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Killer Bass
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDI: Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon
TDA: Alien Resurr-eggtion
RR: Ca-Noodling
RR: A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars
Place TDI: 6th
TDA: 14th/15th
RR: 1st/2nd
Relationship Bridgette
Family Mother, father, brothers, grandmother
Friends Bridgette, Brody, Carrie, Devin, DJ, Don, Duncan, Dwayne, Junior, Kitty, Leshawna, MacArthur, Owen, Sanders, Trent
Enemies Alejandro, Blaineley, Heather, Jacques, Josee
Voiced by Dan Petronijevic

Geoffrey "Geoff", labeled The Funniest Guy Around, was a camper in Total Drama Island as a member of the Killer Bass. He later returned as a castmate in Total Drama Action but was not placed on a team due to his early elimination, and did not qualify for Total Drama World Tour. He is a primary co-host of the Total Drama Aftermath. He made a short cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. He is also a competitor on the spin-off series as a member of The Surfer Dudes team with Brody. After their initial elimination, they are brought back to replace an injured team and go on to become one of the finalists in the season finale.


Geoff may not be the smartest contestant in the bunch, but he loves people and is always up for any challenge Chris has in store. He has a habit of addressing everyone as "dude" or "bro/brah," depending on the gender. He is extremely fun-loving, believing that life is short and if someone "doesn't stop and have a party every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, they're going to regret it." Geoff's big heart doesn't exclude even the more reserved. However, given enough motivation, he won't hesitate to pay people back for their misdeeds. Geoff's caring way automatically clicks with Bridgette's, and upon the formation of their relationship, the two are inseparable. In Total Drama Action, his popularity with the others is threatened when Geoff becomes an egotistical, sadistic "Captain Hollywood" with a personality similar to that of Chris'. He mercilessly tortures the eliminated contestants on the Total Drama Aftermath chair for ratings, and even goes as far as insulting Bridgette, prompting her to end their union. It ends up being extremely short-lived though, as a group turns Geoff's own tool against him and reminds him of who he really is.

Total Drama Island


Geoff arrives to the island.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Geoff is the fourth contestant to arrive, after Gwen, DJ, and Beth. He was very happy to meet Chris, calling him "man" several times. He starts to show interest towards Bridgette when she arrived at the island. Geoff is placed on the Killer Bass and later, in the Mess Hall asks Chris if he could get them pizza, instead of Chef's slop. Chef becomes angry at Geoff's suggestion and throws a knife at him which luckily misses. In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Geoff does not seem to have any problems with jumping off the cliff and even seems to enjoy the challenge. In this episode, Geoff got the first marshmallow ever at the campfire ceremony. He is also the only one to stand up for Ezekiel after he makes some sexist comments, as he tells the girls to give him a break. Despite this, Ezekiel was still voted off that night.

In The Big Sleep, he didn't seem exhausted from the run because after the run, as he was shown to have the same relaxed smile. When he felt himself falling asleep during the Awake-A-Thon, his eyes would shoot open immediately. He fell asleep sometime before the 40 hour mark ended.

In Dodgebrawl, Geoff acts friendly towards Harold several times, such as patting him on the back after Duncan wouldn't allow him to be in most of the rounds. Geoff even offers him his dodgeball so then he could get in the game. Which, in that case, it was really more of Geoff's kindness that won them their first challenge. He was also shown in Chris' slow-motion replay after he got knocked down by Owen's dodgeball. Geoff participates in the final round and also helps his team win the challenge under Duncan's leadership.

In Not Quite Famous, Geoff tries out for the talent show by skateboarding, and is unanimously elected by his team to perform. Geoff was very ecstatic to be performing in the talent show, exclaiming "I get to be on TV, man!" Bridgette then explains that he already is on television. That night, right before he is about to perform, he breaks his skateboard in half by jumping on it too hard. This event caused Harold to replace him in the challenge, who won the challenge for the team. This also marks the first time Geoff takes off his hat.

In The Sucky Outdoors, Geoff fails to make a move on Bridgette after he tells her that she pitches a tent like a guy. In a confessional, he admitted that the comment was stupid. Despite this, Bridgette was seen cuddling up to him, foreshadowing their relationship.


Geoff caught in his worst fear - a hailstorm - in Phobia Factor.

