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I'm Winning This is the twenty-eighth song featured in Total Drama World Tour, sung in Hawaiian Style. It is sung by Courtney, Harold, and Owen while they are surfing down a hill for a challenge, trying to win an advantage for their respective finalists that they are each supporting.


Courtney: Rockin' it Hawaii style!
Surfing down this magic mile!
Hoping I don't get burned by,
The lava that's a-flyin'!
Harold: One last chance to prove my might.
That's what keeps me up at night!
Why else would I volunteer,
For something death-defyin'?
Courtney: I'm winning for real!
Harold: Yeah, yeah!
I'm winning this deal!
Courtney: Yeah, yeah!
I'm a surfing genie!
Harold: Yeah, yeah!
I'm winning, you'll see!
Courtney: Yeah, yeah!
Owen: Sure, you're stiff, and don't move much,
So what if you can't such and such,
You're the queen...
...of Heather's team! So!
Go show them you're a winner!
Courtney: I'm winning for Al!
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Courtney: Cause I'm his kind of ga-al.
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Harold: Cody needs my mad skills!
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Harold: Givin' Leshawna...
Some thrills!
(lava starts shooting from the sky)
Courtney: Ah! Ah! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! D'ah!
Harold: Ow! No fair!
Owen: This is messed up, it's true!
Sorry, Blaineley, don't sue!
Harold: Step aside, let me through!
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Courtney: I'm still coming for you,
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Courtney: Oh, I'm winning this time!
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Harold: Sorry Courtney, it's mine!
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Owen: Sorry about my behind.
Chorus: Yeah, yeah!
Courtney, Harold and Owen: Oh, I'm winning this time! Yeah, yeah, yeah!





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