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Screaming Gophers
Killer Grips
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDI: Not Quite Famous
TDA: The Princess Pride
Place TDI: 20th
TDA: 7th
Relationship Beth (one-sided attraction, on her side)
Izzy (broken up)
Katie and Sadie (one-sided attraction)
Unknown girl (broken up)
Courtney (attracted to, ended)
Family Mother, Lady Mimi Cici Didi Laduda (aunt)
Friends Cody, Harold, Leshawna, Owen, Trent
Enemies Courtney, Duncan, Eva, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Katie (one-sided on his side), Noah, Sadie (one-sided on his side)
Voiced by Adam Reid

Justin, labeled The Eye Candy, was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. He was also a cast member on Total Drama Action, where he was the main antagonist for the first half of the season before Courtney's debut, and was a member of the Killer Grips. He did not compete on Total Drama World Tour, but appeared in the peanut gallery on the Total Drama World Tour Aftermath. He was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.


Justin is a supermodel of incredible beauty. He is so handsome that he can make everyone around, whether they are female, male, or animal, stop dead in his or her tracks at the mere sight of him. The second he is introduced as a contestant, Chris admits to everyone that the only reason Justin was selected to be on Total Drama was because of his looks, a fact which he is perfectly fine with. Justin is extremely vain and often can be found looking at himself in his mirror. He is manipulative, occasionally using his looks to get something he wants or to get out of something he doesn't want to do. He is also a bit lazy and consistently finds excuses to get out of doing challenges, believing them to be bad for his looks. Deep down, however, it appears Justin is insecure and not as confident as he often acts. For all his vanity, he often overreacts to even the smallest injury to his face, instantly believing himself to be hideous. Justin is also perfectly aware of how much he relies on his looks and isn't anything without them, knowing he lacks both the intelligence and the talent to make it in the world. Despite his faults, Justin isn't necessarily always mean-spirited and tends to be friendly and social towards most of the other contestants.

Total Drama Island


Justin's talent in Not Quite Famous.

Justin arrived with the rest of the cast in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, and upon his arrival, more than half the girls, along with Owen, gushed over him at first glance. Courtney even was enamored enough to say, "" Chris informs Justin that he was chosen to be a Total Drama Island contestant because of his looks. Owen wanted to know where Justin got those "cool" pants and Justin replied they were worn out. Justin is soon placed on the Screaming Gophers. In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Justin joins his team in the first challenge and jumps off the thousand foot cliff into the lake. He doesn't land into the safe zone, but luckily due to his "looks," the sharks don't eat him and just help him get back to land.

Much of Justin's character was unexplored while he was on the island, though Justin did show some underhandedness in The Big Sleep. While the other contestants were trying to stay awake in the challenge, Justin stood completely still with his eyes wide open for several hours. Trent and Gwen were amazed by his complete focus, but when they tried to speak to him, he neglected to respond. They soon discovered that he had painted fake eyes over his eyelids, and Eva immediately noticed and pointed out that he was cheating. He was disqualified from the challenge by Chris since he had been sleeping the entire time (although, Chris commented that Justin's fake eyes were "freakin' cool").

In the episode Not Quite Famous, Justin was unanimously chosen by his team to compete in the talent show when he spilled water on his chest, after putting out a fire, and made it sizzle when touching his skin. In the talent show, he proceeded to pose on stage and pour water on himself. Justin failed to win immunity for his team and was voted off in this episode because Heather convinced her alliance (Beth and Lindsay), Owen (whom she bribed with cake), and Izzy to vote him off.

Throughout the rest of the season, Justin remains a minor character in the background until the special. He never speaks aloud, instead allowing his looks to speak for him. Justin's character remains largely unexplored, leaving him as nothing more than an attractive camper that is admired by the female campers (mainly Katie and Sadie). What he did at Playa Des Losers is unknown outside of his tanning, diving and looking at himself in the mirror. He did, however, seem to form a feud with Noah off-screen, who called Justin "The Anti-Me" in a later episode. Justin's only real role afterward, other than his role in the special, was in the final episode, where Heather pulls off his shirt to try and distract Gwen from winning the final challenge (although this backfired when it ended up distracting Owen as well).