In Phobia Factor, he revealed he had a fear of hail, which he failed to conquer. Being very unprepared, he sat in a chair and an artificial hailstorm cloud, controlled by Chris, started to follow him around, making him scream as he was being pelted by hail. Even though it appears that Geoff failed to conquer his fear, he ends up being safe at the Bass' elimination ceremony, and cracks a joke about Tyler's elimination. 

In Up the Creek, he starts making his first major move on Bridgette, showing he has a major crush on her. However, he failed miserably when he tried to make it work. He makes a heart-shaped frame with a picture of himself and Bridgette, which ended up being a miserable fail to impress her. While Geoff was impressed with his work, Bridgette, Courtney, and DJ were not impressed by it. DJ helped Geoff by giving him advice on hooking up with Bridgette, comparing love life to a bunny. Later in the challenge, he got a splinter in his leg. Despite the mildness of the injury, he was treated as if he had lost a leg. Once his team made DJ kick the boat back since Harold put the canoe rows in the fire, Geoff didn't want to make DJ do it, but DJ said it was for his team.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Geoff was a hunter as opposed to a deer. Despite having a minor part in the episode and having no lines, he joined Harold, Bridgette, Beth, and Leshawna in shooting Heather. Bridgette and him help Duncan and Courtney untangle themselves from their antlers after being stuck together. He is happy along with the rest of the Killer Bass when they win the challenge. In If You Can't Take The Heat..., Geoff, Duncan, and DJ all decide to get revenge on Harold after he leaves his underwear lying around their cabin. Geoff is also assigned as team captain after he comes up with an Italian themed dinner for the cooking challenge. He is able to talk with Bridgette after DJ sets them both up, however Geoff ends up ruining it when he makes a comment on his friend's "really hot" mom. Geoff, DJ, and Duncan constantly bother Harold by pulling many pranks on him. He wins the challenge and continues to prank Harold until he admits he was leaving his underwear around.


Geoff taking on a challenge with DJ in Who Can You Trust?.

In Who Can You Trust?, Geoff is trusted with DJ's Bunny during the first challenge. He and Bridgette are selected for the second part of the challenge, which involves cutting up a fugu blowfish. Bridgette is able to successfully serve the blowfish to Geoff without poisoning him, strengthening their relationship. After he and Bridgette went for a swim, DJ's Bunny is eaten by a snake, which is snatched by an eagle, which is eaten by a shark. DJ did not trust Geoff during the last challenge, causing Geoff and DJ to struggle in the challenge. Luckily, after Duncan found another Bunny, Geoff was trusted again.

Geoff, along with Duncan, continue to prank Harold in Basic Straining before the challenge (where they s'mored Harold's underwear), during the canoe challenge (where they snagged Harold's underwear), during dinner (where they tricked him into drinking grease), and while they campers were eating the stolen food (where they smeared peanut butter on Harold's pillow). Geoff congratulated Duncan on kissing Courtney. Geoff also wanted a recount after Courtney was eliminated.

In X-Treme Torture, he is revealed to have a tattoo on his butt. He also fails in the in the moose rodeo challenge and lands in a pile of dirty socks, leaving him with a horrible smell lingering on with him. Geoff's team lost the challenge and Geoff sat in a tree when he got his marshmallow to get away from his team (thanks to his smell). His relationship with Bridgette is shown more in Brunch of Disgustingness. He says farewell to Bridgette after the teams merge, but Chris says that the campers have a day to take Bridgette to the girls' cabin. Out of distraction, Trent accidentally hits him with his guitar. He helps Bridgette succeed in the first part of the challenge, which makes Duncan angry, but they stop fighting under a few seconds.

In No Pain, No Game, Geoff does not play a largely important role. When Bridgette is forced to perform a grueling task (sitting in a barrel of leeches), he takes her place, which Lindsay thinks is "so romantic." He is forced to sit in a barrel of leeches for ten seconds, but fails to do so and jumps out of it at 9.9999999999 seconds, resulting in him being eliminated from the challenge. Geoff votes Eva off that night, after assuming she stole one of his hats. In Search and Do Not Destroy, Geoff's key is inside the septic tank. Even though he gets it, he is hit with a strong smell for the rest of the day. Unlike most of the other contestants, he was happy about his reward, saying "nice" when he figured out what the cologne was. This is the second time he had a strong smell in the series.


