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Killer Bass
Team Victory
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Gray
Eliminated TDI: Not So Happy Campers - Part 2
TDWT: Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2
Place TDI: 22nd
TDWT: 18th
Relationship Anne Maria (attracted to)
Bridgette (attracted to)
Family Mother, father
Friends Anne Maria (one-sided on Ezekiel's side), Bridgette (one-sided, on Ezekiel's side)
Enemies Alejandro, Cameron, Chef Hatchet, Chris, Courtney, Eva, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Katie, Lightning, Mal, Sadie, Scott, Zoey
Voiced by Peter Oldring

Ezekiel, labeled The Home Schooled Guy, was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Killer Bass. He did not qualify for Total Drama Action, but was a contestant on Total Drama World Tour as a member of Team Victory. After his elimination, he became a stowaway aboard the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, making various cameo appearances around the inside of the plane throughout the rest of the season. He was seen with the other original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, and later had cameo appearances in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, The Enchanted Franken-Forest, and Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown. He later reappeared in Total Drama All-Stars, making cameo appearances in both Heroes vs. Villains and Zeek And Ye Shall Find.


Ezekiel is a naïve country boy who, prior to his time on Total Drama, was home schooled at his farm. His lack of interaction with other kids has left him with incredibly poor social skills, and he has a tendency to say and do things that rub people the wrong way, even if his intentions may personally be good. Ezekiel also has some rather warped viewpoints on life, mostly due to his parents. He initially believes that women are inferior to men and also seems to value money over his friendships. However, it appears that Ezekiel is simply repeating what his parents told him and that these are not his genuine feelings. Later on in the series, he is seen interacting with several of the show's female contestants with no apparent animosity. Ezekiel has the distinction of being the first contestant ever voted off in the show's history. When he returns as a contestant in Total Drama World Tour, he becomes extremely determined to redeem himself for his early elimination in season one and his failure to compete at all in season two. Unfortunately, his bad luck continues and he is voted off first yet again. Humiliated and angry, Ezekiel refuses to accept his fate and becomes a stowaway in the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, living in the cargo hold for the entire season up until the plane's destruction. Over time, this has a drastic effect on his humanity and sanity, greatly altering his physical appearance into a green, clawed, bald, deformed creature who is no longer capable of speaking and attacks anybody he considers a threat.

Total Drama Island


Ezekiel arrives to the island.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Ezekiel makes an odd first impression by answering Chris' "What's up?" with "I think I see a bird," thinking it is a literal question. Chris acknowledges the fact that Ezekiel has been home schooled all his life, explaining his lack of knowledge of the real world and social skills. As advice, Chris tells Ezekiel not to really say much and to avoid getting voted off too early. Ezekiel is selected to be on the Killer Bass.

Ezekiel performs decently in the first challenge in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, although he hits a rock while jumping off the thousand-foot cliff, resulting in him spinning around wildly until he hits the water. Despite this, he is seen landing in the safe zone, and gives a thumbs-up to his cheering teammates, as he seems unfazed by the accident. After his team lost, he is not targeted for elimination at first, until he questions how his team lost, as the other team had more girls. Katie and Sadie are shocked, whereas Eva and Bridgette are angered. Geoff attempts to defend him, arguing he didn't think men were smarter than women at least, but Ezekiel's sexist comments ultimately get him eliminated and spare Courtney from elimination. Chris says that he isn't surprised to see Ezekiel go, as he was caught picking his nose.


Ezekiel's cameo in Basic Straining (on the milk carton at the bottom right).

Ezekiel's picture is seen on a milk carton in Basic Straining, when Duncan and Courtney are stealing food and putting a dead fish inside Chris and Chef's fridge. 

Bridgette Geoff Ezekiel Pool

Ezekiel at Playa Des Losers with Bridgette and Geoff.

Ezekiel is not seen again until much later at Playa Des Losers in Haute Camp-ture with sunglasses, a gold necklace shaped like a "Z," a gangster-like personality, and seems to have fit in with some of the other campers. He is also seen trying to get close to Bridgette three times when they are both in the hot tub, only to be rejected by her. This might be a hint that he may have a crush on her, though he probably blew his chances with her early on, seeing as how she was, in fact, one of the first female campers to get mad about his sexist comments, and arguably one of the most angered. He seems to have become friends with Trent; this is hinted at when he is hanging out near Trent in a pool chair. When Trent gave Harold bologna, Ezekiel asked Trent why he was helping a traitor.

