Gypsy Rap is the tenth song featured in Total Drama World Tour. It is sung in The Am-AH-Zon Race by Team Amazon (except Courtney). Chris forces them to sing this song while they are in captivity of the Zing-Zings. The team sings about their poor choices in this challenge, and ends with a rap from Gwen and a solo from Heather.


Heather: We should have just gone left. We wouldn't be in this mess!
Sierra: I said so too, but then Gwen used Cody's EpiPen!
Heather: Now if he gets bitten...
Cody: My obituary's written!
Sierra: Oh, what would I do then?
Gwen: (rapping) Tied up, rope is no joke!
Spears in our face, get us out of this place.
Ain't having the luck that I anticipated.
Probably means I'm eliminated. Yeah, I’m out!
Heather: O-o-out! Ooh, ooh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.



  • This is the shortest song of the season, at only forty-one seconds in length.
  • This is one of the few songs in Total Drama World Tour to not have the title of the song as one of it's lines.



  • The song's intro is similar to the intro of the song Encuentro Con Salvajes. Interestingly, the song's title reflects the scenario that the contestants are in when it plays.


  • On Cartoon Network's Total Drama World Tour website, this song was incorrectly labeled as "Bridgette Raps". It was later changed to just "Rap".
  • Although Chris says that all members of Team Amazon have to sing, Courtney doesn't sing and she is not eliminated.
  • When Gwen starts rapping she is free, she is holding one of the cameras, but when the scene changes to Heather, she is tied up again.


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