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This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and Sky.



Sky boosts her team's morale by with an inspirational speech.

Sky's competitive drive and patience with others makes her a natural born leader on her team. She stays true to her code of honor and tries to see the best in people without insulting them, even if said person is either a liability to her or mean to others. Sky rarely ever results to insulting or playing dirty against her fellow competitors. She vows to play a clean game, however she does slip up from time to time. Despite her mistakes, Sky compensates for it by being a friend to everyone, and being a hardcore competitor. Overall, Sky is well liked by others and has made many friends during her time on the show.

Amy and Samey

Like majority of the contestants present, Sky is confused when Amy suddenly returns in A Blast from the Past, thinking that the sister who is still present in the competition was Amy, and Samey was the one who was eliminated two episodes ago.


During his short time on the show, Beardo seems to respect Sky as a good leader for their team and follows her instructions, while Sky has never openly shown annoyance at Beardo's sound effects.


Sky's "play by the book" personality often puts her in odds with Chris who occasionally bends the rules of the competition whenever he "feels like it." In addition, Sky also dislikes Chris for not caring about everyone's safety as well as constantly interfering between her and Dave.

In Hurl and Go Seek, Sky and the other contestants are annoyed that Chris woke them up in the middle of the night and doubts him when Chris announces that he is preparing a surprise meal for them since he never treats them well before. After the pre-challenge, Chris makes Sky feel bad in front of the other contestants by reminding Dave of her earlier actions towards him. In Scarlett Fever, Sky and the rest of the contestants are angry at Chris for leaving them on Pahkitew Island as the island is about to explode. While Shawn destroys the robot copies, Sky states watching Chris getting continuously demolished was "therapeutic." In Pahk'd With Talent, Chris is impressed with Sky's performance during the talent show but gives her lower points than the other judges, claiming that her choice of colors for the cutouts are cliche. In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, Chris allows Sky to spin the slot machine twice and laughs when both times ended with Dave,

Chris gleefully replays Sky's audition tape to break apart her relationship with Dave in the finale.

whom Sky is hesitate to have as her helper. After Dave returns to the island, Chris again reminds him of what Sky did to him, making Sky guilty for her actions. Throughout the episode, Chris playfully pretends that he doesn't understand what is going on between Sky and Dave while talking like a little girl in the confessional. Near the end, Chris turn Dave against Sky by revealing her audition tape to him where Dave discovers the existence of Sky's boyfriend, Keith, which finally pushes him to the point of insanity. As Chris watch Dave and Jasmine turn against Shawn and Sky, he laughs at the finalists misfortune.

Chef Hatchet

In So, Uh This Is My Team?, Sky easily deflects one of the tennis ball Chef fires at her with a wooden plank, sending it back to Chef and knocking him out. In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, in Sky's ending, Chef pulls her out of the snow. She then asks him if she won, to which Chef nods.



Dave becomes hostile to Sky, after discovering she has a boyfriend.

Dave becomes fond of Sky quite soon after he meets her, but Sky initially tries to stay out of a relationship, as she originally did not wish to get distracted from winning the prize money. However over time, she too develops feelings for him, but still tries to restrain herself from getting romantically involved. Eventually the two become close enough that Sky no longer tries to hide her feelings and the spends time with Dave. However, this is cut short when Sky is transferred to the other team. Dave does not handle the separation well, while Sky gets influenced by Jasmine whose own experience leads her to discourage any relationships. Dave's desperate attempts to win Sky back, only causes her to further lose interest. By Hurl and Go Seek, Sky has become fed-up with Dave and openly rejects him, leaving him heartbroken and causing his own elimination. In finale, Sky ends up selecting Dave by accident, even though she did not want him. Left with no choice, she kisses Dave to motivate him into helping her. While things go well between the two, Chris ruins their cooperation by showing Sky's audition tape, revealing Sky's boyfriend Keith. Upon seeing this, Dave's fragile sanity finally breaks, and he becomes determined to make Sky fail at winning the million dollars. However he is unsuccessful in preventing one of the finalists from winning.


Ella is sad

Ella informs Sky, that she is the one Dave truly loves.

Though there are times Sky gets annoyed by Ella's singing, for the most the two get along with each other and are shown to be friends. Both of them are placed on the Waneyihtam Maskwak in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. Throughout the season, Sky helps Ella on how to make Sugar like her back and at the same time, protect her from Sugar's wrath. Eventually, Ella falls for Dave whom Sky had taken a liking. Initially, Sky was oblivious on Ella's feelings for Dave but finds it strange when she puts her hand on Dave's shoulder and called him a prince in A Blast from the Past. In the next episode, Ella found out that Dave actually have feelings for Sky instead of her and was heart broken. When she informs Sky about this, Sky is initially delighted that Dave likes her but feels bad seeing how sad Ella is. During the challenge, Sky persuades Ella to sing in order to help Dave and bring the bear that ate their monkey to Chris. Ella is hesitant to do so as Chris states that she would be eliminated if she sings again, but Sky promises her that Chris wouldn't find out. When Ella is eliminated later in the episode, she sings one final song bidding farewell to Sky and the others.



Jasmine gives Sky an ultimatum in Three Zones and A Baby; help her team or be labelled as a traitor.