In I Triple Dog Dare You!,  Ezekiel's challenge involve the contestant to chew and swallow their own toenail, slowly. Gwen was the one who spun the wheel, and she was so unimpressed by the simplicity of the dare that she chooses to do it herself. She easily performed it, winning a Freebie for herself. Ezekiel, alongside all of the other nineteen eliminated campers, has a brief cameo appearance at the end of the episode, sitting around the pool at Playa Des Losers, and looking up into the sky when Heather roars in fury after discovering that she had been eliminated.

Ezekiel, along with all of the other previously eliminated contestants, appears in The Very Last Episode, Really!. He chooses Owen's side from the beginning and cheers when Owen announced that he would throw a party if he won. In Owen's ending, after Owen wins, he happily holds Ezekiel, along with Harold, under his arms.

Ezekiel had reformed quite a bit by Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, as he teamed up with Lindsay and Beth, and agreed to treat them with respect, despite his previous conflict with the girls. He tried to show them at one point that he had found the case, though they ignored him as they needed more "girl time." He genuinely got along with them, making a point to compliment Lindsay on her "strategizing" at one point. The three of them worked together to find the million dollar case. Beth and Lindsay managed to make it to the dock and become eligible to compete on Total Drama Action, but Ezekiel could not join them in season two, since Justin's parachute was blocking his way.

Total Drama Action


Ezekiel is revealed to prefer money over integrity.

Due to not making it to the dock in time during last season, Ezekiel does not compete in Total Drama Action. However, he is shown to be a commentator/spectator on the talk show, Total Drama Aftermath, in the peanut gallery of rejected losers. In season two, Ezekiel made his appearances in The Aftermath: I, The Aftermath: II and The Aftermath: III, but all he does is clap, agreeing to Geoff's statement about "money being more important than having integrity" in The Aftermath: II. He appears in Mutiny on the Soundstage and The Aftermath: IV where he looked shocked (along with the other characters) at the tie between Beth and Duncan for the million dollar prize.

A hobo steals Ezekiel's wallet when he's not looking.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Ezekiel tries to become cool for the Celebrity Manhunt cameras by showing off his shades and some of his new bling jewelry (which, in addition to the Z, also has a golden cow bell on it), but he gets tangled up in the chain and falls over. His bull, seemingly attracted by the sound of the cowbell, apparently falls in love with Ezekiel. In a small screen in the Celebrity Manhunt studio, it is apparent that the bull was infatuated enough with Ezekiel to kiss him. He later appears at the Gemmie Awards with everyone else, lacking the gangster getup, but still talking in bad slang. Although most of his comments go completely ignored by the rest of the cast, he does get slapped by DJ's mother when he uses slang in front of her. Once the cast is ditched outside the Gemmie Awards location, Ezekiel attempts to convince the rest of his fellow cast members that he can survive alone in the streets, but ends up getting pick-pocketed by a homeless man, who steals his wallet. He teams up with everybody else to stop Chris' new reality show, Total Drama Dirtbags. After Courtney drives the bus off the cliff, Ezekiel is amongst the cast rescued by Chris who proceeds to Total Drama World Tour. He is later seen in the confessional (his first confessional ever), wearing a new version of his hat, his sunglasses, and his golden Z/Cow bell necklace, celebrating his being in season three with even more bad slang, moving all over the inside of the confessional (such as lying across the counter), and eventually falling out of the chair.

Total Drama World Tour


Ezekiel states that he will win the season.

Ezekiel returns to the competition much more confident than before, more than ready to redeem himself from coming in last in Total Drama Island. However, he also comes across as more annoying to the other contestants, with Chris in particular beginning to develop a special amount of hatred towards him rather quickly. Eventually, when Chris is constantly being interrupted by Ezekiel about how he won't get eliminated while he is explaining the elimination procedures, Ezekiel is thrown out of the plane, with Chris stating he is officially eliminated from the competition. However, right before the plane manages to take off, Ezekiel gets back into the plane, still manages to get in a singing line in Come Fly With Us, and reappears right before the first challenge begins. Even though Chris said he was still eliminated, he allows him to participate in the challenge. He is the last one to cross the finish line after Izzy carries him out of it, and because Duncan quit the competition and also due to some begging on the part of Ezekiel, he is allowed to be on Team A.

