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Killer Bass
Screaming Gaffers
Team Victory
Gender Male
Hair color Auburn
Eye color Black (dotted)
Eliminated TDI: X-Treme Torture
TDA: 2008: A Space Owen
TDWT: Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan
Place TDI: 13th
TDA: 5th
TDWT: 17th
Relationship Beth (one-sided attraction on her side)
Heather (formerly attracted)
Leshawna (broken up, currently attracted to)
Family Brother, mother, sister
Friends Beth, Bridgette, Cody, DJ, Justin, Leshawna, Owen, Trent
Enemies Alejandro, Blaineley, Courtney, Duncan, Ezekiel
Voiced by Brian Froud

Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady V, labeled The Dweeb, was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Killer Bass. He was also a cast member on Total Drama Action, and was placed on the Screaming Gaffers. He later competed on Total Drama World Tour as a member of Team Victory. He was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.


A skinny, awkward-looking guy, Harold takes immense pride in his numerous "mad skills." Although he isn't much to look at and is often disrespected by many of the other contestants, including his own teammates, Harold is actually an incredibly resourceful young man of many talents and has won several challenges, both for himself and his various teams. Harold's geeky interests, his somewhat poor personal hygiene, and his know-it-all personality often make him an outcast amongst his fellow contestants and a perfect target for bully Duncan. Although Duncan hates Harold for his uncool ways and Harold hates Duncan for his bad attitude, it appears the two have begrudging respect for one another at the same time. A telling confessional Harold makes in One Million Bucks, B.C. points out that both are willing to put their differences aside when forced to work together. In Total Drama Island, Harold develops a crush on Leshawna and, although she is initially put off by the strange boy, she eventually comes to see him as a true and loyal friend. He has an interest in music, as evidenced by his skills in beat boxing, keyboard, and rapping. Harold was also one of four boys to be in The Drama Brothers, and sometimes interrupted the songs in Total Drama World Tour to add his own hip-hop section.

Total Drama Island

Harold arrives in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1 with his keyboard. He is impressed with the condition of the camp, saying that it is "more favorable to his skills." He also unintentionally insults Leshawna when she arrives by calling her "big and loud," which prompts her to try to attack him and have to be restrained by DJ and Bridgette. Towards the end of the episode, he is placed on the Killer Bass team. He later claims that he gets hypocalcaemic pretty bad if he doesn't get enough sugar.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Harold has no problem jumping off the cliff for the challenge, and although he lands in the safe zone he also lands on his crotch, causing even the sharks to wince in empathy for his pain. He is not shown much for the rest of the episode, but is safe when his team loses.

In The Big Sleep, Harold walks the twenty kilometer run with Gwen, Katie, and Sadie. He attempts to befriend Gwen, but she tells him not to talk to her. During the Awake-a-Thon, Harold falls asleep rather early. He is later pranked by Duncan who makes Harold wet his pants. When his team loses for the second time in a row, Harold is in the bottom two with Eva, but gets the final marshmallow.


Harold fails to impress Leshawna.

In the beginning of Dodgebrawl, Harold walks into the mess hall sporting a drawn on mustache (courtesy of Duncan), earning laughs from everyone in the mess hall. At the beginning of the challenge, Courtney blames Harold for Duncan being asleep thanks to Harold's snoring the night before. Harold participates in the first round of the dodgeball game and tries to throw the ball at Leshawna, but is quickly eliminated by her. Harold is then forced to sit out for most of the game, but Geoff pities Harold and allows him to join the game. Eventually, Harold ends up as the final Killer Bass left on their side of the court opposite Owen of the Screaming Gophers. Owen throws multiple dodgeballs at him which Harold dodges in a fashion similar to the Matrix. Owen throws one last dodgeball at Harold which he catches and wins the challenge. He is then carried off by the other Killer Bass in celebration, and accredits his evasive skills to his figure-skating classes.

In Not Quite Famous, Harold attempts to audition for the talent show by beatboxing, but is rejected by Courtney before he can even audition. Later, when all the other Killer Bass are unable to do the show due to being puked on or not having a good talent, Courtney and Bridgette reluctantly send Harold up. Harold does his beatboxing which wows everyone including the Screaming Gophers. He gets a perfect score of nine from Chef Hatchet and wins the challenge for the Bass once again.

