Leshawna Jr. was Harold's pet snail in Total Drama Action. Harold first finds it when waking up in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, after Duncan puts snails in his blanket as a prank. After realizing what Duncan had done, Harold releases all of them back into the wild, except for one. This snail ends up crawling up his back. He feels an attachment to the snail, believing that it looks like Leshawna, who he begins to miss after her elimination. He stores the snail in a match box for safe keeping.

Total Drama Action


Harold and Leshawna Jr. in the confessional.

Harold claims that the snail reminds him of Leshawna because of its "beautiful eyes, hard shell, and perfectly rounded behind." For those reasons, he names the snail "Leshawna Jr."

Later on in the episode, when Duncan and Harold climb up the mountain, Harold asks Owen to hold Leshawna Jr. for him. Owen, in an attempt to sabotage the temporary truce created by Duncan and Harold for the purpose of the challenge, attempts to use Leshawna Jr. to make Harold turn against Duncan. Owen tries to claim that Leshawna Jr. wanted Harold to beat Duncan up. However, this completely backfires as it results in Harold wanting to work with Duncan even more to reach the top of the mountain.

Towards the end of the episode, while eating a banquet prepared by Courtney and Beth in the craft services tent, Harold thanks Leshawna Jr. for guiding him to victory and helping him win the challenge. When he asks the snail if it wants anything in return for helping him, Harold seems to realize that Leshawna Jr. is "telling" him that it wants to be released back into the wild. Harold then reluctantly sets the snail free and starts sobbing uncontrollably as it slowly crawls out of the tent. Chris signs off the episode with Harold still sobbing and Leshawna Jr. still slowly moving out of the tent, causing Chris to ponder if the snail would "make it out by 2020."


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