Despite his newly found confidence and being allowed another chance, however, he once again is the first one voted out in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2. During the song, his off-beat line rendered the purpose of the song useless, causing the scarabs to attack the cast. While Ezekiel doesn't do much during the first part of the challenge, during the reprise, Harold says that the best way to defeat a crocodile is to bop it on the nose - Ezekiel does this but the crocodile ends up eating the stick instead. This causes Team Victory to lose and Ezekiel to get voted off. After he is thrown off, he grabs onto the plane's tail wing, saying that he isn't going anywhere.

Ezekiel Reappears

The first of many Ezekiel appearances.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan reveals that Ezekiel has managed to get back onto the plane after the events of the previous episode and starting from here Ezekiel appears occasionally in the background. While Team Amazon is looking for props for their commercial, they see Ezekiel in the background, who then retreats behind the crates, freaking them out. Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better shows him watching two rats retreat from a small trapdoor within the plane. Footage from Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water in their "Total Drama Fugitives" section shows that Owen had seen Ezekiel hanging upside down the plane's wing very briefly and Chris saw a shadow of him coming from the steam in his hot tub, but when he grabbed a baseball bat, he disappeared into the steam.

After not appearing for a while, Ezekiel reappears in Newf Kids on the Rock twice. The first is when, after Chef Hatchet pushes Heather out of the plane, Ezekiel appears behind the crates. The exclusive clip after the episode also features Owen pulling him out of a pot in Newfoundland. After they both scream, Owen closes the pot lid. During Team Victory's last elimination ceremony in the following episode, Ezekiel is present at their ceremony, albeit behind an umbrella. The "Total Drama Fugitives" segment of Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon shows Ezekiel pouncing on a mouse before he runs up to the camera.


Ezekiel's appearance starting in I See London....

Apparently being discovered by Chef Hatchet in the cargo hold, Ezekiel takes the role of Jack the Ripper during the challenge in I See London..., with the promise that if he could capture all the contestants, he would be let back into the competition. While he manages to catch Alejandro before the challenge begins as well as Sierra, Cody, Tyler, and Heather once the challenge begins. However, once he corners Noah, he is taken down by guard dogs that Owen releases on him. When Chris reveals that he was Jack the Ripper, he is shown to have had a few changes to his appearance, namely bloodshot eyes, green skin, a chipped off ear, and disheveled teeth. He is also unable to communicate any longer, only making animal noises. For failing to capture all the contestants, Ezekiel is thrown out of the plane by Chef Hatchet, but he manages to grab onto the wheel and eventually sneak back onto the plane.

After I See London..., Ezekiel appearances are more frequent and generally more noticeable. When Chris is introducing the challenge in Greece's Pieces, Ezekiel appears under the table under a trapdoor briefly. He is shown in the co-pilot's seat in the start of The EX-Files when the aliens start attacking the plane and prevents the landing gear from deploying in Picnic at Hanging Dork. He is seen in the cargo hold in both Sweden Sour and Niagara Brawls, with him briefly appearing behind a set of crates when Alejandro and Heather are conversing down there and he steals cheese from a mouse in the start of the latter. He is almost seen by the others in the latter, but since all the contestants were asleep, he escapes before being seen.


Ezekiel in his feral, and current, state.

While Ezekiel is seen at the beginning of Chinese Fake-Out trying to steal some of the cake Duncan and Courtney won in the previous challenge, nobody knows he is on the plane until his cover is blown at the end of the episode when Blaineley reveals that Ezekiel is still in the plane. As a result, Ezekiel is once again used as part of the challenge in African Lying Safari. Ezekiel is now shown to have lost his toque, shoes (which his feet have become three-toed and clawed), and all but a few long strands of his hair. In addition, his pupils have become smaller and his teeth are even more disheveled than before. After unintentionally rescuing Alejandro and Duncan from quicksand, he doesn't appear again until Alejandro covers Duncan in Serengeti blood berries, which causes him to emerge from the water and attack Duncan. After getting tranquilized, Chris tries to get out of area as fast as possible to make sure Ezekiel doesn't get back on the plane, but he still gets back into the plane from the top. Returning to his cameo appearances, he is shown behind a curtain in economy class in the next episode.


Ezekiel falls into the volcano with the million dollar case in his hand.