Harold has no lines in The Sucky Outdoors, but is shown to be scared by Duncan's hook story and is seen glaring at Bridgette angrily when she burnt down the Bass' tent, despite their friendship.

In Phobia Factor, Harold reveals that he has a fear of Ninjas. Later, when he is confronted by Ninjas in the washroom, he takes out a set of nunchucks and begins to use them, only to be then knocked unconscious when he hits himself in the head with them.

In Up the Creek, Harold didn't speak, and he partnered up with Sadie, but Duncan also randomly paired up with the two when they had to canoe to Boney Island. Harold seemed to be worried about it. Harold was responsible for losing his teams oars, by throwing them in the fire out of desperation to win the fire building challenge, however, DJ managed to push the canoes back quicker than the other team, meaning Harold and his team won the challenge.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Harold was a paintball hunter for the Killer Bass, along with Geoff and Bridgette. Bridgette didn't like the idea of shooting people, but Harold reminded her that Heather was a deer, which convinced Bridgette to participate in the challenge. Later, Harold, Geoff and Bridgette spotted the paintball fight between Leshawna, Heather and Beth and started shooting at them for fun, just as it was announced that the hunt was over.

Harold's new look

One of many pranks aimed at Harold by Duncan.

In If You Can't Take The Heat..., Duncan wakes up and notices Harold's used underwear inches from him. Harold denies the underwear is his even though DJ points out his mom sewed his name on them, and as Harold leaves to take a shower, Duncan, Geoff, and DJ decide to teach Harold a lesson. Later, Geoff secretly picks up all of Harold's clothes on the floor with a stick, before going back to the kitchen and signaling DJ, who deliberately spills a bucket of water on Harold. Harold says "Smooth move, Dorkahontas." and Geoff says Harold better change. Later, Duncan and Courtney quibble but are interrupted by Harold entering, wearing his thong underwear with nothing over them, and wanting to know who took all of his shorts. Later, Harold is told by the guys to go back to the cabin for a pair of underwear and shorts, but is unaware the guys have soaked the underwear with hot sauce and when he puts them on, he yells "My biscuits are burning!" and plunges into the lake shortly afterward. Harold enters the kitchen wearing pajamas, but still refuses to acknowledge leaving his underwear around the cabin. Harold takes a bite out of a sandwich offered to him by Geoff, and discovers his underwear in the sandwich. Geoff then says they'll return his clothes when Harold admits to leaving his underwear all over the cabin.

Later on in the same episode, Duncan, Geoff, and DJ drag Harold's bed to the dock while he is asleep. The next day, Harold wakes up stark naked and at the boat dock in presence of the girls (Heather, Courtney, Leshawna, Lindsay, Bridgette, Gwen, and Sadie), who are swimming in the lake giggling at him. Harold shrieks with embarrassment and covers himself with a pillow. He says he'll never leave his crusty underwear around again like before and begs for his clothes back. With that, he gets his pants back and runs to the cabin, hiding himself, to get dressed.


Duncan, DJ, and Geoff's final trick for the episode worked.

In Who Can You Trust?, Harold is partnered with Bridgette for the blind trapeze portion of the challenge. Bridgette is reluctant to jump at first but Harold convinces her to trust him, she jumps and the Killer Bass win that portion of the challenge. When the Killer Bass lose again, Harold is in the bottom two once more, but it is Sadie who is eliminated.

