H-Bomb's Killah Beatz is a Total Drama World Tour game, produced by Cartoon Network. The game was released on November 8, 2010.


This game allows the player to create their own song or beat. The player can use a select number of tunes and voices, from people like Chris, Chef, and all the contestants from Total Drama World Tour (with the exception of Blaineley).

The player is able to add music, add the sounds to the track, and change the frequencies of that sound throughout the track. Once the player is done making their song, they can listen to how it turns out. The player can also use visualiser mode to see an animation of their song with their selected characters representing their voices appearing on the screen.



  • In the instructions, it says that there's a save button to save the player's song, but when the player plays the game there is no save button.
  • When the player rolls over Heather's square, she has long hair with a black highlight through her hair, which is actually the original design of her hair.
  • When the player clicks on the game, at the bottom of the screen, Cartoon Network advertises it as "H-Bomb's Killa Beatz."
  • On one of the visualizer modes, if the player uses Bridgette, her eyebrows are missing.


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