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Toxic Rats
Mutant Maggots
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde (pre-mutation)
Green (post-mutation)
Eye color Green (pre-mutation)
Red (post-mutation)
Eliminated TDRI: Truth or Laser Shark
TDRI: The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean
Place TDRI: 7th
Relationship Sam
Family Father
Friends Sam
Enemies Chris, Scott
Voiced by Carleigh Beverly

Dakota Milton, labeled The Fame-Monger, was a camper on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, as a member of the Toxic Rats. She was originally eliminated, but thanks to her father, returned in Ice Ice Baby as an intern. She later returned as a contestant in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste after Anne Maria quit, and was placed on the Mutant Maggots in her place.


Dakota is arguably the show's most fame-hungry contestant. The daughter of a very wealthy man, she has dreams of becoming a multi-talented Hollywood superstar. Unlike the other competitors, Dakota joined Total Drama not to win the money, but to get enough camera time to turn her life into a spin-off reality series. She even carries a cell phone with her to inform paparazzi of her whereabouts. While Dakota is spoiled, a little selfish, and can be picky when it comes to friends, she is far from heartless, behaving quite kindly towards her fellow contestants. In Truth or Laser Shark, Dawn determines that Dakota's desire for fame is actually "a depressed cry for love." Dakota becomes frantic when she hears this, revealing that not only is this true, but she requires a therapist to deal with it.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


Dakota makes her debut.

Dakota is first introduced in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! on a yacht with the other twelve contestants. When Chris introduces her, she begins to talk, but is cut off when Chris introduces Anne Maria. This annoys her, and she shoves Anne Maria out of the camera's view only for Anne Maria to angrily attack her with her hairspray. After Chris blows up the yacht, Dakota is seen in a lifeboat being photographed by paparazzi. She playfully asks how they managed to find her, only for them to reply that she texted them the location. This annoys Chris who assigns Chef to blow up the paparazzi's boat. Dakota is later placed on the Toxic Rats team after finishing the race in tenth place. When Anne Maria arrives after her, Dakota waves to her, which causes Anne Maria to glare back at her. When a mutated squirrel appears in front of the teams, she kneels down to it, saying she wants one. However, when the squirrel roars and shoots electricity out of its eyes, she screams and runs away, jumping into Sam's arms. In the first challenge of the season, Dakota saws down the Rats' totem using a saw despite not knowing how to use it until Dawn tells her to pretend it is "daddy's steak knife.", so she succeeds in cutting the rope. Although the Toxic Rats arrived first, her team loses the challenge after their selected cabin explodes and she, along with the others, end up annoyed with Staci's chatter. Dakota is in the bottom two in the first Campfire Ceremony of the new season, but is safe and receives the final marshmallow after Staci receives the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom.

In Truth or Laser Shark, Dakota is woken up by Dawn's conversation with a bird. When Dawn reveals she knows why Dakota wants fame, she freaks out and tries to go back to sleep. Later, she wakes up with bags under her eyes, saying she needs more beauty sleep. She talks to Sam, who tries to compliment her, but merely says that likes her nostrils. She is confused by his compliment and tries to return the favor, but has nothing good to say to him. Before the first challenge, Chris takes away Dakota's phone. However, Dakota uses a back-up phone in the first challenge, which is ruined by water. Before part two, Sam says he and Dakota have a lot in common. She dislikes this at first, but then understands that Sam was only talking about the electronic withdrawal. In the second part of the challenge, Dakota is at the end of the obstacle course with Cameron. She becomes too distracted by the paparazzi to compete and ends up losing the challenge for the Toxic Rats. All of the Toxic Rats besides Sam vote for Dakota. Thus, at the campfire ceremony, Dakota is eliminated, but she does not take the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom. She is in shock, saying she never got her spin-off series yet. She is asked by Chris if she has any last words, but before she can say them, she is shot in the sky by the Hurl of Shame.

In Ice Ice Baby, Dakota crashes her hang glider into the campfire during the Toxic Rats' elimination ceremony, colliding into and landing on top of Sam. She asks Chris to let her return to the competition, saying she needs more time on the camera. Reluctantly, he brings her back as an intern after getting a call from her father, who offered him a large amount of money to bring her back.

Finders Creepers (40)

Dakota takes the Hurl of Shame for the second time.

Dakota makes a more prominent return in Finders Creepers, as Chris' new intern. She is tasked with performing different duties around the camp during the challenge, such as waking the remaining contestants with an air horn. As the challenge progresses, she finds Sam, who has fallen into a grave, and unknowingly pours kitchen grease all over him, attracting the presence of several large mutant maggots. She considers apologizing to him, but finds this disturbing and instead leaves Sam behind. When the Mutant Maggots lose, Brick is spared as Chris decides to have him switch teams, and decides to make Dakota take the Hurl of Shame instead, for the second time. Despite this, he does inform her that she still has a job as an intern as long as she swims back.