In Basic Straining, Duncan started to prank him once again. In that episode, Harold emerges from the guys' cabin and demands to know who made s'mores with his underwear. Duncan and Geoff laugh in glee at this question and Courtney recoils in disgust when Harold throws the underwear near her path. Later, Geoff uses a fishing line to rip away Harold's underwear, to Harold's consternation in the first challenge where the campers had to hold canoes above their heads. Afterwards, Geoff and Duncan give Harold a glass of apple juice that Harold discovers is actually kitchen grease which annoys Courtney. Harold is eliminated from the challenge during the obstacle course after inhaling too much mud. After Courtney and Duncan sneak some food, Harold finds a happy face made of peanut butter smeared in his bed which further disgusts him. That night he is in the bottom two with Courtney and for the third time gets the final marshmallow. Duncan, Geoff, and DJ are shocked by the news as they all voted for Harold. Harold then appears in the confessional where he is revealed to have switched the votes to eliminate Courtney in order to get back at Duncan for pranking him. The episode ends with Harold smiling evilly into the campfire.


Harold eliminates Courtney to get revenge at Duncan.

In X-Treme Torture, Harold is partnered with Heather for the mud skiing challenge. He successfully grabs his team's flags and Heather cannot make him fall off his ski. Heather then attempts to cut the rope connecting the ski to the jet ski but her top is ripped off by a branch. This temporarily stuns Harold into crashing into a rock, costing his team the challenge. Harold is eliminated that night but does not seem upset, saying that it was fun. Before he leaves Harold confesses his love for Leshawna and is revealed to have been the one that was writing her romantic poems. He and Leshawna then share a kiss before Harold is taken to the Boat of Losers.
IMG 0878

Harold eating bologna as he hides from Courtney.

In Haute Camp-ture, Harold spends his time hiding from Courtney, who is actively hunting him down after learning that he rigged the votes against her. He asks Trent for some bologna, which he gives him. Later, as he is explaining his thoughts on Heather, Courtney finds him inside the bushes and repeatedly beats him with the lamppost, eventually bending the entire post and wrapping it around his body. Later, he calls Leshawna his "soul mate" and declares that he wants her to win, but Courtney forces him to root for Duncan after she threatens to post all his love letters to Leshawna on the internet.

In I Triple Dog Dare You!, Harold is shown with all the other eliminated contestants by the pool at Playa Des Losers when they hear Heather's scream.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Harold is shown to be rooting for Owen to win. He has no lines but is shown celebrating Owen's victory, when Owen holds both Harold and Ezekiel under his arms happily.

During Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Leshawna broke up with Harold, saying their relationship went too fast and the moment on the Dock of Shame was just a fleeting, emotional moment. Harold seems to have accepted the break up, though afterwards he promises he will win her over eventually and then rambles on in the confessional about how they will possibly move in together (specifically in his mother's basement) when they are thirty years old. Leshawna so far seems unaware of his intentions. During the challenge to find the million dollar case, he wound up alone, and subsequently befriended Heather by forming an alliance with her. Later on, after they acquired the case, Harold constructed a para-glider out of an old tent and some branches, which they were planning to use to para-glide down to the camp so that they could win. However, Heather betrayed Harold by hitting him in the groin with the case, and then jumping off the cliff in the para-glider herself. However, the glider promptly fell apart, and as Heather fell into the lake, Harold muttered, "Dang. That probably wasn't my best work." Later, after Heather was beaten up by beavers and walking along the riverbed, Harold pulled up in a canoe and tried to reform their alliance. Heather was stunned that Harold wanted to team up with her again after she had just betrayed him, and she eventually opened up about her insecurities due to being the one "that everyone hates." Harold still wants to align with her, but only if they split the money 60-40 in his favor. Later, they are both run off the Dock of Shame by Leshawna on an ATV, and just as Harold helps Heather out of the water, they are knocked back into the water by the other twelve campers. Thus, Harold and Heather both qualify for Total Drama Action.

Total Drama Action


Throughout the season, Harold attempts to win Leshawna back to no success.

From the beginning of the season, Harold attempts to make a big impression on his fellow cast mates. He is chosen by Gwen to be on the Screaming Gaffers after claiming he is into movie-making and movies in general. Though no one seems to care and Gwen only chooses him to get shut him up. As a running gag, Harold often mentions having a skill he learn from camps owned by a man named Steve. Though careless like before, Harold is still eager to help his team to win. Despite their break up last season, Harold still has feelings for Leshawna and is eager to win her over. However Leshawna continues to ignore him, though it is hinted that she still have feelings for him as shown by how she is willing to vote off her friend Gwen in The Chefshank Redemption for smacking Harold in the head with a shovel.


