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This article focuses on the interactions between Izzy and Noah.



Izzy and Noah, along with Eva, join forces to search for the million dollar case.

The two barely interact during Total Drama Island, due to Noah's early elimination. While their friendship is initially only hinted at by Izzy's lighthearted teasing in Haute Camp-ture, it plays a much larger part in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, where Izzy and Noah form a team, along with Eva, to find the million dollars. Since Noah and Izzy end up on the same team in the third season, the friendship between the two grows much more. Despite being polar opposites and the fact that Noah is occasionally put off by Izzy's strange antics and jokes at his expense, the two appear to have a stable friendship.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

Fixing a crate

Noah, Izzy, and Trent work on a crate together.

During the hot tub building challenge, Noah and Izzy, along with Trent, are seen working on a crate together, with Noah holding it in place while Izzy hammers the edge of the crate.


Izzy, along with the rest of her team, glares at Noah for refusing to help the Screaming Gophers in the challenge.

Haute Camp-ture

He kissed a guy

Izzy teases Noah for kissing a guy.

Izzy jokes with Noah by saying, "Just throwing a few shrimps on the barbie. Hey, Noah, that means you! Just kidding!" to which Noah glares at her. Izzy teases Noah for accidentally kissing Cody's ear in The Big Sleep. Noah vehemently tries to deny this, until Trent confirms it to be true. Later, Izzy comments that she needs to go to the bathroom; when she doesn't move from her spot in the pool. Noah soon realizes what that means, and abruptly pulls his feet out of the water with a horrified yelp.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island

Izzy and Noah, along with Eva, form an alliance to search for the million dollar case. At one point, Izzy suddenly calls the other two, and they look up in surprise to see her hanging from a tree. Watching Izzy's weird antics prompted Noah to make a confessional questioning Izzy's sanity (or lack thereof). Soon, the trio took the case from Courtney and head towards the Dock of Shame. Along the way, Izzy cheerily tells them that she wants to change her name to "Kaleidoscope," or "E-scope" for short. The group then run into Justin, who takes off his shirt in order to emit a distracting, heavenly glow. Noah raises his arms to block the light and turns his head, telling Izzy not to fall for the trick, and to look away from the light. Izzy tries to look away, but fails, and gives Justin the case. Noah tries to get the case back, but a still mind-controlled Eva trips him, muttering about Justin deserving the money. After the two girls regain their consciousness, Noah remind them what they have done and scolds them.


Noah and Eva accept Izzy as team leader and salute her.

Afterwards, the team is seen in the Boathouse, dressed in the paintball gear from Paintball Deer Hunter, with Izzy and Noah wearing identical hunter gear. Izzy then begins to give orders and explain her plan, ending her speech with, "You got that!?" to which both Eva and Noah salute and reply, "Yes, Sergeant E-Scope!," having gotten used to the nickname. Later, the three are seen lurking behind the communal bathrooms, waiting for Justin. However, when an angry moose runs by chasing some contestants, a panicked Izzy calls a retreat and all three quickly withdraw from the wall.

Later, Izzy leads the team in throwing buckets of chum and fish at Justin as he tries to manipulate Lindsay. Izzy then grabs the case and runs to the docks, where she later qualifies for Total Drama Action, whereas Noah and Eva are not qualified to compete in the upcoming season.

Total Drama Action

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special


Noah sarcastically accepts Izzy's task.

Izzy tells Sierra many secrets about her fellow contestants in order to earn money. Among all the secrets includes Noah wearing false teeth. When deciding on how will they be able to reach New York in time, Izzy asks Noah to get her three gallons of diesel fuel, and he sarcastically tells her that he'll get his pet unicorn to deliver it to her. Not noticing his sarcasm, Izzy shouts "perfect!" Later in the episode, she reflects on how Noah was Chris's assistant, while the bus is falling off a cliff.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

Noah and Izzy participate in the pyramid challenge together with Owen. Noah helps dress Izzy up as a mummy, but they get separated. Noah and Owen think that they find Izzy at one point, but it's actually turns out to be Ezekiel. Owen is unable to tell the difference (attempting to kiss what he perceives to be Izzy), but Noah realizes that it isn't Izzy and quickly tells Owen to run. Once Izzy runs out of the pyramid with a still mummified Ezekiel, a horrified Noah tells her that she's carrying "the undead," to which Izzy excitedly proclaims, "Cool!" Due to them being separated in the pyramid, Noah and Izzy finish at different times and end up on separate teams. Noah ends up on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and Izzy ends up on Team Amazon.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2


Noah telling Izzy that she can't help Team Amazon.

