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This article focuses on the interactions between Everyone and Scott.


TDRI Mike Error

None of the season four contestants show Scott sympathy for his injuries in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown.

Scott is the main antagonist of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and his strategy is different from all of the previous antagonists: instead of deliberately going after the opposing team, he sabotages his own while pretending to lead them to victory. His ultimate scheme is to utterly destroy his team while finding the McLean-Brand Chris Head to survive any elimination attempts on himself. Thus, with only himself remaining on the team, he plans to pick off the remaining competitors one-by-one until he is the victor. By these means, he has made enemies with everyone on the Rats, as well as the Mutant Maggots when he swaps later on. Due to his actions throughout the season, Scott does not receive any pity or sympathy from the other contestants after he received near-death injuries and had to be placed in a mechanical suit in order to live. In Total Drama All-Stars, Scott is placed on the Villainous Vultures because of his performance in the previous season. He sees his teammates as being pathetic and himself as one of the only "real villains" of the bunch. Despite being proud of his status, he lets down his guard long enough to develop his first romantic relationship.


Alejandro Scott Albertha

Scott questions Alejandro's hatred for being called "Al" in Suckers Punched.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Alejandro makes a note to himself to "thank Scott for his cowardice," as it caused him to be released from the Drama Machine.

Scott mocks Alejandro for faking his paralyzed legs in Suckers Punched, saying, "Wakey Wakey, Legs-A-Fakey" when he approaches. When Alejandro requests Courtney not to call him "Al," Scott eagerly exclaims that there is nothing wrong with it, as it is his sister's name.

By the time of You Regatta Be Kidding Me, Scott has noticed that he and Alejandro remain the only "true" villains left on the Villainous Vultures. He states in the confessional that he feels he and Alejandro are outnumbered, implying he feels some sort of kinship with the Spaniard. During the challenge, as Alejandro passes Scott and his group, his boat splashes at them. He calls back to them saying "Adios non-amigos," to which Scott and the others glare at him angrily.

Alejandro attempts to reveal Mal's secret to Scott in The Obsta-Kill Kourse, but decides to tell Scott later as the latter is busy being electrocuted. Later on, Scott is easily convinced by Mal that it was Alejandro who made Cameron kiss Courtney, and that he was responsible for ending their relationship. As a result, Scott joins everyone else in voting off Alejandro that night.

Anne Maria


Anne Maria is unhappy with Scott landing on her poof in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste.

In Finders Creepers as Scott rushes forward to run Sam, Anne Maria trips him and causes him to fall on top of Sam, and both of them to be webbed by the spider together.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Anne Maria argues with Scott when he says he will protect the girls, angrily proclaims that she didn't need him watching her, but Scott still ends up grabbing her arm and pulling her into the cart. Later Scott accidentally lands on Anne Maria's poof, and she does not take well to Scott almost drowning her, and attempts to attack him but is restrained by Zoey. Scott tries to divert attention from himself by saying the carts were Mike's idea, but she retorts by saying Mike didn't try to drown her. When a mysterious figure takes Anne Maria away, Scott tells Zoey to leave her.


Scott has a very intense rivalry with B that begins in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!. Scott immediately views B as a threat after he shown to be a huge help to the the team, which directly opposes Scott's plans to throw challenges. In the confessional, Scott reveals that he is planning on dispatching B, and that "he won't even know what hit him".

In Truth or Laser Shark, after finding out B's real name, Scott keeps making fun of him throughout the episode. During the "Mad Skills Obstacle Course" challenge, Scott purposely delays giving the rat to B in order to stall for time. A frustrated B eventually forcibly takes the rat from Scott and completes his part of the challenge.


Scott pays the price for not listening to B's instructions in Ice Ice Baby.

Their conflict culminates in Ice Ice Baby, when Scott finally has it with B after making the team win yet another challenge, and vows to dispose of B once and for all. During the final moments of the second challenge, Scott sees B melting the other team's fortress using a mirror he sculpted. Scott throws a snowball at the mirror, changing its angle and reflecting the sun ray at their own team's fortress, melting it and costing them the challenge. Scott immediately frames B for sabotaging the challenge and rallies the others to vote him off. With almost everyone voting for him, B is eliminated, much to Scott's delight.