Duncan and Harold continue their conflict from the previous season.

Meanwhile Harold's conflict with Duncan escalates, with Duncan having found out that it was Harold who rigged the votes last season against Courtney and caused her elimination. Duncan has also intensified his bullying towards Harold, which includes calling him by his embarrassing middle name "Doris" and mocking his failed attempts to impress Leshawna. It is because of their feud that both boys refuse Leshawna's offer of forming an alliance. When it is discovered that Leshawna had lied to the entire team in order to claim the reward of a previous challenge, Harold is the only person defending her but is still hurt to see her being selfish and stood so low to claim a reward.

Harold underwater

Harold's "mad skills" save everyone from drowning in Masters of Disasters.

Harold proves his worth in Masters of Disasters by unlocking the hatch of the submarine during the second challenge, using the skills that he had picked up a "Picky Steve's Lock Picking Camp." This saved the entire cast from drowning during the challenge as the whole thing had gone horribly wrong. In Full Metal Drama, Duncan and Harold clash heads to see who is the better team mate. When the Killer Grips are regrouping to plan their next assault, Harold forces Duncan to admit that he has respect for him deep down to which Duncan did in order for them to escape. Outside their base, the Killer Grips prepare their final assault on the Gaffers but they are thwarted by the combine efforts of Harold and Duncan. As a reward, Chris allows Duncan and Harold to take a look at the contents of the Trunk of Mind-Blowing Secrets but to their surprise, the trunk is empty.

Super Harold to the Rescue

Harold as Captain Alberta in Super Hero-ld.

As the season progresses, Harold continue to clash heads with Duncan and Heather. Despite their arguments, they have one thing in common; they still hate Leshawna for her lying to the point that they leave her in the vault for the entire challenge in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine. Even so, Harold continue to defend Leshawna at times. This changes in Million Dollar Babies when the contestants discover that Leshawna had been bad mouthing them, calling Harold's attempt to win her pathetic. Heart broken, Harold ignores Leshawna for most of the episode until she gives an apologetic cheer to everyone. As a result, Harold and Duncan forgives Leshawna and voted for Heather instead. When the teams are merged in the next episode, Leshawna finally manage to get Duncan and Harold into an alliance by forcing them to work together. In Super Hero-Id however, the two of them team up with Justin and votes her off though it takes some convincing from Courtney to make Harold to vote for her. During the elimination ceremony, Harold and a tearfully beg Leshawna to forgive and she accepts.


Chris comforting Harold in Rock n' Rule.

Harold's alliance with Justin and Duncan continue in The Princess Pride with the three of them completing the first challenge with ease. After Justin falls in love with Courtney, he enlist Harold's help to defeat Duncan to which Harold agrees. However, Harold was later betrayed by Justin and proceeds to mock Harold, claiming that Harold would had done the same if Leshawna is the prize. Ultimately, Justin lost the challenge and is eliminated with Harold and Duncan the only people who bid him farewell, albeit mockingly or in an annoying tone. Without anymore alliances holding them back, Harold and Duncan continue their feud in Get a Clue, with Harold trying to catch Duncan with a complicated trap in order to steal his prints and DNA only for his plan to backfire on him. Later accuse him being the culprit behind Chris' "murder" after finding one of Duncan's hair next to Chris' corpse. In Rock n' Rule, Harold teams up with Lindsay and Beth to eliminate Duncan in hoping that it will make Courtney Courtney lose focus on the competition. However, Duncan is declare safe that night after Lindsay accidentally voted for herself.


After an entire season together, Duncan and Harold believe it is time to bury the hatchet.

