This article focuses on the interactions between everyone and Lindsay.



Everyone except Courtney jumps on the opportunity to ride in Lindsay's "invisible jet" in Super Hero-ld.

Although a constant annoyance due to lacking many signs of intelligence, Lindsay's kind, loving nature ensures that she is still able to make many friends. However, being naïve and overly trusting, she is also an ideal target for several manipulative contestants. Despite her overall innocent nature, Lindsay has shown to shock her fellow contestants on more than one occasion, such as when she curses at Heather. She has made many friends during her time on the show, sharing enemies with contestants like Leshawna, developing deep bonds with contestants like Beth, and even having the host attracted to her.



Lindsay is flattered by Alejandro's compliments.

Lindsay's attraction to Alejandro has caused several minor issues to her relationship with Tyler. Alejandro first flirts with Lindsay in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, while the contestants are in the winner's cabin. During Come Fly With Us, both Lindsay and Bridgette blush when Alejandro came into the room and help them down the chairs. Once the contestants reach Egypt, Alejandro is partnered with Lindsay and Bridgette and help them climb up the pyramid. Her attraction for him continues throughout the season and is often seen either cooing over him or hugging him. In Broadway, Baby!, Alejandro "smuggles" candy from first class and gives some chocolate to Lindsay. Lindsay declines at first, saying she might get an outbreak, but then happily accepts once she realizes what kind of chocolate it is and eats it quickly. In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Alejandro makes fun of Lindsay when she states that she remembers Tyler differently in her head, saying that "everything looks different in her head." In Rapa Phooey!, when searching for eggs inside the rock heads of the eliminated contestants, Alejandro says he wish he could find something useful inside Lindsay's head, but there's nothing (except air).

Although she is one of Alejandro's supporter during the finale, she still glares at him when he pushes Cody into the shark-infested water to win the challenge. Alejandro choose her and Courtney to be his helpers for the final challenge much to her delight although she didn't do much as she immediately leaves the area after being tricked by Cody.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Lindsay is surprised to see Alejandro as he was not introduced with the other contestants earlier. Upon seeing him, Lindsay mispronounced his name, calling him "Jalapeño" instead.

Anne Maria

In Runaway Model, Anne Maria is furious at Lindsay when she accidentally gives her team a score of 1.8. When both teams are required to save Lindsay from Sasquatchanakwa, Anne Maria openly refuses to take part as she doesn't want to ruin her good looks.


Really totally

Beth and Lindsay exchange a hug before Lindsay leaves Total Drama Action.

Beth and Lindsay first become friends in Total Drama Island when they join Heather's alliance. Although they eventually leave the alliance, their friendship continue. In Total Drama Action, the two consider themselves BFFFL and are often seen together, during challenges or otherwise. They also unknowingly join another alliance formed by Justin but eventually lose interest with him. After Courtney's debut, Lindsay and Beth try to get rid of her with the help of other contestants twice but fail both times, with Lindsay eliminated during the second attempt. When Beth reaches the finale, Lindsay is one of her supporters but fail to vote for her as she uses the voting paper to wipe her nose. After Total Drama Action, the two went on a vacation to Paris but the trip was a disaster as Beth was caught with her pants down and the two ended up in prison after accidentally ruining the Mona Lisa.


Blaineley mentions that she loves Lindsay's fashion sense in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special and is disappointed when Lindsay does not wear anything fancy for the Gemmie awards. In Aftermath Aftermayhem, Lindsay is at first glad that Blaineley isn't around to host the show thinking that she is travelling around the world to meet her fans. However, she is shocked to find out that Blaineley sends Bridgette instead. During the second chance challenge, Blaineley keeps rushing Lindsay and ridiculing her for her stupidity. Blaineley even tries to make her laugh at several clips of her boyfriend, Tyler, getting hurt throughout the season, but Lindsay replies that she "Never laughs at boyfriends."



Lindsay yells at Bridgette after falling into Tyler's arms.

Throughout the first two seasons, Bridgette and Lindsay had very little interaction with each other. However, their friendship grows after they are both placed on Team Victory in Total Drama World Tour.