Geoff joins the Guys' Alliance, albeit reluctantly.

In Hide and Be Sneaky, Geoff joins the guys' alliance with Owen, Duncan, and DJ. Geoff hides on the top of a tree, but he gets caught second-to-last. He was scared of voting off Bridgette in the guys' alliance's agreement. Even though Bridgette was voted off, Geoff claimed he did not vote her off. For not voting her off, he was tied up on a tree for the night by the rest of the guys' alliance.

Geoff spent much of That's Off the Chain! mourning over Bridgette's elimination, even calling his bike "Bridgette." By doing this, he forgot the bolts on his bike, causing it to collapse in the first part of the challenge. Unlike the last episode, he felt more confident about the Guys Alliance, possibly because of the incident the night before.

Geoff and the Killer

Geoff is being followed by Chef Hatchet.

In Hook, Line, and Screamer, Geoff was supposed to keep watch for his buddy DJ, who had to use the bathroom and was scared of the escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook, but left him in order to look for an ice cream truck. His efforts were called lame by Chris and noted by Gwen, the "party boy" is an easy target, right after the big lovable jock as he fainted once he saw the killer.

In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, Geoff is tasked to find a beaver. The Beavers attack him with their tails, but Geoff picks up their dam and places all three into the cage. He also made a reference to the Hulk, saying the beavers wouldn't like him when he is angry. He noticed Gwen won the challenge and with Leshawna, walked off looking unhappy. He got the first marshmallow at the elimination ceremony.

Snapshot 2009-02-12 21-32-33

Geoff and Gwen say goodbye with a picture.

Geoff was eliminated from the competition in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon for being far too nice. He was paired with Gwen for the competition and easily bugs Gwen with his happy-go-lucky attitude. He lost the first challenge to Owen and commented on the food he was given. Gwen at first wanted him to eat, then her, but then Geoff again. However, Geoff managed to get on the good side of Gwen, something to which Geoff and Gwen enjoyed after Gwen knocked his camera into the lake since he wasn't taking things seriously. And Gwen thought that all he thought of her was that she was a "Weird Goth Girl". Geoff admitted that she wasn't one. Then, Geoff taught Gwen how to do Woos, asked her to a party since she never went to one and became her friend. They won the second challenge due to teamwork, but lost the last challenge because Geoff had trouble thinking if Sadie got eliminated fifth or was it Katie. So nobody was safe and when Geoff was voted off that night, Geoff takes a picture of him with Gwen with his camera that Gwen got back at the lake.

Geoff and Bridgette kissing

Geoff making out with Bridgette in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island.

Geoff and Bridgette are reunited in Haute Camp-ture, where they spend most of their time making out. Geoff was rooting for Owen or Duncan to win. Geoff and Bridgette's constant make-out sessions continue.

In the Total Drama Island special, where he and Bridgette have very little lines and screen time. They spend their time having almost non-stop make-out sessions. Geoff is injured in this episode because of his desire to help Bridgette with dangerous things, or Bridgette's own clumsiness. However, both of them managed to qualify for Total Drama Action.

Total Drama Action

TDA027 342 T1

A rare moment in the second season when Geoff isn't kissing Bridgette.

From the moment they step out of the bus in Monster Cash, Geoff and Bridgette continue their trend of making out non-stop and do not focus on the challenge at hand. As a result, they are easily captured by the monster while using the make up confessional and are again captured easily by Chef Hatchet in Alien Resurr-eggtion. During the first Awards Ceremony of the season, the two face a double elimination and become the first two contestants to be voted off as their nonstop make-out sessions disturbed the others. Nevertheless, the couple doesn't mind and they continue to make-out all the way to the Lame-o-sine. In the exclusive clip, the two have an argument which ends in another make-out session.

Geoff and Bridgette Aftermath

Geoff and Bridgette host the Total Drama Action Aftermath.

