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Screaming Gophers
Killer Bass
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: The Sucky Outdoors
Place TDI: 19th
Relationship Justin (attracted to)
Trent (attracted to)
Family Mother
Friends DJ, Gwen, Leshawna, Noah, Sadie, Justin (one sided on her side)
Enemies Ezekiel
Voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills

Katie, labeled The Sweet Girl, was a camper on Total Drama Island, and was a member of the Screaming Gophers before switching to the Killer Bass. She dose not compete in Total Drama Action or Total Drama World Tour, but appears on the Total Drama Aftermaths of both seasons as a commentator. She was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.


Katie is most notable for being Sadie's best friend. They do everything together, even wear the same outfits (which Katie sews herself). Like Sadie, Katie is a sensitive, cheerful, and sweet-natured girl. She is boy-crazy and when she has grown attracted to someone, she (and Sadie) will fawn over him endlessly. Katie can be considered the more passionate one between her and her best friend. Her biography states that she "thinks with her heart," in contract to Sadie, who "thinks with her head." She is shown to have a bad sense of direction, a flaw which produces tragic results. Sadie's label of The Sweet Girl's Friend may imply that Katie is more independent and capable of making decisions on her own. However, given her thinking habits, they don't always turn out to be wise.

Total Drama Island


Katie arrives at Camp Wawanakwa with Sadie.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Katie came to the island with Sadie, very excited since they thought they were going to summer camp. When Chris was announcing the teams later in the episode, Katie told Chris she had to be on the same team as Sadie. Unfortunately for the girls, Katie went with the Screaming Gophers and Sadie went with the Killer Bass. Later, Katie switched teams with Izzy through a lot of begging to Chris. In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, the two friends had to go to the bathroom, and ended up going in the woods. However, they found themselves going in poison ivy and subsequently getting rashes, stalling their team.

Katie and Sadie made minor appearances in The Big Sleep. They were seen walking alongside Gwen and Harold during the twenty-kilometer run around the lake and they also appeared during the Awake-A-Thon a few times.

Although Katie is not the strongest or the most athletic camper, in Dodgebrawl she competed in every round of the dodgeball game and was able to take few people out. She was able to take out Lindsay and was the last one standing in the first round. However, Cody eventually eliminated her from the round.

In Not Quite Famous, Katie auditions for the talent show by doing a dance with Sadie which horrifies most of their fellow Bass. They were not placed in the show though they appear in the audience with everyone else. Later, when Bridgette vomits all over her (and somewhat Sadie), Katie vomits on Sadie. They were not seen for the rest of the episode after that.

Katie's last moments

Katie on the island, moments before her elimination.

Katie is the fifth camper eliminated, after getting herself and Sadie lost in the forest, after being distracted by blueberries in The Sucky Outdoors. While trying to rejoin their teammates, Katie and Sadie experienced their first fight, arguing which one of them was smarter and prettier, but they were able to make up. Due to being separated from the rest of the Killer Bass team, the two were late upon returning to the campground and caused the team to lose, despite the fact that the rest of the team reached the goal before the opposing team. It was very difficult for Katie and Sadie to part, but Katie suddenly matures in that instance and urged Sadie to press on for her, giving her encouragement that she is indeed a strong and beautiful woman who may possibly be smarter than her. Katie is seen riding the Boat of Losers, wailing to Sadie about how much she misses her already.


Katie and Sadie are re-united after the latter is eliminated in Who Can You Trust?.

Katie does return to the island briefly in Who Can You Trust?, after Sadie is eliminated. She is already aboard the Boat of Losers to greet Sadie, and the two squeal happily upon being reunited. She is the first person to be on the boat who isn't driving and wasn't voted off in the episode.

In Haute Camp-ture, Katie and Sadie are seen sitting at the refreshment bar at the Playa Des Losers pool and fawn over Justin. Sadie falls into the water, and then complains that something in the pool bit her. Katie becomes worried about sharks until Noah dismisses the idea, pointing out that sharks can't survive in chlorinated water. Katie is revealed to be supporting Leshawna, claiming that she had been friends with her forever, despite being on opposing teams. She giggles when Noah recalls the incident where Leshawna locked Heather in the fridge in If You Can't Take The Heat.... Katie and Sadie are the main ones responsible for Leshawna's elimination, saying it would be "fun" to have her on the resort (forgetting that this would mean that Leshawna would be out of the competition). Meanwhile, Chris tricks everyone into eliminating Leshawna by counting the people saying her name as a vote. However, Katie did not intend for Leshawna to be eliminated.