In Not Quite Famous, in contrast to Lindsay's usually friendly attitude, after Bridgette slips on her own vomit and falls into Tyler's arms. Lindsay then runs over and angrily yells at Bridgette, telling her to "puke on her own boyfriend" out of jealousy.

In Brunch of Disgustingness, when Bridgette enters the girls' cabin, Lindsay greets her in a friendly manner. Later, Bridgette is seen helping Lindsay during the eating challenges. She even teaches her yoga and helps her eat the pizza covered with jellyfish and live anchovies.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Lindsay compliments Bridgette by saying that she and Geoff are the "cutest couple ever" when they make out after their elimination.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, when the cast is singing Come Fly With Us, both girls sing together in the first-class section, along with Alejandro. During the "Pyramid Over Under" challenge, they team up with Tyler at the beginning, but eventually choose to follow Alejandro when he offers both of them a ride up the pyramid. Once they reach the top of the pyramid, they surf down the pyramid on a sign they found at the top, and are smiling together afterward. Later, both girls are assigned to Team Victory, while Alejandro and Tyler are assigned to Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Lindsay displays sadness at Bridgette's elimination in this episode, and looks worried when Bridgette's parachute doesn't come out properly after she is kicked off the plane. However, after Chris reminds Team Victory that Bridgette is their main reason for losing, Lindsay and the other team members turn and glare at Bridgette. However, Lindsay does seem more sad and sympathetic to Bridgette's situation rather than DJ and Leshawna.


Who are you

Lindsay is unable to recognize who Chris is.

Lindsay doesn't seem to hate Chris as much as the other contestants. Chris on the other hand seems to favor Lindsay more than Chef and the other contestants and treats her better. Like most of the male contestants, Chris agrees that Lindsay is pretty and beautiful. However, Lindsay is well aware of Chris' cruelty and at times, doesn't seem to like him. Following her running gag of not being able to remember other people's name, Lindsay tends to forget who Chris is and what is his name, frequently calling him either "Chip" or "Kyle."

When Lindsay arrives to the island in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Chris states that she is "not too shabby" referring to Lindsay's beauty. Lindsay walk up and greet Chris but can't remember who he is. Chris tried to remind her of his name and that he is the host, to which Lindsay finally remembered why he looked so familiar. In Hide and Be Sneaky, Chris kept making fun of Lindsay of her inability to find a good hiding spot from Chef. When she tries to hide underneath the blanket on one of the camper's bed, Chris immediately alert Chef to her location causing Lindsay to run away in fear. Chris also found her hiding inside one of the stalls and plays a small game of "Knock Knock" before telling her to try harder if she wanted to win. After she ran away again, Chris states that Lindsay is a goner.

In Beach Blanket Bogus, Chris ran out of objects to throw at Duncan during the surfboard challenge and resort in throwing an injured Lindsay at him.

In Million Dollar Babies, Chris pitted Harold and Lindsay for the boxing challenge due to their poor performance during the training exercise. Despite Lindsay successfully knocked out Harold, Chris announce Harold for the winner of the challenge instead of her. He then told a confused Lindsay that Harold gained extra points for performing slow motion stunts and says that she has poor sportsmanship while calling her "Miss Tyson." Angered with the unfair results, Lindsay attempts to attack Chris only for her team to restrain her from doing so.


Chris is impressed with Lindsay's Wonder Woman outfit.

In Super Hero-ld, Chris is fond of Lindsay's Wonder Woman outfit and despite Courtney's protest of Lindsay's outfit not being original, Chris continued with the judging. He also gave her full points for the modelling challenge since he was a fan of the original Wonder Woman when he was young. Courtney once again protests and despite threatening to call her lawyers again, Chris refused to reverse his decision and deemed Lindsay the winner of the first challenge. After Courtney "stepped" on Lindsay's "invisible jet" Chris defends her and deducted two points from Courtney even though the challenge is already over. He and everyone (except Courtney) then playfully wanted to join Lindsay at her "invisible jet."