Try this

Izzy manages to steal the suitcase from Justin.

Justin's character starts to shine more in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, where he finally beings to speak once again. In the special, Justin shows that he has a dishonest side, and he eventually abandons Katie and Sadie in a cave when he gets annoyed by their chatter. It's during this episode that Justin unveils his "powers" so that he can win the million dollars. His "power"s take all but Izzy by surprise (though even she falls victim to it), making Eva hate him. Throughout the episode, Justin uses his "powers" in various ways to try and win. At the end of the challenge, he manages to get Chef's plane and parachute down to Lindsay. He takes the case away from Lindsay, but he is then attacked by Eva and Noah, who dump fish on him. Justin immediately begins to panic, and Izzy then slams a bucket onto his head and steals the case from him. Justin begins to aimlessly wander around with the bucket on his head, until his parachute gets tangled up in the stampede and he ends up being dragged all the way to the dock by the other contestants. He was technically the last person to make it to the dock and make it to season two.

Total Drama Action


Justin returns to Total Drama Action with a much stronger competitive drive than before.

Justin's character is much more touched upon than in the previous season. Continuing from the special, Justin is revealed to be a sneaky and manipulative player. Justin takes up the mantle of the main antagonist for the first half of the second season. However, Justin's role as an antagonist is noticeably different from Heather's. Whereas Heather is willing to take charge and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, Justin prefers to get others to do his work for him (as he fears that he will ruin his good looks). Also, while Heather was not afraid to expose her true nature to those she disliked, Justin seems to keep his true nature hidden to everyone and give everyone the impression that he is a nice person. Justin also seems to actually befriend some castmates (as he actually seemed angry about Owen's elimination), whereas Heather avoided making friends entirely. Justin also doesn't like to do very much thinking and prefers others coming up with his plans for him (in the latter half of the second season he talks to his brain as though he hasn't used it in a while). Justin shows that he is very bossy when it comes to his looks (as he causes some rooming issues in the boys' cabin for his skin treatment), similar to Heather's actions in the girls' cabin in the first season. Justin is also very frightened of the simplest of injuries, as he fears they may ruin his good looks (though in Masters of Disasters he gave up trying to protect his looks as no matter what he did, he just wound up failing). He is often seen with Beth, who has a very noticeable crush on him. Much like Heather, he is willing to manipulate people in order to get what he wants. He is constantly flirting with Beth and Lindsay, and as a result, the two are very supportive of him even though he has shown he cares little, if anything, for them, yet they don't seem to realize this. He also puts people in debt to him (as he had Gwen throw the prison challenge in exchange for eliminating Trent).
Say hi

Justin confronts the monster with his charm.

In Monster Cash, Justin is quickly drawn into a monster chase along with the other campers. When Justin is caught, his "powers" apparently cause Chef Hatchet to lower him gently and calmly into the inflatable holding pit (instead of just dropping him like the rest of the cast).

During the alien challenge in Alien Resurr-eggtion, Justin teams up with Beth, Leshawna, and Lindsay. It is here that he starts to show signs of nastiness when he makes sarcastic remarks at Lindsay, who is too awed by his beauty to realize that he is insulting her. Justin and the rest of his team lose the challenge when Chef Hatchet (Mama Alien) traps them with a full dose of "alien slime" (green paint), which he thinks feels good.

His true nature finally comes to full light in Beach Blanket Bogus, in which he seems to be aware that Beth does actually have feelings for him. Justin tags along with her at the beach and tells Beth that he is the only one who did not receive a friendship bracelet. She gives him the one on her wrist, saying it's sweaty, but Justin says it's red and gladly accepts it. Justin reveals in the confessional that he is willing to do anything to win. He then looks at his bracelet and (with a mocking voice) asks if Beth wants to have an alliance, foreshadowing his plans to lure Beth into an alliance in which he can manipulate her whenever he wishes to. This shows that he is a truly manipulative person who is even willing to use love as a way to get what he wants. Even Chris, who is watching, says he and Justin may be related, which he actually doubts.