After their elimination, Geoff and Bridgette are chosen to host a new talk show segment called the Total Drama Aftermath where they interview other castmates who have been voted off, as well as the campers from the first season who did not qualify for season two. In The Aftermath: I, they primarily focus on the recent break-up of Gwen and Trent; with Geoff taking Gwen's side and Bridgette taking Trent's side. Geoff and Bridgette have their first fight due to their conflicting points of view, and the situation escalates after Geoff accidentally reveals that he thinks Heather is the hottest girl on the show. After Trent is brought out and explains his side of the story, even performing a song he wrote after being dumped by Gwen, Geoff is touched to the point where he makes amends with Bridgette. The two end the show with a never-ending make-out session that lasts long after the segment ends and everyone else (except the janitor) has left.

Geoff pokes Gwen

Geoff begins to change for the worst while hosting the Aftermath show.

In the second aftermath, Geoff becomes obsessed with his fame (and the ratings that come with it) as the host of the Total Drama Action Aftermath, even seeing Chris' personal trainer and Justin's dermatologist. He even spends more time in make up than Bridgette and constantly leaves her alone on stage throughout the episode to fix his appearance. He is also obsessed with the show's ratings and does not show much concern for the contestants' integrity or emotions as he puts them on dangerous segments. As the recently eliminated contestants are interviewed, he shows no remorse in revealing many of DJ's secrets involving his alliance with Chef and probing Gwen on her break-up with Trent and her close friendship with Duncan. His behavior in this episode jeopardizes his previously stable relationship with Bridgette, as she grows deeply disturbed by how he has treated all of his friends. At the end of the episode, she demands to have a talk with him, indicating that their relationship is in deep trouble.


Geoff gets electrocuted as payback for his behavior during the Aftermaths.

In The Aftermath: III, Geoff's obsession with fame and ratings grows even more and he introduces an even more dangerous segment, called "Truth or Electric Chair", where the recently eliminated contestants are strapped to an electric chair. Seeing how he is slowly becoming a "Chris clone", Bridgette loses her patience and breaks up with him. By the end of the episode, Bridgette rallies Leshawna, Owen, and Heather to strap Geoff to the electric chair in order to teach him a lesson. After a few painful shocks, Geoff admits he is wrong and apologizes to Bridgette after confessing how much he loves her. Bridgette forgives him and the two start making out again as the episode ends.

As the final two compete against each other in a final sprint to the finish line in Mutiny on the Soundstage, Geoff and Bridgette standby to announce the winner; only for Duncan and Beth to reach the Aftermath Studio at the same time. Unable to solve the problem at hand, Geoff instead holds a final aftermath and shows a recap of the season as well as hidden footage of Chris. Seeing that they are unable to decide on a winner, Chris returns to the studio and replaces them as the host. This doesn't seem to bother them, and when they are selected to ask the finalists a question, Geoff and Bridgette are instead shown to have sneaked backstage and are having another making out session.


Geoff and Trent find a nuclear testing site.

After Total Drama Action has ended, Geoff's increasing popularity strains his relationship with Bridgette again, especially when he begins to attract many fangirls. This climaxes in an airport where Bridgette smacks him for looking at another girl. However, the two quickly patch things up at a press conference and are shown to have started referring to each other in baby talk. The two are considered one of two power couples from the show (the other being Courtney and Duncan) where they appear in the cover of almost every magazine. After the bus chase ends in disaster, Geoff takes the initiative to organize a small search party to go get help. He leads the volunteers; Trent, Beth, Eva, Justin, Katie, Sadie, and DJ's mother to find some help, and at one point they find a house in the desert that they soon realize to be a nuclear test site. The group eventually reaches the Celebrity Manhunt studio, where Blaineley and Josh inform them that they have lost their chance to compete in Total Drama World Tour. Geoff is completely crushed upon finding out about this as he would be separated from Bridgette.

Total Drama World Tour


Geoff forgives Bridgette for hooking up with Alejandro, and they make out.

Geoff once again hosts the Aftermath show in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, alongside Blaineley as Bridgette is competing for the season. During the show, Bridgette falls in love with newcomer, Alejandro and almost forgets about Geoff's existence. Angry at her for cheating on him, Geoff keeps stalling the show with all kinds of interviews and segments so that he wouldn't have to face Bridgette, despite Blaineley wanting to bring her out as the main guest. Eventually, after he stalls by bringing out Harold and showing "That's Gonna Leave a Mark!" clips, Bridgette is brought out. She tries to apologize to him by presenting a musical number with her song, I'm Sorry, but he does not accept her apology, and they end up fighting. Blaineley tries to turn this into a new segment, the two continue to fight until they end up making out for the rest of the episode, with Katie and Sadie watching them with joy.