For most part of Total Drama World Tour, they have several negative interactions including Chris keep reminding Lindsay how to vote, not allowing her to go shopping in Broadway, Baby!, and prevents her from giving Tyler a kiss goodbye before she takes the Drop of Shame when she is eliminated in Can't Help Falling in Louvre. In spite of this, he admits that he is rooting for her to win during an interview with Erin.

In Runaway Model, Chris is worried that he will be sued if Lindsay is eaten by Sasquatchanakwa and sends the newcomers to rescue her.

Chef Hatchet


Chef scolding Lindsay for failing her team in Basic Straining.

Lindsay is apparently afraid of Chef whenever she is around him. On her first day on the island, Chef is annoyed when Lindsay asked him whether his cooking contains any dairy, among many other ingredients forbidden by her personal trainer. In Basic Straining, Chef initially consoles Lindsay after she gave up in the first challenge but immediately scolds her loudly via a megaphone for disappointing her team. In Brunch of Disgustingness, when Lindsay stupidly asked "Where am I?" Chef rolled his eyes in annoyance. In No Pain, No Game, one of Lindsay's dares involves getting her hair shaved by Chef. Upon realizing that Chef is going to use a chainsaw to cut her hair, Lindsay runs away in fear, failing the challenge. In Hide and Be Sneaky, Lindsay had a hard time hiding from Chef. At first, she tries to hide in the cabins, but Chef easily finds her after being informed by Chris. Lindsay quickly runs away in fear before Chef gets the chance to shoot her. He then found her and Heather hiding in his kitchen and manage to eliminate them from the challenge before they get to the Dock of Shame.



Lindsay hugs Cody after he rescues her from the quick sand.

When Cody arrives on the island in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, Cody tries to hit on Lindsay (along with Bridgette and Leshawna). When Lindsay and Trent fell into a pit of quicksand in Up the Creek, Cody tries to save them by swinging to their rescue on a vine. He misses however, and Trent ends up saving them both. Lindsay then hugs Cody, calling him her "hero." In Haute Camp-ture, Lindsay is surprised that Cody hopes Gwen wins the competition, innocently stating that she rejected him for someone "cooler, hunkier, and more stylish". Cody seems more amused than offended by her choice of words and proceeds to state his reason.

Lindsay is among those who support Alejandro over Cody and Heather in the finale. During the second challenge, Lindsay and Cody are opponents with Lindsay supporting Alejandro and Cody supporting Heather. Cody fools Lindsay by tricking her into believing there is a mascara sale nearby, making her run off and removing her from the challenge.


Courtney and Lindsay in Heroes vs Villains

Courtney and Lindsay talk about Courtney's former relationship with Duncan.

The two of them have little to no interaction with each other in Total Drama Island although Lindsay is well aware of Courtney's bossiness.

The two develop a serious conflict during Total Drama Action, particularly after Courtney makes her debut to the season and is placed on her team. Courtney's competitive nature and leadership skills immediately threatens Lindsay's position as the de facto leader of the team. Courtney also looks down on Lindsay for her stupidity. However, on numerous occasions Lindsay had proven herself to be as good as Courtney and outsmarted her several times.


At the end of That's Off the Chain!, Lindsay says goodbye to DJ. Also, DJ is greatly amused when Lindsay tells off Heather. In Haute Camp-ture, when Lindsay accidentally votes off Leshawna later that episode, DJ is noticeably irritated with Lindsay. Lindsay tells DJ that he couldn't vote for her since she isn't in the final five. In The Sand Witch Project, Lindsay is shocked to find out that DJ is in an illegal alliance with Chef. Lindsay, along with the other girls, is happy that DJ is quitting the show by doing the right thing for his mother. It is thanks to DJ's quitting that Lindsay is saved from elimination.

Team victory wins

DJ allows Lindsay to invite Tyler to first class with them.

