characters who have shown a form of nudity on more than one occasion.
    • She was seen in one episode to use the confessional as an actual bathroom, which required a pixelated censor.
  • Lindsay is the third person to vote for themselves, the others being Gwen, Harold, Dave, and DJ.
  • Lindsay is the only contestant to forget to vote in the competition. This happened in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan.
  • Ironically, while Lindsay placed sixth in Total Drama Action, she was the sixth eliminated contestant in Total Drama World Tour.
  • Lindsay is one out of only five eliminated contestants (the others being Harold, DJ, Noah, and Gwen) in Total Drama World Tour to jump off the plane themselves after their elimination, rather than be pushed off by someone else.
  • Lindsay is the only female contestant to take the Drop of Shame at night.
  • Assuming the numbers on her mugshot in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special are shown in feet, Lindsay is about five feet six inches tall, possibly including the heels on her boots.
  • Lindsay was the last female on Team Victory, before being eliminated in Can't Help Falling in Louvre.
  • Lindsay was the only female Team Victory member to not be eliminated due to Alejandro's manipulation.
  • Lindsay is the second eliminated contestant to have a cameo post-elimination (the first was Ezekiel) outside of the recap. This was in Tyler's vision of her in Newf Kids on the Rock.
  • Lindsay is the first contestant in Total Drama Action to use the confessional.
  • Lindsay wants to be an actress in a drama before she dies.
  • Lindsay, along with Izzy, DJ, Tyler, Courtney, Sierra, and Cody, is one of seven contestants on Total Drama World Tour that didn't sing in the episode that they were eliminated in.
  • Lindsay is one of the five characters to stick up her middle finger at someone. The others being Leshawna, DuncanSasquatchanakwa, and a beaver.
  • She is one of four original contestant to be a part of a challenge in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, with the others being Izzy, Gwen, Heather, and DJ.
  • Lindsay ranked fourteenth in Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama All-Stars, making her the first, and currently only, contestant in the show's history to ever have the same ranking twice.
  • Lindsay, along with Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, and Heather are currently the only five contestants to compete in four seasons.


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