In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, B joins everyone in laughing at the injured Scott.


In Truth or Laser Shark, Scott and everybody laughed at Brick after finding out that he wet his pants on the first and last day of school.

In Ice Ice Baby, Scott enters a brawl between him, Brick and Mike (Vito), although Scott seemed to be targeting Vito over Brick since Vito had the flag.

In Finders Creepers, Scott attempts to make Brick defeat him and Sam and reach the end of the scavenger hunt challenge first in order to advance his own agenda. However, the Rats end up winning instead due to Sam being alongside him and Brick having no other members of the Mutant Maggots with when he finished the challenge. Furthermore, Brick's punishment for his loss was not elimination, but switching to the Toxic Rats, thus making him another of Scott's targets.

Backstabbers Ahoy (4)

Scott plans to dispose Brick's alarm.

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Scott gets annoyed by Brick's alarm clock and dunks it in the toilet, saying that he's gonna do the same to Brick, until the clock's alarm causes a geyser of water to shoot up out of the toilet and into Scott's face. Scott blames Brick for stealing several items such as Lightning's protein and Anne Maria's hairbrush, although he eventually switches the blame to Dawn.


The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (56)

Cameron accidentally reveals to Scott that Mike has a personality disorder.

Once Scott was transferred to the Mutant Maggots in Runaway Model, he once again tries to perform the same tactic like he did on his previous team; leading his team to their defeat and vote off one of his team mates. Cameron immediately realizes Scott's plans and tries several times to eliminate Scott and finally succeeds in Eat, Puke and Be Wary.

The conflict continues in Total Drama All-Stars despite the two being on different teams, however it was toned down early in the season. It escalates again after the merge when Cameron uses Scott to lure Fang to help the their raft move quicker.


In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, when Chris wonders if his chin is "really that big," Scott insults him by saying that it is, and it "looks like a butt."

In Eat, Puke and Be Wary, Chris accidentally falls into one of Scott's traps and falls into the outhouse. Later when Scott gets eliminated, Chris takes revenge on Scott by making Fang accompany him in the Hurl of Shame.

In Food Fright, Scott brags that the obstacle course is soonest, which leads Chris to add the Salad Spinner. During Scott's turn, being stuffed with gruel and pancake, he is so heavy that he causes the log to stop spinning where Chris warns him "You break it you buy it." Still being too heavy to be kicked by the boot, Chris winds it back and activates rockets in the boot giving Scott an excessively hard kick.

In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, as Scott returns from his night on Boney Island and tries to get off the boat, Chris pushes him back in. Later, Scott falls asleep as Chris was explaining the challenge, so he then yells at him through the megaphone causing him to fall over.



Courtney yelling at Scott in The Obsta-Kill Kourse.

In Total Drama All-Stars, after Courtney was transferred to the Villainous Vultures in Saving Private Leechball, Courtney realizes that she requires an ally if she is to survive her new team and sees Scott as a potential member. From the moment he meets her, Scott is attracted to Courtney and often flirts with her. It wasn't long until Courtney also finds herself attracted to Scott and began to warm up to him. The two of them become a couple in Zeek And Ye Shall Find but broke up two hours later after Scott saw Cameron kissing Courtney. Although they got back together in the next episode, Scott was heartbroken when he found out that Courtney is planning to bring him to the finals and make him forfeit the challenge to her. Additionally, he was also furious of the doodle of him that Courtney drew. With this, it is presumed that their relationship has ended again.


Scott is instrumental in both of Dakota's eliminations this season. In Truth or Laser Shark, Scott talks to Dawn, Lightning, and Sam about voting off Dakota, saying that she's only in it to become famous and is a detriment in challenges.