During the opening sequence for Total Drama World Tour, Lindsay looks down in sympathy towards DJ at the end, since he looks scared. Both are placed on Team Victory. In Broadway, Baby!, after escaping the alligator, Lindsay exclaims that she loves her team and hugs DJ. With Leshawna's elimination in Slap Slap Revolution, they become the final two of their team.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Lindsay and DJ talk about how they both miss Leshawna, she also tries to comfort DJ about his curse. During the zip-lining part of the challenge, DJ zip-lines down while letting Lindsay ride on his shoulders. When DJ and Lindsay are in the lead, they win a crate of bananas to eat and happily share them with each other. She also tells DJ that he is slapping on monkeys, not bugs (as he thought). When DJ bandages up all the monkeys but accidentally wakes them up, they all attack him. He is distraught over this, but Lindsay once again counsels him, saying it is the monkeys who attacked him. After the two win and relax in first-class, DJ allows Lindsay to bring Tyler as well, which she shows her gratitude by kissing him on the cheek.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Lindsay has problems carrying her team's pieces and ask DJ to help her but midway, he leaves her to complete the challenge by herself in order to find a solution to his curse. After they lose, Linday comforts DJ when she thought he is crying over their lost but is in utter disbelief when he is actually happy that they lost.



Lindsay says goodbye to Duncan, Geoff, and DJ.

Lindsay and Duncan have a small conflict, but not to the same extent as her conflict with Heather or Courtney. In the first episode, Duncan tries to flirt with Lindsay by putting his arm around her which results in Lindsay getting confused.

In X-Treme Torture, Duncan and Lindsay are paired up for the final challenge, with Duncan driving the jet-ski while Lindsay is on the water ski. Duncan tries to accelerate in order to shake Lindsay off but she is able to maintain her balance and retrieve all the flags, which frustrates Duncan. In a final attempt to make sure that the Screaming Gophers do not win the challenge, Duncan purposely crashes the jet ski into a rock, launching him into the air and crash into a tree. Despite this, Lindsay is still be able to maintain her balance and crosses the finish line, winning the challenge for her team. As she passes Duncan, Lindsay apologizes to Duncan (calling him "Doug" instead) for putting him at risk of being eliminated but he simply replies with his usual "whatever." During the elimination ceremony, Duncan is still frustrated by his defeat and when Chris mocks him for this, Duncan angrily says that "the chick was determined."

In Brunch of Disgustingness, when Duncan winks at the girls, Lindsay blew him a raspberry in return.

In That's Off the Chain!, Duncan is forced to ride Lindsay's bicycle during the first challenge. Although Duncan dislike it's girly nature, he ultimately enjoys riding it and compliments Lindsay for having made it fast. After Lindsay is eliminated, Duncan defends her when Heather betrays and mocks her. Before she takes the Boat of Losers, Lindsay bids Duncan and the other boys goodbye. In Haute Camp-ture, when the eliminated contestants are expressing their opinion on Duncan, Lindsay voiced out that she finds him a cruel person and even brought up his past treatments towards deers and trees from Not So Happy Campers - Part 1 and Paintball Deer Hunter respectively.

In Dial M for Merger, when Lindsay falls into a pit outside her trailer, Duncan immediately ran over to the pit with a look of shock and concern on his face. He managed to say, "What the...?" before a tranquilizer dart hit him in the neck and he fell into the same pit as her. In Super Hero-ld, after Lindsay's Wonder Woman outfit won the first challenge, she asks the others who wants to ride on her "invisible jet" and Duncan, along with Chris, Chef and the other male contestants playfully raise their hands. Before the Awards Ceremony, Lindsay joins Beth and Leshawna in voting off Duncan in order to make Courtney lose her edge. The plan fails however as Leshawna is voted off by the Guys' Alliance and Courtney. In The Princess Pride, when it is discovered that Lindsay has big feet, Duncan mocks her by calling her "Bigfoot" and proceeds to laugh at her with the other guys much to her embarrassment. During the first challenge, Duncan again mocks Lindsay, this time calling her "Sleeping Bigfoot." This distraction causes her to fall off the bridge, failing the challenge.


Lindsay makes up her mistake for accusing Duncan by inviting him to the movies with her.