Harold and Duncan are partner up again in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, during the first kung-fu challenge, with Harold being the student and Duncan being the master. Under Duncan's tutelage, Harold undergo odd and extensive training such as waxing all of Chris' cars, doing push ups with Duncan and a moose on his back and catching bees with a pair of chopstick. While training with a punching bag, Duncan manage to bring out Harold's true strength by telling him that he kissed Leshawna. After defeating the girls, the two are pitted against each other for the final challenge. Despite having the opportunity to do so, the both them refuse to sabotage the other and even help one another to reach the top with the promise of sharing the reward together. However, Owen (under orders from Chris) tricks Harold into punching Duncan by telling him that Leshawna, Jr. (the snail that Harold adopted earlier in the episode) to do so. Although Harold initially refuse, Harold ultimately punch Duncan after he insulted Leshawna and wins the challenge. As he enjoy the feast prepare by Courtney and Beth, Harold release Leshawna, Jr.
TDA Harold Pantses Duncan

Harold gets his last revenge on Duncan for the season by pantsing him.

With his new found confidence, Harold begin to give Duncan a taste of his own medicine by putting rocks underneath his bed in 2008: A Space Owen, giving Duncan a backache. When Harold questions Beth about the existence of Brady again, she mistakenly believes that Harold has a crush on her. Throughout the episode, Duncan's pet tarantula, Scruffy often wind up on Harold, even in the Vomit Comet. The last encounter killed Scruffy, devastating Duncan. After the challenge has ended, Harold found out that the true purpose of Owen's return and confronts him for betraying them. He attempts to vote off Owen but he is eliminated instead by Owen and Duncan (for killing Scruffy). After Duncan insulted him again, Harold pull his pants down before Chef Hatchet toss him into the Lame-o-sine. Before being driven off, Harold continue to warn the others to watch out for Owen.

In The Aftermath: IV, when the finale ended up in a tie, Harold suggests that Duncan and Beth played a contortionist challenge but this too ended up in a tie. Harold's question involves the finalists to draw a fictional animal. He is impressed with both Beth's "Haricorn" with wings and Duncan's samurai sword/fighter plane, even though the latter isn't an animal.


Harold as "H-Bomb."

After Total Drama Action has ended, Harold joins Trent, Justin and Cody into forming a band known as The Drama Brothers, with Harold as their beat boxer under the alias "H-Bomb." It wasn't long that the band broke up and Harold decides to go solo after Trent insults his beat boxing talent. It is shown that Harold also wrote his own biography but it appears that the book was poorly reviewed to the point a fan even throw a copy back at him. He reunite with the band before the Gemmies and joins the other contestants in stopping Chris from hosting his new show. Harold come up with the plan to slow the Dirtbags' bus by using a giant bra as a sling shot to launch chocolates at them. After several events, Harold is among those who qualifies for the next season.

Total Drama World Tour

Harold arrives at the airport with the other sixteen contestants in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1. When he leaves the bus, he comments on Owen's aerophobia and how it differs from the fear of air sickness, which clearly annoys Noah and prompts him to make a sarcastic comment. When Chris mentions the musical addition to the series, he asks if he would be able to beatbox, to which Duncan angrily retorts at him. He also sang with everyone else in the first song of the season, Come Fly With Us. Later, in the pyramid challenge, Harold wears an aluminum foil hat so that the aliens can't "read his brain,” which Leshawna questions. He chose to go under the pyramid with Leshawna and DJ through the door marked with a scarab symbol. They are swarmed by scarabs when DJ sets off a trap, and they all run out of the pyramid screaming, but cross the finish line in the process. They are the first ones to make it out of the pyramid and are placed on Team One, along with Lindsay, Bridgette, and Ezekiel, which is later named Team Victory. Harold also constantly annoys Chris about how to say numbers in Egyptian.

Harold was upset with his team's color in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2. He says that yellow is a cowardly color, but Leshawna tells him that the color is gold. He says he will use the stick from the last episode to protect everyone from sand snakes. While saying this, he stabs Ezekiel in the eye. During the desert race, Harold gets angry and breaks the stick, but discovers it is a divining rod. Harold jumps into his team basket after it was on the river, using a paddle as a springboard. However, he breaks the front of the river reed canoe with his feet by accident. During Rowin' Time he reveals that he was once a Muskrat Boy. He is visibly upset and angry with Ezekiel for losing the stick, insulting him on numerous occasions and stamping his passport many times.