In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Dakota is once again on Scott's team due to a technicality of the previous episode, where Anne Maria leaves the island in a rush to cash in a fake diamond and Chris still needs an extra cast member. When Scott appears to be voted off, he uses his McLean-Brand Chris Head to save himself, which instead leads to the "second most voted cast member" to be voted off, which turns out to be Dakota. (due to Zoey wanting to protect herself with Dakota having fully mutated into a monster with the events of this and the previous episode).


Held as a child

"You weren't held enough as a child."

- Dawn in Ice Ice Baby.

Although for the most part seeing her as another problem, Scott accidentally gets on Dawn's good side in Ice Ice Baby when he assists in trying to clear out the mutant beetles from their snow fort, making her curiously ask if he was a "beetle whisperer." Scott's conflict with Dawn culminates in Backstabbers Ahoy!, when she realizes he was sabotaging their own team on purpose, particularly after he shot his own teammate Sam with one of their own venomous seagulls. After making a confession that she was going to finally convince the Toxic Rats to eliminate him after his deliberate move, she unknowingly sealed her own downfall, with Scott overhearing the entire confession behind the outhouse. With a pile of stolen goods he took that he was going to blame on Brick, he instead made Dawn the culprit, throwing in his shark tooth from Fang to give himself an alibi.
Backstabbers Ahoy (53)

Scott and Dawn glare at each other at the elimination ceremony in Backstabbers Ahoy!.

Regardless of how much Dawn tried to prove her innocence, the team turned on her. That night, Dawn tried one final time to save herself from elimination by revealing a McLean-Brand Chris Head, but it turned out to be a fake made by Scott while he possessed the real one. Thus, she was eliminated. She tried one final time to take down Scott, referring to him as a "soulless, sociopathic scoundrel," and tried to warn the others about his traitorous nature, only for Chef to swipe her up in her own garbage bag and catapult her off before she could say Scott's name. In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, when Chris said that no one cares about Scott, Dawn laughed at Scott with everyone else.


When DJ makes a cameo appearance during Eat, Puke and Be Wary, Scott's quiche scares him enough to run away.


But still helpful

Duncan helping Scott to get up after he fell.

Duncan seems to get along with Scott as seen in Evil Dread when the two of them toast to villainy.

In Saving Private Leechball, Duncan says in the confessional that he likes Scott, and he always knows what to expect by him, though they later fight over the leech cannon.

After Scott falls over in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Duncan laughs, at him. After that Duncan helps him up, which Scott thanks him for.

Duncan laughs at Scott in You Regatta Be Kidding Me when he is used as shark bait to accelerate the raft. Scott got frustrated and told him it was not funny.


In the opening sequence, Scott is leaning against the confessional, laughing at Lightning, Mike and Zoey, until Fang comes out and scares him away.
Eating scott

Fang tries to eat Scott for the first time.

In Truth or Laser Shark, Fang manages to eat Scott when the Rats are submerged, but Scott manages to break free, knocking out one of Fang's teeth in the process. The tooth ends up stabbed in Scott's behind where he finds it in confessional and which he decides to keep to carve things later on. Fang is also shown in the confessional upset over his lost tooth and seeming to show malice at the one he lost it to.

In Finders Creepers, Fang chases Scott through the graveyard after he opens the coffin containing him.

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Scott is heard mentioning Fang in his sleep. From what Scott was saying, it seemed that he was being attacked by Fang in this dream.

In Runaway Model, Fang sets up a trap for Scott by attempting to lure him to a rope with a slice of pizza, and then catch him with the rope. However, he knows better and says that if there wasn't pepperoni on it, "he'd totally eat that." Fang then picks off the pepperoni, but while doing that, Scott cuts the rope which catches Fang himself. Afterwards, Scott walks away with the pizza.

Throughout the opening challenge in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Scott is in constant fear of Fang emerging from the water, especially when he is forced to swim in the water alongside the other males on his team. When Fang does appear, Scott hides behind Dakota in fear.

In Grand Chef Auto, after getting caught in Fang's jaw, Lightning tells the mutant shark that he'll take him to Scott if he let him go. As a result, Fang drives Lightning to each of the destinations. When they arrive at Mt. Chrismore, Fang jumps and tries to get Scott, successfully eating him, but he is forced to spit him out when Scott sprays graffiti into Fang's mouth.