In 3:10 to Crazytown, Justin starts to find ways of getting out of challenges by stating that he has model rights. Justin has also been shown to treat Beth poorly, as she said that he told her that she looked like a horse (though at first she thought it was a compliment until she thought about it). By eavesdropping, Justin was the one who found out about Trent throwing challenges for Gwen and informed the team. In front of the Killer Grips, Justin accuses Gwen of cheating to get to the final two, and told her to prove that she wasn't in an alliance with Trent. This forces Gwen to tell the Killer Grips to vote off Trent. Justin and the rest of his team eliminate Trent because they were angry about him throwing so many challenges.

Justin seems to have taken on Trent's role as team captain for the Grips, as he appears to be calling the shots for his team for most of The Chefshank Redemption, especially having a say in who does a challenge and telling his teammates to relax when they begin to doubt that Gwen will repay her debt to them. The Grips do win their first challenge in this episode and Gwen is eliminated. He continues to use his charms to get himself out of doing the dirty work, as well as continue to lure Beth further into his influential grasp.

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, to avoid reading the medical books, he decides to enlist Beth's help. He asks her if he squints when he reads. Beth replies with "I'm too distracted by your shirt," therefore, Justin rips off his shirt and Beth reads the whole book to him. Justin smiles and relaxes, getting his way once again. Later in the episode, Justin becomes one of the "victims" of "mortitistical crumbles disease" with the symptom of itchy lips.

In The Sand Witch Project, Justin originally wants to be the "serial killer" for the Grips (believing the mask would protect his face), but Lindsay convinces the team to have Beth perform the task because she can't scream. Later, during the first part of the challenge, Justin is "scared" by Beth, and lets out a pathetic scream, saying that he can't do any better without risking injuring his vocal chords. Justin ends up being in the bottom two with Lindsay at the end of the episode before DJ asks to leave the competition. He objects DJ's decision to quit, and even suggests that Chef Hatchet leave as an alternative.

Justin injured

Justin sustains his first real injury in the Total Drama series in Masters of Disasters.

In Masters of Disasters, Justin is one of the many characters to openly doubt Beth's "boyfriend"'s existence, once Beth pulls out a card with her "boyfriend's" statistics on the back, saying he knew that was where she got the information about her "boyfriend" as he is a "professional male model." Justin is visibly uneasy with Beth's fantasies of having both her "boyfriend" and himself simultaneously, much to Beth's annoyance. For the first time, Justin is visibly injured in a challenge when he is pelted with golf balls and covered in sores. He is devastated about this and is convinced that he will never get his skin care line endorsement because of the injuries he sustained. He later shows mild incompetence when he fights with Lindsay over who gets to have the numbers to the combination lock during the second challenge, causing them to lose their only advantage in the challenge when they drop the paper containing the code into the water, washing the numbers away. Izzy, of all people, shows contempt with both Lindsay and Justin and claims she is surrounded by loons, but Justin seems to not understand what she means.

In Full Metal Drama, Justin begins to seemingly lose his effect on Beth and Lindsay, which greatly worries him. They both suddenly begin to resist his charm, something which rarely happens to him. He thinks math is for ugly people, implying that he hates math. He ends up asking Izzy if she thought he was cute, to which she replies negatively, saying she never thought he was really that cute. This frustrates Justin, and leads to him eventually swaying Lindsay and Beth's vote by using his new hair flip. If he had not convinced others to vote for Izzy, it is clear that he most likely would've been the one leaving, as Beth and Lindsay said they were going to vote for him. He also got another injury on his face and then he thinks he can't take any more abuse to his body or he'll lose it.

During the bank vault challenge in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Lindsay and Beth were stumped as to what the lock combination was. Justin goes over to Chris, stating that hot guys like them need to stick together. In exchange for the combination code, Justin promised Chris a talk about "guy stuff" and a shoulder rub. Justin's closeness towards Chris causes him to feel unconformable. At Courtney's return, she begins slaving for her new team and asks Justin to do something. Due to his modeling, he asks her if there's anything that won't get grease on his epidermis. When Owen is voted off he was furious that Courtney wasn't voted off and that Owen is leaving. He even gives his award to Owen.