Bridgette and Geoff need to raise money in order to save the show.

With Bridgette's return, she resume her role as Geoff's co-hosts, replacing Blaineley though the latter remains in the show. In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, the two of them hosts of a telethon to attempt raising 500,000 dollars to re-fuel the Total Drama Jumbo Jet that had run out of fuel and became stranded in Jamaica in the previous episode. Geoff become frustrated that many of their attempts fail to raise a sufficient amount of money. To make matters worse, one of Blaineley's scheme had doubled their intended goal to a million dollars. By the end, desperate for donations, Geoff brings out Izzy, who had become super intelligent the previous episode due to a severe head injury, and ties her to a roulette, spinning her and forcing her to answer question. After a while, the roulette hinges off and rolls away, crashing off-screen and a sand bag that drops on Izzy's head returns her to her normal insanity. After Izzy accidentally sets off a bomb and destroys the entire studio, Geoff reveals they have earned enough money and signs off the show.


Geoff sings his feelings towards Blaineley.

Geoff is delighted to find out that Blaineley will no longer co-hosting with him in Aftermath Aftermayhem as she is traveling around the world. Much to his surprise, Blaineley reveals to have swapped places with Bridgette, and Geoff vowed revenge on Blaineley. A live feed of Bridgette reveals that Bridgette is in Siberia and will not be able to return for a while which made Geoff concerned and determined to get her back on the show. Throughout the episode, he reveals embarrassing clips and information about Blaineley, even singing a song about how he dislikes her. Geoff also tries to extend the show because she won't get paid if the show does not end on time. At the end of the episode, Geoff manages to ship Blaineley off into the competition after she technically wins the "second-chance" challenge.

In Hawaiian Style, Geoff is reunited with Bridgette at Hawaii but had problems getting closed to her due to the intervention of Bruno, the bear Bridgette took care at Siberia. Geoff also laughs at Blaineley and shows the audience a video of her getting injured after she took the Drop of Shame. Geoff watched as the contestants are divided into groups on who they are supporting for and is surprised to see Courtney winning the challenge as he believes that the challenge was rigged to be impossible. In Hawaiian Punch, no matter who wins in the end, Geoff and the other contestants swim away from the island after the volcano begin to erupt

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


Geoff dancing with Bridgette.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Geoff appears on the yacht with the other veterans. He is dancing with Bridgette at the bow of the yacht.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race


Geoff competes with his best friend Brody due to Bridgette being in Australia.

Geoff returns for the Ridonculous Race in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, along with his fellow surfer and best friend Brody. He appears to be ecstatic about joining the race and getting the chance to explore the world. He and Brody later choose "Stairs" in the challenge and is excited that his exercise will pay off. Unfortunately, Brody gets leg cramps and he has to drag him to the airport, but they manage to get onto the third flight to Morocco.

While Brody and him are first eliminated in Ca-Noodling, after Devin sustains major injuries and is forced to leave the game, Carrie requests for Brody and Geoff to take their place in the race and end up actually winning.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Audition tape

View this video for Geoff's audition tape.

In his audition tape, Geoff is relaxing in a beach chair, with a drink next to him. Geoff is at a "typical weeknight" party with a couple hundred of friends and about seventy pizzas. Geoff then lets out a cheer and high-fives one of his friends. Geoff then goes on to say that life is over very quickly and that if you don't have a party every day of the week, you're going to regret it. Geoff then adds "peace, chill out, party," and puts his hat over his head as he lays back on his beach chair to relax once again.

Camp TV


Geoff's Camp TV design.

Geoff appeared in Total Drama Island's prototype series, Camp TV. He was one of the main characters, as he is seen in nearly every scene in the promo and promotional art. Geoff was one of the few characters who was nearly unchanged in terms of voice, design and character. Similar to the current series, Geoff was the guy who always liked to party. In Camp TV, it was Geoff who had a crush on Gwen instead of Trent, as in the promo they are seen cuddling on the dock on a beach chair. On the contrary, both Geoff and Gwen seemed to have a rivalry with Trent, as they are seen in the promo exchanging glares. In terms of design, Geoff remained unchanged aside from the overall art style.






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