Fang chased Scott at the beginning in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, when Scott tripped, he saw a blimp and kicked Fang in order to escape. Later on, when Zoey burned Scott, he landed on Fang. When they got on the water, Fang chased Scott until he reached the island.


Fang shows up at Scott's elimination.

In Eat, Puke and Be Wary, Scott is seen setting snare traps for Fang. Later, Fang appears and Scott tries to run. Just as Scott surrenders to him, Fang falls into a pit trap made by Zoey. When Scott is eliminated, Chris appears and tells Scott that he has arranged for Fang to join Scott in the Hurl of Shame. This is revenge for Scott causing Chris to become stuck in the outhouse.

In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, is revealed that after the hurl of shame Fang had "too much fun" with Scott causing him to be put in a "Trauma Chair" that helps him say "yes" or "no." During the challenge he sits next to Scott, looking at him maliciously. After Fang's teeth get knocked out by Cameron's blast, Scott makes his machine beep "yes".

In Heroes vs. Villains, Scott is shown to have developed a phobia of sharks thanks to his injuries at Fang's hands in the previous season. Fang menacingly waves at him from the water during the challenge, to which he, along with Mike and Zoey, react in fear. During the challenge, Scott refuses to jump and clings to a large rock on top of the cliff in fear while Lightning tries to pry him off, knocking the Robot into the water.

In Suckers Punched, Fang appears during the challenge in a boxing match, scaring Scott into submission. When he is forced to fight his greatest fear, the sadistic mutated shark brutally and gleefully beats up Scott, causing him to have a concussion and losing the challenge for the Vultures.

In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, Cameron lures Fang to Scott as bait so Fang will act as a motor to their boat. This ends up working, as Fang is able to push the raft for the remainder of the challenge trying to reach Scott.


Fang gives Scott a beating in The Bold and the Booty-ful.

In The Bold and the Booty-ful, Fang appears as part of the treasure hunt challenge. He has a giant diamond strapped to his tooth that Scott must retrieve. Scott attempts to coax Fang into giving him the diamond, but Fang gleefully chases Scott. Later, Scott lassos Fang, but Fang pushes him through the floor and below the deck. Eventually, Mal arrives and tricks Scott into thinking he will help him, and he ties up Scott and leaves him for Fang, who brutally beats Scott, causing him to not be able to retrieve his diamond.


Early in the season, Scott and Gwen were indifferent about each other, save for Gwen being occasionally disgusted by Scott's habits. However signs of a conflict began to emerge after Scott's relationship with Courtney becomes strained, and Gwen no longer tries to hide her negative feelings about him. The conflict becomes especially prevalent in Sundae Muddy Sundae where Scott treats Gwen very rudely, and she grows to hate him.

In Suckers Punched, as the Villainous Vultures are having breakfast, Scott takes a moldy piece of toast and eats it, causing Gwen to retch in disgust. After Scott is defeated by Fang, Gwen and Courtney carry Scott out of the ring, with Gwen complaining about Scott's bad hygiene.

In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, Scott states that Gwen was a "wannabe", showing he's aware that Gwen didn't enjoy being on the Villains team.

Gwen Scott Sundae

Gwen insults Scott's intelligence in Sundae Muddy Sundae.

The first signs of a conflict begin to emerge between them in Sundae Muddy Sundae. Gwen and Courtney laugh at Scott when he flexes his muscles at them. Later, in order to make sure Courtney is eliminated that night, Scott purposely push Gwen aside during the early part of the challenge. Later, Gwen tells Courtney that she would try to convince Zoey to vote for Scott only if Courtney agrees to her condition. During the final part of the challenge, Scott teases Gwen after she gets a brain freeze while eating ice cream and Gwen retaliates by sarcastically telling him that "no brain to freeze."

In The Bold and the Booty-ful, Scott is seen mourning after Courtney's elimination in the previous episode, to which Mal tells him that it was all Gwen's fault. Gwen decides on forming an alliance so she tries to recruit Scott. When she tries to recruit him, he snaps at her due to his previous conversation with Mal.