Justin in One Million Bucks, B.C.

Justin isn't seen much in One Million Bucks, B.C.. In the beginning, he was commenting about his body and later, he is mysteriously not in the fire building competition. He returns in the second challenge, a duel, where he ties with Harold since Lindsay told him the tar felt very good. His antagonist role is seemingly not shown anymore, as Courtney seems to be the new antagonist. This is the point where Courtney replaces Justin as the main antagonist of the season.

In Million Dollar Babies, he is seen in the beginning of the episode inside the boys' trailer, saying that he was going to move to Canada, until he realized that he is already there. Justin shows that he does not recognize the game badminton when he asks questions about it. When the Badminton challenge is announced, Justin objects, saying that there was no badminton movie and the idea of one would be lame. Chris immediately gets defensive and says that there was a badminton movie and it was very "un-lame." Justin, along with everyone (except Heather), gets mad at Leshawna for what she said about them when she went on her spa trip. He is then put up against Leshawna in the final part of the challenge in a "slam dunk" challenge. He dribbles the ball around the Gaffers and steals Heather's wig before shooting. He lost to Leshawna when she hit him with a basketball and caused him to go into the hoop. He then forgives Leshawna after her apology cheer. At the end of the episode, he helps the Killer Grips win the challenge with their Chris cheer.


Justin considers himself a "circus freak" after getting a black eye.

In Dial M for Merger, Justin spends the episode distraught that Beth had accidentally hit him in the face, thus giving him a black eye. He considered himself a "circus freak." He was content with his work towards the end of the challenge, until the contents of the bombs the contestants were diffusing exploded. Towards the beginning of the episode, he is shown to try and calm down Beth, telling her everything will be okay, but it does not work. Once he learns the teams are now merged, he begins to have 'conversations' with his brain as a running gag throughout the episode. This may have paid off as in both challenges, he used his hand mirror to his advantage (using it to deflect lasers and the sun to cut the wiring on the bomb, even though he failed in both). At the end, he says he and his brain are through as friends.

In Super Hero-ld, Justin forms a guys' alliance between himself, Duncan, and Harold after he notices that they are outnumbered, four to three, and has lost almost all control of Beth and Lindsay and his alliance with them. Justin creates a superhero called "Timberman," strangely similar to Beth's hero. Justin tells the guys to vote off Courtney, even though she is invincible. Justin presumably voted for Leshawna, who Duncan suggested.


Justin is finally eliminated in The Princess Pride.

Justin finally meets his end in The Princess Pride, where once again his "powers" continue to fail on Lindsay and Beth. Justin actually winds up becoming a victim of his own game when he becomes smitten with Courtney. He wonders how Courtney manages to be so determined and asked her. Justin accidentally insults Courtney and believes denial is the way to go. Justin gets another black eye when a glass boot hits him. He grows to like Courtney's feisty personality and forms a fierce rivalry with Duncan. When it comes down to the final challenge, Justin forms a temporary alliance with Harold to keep Duncan from winning the challenge, however, he betrays him in the end. Justin nearly wins the challenge, until he learns he has to sword fight with Courtney to win invincibility. Justin lets his feelings get in the way and surrenders to Courtney (though she still knocks him off the tower). This winds up becoming Justin's fatal mistake, as it prevents him from gaining invincibility and he is voted off at the award ceremony (and by Courtney). Making his elimination worse, his greatly admired body was damaged during the fall, putting him in a full body cast. It seemed as though Justin finally got what he deserved for using Lindsay and Beth since neither of them seemed to even care that he was eliminated.

In the recap for Get a Clue, Justin is seen in the Lame-o-sine holding Courtney's glass boot, but then throws it away.


Justin is hit in the groin in a never-before-seen clip.