Harold stars as a samurai for his team's commercial.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Harold becomes upset with Chris' cultural insensitivity when Chef is dressed up in Chinese clothing rather than Japanese clothing. Harold continues to annoy Chris with his complaining so much so that Chris tells Chef to slice open the door, to which the cast drops out of the plane, upsetting his teammates. In the first challenge, Harold tells his team, but mostly Leshawna, that his knowledge of Japan will help them in the competition. In the second challenge, he takes full leadership of his team's Japanese commercial. He demands that they call him "Sensei" and makes an expressive, artistic commercial. However, Chef, the judge for the challenge, can't understand it, and thus isn't impressed and declares their team to be the losers. After the challenge, Alejandro lets Harold know that he still has his honor and that's what he should be respected for, also mentioning women like Leshawna are impressed by men with honor. This prompts Harold to quit the competition before DJ is eliminated. Harold then "stabs" himself with a toy light saber and takes the Drop of Shame, albeit without a parachute, which Chris throws to him after he falls.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Harold is seen to have landed safely in Japan, when Chris does the recap. However, he landed in the middle of a sumo wrestling match, into the back of the cloth that a sumo wrestler was wearing. The sumo wrestler farted, and Harold was seen covering his mouth and nose, trying to wave off the smell away from him. Leshawna also mentions him in the episode saying that he left his Num-yo's for her to keep.


Harold sings Baby to Leshawna in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, despite Blaineley's protests, Harold is the first guest, being brought out from the green room by Geoff. After that, a video montage of Harold's time on the show is shown. Harold is upset about the video, complaining about how it's too short, prompting Blaineley to show another video. On the big screen, Harold is shown being punched by Justin after annoying him while he urinates, being kneed in the stomach by Heather after also annoying her, rammed by a moose after he talks to Noah about how moose-hunting is illegal in Alaska, getting punched by a squirrel, after stating that squirrels only blink one eye at time, and having a long line of people ready to hurt him for all his random knowledge. He then sings a song called Baby, dedicated to Leshawna, as a reunion of The Drama Brothers. Harold, Trent, and Justin are then chased out of the aftermath studio by groupie fan girls with plaid skirts in a school bus, according to Eva.

In Slap Slap Revolution, Leshawna mentions him in the song Eine Kleine by apologizing for being charmed by Alejandro.

Harold returns in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon where he joins his fellow Drama Brothers for back up for Bridgette and Geoff. He later joins the others helping with the telethon, where he starts to check out movie times. His mother donates two hundred out of two hundred and three dollars after Harold promises to clean the garage. After surviving a wild encounter with a large amount of animals that Blaineley set loose (for DJ originally), he later applauds Leshawna as she is introduced. He also takes part in her song, dancing alongside her and Bridgette (and winds up getting kicked between the legs by Leshawna, by accident). After Izzy hits a bomb with a hammer and blows the whole studio apart, Harold is seen lying on a broken light railing.

In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Harold is seen sitting next to Leshawna, and high fives her when she says that she knew Lindsay would remember Tyler's name, thus winning a bet she had with Trent. After Blaineley announces the Total Drama Second Chance Challenge, Harold does not qualify to compete. After Leshawna is knocked out by a kangaroo, Harold says that he will avenge her, and hops into the ring to fight the kangaroo himself, but is quickly knocked out. Along with the other Drama Brothers, he plays the tuba in Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley.


Harold surfs in an aftermath challenge to help Cody.