Like the other newcomers, Scott is not happy to see Heather's return to the island in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon.

They are placed on the same team in Total Drama All-Stars, where they still have negative interaction with each other. When Scott flirts with Courtney in Food Fright, Heather was disgusted.


Runaway Model (72)

Scott and Jo sinisterly smirk at each other when they switch teams.

In the promotional picture, Jo is seen glaring at Scott while he has his arm around her.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, when the entire cast approaches Camp Wawanakwa on the yacht, Jo tells Scott to stay out of her way if he values his "kiwis." Scott simply responds with "Right back at ya."

Scott and Jo exchange unfriendly looks in Truth or Laser Shark before both of them compete in the same leg of the challenge.

Scott and Jo are switched from their original teams in Runaway Model, and they glare at each other as they pass by.

In Heroes vs. Villains, the two of them argue over which one of them got to drive.

In Evil Dread, Jo was bothered by Scott's talking during breakfast. Later on, when she and Heather were fighting to see who's captain and letting the team decide, Jo calls Scott in order to gain his vote.

In Saving Private Leechball, Jo accidentally eliminates Scott from the challenge by shooting a leech-ball at him with their team's cannon, and shows no remorse.


In the opening sequence for Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Scott is seen laughing at Lightning, Mike and Zoey after all three of them fall down the waterfall.

In the beginning of Truth or Laser Shark, Scott runs into the cabin, out of breath and covered in mud. Lightning (and Sam) wonders where he was and what he was doing, causing Scott to lie and tell them that he was having an "early morning make out session" with one of the girls. When Scott wants to leave the first challenge, Lightning tells him to stay and that no one is leaving until they win, only for the challenge to be cancelled. When it is time to decide to decide who to vote for, Scott tells the team that Dakota needs to go, with Lightning replying that they all deserve to go after their pathetic performances.

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (7)

Lightning accidentally punches Scott.

In Ice Ice Baby, Lightning was saying his catchphrases with the prefix "sha-" while climbing, causing Scott to tell him to shut his mouth. When their team loses again, Scott tries to convince Lightning to vote off B, because he "sabotaged" the team, but Lightning votes for Sam instead.

In Finders Creepers, while in the confessional, Scott contemplates between targeting either Sam or Lightning at the next vote.

In Runaway Model, Scott and Lightning, along with Brick, declare themselves "Team Men," seemingly happy to be working together.

In Grand Chef Auto, Lightning tells Fang that he will bring him to Scott if he help him.

In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, Lightning accidentally hits Scott in the face, although he does look slightly apologetic afterwards.

In Eat, Puke and Be Wary, Scott tries to convince Zoey to vote off Lightning since he is the strongest player left. Scott then attempts to convince Lightning to vote off Zoey, but Lightning is too busy playing basketball to notice him.


In Heroes vs. Villains, Lightning tries to get Scott to jump during the challenge, in spite of his fear of sharks.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Lightning tries to get Scott to dive, as he refuses to do so due to his phobia of sharks. Fortunately for Scott, the newly-released Alejandro takes on the challenge for him. At the campfire ceremony, they high-five each other when the villains get to stay at the Spa Hotel.

In Evil Dread, while Lightning is exiled on Boney Island, Scott agrees with his teammates to vote off Lightning as soon as possible. Later on, when Lightning returns, Scott asks him if he found the Immunity Idol. He didn't, and Lightning replies that he is an invincibility idol. He is annoyed as well as everyone else on his team with Lightning's arrogance and stupidity, which causes them to lose the challenge.



Scott angry at "Mike" for purposely ruining the chocolate sauce.

Mike immediately knows that Scott cannot be trusted even before he was transferred to his team. He tried to get rid of him with the help of Cameron in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean but failed as he had the invincibility statue at the time. Scott, on the other hand, has find out about Mike's secret from Cameron and uses this to blackmail Mike into helping him in Grand Chef Auto or Scott will reveal his secret his love interest, Zoey. Mike doesn't want Zoey to think of him as a freak and reluctantly agrees. After winning the challenge, Scott has the ability to choose anyone for elimination and he chose Mike. Zoey will eventually avenge Mike's defeat by severely injuring Scott in Eat, Puke and Be Wary.