Katie and Sadie, together in the confessional, gushing over Justin.

During Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, she and Sadie teamed up with Justin, but he abandoned them in a cave after getting irritated with their chattiness. She then got into another feud with Sadie after arguing over who Justin liked the most, though in reality, he disliked both of them. They managed to make up while climbing up the diving board after being chased by a moose. Though most people on the board were able to make it to the dock and qualify to compete in the next season, both Katie and Sadie fell into the tub below and were unable to get to the dock in time. Katie and Sadie seem content with this and look forward to watching the action from the sidelines as they would have done from home anyway.

Total Drama Action


Katie and Sadie are too busy staring at Trent instead of talking to Gwen about the couple's recent conflict.

Katie is seen with Sadie (along with the others who did not qualify and the current castmates voted off) in The Aftermath: I, a sideshow that is hosted by Bridgette and Geoff. When given the opportunity to speak their opinion on the breakup of Gwen and Trent, Sadie and Katie took Trent's and even volunteer to be his new girlfriend, though he does not appear to be interested in either of them. Nonetheless, Sadie and Katie remain consistently sympathetic towards him. Katie tells Geoff and Bridgette that every time she thinks about Trent, she throws up in her mouth and Sadie admits the same. When debating about whether Heather kissed Trent or whether they kissed at the same time, the two best friends had their third fight (shown on the series), but when Trent explains where his number Nine obsession came from, they quickly make up.

In the The Aftermath: II, it is revealed that her and Sadie have started a Trent Fan Club/Anti-Gwen Club. It seems both her and Sadie have newly developed a major crush on Trent, and a hatred for Gwen due to Gwen breaking up with him. They spent most of the episode flirting with him instead of answering questions.

Katie also appears in The Aftermath: III, Mutiny on the Soundstage and The Aftermath: IV, but she does not say anything.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, she and Sadie seem to have resolved their conflict with Gwen, and are now quite friendly with her. They served as her assistants for her web show due to Leshawna not being able to, most likely due to being on a reality show with Tyler, although they were unwittingly more of an annoyance to Gwen. Nonetheless, they wore green colors of their regular clothing at the Gemmie Awards in support of "going green" for Gwen. Because they were part of the search party that went to get help after the bus crashed, she ended up not competing in the next season and having to watch from the sidelines.

Total Drama World Tour


Katie and Trent in the aftermath studio.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, Katie returns as a commentator and is sitting with the other commentators in the peanut gallery. She strongly hugs Trent as they remember they still have each other when Blaineley asks about not getting into the new season. She seems happy not to be in this season like all the other non-returning contestants. When it is revealed that Ezekiel is hiding on the plane, Katie thinks that he might be a ghost. This idea frightens Sadie, causing her to scream. She is seen screaming when Trent, Justin and Harold sing the song Baby, along with Beth and Sadie, and even starts to fight with them over The Drama Brothers. During I'm Sorry, when Geoff reminds Bridgette of her actions in front of his friends, she looks at Sadie in sorrow, and when the song ends, she is seen crying with Sadie over how romantic it was.

Katie sadie gush

Katie, Beth, and Sadie are excited when The Drama Brothers perform.

Katie appears in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, however, she does not play a very large role. She, along with the rest of the peanut gallery, which now includes Harold, are accepting calls for donations to fix the plane. At first, she is spending time talking to Sadie over the phone, but later receives many calls throughout the various segments. She is also attacked by a panda bear when Blaineley releases the animals that DJ hurt over the course of the season. She, along with the rest of the peanut gallery, is tied up above the shark tank, until Izzy causes the bomb to explode. Katie is then seen lying on the floor next to one of the sharks.

Katie appears in the peanut gallery again during Aftermath Aftermayhem. She catches a can of peanuts, but they are normal peanuts, so she doesn't receive a chance to enter the competition. She doesn't seem too irritated by this, and she doesn't do much throughout the rest of the episode.
Sadie Compliments Alejandro

Katie along with the rest of Alejandro's team, cheering.

In Hawaiian Style, Katie is shown to support Alejandro, along with Courtney, Lindsay, Sadie, and Tyler.

Katie appears in Hawaiian Punch with the rest of the ex-contestants. She is still rooting for Alejandro, but looks disappointed when he won the tie-breaker challenge. She is also seen at the end of the episode running to escape the island with the rest of the cast after Heather threw Alejandro's pineapple sacrifice in the volcano, causing it to erupt and is later seen swimming away from the island with the others. In Heather's ending, Katie is seen cheering when Heather wins the season, along with the one million dollars prize.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Katie appears on the yacht with the other veterans. She and Sadie are both hugging Trent, crushing him in between them.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Audition tape

View this video for Katie's audition tape.

