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Jennifer "Jen" was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant as a member of The Fashion Bloggers with Tom.


Jen is a world-renowned fashion blogger, along with her best friend Tom, who updates her blog on a daily basis about what's hot and what's not. She is a sweet fashionista who is sure that her fabulous taste, trending skills, undying spirit and her huge will to win will guarantee her victory. According to her, when she sets her mind on something, it happens. Jen is also constantly working on her tan and often falls victim to the allure of spontaneous shopping sprees. She and her partner Tom plan to go far in the competition, while teaching the other contestants a little something about competing with style.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race


Jen, along with Tom, are the first to reach the observation deck.

Jen is first introduced in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1 with her partner and fellow fashion blogger, Tom, where she gives a shout out to the fans of their blog. They gain an early lead after being the only ones to take the first elevator, despite that all the buttons were accidentally pushed and are the first team to arrive for the 'scare' challenge. However, she and Tom are frightened by the sky-walk and hesitate to do the challenge, long enough for other teams who are also doing the 'scare' challenge to catch up to them. They eventually do the challenge and made to the second plane. During the challenge in the following episode, Jen was shown warning Tom to stop drinking the stew too fast to avoid getting any stain on his shirt, which Tom agreed. They finish in tenth place.


Jen and Tom run through Paris with their shopping bags.

In French is an Eiffel Language, both Jen and Tom are ecstatic when the next location is revealed to be Paris, the "fashion capital of the universe". After unintentionally causing one team to get into an accident, the two arrive in Paris where their taxi gets a flat tire in the middle of a shopping district. Jen sees this as a sign that they are destined to go shopping, and despite some minor protest from Tom, the two eagerly run into the nearest store. After awhile, the two finally arrive to the first challenge, where Jen has to draw a caricature of Tom. The two make it through the catacombs safely, though they are scared off by the shadow of a rat, and eventually make it to the Seine River. Realizing that their raft will not fit both them and their shopping bags, Jen makes a "big sacrifice" to get her hair wet and jumps into the river to push their raft. They finish in seventh place.

Jen displays her magnetic charisma and charm throughout the following episodes as she and Tom breeze through the race with poise and style. This is especially evident in Bjorken Telephone, where Jen is able to receive the travel tip by simply complimenting the local on her dress without the need to say the Icelandic phrase.

The Fashion Bloggers reconcile.

Her friendship with Tom becomes tested in A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, where she and Tom get into an argument after Carrie poses the question of who originally started their fashion blog. Throughout the episode, the two argue with each other, protesting that it was their own idea to start the blog and that they have been carrying the other ever since. Fortunately, the fued ends by the end of the episode, where after Tom injures himself after attempting the Botch or Watch multiple times, Jen becomes greatly concerned and apologizes to him for their fight. The two make up and Tom finishes the challenge just in time for the final race to the Chill Zone. However, they do not make it in time, and the Bloggers are cut from the race. As the pair takes their leave, Jen explains that she was happy to do the race with Tom and that their near death experiences were worth it in the end.

In A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, Jen appears with the other eliminated teams, applauding as the final both races to the final Chill Zone. She is last seen in the final group shot.




  • Jen and her partner Tom along with Heather, Gwen, and Sierra, are the only characters known to have created a blog.
  • She is the only contestant to wear sunglasses as a part of her design.


  • Jen and Tom were originally supposed to be assistant producers.
  • It's revealed in French is an Eiffel Language that her and Tom's blog is named "Now Trending with Tom and Jen".



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