Their conflict continues in Total Drama All-Stars, though doesn't receive as much focus. In Evil Dread, Mike, as Manitoba Smith, catches Scott in the act of stealing one of the Heroic Hamsters' puzzle pieces. As he crosses back over to his side of the beach, Manitoba is accidentally hit by Scott's shovel when he activates a bee trap. The impact not only forces the Australian personality back into Mike's head, it fully awakens Mal after years of being sealed away.


Finders Creepers (22)

Scott slaps Sam in Finders Creepers.

The conflict between these two is mainly one-sided on Scott's part, while Sam thinks of him as a friend, oblivious that he is being targeted like the others. The conflict can be compared to Alejandro and Owen's.

In Truth or Laser Shark, Scott and the other campers laugh when they found out that he farted on his first and only date. Scott wasn't happy when Chris confiscated Sam's GameGuy as it sent him into withdrawal. Later in the episode, Sam objects to Scott's idea of voting Dakota off.

In Ice Ice Baby, Sam tries some of the gruel, but spits it out and onto Scott's face. He begins to apologize, but Scott retaliates by throwing his bowl at Sam's face.

In Finders Creepers, their team quickly diminishes to only Sam and Scott. While Sam is initially reluctant to move on without their other teammates and suggests looking for them, Scott tells him that they stink at the game and that they should move on, also adding that as a gamer he should understand this. While they are running, Scott goes at a leisurely pace, and while Sam is fine with this yet confused, Scott's plan was to lose the challenge so then he could vote either Sam or Lightning off. Sam decides to take the key and run ahead of Scott, but after landing on a "mysterious clump of dirt" that ended up being a mine, Sam is launched into the air and Scott watches in glee. Once the Mutant Maggots pass them, Scott sarcastically thanks him, calling him "focus boy."

Once the two get to the pet cemetery, Sam finds the clue and begins to alert Scott using various noises. Once Scott arrives, the former continues making noises and Scott slaps Sam, asking what he is doing. When Sam tells him where the clue is, he tries to warn him about the trap, but Scott refuses to listen to him. When he inevitably is flung back by the trap, Sam just says that he tried to warn him. Near the end of the challenge, they are both tied up together, but Sam refuses to give up, even when Scott tells him to "quit trying to be a hero," although when the cave starts to collapse Scott tells him to hurry up and put the hook on the line. When the two end up winning the challenge due to losing fewer teammates than the Maggots, Sam is happy but Scott is annoyed.

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Scott mocks Sam when he is pumping air for Brick. Scott also purposely shot the last of the venomous seagulls directly into Sam's back while he was driving their boat, causing their boat to lose control and crash.

In Runaway Model, Scott makes fun of Sam throughout the episode, particularly as he decides to side with the more athletic Brick and Lightning in their own little alliance. He tells his team that he is "lost in his own little world." However, when Sam does well in the challenge, Scott actually roots for him. Unfortunately, Sam doesn't pull through and Scott most likely votes him out.

In Evil Dread, Scott joins all the villains in laughing at Sam when he gets stung by a jellyfish.


The two haven't had much interaction during their time on the island due to Staci's early elimination, despite being on the same team. Like the rest of the Toxic Rats, Scott was annoyed by her constant talking in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, and presumably voted her off that night.


Runaway Model (73)

Zoey convicted with her new teammate.

Zoey is used by Scott to work his strategy on the Mutant Maggots, by tricking her into having sympathy towards him. Furthermore, he attempts to impress her multiple times in order to win her trust. However, he learns from Cameron that Mike, Zoey's crush, is hiding a secret and manipulates him. Eventually, Mike is eliminated and Zoey realizes Scott's true nature. A few episodes later, Zoey takes revenge on Scott by severely injuring him during the challenge. After Scott is finally eliminated, Zoey insults him one last time in the confessional and watches Scott taking the Hurl of Shame with Fang.

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