In Hawaiian Style, when Bruno attacks Geoff, he gasps along with the other members of the peanut gallery. Harold immediately joins Cody's team, agreeing with Owen's claim that out of him, Alejandro, and Heather, he is the only person who's not evil. He questions if they'll live long enough to compete, as they are stranded in Drumheller, and he mentions that the greatest cause of death there is being left stranded. When Duncan mentions Ezekiel is like a cockroach, Harold compares Heather to lichen, a substance which never dies. He interrupts Geoff and Bridgette singing Who You Gonna Root For? in favor of Cody, which causes Courtney to join as well, much to the annoyance of Geoff, who states neither Harold or Courtney were allowed to sing, and stops them. When Courtney asks if they can calm Bruno down, Harold suggests using some Kava tea, which he explains is a root the native Polynesians have long used to calm the mind. When Bridgette asks the Peanut Gallery to raise their hands if Alejandro was the reason they were voted out, Harold does, and seems annoyed while doing so, and he mentions that the only reason Alejandro is still in the game is because Sierra blew up the plane. He serves Bruno the tea and mentions that he spent a whole summer learning animal training at Magic Steve's Circus and Aeronautics Camp. He volunteers to compete in the challenge on behalf of Cody, wanting to help him win and show Leshawna his mad surfing skills. When he is forced to choose an animal to represent Cody, he chooses a deer, which amuses the other contestants. He states that he has his reasons. He mocks Courtney for choosing a jaguar when Geoff reveals that they'll have to put a Hawaiian lei around the neck of their animal. He stops to thank a statue of the Hawaiian god Lono, although this allows Courtney and Owen to catch up with him. In the surfing race down the river, he sings I'm Winning This alongside Courtney and Owen. He gets to his animal first, but is disappointed when the deer eats the lei. Despite this, he places second for Cody, winning him a baby carriage to use in the final challenge.

Versus image harold cody 2

Harold and Cody helps Heather during Versus.

In Hawaiian Punch, Harold volunteers to aid Heather in the final challenge, after Cody loudly proclaims Alejandro is going down, saying he's a loyal member of Team Cody. He sings in Versus, calling the competition "evil versus wicked," but he also thinks Heather is cool and calls Alejandro "sick" and that "Heather will put Al through the shredder." Harold later reappears at the river of lava, single-handedly fending off both Lindsay and Courtney from setting off any booby trap that could stop Heather. Courtney then knees him in the groin and releases a trap. When Heather is trapped in the cage, Harold gives a high-pitched support (from pain) of her not giving up. He is later seen with the rest of the cast at the top of the volcano, and is also seen running away from the lava with the rest of the cast again later. He is last seen swimming away from the island with the rest of the contestants.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


Harold makes a cameo in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Harold appears on the yacht with the other veterans. He is seen dancing alongside Leshawna and DJ.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Audition tape

View this video for Harold's audition tape.

Harold showing off his badges.

Harold is standing in his room wearing a boy scout uniform. He then goes on to talk about the badges he has earned, such as bass fishing, basketry, model making, rabbit raising and stamp collecting. Harold then says that he has a master badge in compass reading and exhales deeply. He then pulls out his keyboard and starts to play it, but it falls over. The screen then has static and fades to black, ending the video with only Harold's wheezing being heard.

Camp TV


Harold's Camp TV design.

Like many other characters, Harold was originally included in Total Drama Island's prototype version, Camp TV. He was seen once in the promo, and he was seen with Beth and Cody. He has a small role in the promo when he asks where his ant farm is, only to say "Never mind" once Lindsay is running off and screaming while being covered by the ants. Harold's voice is different, and is like Barney Rubble's from The Flintstones. Interestingly, the fact that he owns an ant farm is carried over into Total Drama Island. Harold's design doesn't differ from his current appearance today. The only differences in his appearance is that his shirt says "Middle Earth Rocks" on it instead of the hamburger picture, his pink undershirt loosely hung out from the bottom of his blue shirt, and he had a pink collar instead of the small green turtle neck that he currently has.