When Pimâpotew Kinosewak become caught in Max's trap in Mo Monkey Mo Problems, Jasmine immediately believes it was Sky who set up the trap. After switching teams however, Sky finds a friend in Jasmine. In Three Zones and A Baby, the two of them converse about their respective love interests. Jasmine repeatedly convinces her to not let Dave distract her and focus on the game. Later, Jasmine gives Sky an ultimatum: help their team win, or help Dave and risk being labeled a traitor. In the end, Sky chooses the former. After the merge, Sky forms an alliance with Sugar, due to feeling Jasmine's relationship with Shawn could pose a threat to herself. Jasmine shows concern for Sky when Sugar betrays her in Sky Fall. In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, Sky is reluctant to choose Jasmine as her helper because of her relationship with Shawn.


Keith was Sky's boyfriend back home who helped her film her audition tape. As he was around at the time, Sky proclaims that she would miss him very much after she leaves for Total Drama in her tape. Not much is known about their relationship together but for unknown reasons, Sky planned to break up with him but didn't have the time to do so. As of now, the two of them are no longer a couple.


Sky seems to have a degree of tolerance for Leonard's beliefs. In So, Uh This Is My Team?, she hesitantly agrees with Leonard's plan to build a wizard tower, seeing that their team have no idea what to build. In I Love You, Grease Pig!, Leonard and the rest of the team cheers for Sky after she gave them an inspiring speech. During the challenge, Sky allows Leonard to be the last person of their team for the obstacle course which turns out to be a bad idea as Leonard cost them the challenge, still believing that he can use magic. That night, Sky states in the confessional it is obvious who she is going to vote for, suggesting that she is voting for Leonard due to his poor performance.



Max turns sour after Sky gives him a piece of gum.

In So, Uh This Is My Team?, on the blimp, Sky offers Max a piece of gum. Max tells her her kindness won't keep her safe from his "pure evil," but accepts the gum and thanks her. However Max complains the gum is too too spicy, putting Sky off. In Twinning Isn't Everything, Max heeds Scarlett's suggestion and pops Sky's balloon, releasing a swarm of bees that sting her. In A Blast from the Past, Sky notices that Max and Scarlett cheated during his match with Ella and charges at Scarlett during her own turn for their unsportsmanlike conduct. In This Is The Pits!, when Max and Sky switch teams, he harshly shoos her off of his seat. In Scarlett Fever, Max carries out Sky's plan to take down Scarlett, using the Chris Promobot head to trick her into opening the door.


In Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, when told that finalists can pick helpers, Sky wishes to choose Rodney as a helper, seeing his strength as a great asset to her. However, she is disappointed to discover they cannot voluntarily pick their helpers.


Sky and Scarlett

Sky awakens to find Scarlett taking notes of her sleep.

In A Blast from the Past, Sky notices Scarlett helping Max to electrocute Ella. The two girls are paired together in the challenge, and Sky calls out Scarlett on her sneaky actions. Determined to get her back for what she did to Ella, Sky forcefully swings at Scarlett, only for the latter to duck and the momentum causing Sky to fall in the water. In Three Zones and A Baby, Sky is soundly asleep in her new team's tree house until she is woken up by Scarlett taking down notes of her sleeping pattern. In Scarlett Fever, once Scarlett reveals her true motives, she attempts to lead Sky and the remaining contestants to their doom by trapping them in a room filled with Chris's promo bots. Sky later pleads to Scarlett to change her mind, but to no avail. She formulates a plan to trick Scarlett into opening the door to the main control room, which ends up succeeding. Afterwards, Sky foils Scarlett's plan once and for all by shutting down the island's self destruct sequence.



Sky taunting Shawn before their match in Lies, Cries and One Big Prize.

Initially, the two of them were on the same team during the first few episodes of the season where they help their team to survive the harsh environment of the island such as looking for food and finding shelter. At times Sky is annoyed by Shawn's fear of zombies, while Shawn is hesitant to make friends due to fearing they will become zombies. Despite this, the two of them generally get along well. After the merge, the two of them become rivals and form alliances of their own in hoping that they can get the other eliminated while they reach the finale with their respective helpers. During the semi-finals and finale, they often trade insults but despite their rivalry, the leave the island on good terms despite one of them winning the grand prize.



Sky and Sugar's conflict climaxes in Pahk'd With Talent.

Sky and Sugar are both placed on Waneyihtam Maskwak in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. At first the two are mostly indifferent towards one another, although Sky appears disgusted by Sugar's habits. However, over time Sugar begins to see Sky's budding relationship with Dave as a threat, and tries to keep the two of them separated. Following the merge, where Dave is eliminated, Sky reluctantly seeks Sugar out as an ally, as everyone else is already in groups of their own. Throughout the alliance, Sky has to put up Sugar's gross behavior and general incompetence, sometimes having to forcibly push Sugar along. The alliance comes to an end in Sky Fall, where Sugar decides to betray Sky in an attempt to eliminate her, causing a full-out conflict to escalate between the girls. Both of them become fiercely competitive in Pahk'd With Talent, and repeatedly seek out chances eliminate one another. After two challenges where Sky and Sugar are tied, they finally reach the Talent Show challenge. Sugar performs very poorly in this challenge, finally resulting in her elimination and Sky being victorious over her rival.


In Three Zones and A Baby, Sky, like the rest of her new team, is annoyed that Topher isn't paying attention to the challenge, and later makes the team lose by causing an avalanche. At the campfire ceremony, she and the other members vote him off.

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