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This article focuses on the interactions between Gwen and Lindsay.



Gwen has had to put up with Lindsay's lack of intelligence many times in the series.

Despite Lindsay initially being a friend and ally of Gwen's worst enemy, Heather, the two show occasional signs of being friends, especially after Lindsay's friendship with Heather dissolves. Although Gwen is annoyed by Lindsay's stupidity, she holds no personal grudge against her for it and thinks of her as a friend. Lindsay seems to like Gwen because of her pranks and dislike towards Heather.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1


Gwen halfheartedly assures Lindsay that her diet won't be in jeopardy due to Chef's food.

When Lindsay is confused about the concept of communal washrooms, Gwen explains it for her, calling her an "idiot" afterwards, causing her to cry. Later in the main lodge, Lindsay is concerned her meal may go against her diet, Gwen promises her that due to the nature of Chef's "food," she thinks that it won't be a problem. Lindsay smiles with her newfound assurance, saying that it's cool now.


Lindsay and the rest of the Gophers cheer when Gwen enters the lounge, as she helped the team to win the previous challenge. However, it turns out that Lindsay is simply following her team, and is oblivious of the reason they are clapping.

Not Quite Famous

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Lindsay tries to ward Gwen away from their cabin (unsuccessfully) in Not Quite Famous.

At the beginning of the episode, Lindsay whines about already being out of fake tanning products, while Gwen sarcastically remarks what a tragic loss that is. Lindsay does not notice Gwen's sarcasm and continues to worry about her appearance, annoying Gwen by telling her she could use a tan herself. Heather suspected Gwen was up to something, and sends Lindsay to watch over her secretly. Lindsay was clearly not very interested in the job, finding it boring. Afterwards, she allotted Heather some time to allow her to find Gwen's diary in the cabin. As Gwen was about to return to the cabin after swimming, Lindsay tries to hold her off until Heather found the diary. She tries to intimidate Gwen by saying she has martial arts training, but an intense glare from Gwen scares Lindsay into letting her enter the cabin, just after Heather finds and pocketed Gwen's diary.

Phobia Factor

Lindsay is shocked after discovering that Chris was listening to them using hidden cameras when they were confessing their fears, and when she says "They were listening to us?!" Gwen replies, "It's a reality show, Einstein. They're always listening to us."

If You Can't Take The Heat...


Lindsay and Gwen can barely resist laughing when Heather blows off her eyebrows.

Lindsay and Gwen are assigned to make the dessert portion of their three-course dinner, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Flambé. After Heather burns off her eyebrows while lighting up the flambé, Lindsay laughs at her along with Gwen. They both eagerly watch Chris eats the cake they made together, only to be horrified when he chokes on a piece of the flambé, as it is burnt to a crisp before he can really try it.

Basic Straining

Once Gwen manages to secure another victory for their team by outlasting Geoff in the final challenge, Lindsay and the rest of the Screaming Gophers cheer for her.

Brunch of Disgustingness

Heather and Lindsay stand firm as an alliance against Gwen and Leshawna, pressuring Bridgette into choosing a side. At the end of the episode, Gwen and Leshawna lock Heather and Lindsay out of their cabin.

No Pain, No Game

Lindsay compares Heather, "Laquisha," and Gwen to Eva, saying that those three combined were less scarier than Eva, signifying that she is terrified of Gwen. 

Search and Do Not Destroy


Lindsay must hide under a bed to keep Gwen from seeing her.

Lindsay conspires with Heather to create a forged love letter from Trent, in order to break him and Gwen up. Lindsay makes the letter and leaves it on Gwen's bed, then hides under her bed (where she is immediately covered in cockroaches) as Gwen comes into the cabin soon after. She finds the letter and believes it to be genuine, even after seeing Lindsay rush out of the cabin screaming after she leaves. Lindsay later gives out warning of Gwen's presence to Heather, who had Trent cornered at the Dock of Shame to let her know when Gwen would be in the vicinity just in time for her to see Heather kiss Trent.

Hide and Be Sneaky

When Heather complains about her clothes being shredded as revenge for what she did to Gwen last episode, Lindsay points out to Heather that she did "steal Gwen's boyfriend" and considers it to be a "big deal."

That's Off the Chain!

Gwen supports Lindsay by glaring at Heather along with the others, when finding out Heather was using Lindsay. Also, she is impressed when Lindsay shouts expletives at Heather, laughing and encouraging her to continue. She cheers her on, along with the others, when Lindsay finally stands up to Heather and calls her shoes tacky. Before Lindsay leaves, she thanks Gwen for all her support, hinting that Lindsay and Gwen must have been closer than led to believe.

Haute Camp-ture

Lindsay admits that Gwen could be "harsh," and refers back to earlier in the competition, when Gwen holds contempt towards her. She then mentions the "awesome prank" Gwen played on Heather (dumping Harold's red ant farm into Heather's bed). Lindsay expresses, inexplicably, that she wants Gwen to win the competition.

I Triple Dog Dare You!

The nineteen campers who had lost the competition submitted dares for the final three contestants to perform or pass on to others. Heather ends up getting a dare from Lindsay, which she initially believes to be a break, until she finds out that the dare is to have one's hair shaved off by Chef Hatchet. Gwen enthusiastically shouts in response, "Lindsay rules!"

The Very Last Episode, Really!


Originally siding with Gwen, Lindsay begrudgingly switches to Owen's side.

Gwen does not consider Lindsay as one of the sane people, calling Lindsay "dim-witted," though not to her face. Lindsay is initially on Gwen's side when it comes down to the final competition. She stays on her side even when Owen announces that he'd throw a party if he won, however, when Owen adds that the party would be held on a yacht, she switches sides grudgingly. She then helps Izzy in making sure Owen comes out the victor. In Gwen's ending, she cries when Owen goes for the brownies instead of the finish line.

Total Drama Action

Monster Cash

When the girls are deciding who to bunk with, Lindsay has an idea to use make-up brushes in place of drawing straws and Gwen comments that it is a good idea.

3:10 to Crazytown


Lindsay and her team are angry with Gwen so she tells them to vote Trent off.

Lindsay, along with Justin, Beth, and Owen, is angry with Gwen because of thinking that she had a deal with Trent, where Trent threw the challenges, causing the Killer Grips to lose.

The Chefshank Redemption

Throughout the episode, Lindsay helps Justin and Beth get back at Gwen for having Trent throw challenges for her. This shows that despite being friends, Lindsay was mad at her because of Trent helping her team win challenges instead of their own. Alternatively, Lindsay was too blinded by Justin's charm and persuasion to realize that Gwen was telling the truth about her and Trent not being in an alliance. Gwen also retells the story of when Lindsay threw up in the bathroom to her team, making them pick Lindsay to eat the prison food.

The Aftermath: II

Gwen mentions that she likes Lindsay and Beth, even if, according to Bridgette, they do not seem to like her back.

Total Drama World Tour

The Am-AH-Zon Race

Lindsay is shown to be quite concerned about Gwen when she talks in the walkie-talkie with Chris and desperately tells him that her team is in danger.


  • Both have ranked ninth in a season.
  • Both had to be rescued as part of challenge in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • Both have been in a relationship with a former male member of the Killer Bass.
  • Both have been the first two contestants to use the confessional for a season.
    • Gwen did so in Total Drama Island, while Lindsay did so in Total Drama Action.
    • Coincidentally, the season they used it first was their best performance.
    • They were also the first two contestants to use the confessional overall.
  • Both have similar elimination patterns in the first three seasons:

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