In Get a Clue, Duncan supports Lindsay's idea of checking out the pen drive Harold found as there might be a message sent to them by Chris in it. However, when Lindsay thinks that Chris is buried somewhere in the camp and they had to dig him out, Duncan tells her that her idea makes no sense. Later, Lindsay, Harold and Beth believes that Duncan "killed" Chris and handcuff him on a guardrail. However, Lindsay eventually discovers that Duncan is innocent and Courtney is the true culprit. Lindsay then removes the handcuffs from Duncan and apologizes for accusing him. As the winner of the challenge, Lindsay is allowed to bring anyone to watch a movie with her and she chooses Duncan. Despite the two of them having an awkward time, they enjoy making Courtney jealous. In the exclusive clip of the episode, she admits that while Duncan is "pretty ok most of the time," but she felt a little sick during their date.

In Rock n' Rule, Duncan admits at the start the problems he had seeing the movie after the previous episode with Lindsay, realizing how much he can't stand being around her with her perkiness and terrible singing. After the events of the challenge, where Courtney ends up winning immunity again, Lindsay devised a plan to vote off Duncan along with Beth, Harold, and Owen. Unfortunately, Lindsay accidentally votes herself off after being distracted by Beth. After a video shows Lindsay accidentally voting for herself, Duncan laughs rudely at her mistake. This earns him glares from several other contestants.

In The Aftermath: IV, Lindsay can be heard in awe when Chris reveals a video of Duncan being softer than he claims to be. However, she chooses to support Beth to win the million dollars due to them being best friends.



Eva hits Lindsay with a steak in Haute Camp-ture.

Eva and Lindsay have a small conflict. In No Pain, No Game, Lindsay says, "Oh, no!" in terror when Chris announces that Eva has returned. When Lindsay gets a chance to choose someone to do a dare, Eva pulls Lindsay's hair and forces her to choose Bridgette with leeches. That night, Lindsay votes for Eva, because she finds her "scarier than Gwen, Lequisha (Leshawna), and Heather combined".

In Haute Camp-ture, Eva slaps Lindsay with a steak after she asks her if she's "Tyler."


In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Lindsay, Ezekiel, and Beth teamed up to look for the million dollar case. Ezekiel compliments Lindsay's strategy of looking for the case in the river after she figures out the riddle. When Beth asks them what they would do with their share ($333,333.33), Lindsay asks if that's enough to buy a country and Ezekiel happily reassures her that she can, as long as it's a small one, which makes Lindsay happy.

While Ezekiel did not qualify for Total Drama Action and Lindsay did, both returned to Total Drama World Tour. In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, they were both put on Team Victory. In the next episode, Lindsay (along with the rest of the team) glares at Ezekiel for accidentally feeding their stick to an alligator, causing them to lose. Though she intended to vote for him, her vote was invalid as she stamped everyone's passport.


The two have never had a major interaction with each other due to being on different teams in Total Drama Island, Geoff being eliminated first in Total Drama Action, and him not qualifying for Total Drama World Tour.

In That's Off the Chain!, Geoff is among the contestants that supported Lindsay when she badmouthed Heather. She later bids him goodbye on her way to the Boat of Losers. 

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Lindsay votes off either Geoff or his girlfriend, Bridgette due to being annoyed by their constant makeout sessions. As Bridgette and Geoff walk the Walk of Shame while making out, Lindsay says that they are the cutest couple ever.


N799405500 2560398 8965

Lindsay tries to ward Gwen away from their cabin in Not Quite Famous with her "martial arts training".

Gwen gets annoyed at Lindsay very easily, due to Lindsay's stupidity, but Gwen holds no personal grudge against Lindsay for it. Gwen and Lindsay team up in If You Can't Take The Heat... to make the flambe in the challenge. Gwen is upset that Lindsay is eliminated instead of Heather in That's Off the Chain!, being one of the contestants to support her when she badmouthed Heather. Lindsay says in Haute Camp-ture that she wants Gwen to win. Gwen later says in season two, during the second aftermath, that she "loves Lindsay."



Harold fights against Lindsay in Million Dollar Babies.