Ezekiel is amongst the animals that escape the plane's destruction and he is placed into a crate to be transferred to Mexico. Alejandro agrees to let him out if he behaves, with Alejandro describing him as his little brother to the conductor. After unleashing Ezekiel on Heather, he vanishes for a while until Alejandro is pushed off of the train, where he prepares to attack her. Despite Heather's efforts, however, he manages to knock her out of the plane window. After the events of the episode, he makes his way towards Hawaii, knowing the money is there, eventually getting to the top of the volcano when the winner of the season is revealed. He then attacks Chris or Heather (depending on the ending), managing to steal the case from them, but falls into the lava, submerging with the case still in his hand. Ezekiel is shown to have survived this ordeal, however, when he is launched from the volcano into Chris and Chef's boat, which causes it to sink.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Ezekiel appears on the yacht with the other veterans, still in his deranged, feral form. He is chained up to and crouching on the prow of the yacht, the wind blowing what little hair he has left and his tongue hanging out wildly like a dog.


Ezekiel offering Anne Maria the prize money from last season.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, he appears in the second half of the episode. He kidnaps Anne Maria and finds her attractive. As the king of a group of mutant blind gophers, he presents her with various gifts, including the prize money from last season, which had been reduced to ash. He eventually gives her a massive diamond, which she believes is real and thus worth much more than the million dollars. Later, Ezekiel attacks Lightning when he tries to retrieve the golden statues on his throne. Lightning, however, eventually fought back and strapped his backpack containing a bomb onto Ezekiel before kicking him down a tunnel. Shortly afterward, the mine was destroyed in the ensuing explosions, trapping Ezekiel whose still inside. After the challenge, Anne Maria quit because of the diamond Ezekiel gave her, only for Chris to reveal it as a fake. She changed her mind and frantically tried to climb out, but was launched off with Brick.

In The Enchanted Franken-Forest, Ezekiel reappears after being trapped in the mine since its demolition. He finally climbs to the top of a mine-shaft and pushes aside several pieces of debris, relieved to finally be out. However, Lightning trips over Ezekiel and unknowingly knocks Ezekiel right back down into the mine.

Despite the events of the previous episode, Ezekiel also appears in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown when the entire army of mutated monsters were unleashed and the arena was plunged into chaos. Ezekiel jumped in to save Anne Maria from a mutant squirrel by knocking it aside. In return, he tried to get a kiss from her, only to frighten her. Cameron knocks him unconscious with a frying pan, saving Anne Maria.

Total Drama All-Stars


Chef drops Ezekiel out of the helicopter.

Ezekiel reappears in Heroes vs. Villains. He is first seen being dropped from the helicopter by Chef, and is introduced as the fourteenth contestant of the season. Just as Ezekiel is about to fall on the other contestants, Chris states that he was only kidding about him being a contestant. The Robot then attaches a plunger to Ezekiel's chest and launches him far away from the island.


Ezekiel prepares to exact his revenge on Chris.

Ezekiel appears again in Zeek And Ye Shall Find, where he crashes Chris' one hundredth episode party and kidnaps Chris. Intending to take revenge on the host for all the humiliation and abuse he has put him through in the past, he takes him to the abandoned mine and ties him up above a vat of toxic waste. As a side effect of being exposed to radioactive waste for so long, Ezekiel can now spit acid. Throughout the episode, he takes out several of the contestants who have been sent by Chef Hatchet to look for Chris. After he has captured most of the contestants, Cameron, Gwen and Chef arrives, with the latter tries to free Chris before being knocked out by Ezekiel. He uses his acid spit to cause a rockslide and crush Cameron, but Gwen traps Ezekiel to his own throne with Chef's spaghetti gun. However, as soon as Gwen frees Cameron, Ezekiel disappears.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama All-Stars

Audition tape

View this video for Ezekiel's audition tape.
E Audition

Ezekiel in his audition video.

In the background, a typical farm can be seen. Ezekiel asks if the camera is on, then says that he's going to bag himself a moose. He then blows into a flute and sees something move in the bushes. In response, he shoots at it with a bow and arrow, but after it screams he realizes that he just shot his mother by accident. He then runs to her, worriedly apologizing.

Ezekiel's Camp TV design.