In The Aftermath: IV Justin's question boils down to whether the finalists believe he is still attractive. Although Beth admitted that Justin still looked good, it seems as though her attraction to him is gone. At the end of the episode, Beth's boyfriend Brady comes out, and Justin is so surprised at how handsome Brady looks and is slightly bitter towards him. Justin then states that he feels like an ugly person compared to him, and scowls at Beth and her boyfriend as they hug. In Beth's ending, he just looks surprised and regrets voting for Beth.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special Justin seems to have given up his old ways and seems to have actually made some real friendships, although still being a narcissist. After Total Drama Action, Justin started a band with Cody, Trent and Harold and seems to really be friends with them without caring about pure fame and glory. He admits he doesn't know how to play an instrument, but his fans don't care. He does, however, still show an uncaring side when he broke up with his girlfriend over a text message. The band, however, later broke up due to disputes over the music (and Harold wanted to go solo). Justin teams up with everyone to stop Chris' new reality show, but Courtney drives the bus off a cliff. Justin went with a small group of teens to go find help, and wound up missing Chris' rescue and his chance to compete on Total Drama World Tour.

Total Drama World Tour

Trent Justin in TDM

Justin with the Drama Brothers (except Cody).

Justin returns as a commentator in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, now seated in the Peanut Gallery with the others who did not make it into Total Drama World Tour. When Blaineley says "Not so cool, Ezekiel," Justin notes how hilarious it is to use "Ezekiel" and "cool" in the same sentence. Justin is also seen in one of Harold's recaps, first punching him while he is trying to pee when Harold is talking about bladder sizes. He's also seen amongst others lined up to beat up Harold as he calculates a long math problem. When Harold sings Baby, Justin joins his fellow band mates as back up singers for Harold. Despite being just a back up, he manages to psych out Blaineley, who is overwhelmed with excitement and screams for Justin to marry her as she faints. He then leaves with Trent and Harold, after being chased by a yellow school bus full of private school girls.

Justin appears again in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon as a commentator taking calls from viewers. He and the Drama Brothers play the music for Save This Show. When Blaineley suggests that the Drama Brothers get back together, he thinks it is a bad idea. He is seen being tied up and lowered into the shark infested tank by Blaineley, along with the other ex-contestants, as Izzy defuses a bomb. Once the bomb explodes, Justin is seen lying on a nearby diving board. In a deleted scene he is shown being pushed out of the aftermath studio in pain on a gurney after the the bomb explodes.

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Justin is still in the Peanut Gallery. He plays tambourine with the rest of the The Drama Brothers in Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley. Justin does not get a chance to join season three, as the can he had received contained regular peanuts.

In Hawaiian Style, Justin chooses to join Team Cody, along with most of the Peanut Gallery. When Bridgette notes that Heather's team only has one team member and Alejandro's has five, she forces Justin, along with Eva, Leshawna, and Owen to join Heather's team. He smiles evilly along with the rest of his team when they decide to nominate Blaineley to play for Heather.

In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Justin was seen with the other eliminated contestants, waiting for one of the final three contestants to arrive.

In Hawaiian Punch, Justin didn't speak during the episode. He was angry at Alejandro for almost killing Cody by knocking him into the shark-infested waters. At the end of the episode, Justin was seen with the other contestants at the top of the volcano. He was last seen swimming away from the island, as the volcano erupted.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


Beth admires Justin.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Justin appears on the boat, along with the other original contestants. He is seen charming Beth again, until a seagull poops on his hair, disturbing them both.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Audition tape

View this video for Justin's audition tape.
Justin audition

Justin's audition on the beach.

Justin is shown sitting on the beach holding up a starfish, while in the background a voice repeats his name three times. A dolphin then swims onto shore in an effort to be closer to Justin.

Camp TV


Justin's Camp TV design.

Justin was one of the characters to appear in Camp TV. His design looks nearly identical to his current design in body shape and outfit. The only real difference is his face, which had dotted eyes and a much sweeter smile.