In Million Dollar Babies, Harold and Lindsay are pitted against each other for the boxing match, due to being their teams' worst performers in the training course. Lindsay holds the upper-hand for most of the fight and successfully lands two punches while evading Harold's blows, while Harold is more concerned with maintaining slow-motion as instructed by Chris. Lindsay takes advantage of this moment and while Harold is distracted, she knocks him out with a particularly powerful punch. Despite this, Harold is declared the winner of the challenge as he gains extra points for performing in slow motion, much to Lindsay's chagrin. In Super Hero-ld, Harold raises his hand along with everyone else (except Courtney) when Lindsay offers a ride in her invisible plane, and they are both sad to see Leshawna leave and say their goodbyes to her. In Get a Clue, when Harold goes into a technical explanation about CPR, Lindsay cuts in and reminds him Chris is dead. In Rock n' Rule, Harold agrees to help Lindsay and Beth to vote off Duncan in order to make Courtney mad. However, this plan fails as Lindsay accidentally votes for herself instead. As she enters the Lame-o-sine, Harold and the others bid farewell.

Both of them return for Total Drama World Tour and are on Team Victory but due to Harold's early elimination, they didn't have much interaction this season. In Hawaiian Punch, both are helpers for the two finalists, but are on opposing sides. During the challenge, Harold is seen fighting with Lindsay, until Cody distracts her and she runs off.


Snapshot 2009-02-12 21-29-40

Lindsay finds out that Heather has used her throughout the season.

Before Heather betrays Lindsay in That's Off the Chain!, Lindsay defends Heather whenever other campers insult her. Lindsay genuinely considers Heather a friend until Heather betrays her at Lindsay's elimination. From here on, Lindsay despise Heather like everyone else and often teases her with Beth.

For the next few seasons, Lindsay continues to be bitter towards Heather for underestimating her and constantly tries to prove to her and Courtney that she is not as airheaded as they think she is. In The Aftermath: III, during a lie-detector test Heather says that she doesn't think Lindsay is smart, but gets electrocuted, meaning she had lied and actually thinks Lindsay is smarter than given credit for.



Lindsay is happy that Izzy is deemed safe in Dodgebrawl.

Like everyone else, Lindsay finds Izzy's weird antics disturbing and appears to be slightly afraid of her. In fact, upon finding out that Izzy is returning to the competition in No Pain, No Game, Lindsay exclaims "Oh no!". However, the two girls get along well and occasionally help each other during challenges such as when Izzy helps Lindsay get her key during the scavenger hunt in Search and Do Not Destroy. Izzy and Lindsay also work together in The Very Last Episode, Really! to help their friend Owen win the game. In an exclusive clip prior to the special, Lindsay is frightened by Izzy's scary story to the point she feel nauseous.

In Total Drama Action, the two occasionally get on each other's nerves and are scarcely shown getting along. This include Izzy getting annoyed with Lindsay's stupidity in Masters of Disasters and believing that Tyler is around while Lindsay is annoyed when Izzy continues with her insistence at being calling her "E-Scope", during the first few episodes of the season. In Full Metal Drama, Lindsay is intrigued by Explosivo (one of Izzy's alter egos) and her suggestion to attack the Screaming Gaffers through the use of a "Trojan Taco." Although Lindsay acknowledges that she has a particular fondness for Mexican cuisine, she ultimately decides that Explosivo's plan is unfeasible. After the challenge has ended, Lindsay and Beth voted for Izzy after being charmed by Justin to do so.

In the opening of Total Drama World Tour, Lindsay is frightened by Izzy, in a polar bear suit.


Runaway Model (66)

Jo saves Lindsay from Sasquatchanakwa

In Runaway Model, Jo initially tries to rescue Lindsay from Sasquatchanakwa but once Jo reaches the top of the hill, Lindsay laughs at Jo due to her makeup that is done by Mike (Chester). Lindsay also glares at Jo when she snatches her mirror.

In the opening sequence of Total Drama All-Stars, Lindsay and Jo are paired against each other, and the latter easily wins.



Lindsay and Beth try to flatter Justin, until Beth goes crazy over Justin's hair.