When Izzy and Sierra swap teams, Heather and Courtney try to get Izzy to assist them by Courtney telling Izzy to tell the camel to get in the boat. Noah objects, saying that Izzy is on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and not Team Amazon anymore, he then instructs Izzy not to speak to the camel, to which Izzy happily agrees, declaring, "Ooh, fun!"

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better


Izzy and Noah celebrating their victory.

Noah and Owen are about to jump on to the ice floes for the challenge, where Noah watches Izzy first, who does it with ease, and says "if Nutsy can do it, we can too." When Noah gets on the sled Izzy greets him cheerfully and informs him that, "someone stole our radio." Noah is the only one who seems concerned that Izzy is covered in radioactive waste, since she had dipped herself in the radioactive goop crate they were instructed to carry on the sled. When their team wins, Noah and Izzy enthusiastically high-five each other in celebration.

Broadway, Baby!

When the carriage Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is transporting is revealed to contain a baby instead of Noah, Izzy gasps in alarm and exclaims, "Noah regressed into a baby!"

Slap Slap Revolution

Nizzy Carry

Izzy carrying Noah in Germany.

During the first part of the challenge, Alejandro instructs Noah to keep Izzy away from the meat grinder, since she could hurt herself, and tosses her to him from above. Noah raises his arms to catch her, but the impact sends them both to the ground, followed by Noah complaining about his pelvis being injured. Later, Izzy is shown happily carrying Noah around in her arms, to which Noah does not object.

The Am-AH-Zon Race


Izzy stuffs Noah in her backpack before riding down the zipline.

During the zip-line part of the challenge Noah and Izzy are the final members of their team to cross the river, Chris then asks which one of them would be crossing next. Izzy gives him two thumbs-up and explains that, "Izzy has a plan!," as she then stores a startled Noah in her backpack, which she puts on before swinging across the river, carrying Noah with her. Noah does not seem to expect this, but does not seem to be upset about it, as he and Izzy are seen walking together and smiling in the next scene. After the team reaches a camping spot, Owen begins to complain about his desire for nachos, to which Noah sarcastically begins to list the ingredients that they would need in order to make them. Izzy then asks Noah to slow down his dictation, and it is revealed that she is actually writing down all the food items that Noah was listing.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

In the beginning of the episode, when Owen is unable to think of any good emotion he feels when Izzy is with him, Noah asks Owen if he is happy when Izzy's not around and points out that she's a Brazil-nut sized nut job.

Newf Kids on the Rock

After Izzy manages to catch a massive fish during the boat-rowing portion of the challenge, Noah smiles proudly at her.

Jamaica Me Sweat


Noah asks Owen where Izzy is.

Noah thinks that it's a good idea for Owen to break up with Izzy, calling her as "nutty as a ten-ton bag of pecans smothered in peanut butter encased in a cashew the size of China." He also shows no sign of concern for Izzy when she is injured, but does seem surprised when Izzy was removed from the competition.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

When the original cast appears on a yacht, Izzy is messing around, hanging upside-down from the edge and playing with two life preservers. Noah simply stares down at her with a dull look.


  • Both, along with Courtney and Heather, are among the few original contestants that were not planned to appear in Camp TV.
  • They are two of three characters to have had their IQ revealed, the other one being Alejandro.
  • Both are some of the few contestants who are not afraid of Eva.
  • Both have been the lowest-ranking member of their gender on a team twice.
    • Both have also been the first voted out members of their gender on all of their teams.
  • They are on the same teams in both seasons Noah competes in.
  • Both were the third contestant to be eliminated in a season:

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