Camp TV

Ezekiel appeared in Camp TV along with the majority of the cast. His design was almost completely different from his current one, bearing a strong resemblance to Noah's current design (Noah was not present in Camp TV), including the shape of the head, the sweater vest, and a look on his face that implies a snobbish attitude, similar to Noah. Despite this, however, the design's pants and shoes are similar to the current Ezekiel's.


  • Although almost all the contestants are Canadian, Ezekiel appears to be the closest to a stereotypical Canadian, shown by him often saying "Eh" (the only person on the show to regularly do so), wearing a toque, and speaking with a Canadian accent.
  • Ezekiel is currently one of seventeen contestants to have competed in only two seasons, the others being Geoff, Trent, Beth, Justin, Noah, Tyler, Cody, Alejandro, Sierra, Mike, Zoey, Sam, Cameron, Jo, Lightning, and Scott.
    • He was also the only character who competed on two seasons that was on Team Victory.
    • He also has the lowest amount of participation of all the two-season participants, having competed in only four episodes.
  • Ezekiel is one of several characters who possess more than one main design, having his regular form and his feral-Gollum form. Other characters include: Heather, Mike, Dakota, Sierra, Lightning, and Scarlett.
  • Ezekiel, along with Sierra and Alejandro, is one of the only contestants to use the confessional in a season that they did not compete on.
  • Ezekiel, Beth, Scott, Rodney, and Sugar are the five contestants confirmed to have grown up on a farm.
  • Ezekiel is one of four contestants in Total Drama World Tour whose elimination was not, in some way, caused by Alejandro, the others being Lindsay, Izzy, and Sierra.
    • Thus, Ezekiel is also the only male contestant in Total Drama World Tour whose elimination was not caused by Alejandro.
    • He is also the only person to not be eliminated by Alejandro who was voted off regularly.
  • Ezekiel is one of four contestants to align with an authority figure, the others being DJ, Owen, and Blaineley.
    • He is also the second contestant to be used by Chris as a member of the game besides as a contestant, the first being Owen.
      • Ezekiel is also the first contestant to be eliminated and be used in challenges later without actually being brought back into the game. In this case, he was used in two.
  • Ezekiel currently holds the record for the most amount of episode appearances in which he does not speak: twenty-four episodes of the entire series so far.
  • Ezekiel is confirmed to have liver spots, seen when he went bald, in African Lying Safari.
  • Ezekiel, along with Chris, Chef, Harold, Alejandro, Duncan, DJ, Sam, and B, are the only characters to have facial hair.
  • Ezekiel's character transition in Total Drama World Tour is similar to the The Lord of the Rings character Gollum;
    • Both used to be nice people but as a result of their greed, they were destroyed mentally and physically and transformed into a creature that has pale green skin, liver spots, and is nearly bald, leaving a few long stringy hair.
    • Both also fall into a volcano after finally retrieving the object that they desire.
  • It was revealed in an interview that Christian Potenza originally auditioned to voice Ezekiel before Tom McGillis convinced him to instead voice Chris.
  • In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Ezekiel revealed that he has a peanut allergy.
  • Confirmed on his biography and on Total Drama Online, Ezekiel is capable of speaking eight different languages.
    • This makes him one of five contestants to speak multiple languages, the others being Harold, Alejandro, Noah, and Sky.
  • Ezekiel is the first original contestant to be attracted to one of the new contestants.
  • Ezekiel noticeably shares many similarities with Dakota, such as:
    • Both were brought back to the show as something entirely different from a contestant.
    • Both were eliminated second in a season.
    • Both were eliminated once, but Chris eventually let them back in after someone else quit.
    • Both were placed on the team with more contestants eliminated before the merge in a season.
    • Both eventually transformed into hideous monsters at the end of their participation in the show.
  • Ezekiel is the only original contestant to have more than one individual cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
    • He is also the only contestant who did not compete in three seasons to do so.
    • Additionally, Ezekiel is the only contestant to have more than two cameo appearances overall (counting the appearance of the entire cast on the yacht in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!).
  • Ezekiel is the first contestant to make a cameo appearance in Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Ezekiel is one of nine characters on the show to have been bald or currently be bald, with the others being Sierra, Alejandro, Chef, Chris, Staci, Dakota, Dave, and Heather.
  • Ezekiel has been responsible for the eliminations of two characters in seasons he didn't compete in.
  • According to Julie Giles, after the events of Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Ezekiel went to the Fun Zone and is currently happy where he is with his fellow monsters.


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