Lindsay falls for Justin's charms in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island and hands him the million-dollar case without resisting because of his good looks.

Lindsay frequently fell for Justin's charm throughout Total Drama Action. She admires him in Monster Cash, clings to him in Alien Resurr-eggtion (along with Beth and Leshawna), and continues to hang around him in Beach Blanket Bogus. She, along with Beth, sits next to Justin during breakfast and Lindsay offers bacon for him to eat. She cheers on Justin during challenges and often sits by him at the Awards Ceremony, despite already being in a relationship with Tyler. In Masters of Disasters, Justin saved Lindsay from falling into a hole. Starting in Full Metal Drama, Lindsay is starting to become less attracted to his charms, like Beth. In One Million Bucks, B.C., he helped her out of the tar. When Justin is eliminated in The Princess Pride, Lindsay does not say goodbye to him, probably due to Justin's charms failing on her.

Katie and Sadie


Lindsay and Sadie overcome their fear of bad haircuts.

Sadie and Lindsay become friends in Phobia Factor. Sadie is upset that Katie had been eliminated, and may have seen a similarity in the personalities of Lindsay and Katie. Sadie said that her worst fear is bad haircuts and Lindsay agrees, promptly switching her fear from walking through a mine field in heels to Sadie's fear.. At the end of the episode, when both had succeeded in conquering their fears, they complimented each other's hair, not realizing how pretty the other girl is.

In Haute Camp-ture, Katie and Sadie squeal with delight and clap when Lindsay announces that she would be on the cover of a magazine.



Lindsay says goodbye to Leshawna and Gwen.

In the first season of the show, Leshawna and Lindsay are put on the same team and seem to be on good terms with one another. Although Lindsay is a part of Heather's alliance, she reluctantly goes along with Leshawna's plans to get revenge on her for her behaviour towards the others. In If You Can't Take The Heat..., Lindsay helps Leshawna in locking Heather in the freezer. Lindsay also supports the pairing of Harold and Leshawna, believing that they'd do well together.

At the end of That's Off the Chain!, Leshawna is sad to see Lindsay go and hugs her before her departure. She also adds that if it were up to her, Lindsay would've stayed on the island. However, in Million Dollar Babies, Leshawna bad-mouths Lindsay, saying that she has "half a brain cell" and that half a brain cell is usually off shopping. In Super Hero-ld, Leshawna, Lindsay and Beth decide to form a girls alliance and vote off Duncan. When Leshawna is eliminated in the same episode, Lindsay and Beth are disappointed to see her go. In Total Drama World Tour, they are both placed on Team Victory. Although Leshawna acts harsh towards Lindsay due to her dimwitted behaviour, she starts warming up to her in later episodes and acts friendly when she talks about her revelations with Tyler, believing that it would be easier to just go along with it.



Noah and Lindsay partner up and pull their cart back to the campsite.

Despite being on the same team in Total Drama Island, the two didn't have much interaction. In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Noah and Lindsay are seen pulling one of the carts together for the second part of the challenge and smiling at each other while they sing the song. In Dodgebrawl Noah makes a sarcastic comment on how "mentally-challenging" dodgeball is, Lindsay, not understanding the sarcasm, agrees with Noah and tells him how difficult it is to remember the rules. Later in the challenge, Noah is upset when Lindsay receives the final marshmallow and not him. During Haute Camp-ture, Lindsay happily comes by and tells everyone about an article about her in "Star Stalker" magazine. Noah sarcastically congratulates her before telling her, "It's all downhill from here, honey." The two do not interact in Total Drama World Tour, but in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better Lindsay repeatedly refers to Tyler as, "Noah" in a friendly tone, implying she remembers Noah's name, but not his appearance.



Owen bear-hugs Lindsay when she is eliminated.

The two seem to be very good friends in the series, since they have similar kind personalities. In That's Off the Chain!, Owen is sad to see Lindsay be eliminated. Seeing how sad he is, she told him that she is going to miss him the most. Owen gives her a bear-hug, tells her that he will miss her the most as well, and sadly says goodbye to her. In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Lindsay was on Gwen's side for the final challenge, but later switches to Owen's when he announces a party on a yacht when he wins, although quite reluctantly. Lindsay cheers for Owen and she is happy to see him win the 100,000 dollars.

