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I'm Winning This is the twenty-eighth song featured in Total Drama World Tour, sung in Hawaiian Style. It is sung by Courtney, Harold, and Owen while they are surfing down a hill for a challenge, trying to win an advantage for their respective finalists that they are each supporting.


Courtney: Rockin' it Hawaii style!
Surfing down this magic mile!
Hoping I don't get burned by,
The lava that's a-flyin'!
Harold: One last chance to prove my might.
That's what keeps me up at night!
Why else would I volunteer,
For something death-defyin'?
Courtney: I'm winning for real!
Harold: Yeah, yeah!
I'm winning this deal!
Courtney: Yeah, yeah!
I'm a surfing genie!
Harold: Yeah, yeah!
I'm winning, you'll see!
Courtney: Yeah, yeah!
Owen: Sure, you're stiff, and don't move much,
So what if you can't such and such,
You're the queen...
...of Heather's team! So!
Go show them you're a winner!
Courtney: I'm winning for Al!
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Courtney: Cause I'm his kind of ga-al.
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Harold: Cody needs my mad skills!
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Harold: Givin' Leshawna...
Some thrills!
(lava starts shooting from the sky)
Courtney: Ah! Ah! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! D'ah!
Harold: Ow! No fair!
Owen: This is messed up, it's true!
Sorry, Blaineley, don't sue!
Harold: Step aside, let me through!
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Courtney: I'm still coming for you,
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Courtney: Oh, I'm winning this time!
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Harold: Sorry Courtney, it's mine!
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Owen: Sorry about my behind.
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Courtney, Harold and Owen: Oh, I'm winning this time! Yeah, yeah, yeah!


  • This is the only aftermath song cued by the musical note and chime.
  • All of the singers in the song were eliminated in a row in Total Drama Action.
  • The three singers were on different teams during Total Drama World Tour, with Harold on Team Victory, Owen on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and Courtney on Team Amazon.
  • This is the only song that Harold sings in after his elimination where he does not rap.
    • This is the only song that Harold sings (and performs) in the Aftermaths without the Drama Brothers.
  • Harold is the only singer never to be part of a double elimination, and the only one of the three to quit the competition.
  • This is one of two aftermath songs that none of the aftermath hosts participate in. The other was Baby, which coincidentally also had Harold as a singer.
  • This is the only aftermath song to be put up by Cartoon Network for downloading.



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