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This article focuses on the interactions between Duncan and Mike


Due to being placed on different teams, Duncan and Mike did not interact much in the beginning of Total Drama All-Stars. However, Duncan's heroic action in Saving Private Leechball gave Chris the opportunity to replace Courtney with him on the Hamsters. Although Duncan is often shown wanting to be a villain again, he behaves civilly towards his new teammates, including Mike. Overtime, Duncan notices the familiarity in Mike's voice, but cannot remember their history until he hears his evil alternate personality whistling. It is then that Duncan reveals to the audience that he knew Mike from juvenile prison as Mal, and he was the most dangerous inmate there. Knowing the dangers that he will cause, Duncan tries to warn the other contestants of Mike's true nature, starting with Mike's girlfriend, Zoey.

Total Drama All-Stars

Saving Private Leechball

During the challenge, Duncan tells Gwen to imagine Mike as Courtney so she can "clobber" him.

Food Fright

Seems familiar
Duncan believes that this isn't the first time he and Mike have met.
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In the beginning of the episode, Mike seems genuinely happy to have Duncan on his team, celebrating his arrival along with Sam, Sierra, and Zoey. Duncan is annoyed by the gesture, thinking they are putting him on a pedestal in order to vote him off later, but accepts the cake. During the challenge, Duncan encourages Sam, but, remembering his bad boy nature and former villain status, quickly corrects himself. Mike reassures Duncan that "it's okay to be a team player," to which Duncan looks at him strangely and notes that Mike's voice sounds familiar.

Moon Madness

In the woods, Duncan comes across Mike, Mal in control, speaking to a Blue Harvest Moon-affected bird and demands to know where he knows him from. Pretending to be Mike at the time, Mal tries to cover up by stating his past Total Drama experience, however Duncan doesn't buy it. Mal then sets the bird free to attack Duncan before he can figure out his secret.
Where do I know you from
Duncan confronts Mike, as Mal.
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No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

In the confessional, Duncan becomes distressed over his team's "heroic kindness" and thinks it may be rubbing off on him. He tries to prove he's still a "bad boy" by stabbing his knife into the wall, only to have the blade break. Mal appears next sarcastically questioning what happened to it. A flashback reveals that Mal stole Duncan's knife the previous night and crushed it with a rock so it would split. Due to Mike partnering up with Zoey for the challenge and Duncan wanting to be a "lone wolf," the two are distant until the elimination ceremony. When Mal volunteers for exile, he can be heard whistling In the Hall of Mountain King on his way to Boney Island, during which their past finally hits Duncan. He reveals that he and Mike were in juvie simultaneously, and the latter was called "Mal" at the time. Duncan then elaborates that he practically "ran the place" and is "bad news."

Suckers Punched

While Mike is still on exile, Duncan tells Zoey about how he knew Mike previously and informs her about his evil personality. Back then, Duncan stayed away from Mal, explaining why the familiarity was not returned. During the challenge, Duncan and Zoey witness Mal's aggressive fighting when he is up against Izzy. They are further convinced that Mike is Mal when Izzy mentions Mal's name. That night, Duncan and Zoey consider the possibility of Mike actually being the alternate personality, while Mal is the real one. Duncan later expresses disappointment that he couldn't vote for Mal due to a twist in the elimination.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

Duncan attempts to warn Courtney and Gwen about Mike and how he is very dangerous. However, the newly reunited friends refuse to believe him as they think he is one of the nicest people around.


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