In Total Drama Action, both of them were on the same team. In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Lindsay helps Owen out by giving him fruity lip gloss to eat when he has a mental breakdown. When Owen is voted off by Courtney, Lindsay says that it is unfair, and that Courtney should leave. In Owen's elimination speech, he says that Lindsay is beautiful. Near the end of Owen's speech, Lindsay gives him her Gilded Chris as a friendship gesture, saying, "We love you, Owen!" in the process. In Rock n' Rule, when Owen is talking about booting off Courtney not thinking that she is that nice at all. Lindsay hugs Owen to comfort him and says that she doesn't think so either.


In Runaway Model, Sam attempts to save Lindsay from the Sasquatchanakwa during the challenge, doing so by imagining her as if she is the abducted heroine of a video game he has to rescue (yet it is less for Lindsay's sake and more to impress Dakota).


In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Izzy is seen giving information about Lindsay to Sierra, about Lindsay having four ingrown toenails. At the Gemmie Awards, Sierra eagerly approaches Lindsay for an interview, only to find the fashion queen isn't dressed for the occasion, as Lindsay believed it is a rehearsal. Sierra finds this very awkward and is rendered speechless. Later, when Sierra is giving information of Lindsay to Sierra, Lindsay is noticeably uncomfortable with how much she knew about her and her friends and is disgusted about Sierra's odd, stalker-like behavior.



Trent seems pleased to have Lindsay lay on his lap.

Lindsay and Trent appear to be very good friends in the first and second seasons, and also seem to flirt a bit. They originally teamed up in Up the Creek and Lindsay let Trent (and Beth) do a majority of the work. Lindsay tried to help Trent when he fell in a pit of quicksand, but ended up getting stuck herself. Trent also trusted Lindsay in Who Can You Trust?, even though by eating the fish she prepared he suffered from a poisonous reaction. In Haute Camp-ture, Lindsay is seen with Trent on several occasions, even talking with him and holding onto his shoulders. Lindsay is the first person Trent picks for his team in Riot On Set and when he picks her, Trent calls her "the beautiful Lindsay" which she responds by cheering.


Lyler making out

Lindsay and Tyler making out in Not Quite Famous.

Lindsay and Tyler were the first official couple to be revealed in the series overall. They frequently sneaked off together, even though their respective teams opposed their relationship. 

Tyler did not compete for Total Drama Action while Lindsay does. For most of the season, Lindsay believes that Tyler is still in the competition (often getting his name wrong while mentioning him) and has to be reminded by the other contestants. Geoff even jokes about this when Tyler is introduced in The Aftermath: I, much to the audience's amusement.

The both of them qualified for Total Drama World Tour but Lindsay not only still has problem remembering Tyler's name, she even forgets how her boyfriend looks like. Additionally, she also becomes a little attracted to newcomer, Alejandro, making Tyler jealous. After a few episodes, Lindsay finally remembered Tyler (much to his excitement) and the couple are finally reunited.


In Runaway Model, Zoey looks worried when Lindsay is kidnapped by Sasquatchanakwa and tells her team to think of a plan to rescue her. In Heroes vs. Villains, Zoey appears annoyed at Lindsay's inability to push the baby carriage.


Being clueless and naïve, Lindsay easily became the pawn of several antagonists who formed alliances with her in order to get further ahead into the competition. During both of her alliances with Heather and Justin, her actions had strained her relationship with several contestants.

During Heather's alliance, Lindsay helped her sabotage Gwen's relationship with Trent and also vote off several contestants without showing any sign of remorse.

During Total Drama Action, Lindsay fell for Justin's charm tactics and did whatever he said. Like before, she voted off several of her friends without remorse while under the influence of Justin's charm. She also refused to believe that Gwen did not persuade Trent to throw his team's challenges. Thus, she helped Justin blackmail Gwen to throw her team's challenges for them.

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