Katie's dance moves.

Katie's audition tape functions as both her's and Sadie's. In it, Katie and Sadie are dancing, and Katie does a twirl that knocks over the camera. After Sadie turns the camera off to get it upright again, the two have a pillow fight, and Katie hits Sadie softly while Sadie hits Katie hard by accident, rendering her unconscious.

Camp TV


Katie's Camp TV design.

Katie was given a design that depicted her with a completely different hair style with roughly the same shirt (though sleeveless), but with Capri pants. Additionally, her outfit was not identical to Sadie's (what was also planned for the show). She is also shown to be drawn with a slightly larger chest. It is unknown if her and Sadie were best friends in the promo since neither of them were featured in it. Only her feet were shown in the showers. This prototype design is shown in Rock n' Rule, as one of the many cardboard photographers. In Jamaica Me Sweat, this promo design was featured as the first female intern ever seen in the series, serving Chris and Chef in the bobsled challenge.


  • Katie was the first female to ever receive a symbol of immunity. In her case, it was a marshmallow.
  • Katie has gone the longest of any contestant in Total Drama history without competing, as she was eliminated in the sixth episode of Total Drama Island, and has not competed since.
  • Katie, along with Sadie, Eva, and Blaineley, is one of the only contestants from the first three seasons that has competed on only one season.
    • Katie, Sadie, and Eva all didn't make the last two seasons, whereas Blaineley was introduced in Total Drama World Tour.
    • Katie is one of five contestants to have competed in only one season, yet be on two teams, the others being Brick, Dakota, Max, and Sky.
      • She is the only person from the first generation cast to do so.
  • Katie is one of only eleven contestants to switch teams (as well as one of the first two to do so), the others being Izzy, Sierra, Brick, Scott, Jo, Duncan, Courtney, Cameron, Max, and Sky.
  • Excluding the second and third generation cast, Katie and Blaineley are the only contestants in Total Drama history to never get a "Best of" video after their elimination.
  • Katie is the first female to ever get a marshmallow. Ironically, she is the lowest-ranking female in Total Drama Island due to Eva's return (as well as the entire series).
  • In Haute Camp-ture, it is revealed that Katie and Sadie are from Toronto, Ontario, making them the two of the only few contestants to have their hometown revealed.
  • Katie is the first competitor in the series to return to the show after their elimination; however this was in order to meet up with Sadie after she was eliminated in Who Can You Trust?.
  • Katie, Sierra, and Izzy are the only contestants in the entire cast to switch with someone in order to be on the opposite team.
    • As a result, she is the only member of the original cast to not be on a team with Izzy.
  • In her Camp TV design, Katie's shirt and hair are clothing and hair styles players can choose in Best. Game. Ever; players have to buy the shirt at the vending machine.
  • Katie and Sadie have two audition tapes which feature no spoken lines at all.
  • In The Sucky Outdoors, it is revealed that Katie only signed up to be on the show because Sadie was picked. This completely contradicts Sadie's biography, which says that she auditioned because Katie did.
    • However, Sadie may have just said this to anger Katie, as the two were arguing at the time.
  • Sadie, Eva, and Katie are the only characters who are aftermath commentators in both season two and season three.
  • Katie and Sadie were the first pair to know each other before they came on the show. The second being Amy and Samey.
    • This is unless one counts Alejandro and Sierra interacting with the contestants before officially competing.
    • Duncan also knew Mike from juvenile detention, although it seems this was not mutual, as Duncan said he "steered way clear of him."
  • Katie, along with Sadie, Tyler, Ezekiel, and Noah, are the only original contestants to never make it to the merge at any point in the series.
  • According to her biography, Katie sews her and Sadie's outfits from scratch.
    • Also confirmed in Katie's biography, she and Sadie had a summer job before entering the Total Drama series; selling their self-made ice cream at a pier. Their most popular flavour was Spumindi Lauper. They are the only characters other than Bridgette, Gwen, Courtney, Shawn, and Noah that are known to have had an occupation prior to Total Drama Island.
    • This makes her the first known competitor to sew her own clothing. The second is Zoey.
    • Also stated in her biography is that Katie, along with Sadie, was raised in the small town of Twig Harbour.


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