  • Harold is one of the nine contestants whose full names have been revealed (Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady V), the others being DJCameron, Cody, Alejandro, Blaineley, Brick, Lightning, and Dakota.
  • Harold is one of the characters who serve as a "pain magnet" of a particular season, who is injured excessively as part of a running gag. He serves this role in Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. The other characters to do so are Tyler in Total Drama World Tour, Brick in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Scott in Total Drama All-Stars, and Max in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.
    • He has been injured for about sixty times, more than any other contestant, making him one of the most unfortunate characters in the show.
    • He has also been injured in the groin more than any other character, with seven onscreen, and more shown on various Aftermath videos.
  • Harold is the third person to vote for themselves, the others being, Gwen, DJ, Dave, and Lindsay.
  • Harold's guilty pleasure music includes Devo, Bare Naked Ladies, and Blondie as confirmed by his voice actor [1]
    • This is the second time that Blondie has been connected to a contestant, which was first seen in Beth's audition tape where she incorrectly sang Call Me by Blondie
  • Harold has three hundred allergies, although the only known ones are crab apples and gummi slugs.
  • In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, he mentions to Chef Hatchet that he gets hypoglycemic if he does not get enough sugar daily.
  • Harold seems to know some form of martial arts, having performed several poses throughout Total Drama Island, although during said season, he appears mostly inept at it. He apparently has some kind of strength at it, though, as shown in Monster Cash (he knocks out Trent with a karate chop). His combat skills are even further improved thanks to training he received from Duncan in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen where by the end he was capable of knocking out Duncan with a punch, and overwhelming Sasquatchanakwa with kicks to the face. He has also shown proficiency with a few weapons, such as his nun-chucks and yo-yos.
  • Harold is one of several contestants who are multi-talented. His talents include: figure skating (and by extension dodging), beat-boxing, skill with nun-chucks, vast knowledge in many areas, improvised constructs, psychological analysis, lock picking, and martial arts.
  • Harold has learned several of his skills from camps owned by a man named Steve at various camps, such as Magic Steve's Magical Magic Camp, Picky Steve's Lock Picking Camp, Medieval Steve's Medieval Camp, etc.
  • When Harold was born, his kidneys were in the wrong place, as his left kidney was where the right one should have been, and vice versa.
  • Harold, Courtney, ScottLeonard, and Rodney are the only contestants to have freckles.
  • It is interesting to note that, in Total Drama Action, Harold has helped vote off all three girls that he has a possible attraction to.
  • Harold's H-Bomb outfit is very much like Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G character's.
  • Confirmed on the official Total Drama World Tour website, Harold's favorite skills are all of them. It also hints that he believes in aliens, as he believes that keeping tin foil on one's head keeps them away.
  • Harold appears to be a parody of Napoleon Dynamite sharing many similarities with him in terms of appearance, personality and interests; such as both of them being considered sci-fi geeks, and knowing how to use nun-chucks. Harold also frequently says phrases like "Idiots" and "Gosh", which are reminiscent of phrases said by Napoleon.
  • Harold revealed in a confessional that he owns a teapot collection and wears a wizard's cape while playing solitaire.
  • Harold, along with Chris, Courtney, DJ, and Owen appear in a Cartoon Network parody called "Total Drama Reality."
  • In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Harold is shown to have a knowledge of Egyptian language, or at least the numbers.
  • Harold has been on a team with DJ the first three seasons.
  • Harold is the third contestant to quit the show, the first two being DJ and Duncan.
  • During Before We Die, Harold states that he wants to be a ninja with throwing stars.
    • Strangely, he said that he is afraid of ninjas in Phobia Factor.
  • Harold is one out of three characters to have rapped on the show, the others being Ezekiel and Gwen.
  • Harold was the first contestant on Total Drama Island to leave with his luggage.
  • Harold is the only contestant to have some sort of role in every Total Drama Aftermath song.
  • Harold is one of the few characters to have had his weight revealed, as his Total Drama Online reveals he weighs ninety-eight pounds. The others characters to do so are Owen and Cameron.
  • Harold is one of two of the original contestants to share a voice actor with a new contestant, the other being DJ.
  • Harold is one of the few boys on Total Drama to have more than one girl attracted to him. He was in a relationship with Leshawna, and Beth was attracted to him in 2008: A Space Owen. The others are Trent, Justin, Alejandro, Duncan, Mike, and Dave.
  • Harold is one of only three contestants to compete in the first three seasons to not have an individual cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, the others being Leshawna and Courtney.
    • However, according to Todd Kauffman, Harold and Leshawna were both originally supposed to make an appearance, but they were cut from the final release.
  • Harold is one of five contestants to speak multiple languages, the others being Ezekiel, Alejandro, Noah, and Sky.
  • Harold once stubbed his toe and waited in the Emergency Room for thirteen hours until a doctor finally told him that he wouldn't have to amputate.


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