  • Justin is one of the seventeen contestants who has competed on two seasons so far. The others are Alejandro, Sierra, Trent, Geoff, Beth, Ezekiel, Cody, Tyler, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Sam, and Noah.
  • Coincidentally, while Justin only speaks in two episodes of Total Drama Island, he doesn't speak in two episodes in Total Drama Action.
  • He is the first male antagonist of the series.
    • He is also the only antagonist whose relationship with everyone else is not entirely a conflict.
      • This is because only a few contestants know of his true nature, while others are too busy being attracted to him to notice.
    • He is the only main antagonist of the first two generations in the series to not return for Total Drama All-Stars.
  • In 3:10 to Crazytown, Justin shows that he has a contract with Gluteus Maximus Modeling, and uses a clause in it to get out of doing a challenge.
  • Justin, along with Sky, Izzy, Beth, Sam, and Trent are the contestants to have been confirmed to date someone not on the show.
  • Justin and DJ are the only two characters to have visited their country/state of origin in Total Drama World Tour.
    • Justin, although not a contestant, was present at Hawaii in the finale.
    • DJ visited Jamaica.
  • Justin, Izzy, Tyler, DJ, Cody, and Cameron are the only contestants to be eliminated in an episode where they get severely injured in.
  • Justin is the contestant with the most suitors on the show. He is also one of the seven boys to have more than one girl attracted to him. The others are Trent, Alejandro, Duncan, Harold, Mike, and Dave.
    • He might have had a relationship with Izzy before the show, or after both of them were eliminated in Total Drama Island.
    • Lindsay and Beth both shared a crush on him during the second season.
    • Owen has been shown to be attracted to him on some occasions. He is the only male contestant to do so.
    • Katie and Sadie were madly in love with him at the start of the series, all the way to Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island.
    • Leshawna has shown much love to him as seen in Alien Resurr-eggtion, where she calls him a hunk and Dial M for Merger, where she tells him that he had a beautiful smile and even calling him "hot stuff."
    • He had a large infatuation with Courtney in The Princess Pride (even going as far as trying to kiss her and fighting over her), but it was all a setup by Courtney.
    • He briefly dated an unknown girl while he was in The Drama Brothers, but later broke up with her via text messaging.
    • Additionally, every female contestants from the original cast fall for him at least once before three of them realize his antagonistic side.
  • Justin reveals that he votes for Beth to win Total Drama Action, in Beth's ending of The Aftermath: IV.
  • Justin was the second person (Cody being the first) that used the confessional to foreshadow an event. Justin foreshadowed him falling in the tar in One Million Bucks, B.C..
  • Justin is one of the eight characters to have visible abs; the others being Chris, Chef, DJ, Alejandro, Geoff, Lightning, and Mike. He also mentions in Full Metal Drama that he has a "twelve pack."
  • Justin is one of the characters to have their ethnicity confirmed as Todd Kauffman confirmed that he is from Hawaii.
    • This makes him the only confirmed American contestant in the series.
  • Justin is the highest ranking male from Total Drama Action that did not compete on Total Drama World Tour.
    • Interestingly, he is the lowest ranking male from Total Drama Island to compete in Total Drama Action.
  • Justin is the only character with colored eyes and pupils.
  • Justin, Chef, Lightning, Cameron, B, and Leonard are the only males to have prominent lips.
  • Justin, along with Trent and Geoff, are the only males to compete in Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action, but not in Total Drama World Tour.
  • Justin is indirectly responsible for Katie, Sadie, Noah, Eva, Cody, Tyler, Ezekiel, and Courtney not qualifying for Total Drama Action, and even for the case being destroyed, causing the new season:
    • He left Katie and Sadie in a cave, and flew the plane that crashed into the diving board they were standing on, knocking them into the green jelly pool.
    • He stole the case from Noah, Eva, and Izzy, causing the two former to throw fish water from the top of the communal washrooms, and could not get down in time to qualify.
    • Cody and Tyler were on top of the diving board when Justin's plane crashed into it, sending them into the pool of green jelly.
    • The parachute he used to jump from the plane covered Ezekiel, blocking his way to the dock.
    • Courtney was also on top of the diving board, and fell into the green jelly pool (though she eventually joined Total Drama Action through a lawsuit).
  • Justin is the only member of the Screaming Gophers to never kiss another contestant.
  • Justin, Alejandro, Duncan, Izzy, Lindsay, Owen, Brick, and Mike (as his alternate personalities) are the only contestants that have theme music dedicated to them. In Justin's case, his music is played whenever he takes off his shirt and uses his "powers."
  • Justin is one of the four contestants that did not qualify for Total Drama World Tour and sang, the others are Eva, Geoff and Trent.


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