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Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Family Leshawna (cousin)
Friends Leshawna
Voiced by Novie Edwards

Leshaniqua is Leshawna's cousin and her best friend. She makes a cameo appearance in Total Drama Action.

Total Drama Action

Leshaniqua's first appearance was in One Flu Over the Cuckoos, when she was the one to accompany Leshawna on her trip to the spa, the reward for winning the challenge. In the limo, she asks Leshawna why she was crying, stating that Leshawna never cries. Leshawna responds by saying that she had faked her crying because she wanted to win the reward for the challenge so that she could get away for the night.

Leshaniqua is mentioned briefly by Heather in Masters of Disasters after the Screaming Gaffers had figured out that Leshawna faked her crying in order to win the reward.

She was also seen in Million Dollar Babies, however not in person. Beth found Courtney's personal digital assistant and searched through it, revealing that Leshawna told Leshaniqua flaws about everyone on the set during their limousine ride. It showed the two laughing while insulting everyone on the set, which angered everyone else.


Leshaniqua uses the Total Drama Action confessional in an exclusive clip.

In an exclusive scene, she is confused about how the confessional works, but she explains that if Leshawna wins the million dollars, "she'll probably make more friends."


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