After being thrown into the lake by Chris and mauled by piranhas in the recap, Dakota is paired with original contestant Bridgette on a canoe in Backstabbers Ahoy!. The two of them are required to demonstrate the challenge to the other contestants. When Fang attacks the canoe, Dakota quickly clings on to Bridgette. Later, the two of them have to demonstrate to the others on how to set off the mine. When the mine explodes, Dakota is sent flying onto a buoy. Dakota remains there for the rest of the episode while trying to fend off Fang.

Runaway Model (49)

Dakota is angry when the paparazzi photographs Sasquatchanakwa instead of her.

In Runaway Model, Dakota becomes closer with Sam. He asks for her fashion advice in order to help the Toxic Rats with the challenge, which she does, telling him that stripes are in. She then calls her paparazzi to take pictures of her being helpful, and they arrive. However, instead of taking pictures of Dakota, they take pictures of Sasquatchanakwa, which angers her. She is angered even further when Sam uses horizontal stripes instead of vertical stripes. When Sam attempts to save Lindsay from Sasquatchanakwa, Dakota is concerned for his well-being. Before Sam takes the Hurl of Shame, Dakota tries to give him her number. Although Sam is hurled before he can hold on to the paper with her number, their relationship finally becomes mutual.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Dakota is seen reluctantly filing Chris' toenails before the recap. Later, she is used to test the mine for the challenge that day, but due to her staying longer in the mine than the designated time, she loses her hair from the radiation. Following Anne Maria's departure, Chris decides to fire Dakota from her job as an intern, but makes her rejoin the competition as a member of the Mutant Maggots, which she is not happy about.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

Dakota is now "the Dakotazoid".

In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Dakota is first seen stranded on rafts out in the water along with the other contestants, asking Cameron for sunblock. In the confessional, Dakota expresses her desire for an ally, naming Zoey as the most likely candidate. As Chris explains the challenge, Dakota begins to undergo a startling transformation due to the radiation she experienced in the mine. This causes her to grow more monster-like as the episode progresses. She does not help with getting her team's raft to shore, but beats back Fang when he attacks them. When the Maggots get to shore, Dakota is happy to see that Sam returned to be a part of the challenge. However, after Chris explains how he kidnapped and hid Sam underground, Dakota becomes infuriated, completing her mutation into a gigantic monster. Once they arrive at the swamp, Dakota immediately rushes in, determined to find Sam. Later, when the Tentacled Alligator attacks Zoey, Dakota viciously fights it in order to defend her friend. She eventually throws it into the vine patch, clearing a path for the others. When Jo finds the chest Sam and Gwen are in, Dakota knocks her out of the way, and tosses Gwen aside. She then lifts Sam out of the chest, and happily hugs him. Despite this, her team ends up losing, and at the elimination ceremony, Scott is eliminated, but surprisingly, he uses the McLean-Brand Chris Head, negating all votes against him, and eliminating Dakota who got votes from Scott and Zoey. She does not seem to care however, and makes out with Sam as they take the Hurl of Shame together.


Dakota saving Sam from a giant mutant turtle.

Dakota is seen once again in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, still mutated, with the rest of the eliminated contestants where she roots for Cameron. When the mutated animals begins to attack the cast, Dakota fights a Giant Turtle, who is crushing Sam between his legs. She is last seen celebrating in Cameron's ending, and disappointed in Lightning's ending and then leaves the island along with the other contestants and Chef.

Total Drama All-Stars


Sam showing a picture of him and Dakota.

Although Dakota did not compete, she was mentioned in the first episode by her boyfriend, Sam. He pulls out a picture of the two of them together, which shows she is still a mutant. He mentions that his motivation for returning was to expose himself to toxic waste and become a mutant like her.

Dakota is mentioned once again by Sam in Saving Private Leechball, telling his teammates that Dakota would bring him through the forest without difficulty.


Total Drama Reloaded

Dakota Original

Dakota's original design.

In her original design, Dakota's initial body shape and facial design were the same, but her overall look was drastically changed. She originally had red hair with a flower in it, and her hair was only about shoulder length. She had long, tan-colored jeans and a purple shirt. Her skin was also paler. She lacked the sunglasses that she currently wears. Her original design was instead recycled into the current design for Zoey, with some minor changes. Since then, her shoulder length red hair is changed to long blonde hair, her purple top was changed to a pink top, her long tanned pants were changed to a hot pink color, her shoes are currently pink and her skin is now tan.

Audition tape

View this video for Dakota's audition tape.
Dakota Audition

Dakota claims that she will become the "biggest thing ever" after competing on Total Drama.

Dakota greets viewers by telling them hello and her name. She then states that she will one day be a reality show mega-star, fashion model, and award-winning movie actress. She adds that she may also be a pop music star, if she has the time. Then, she tells the viewer that they may want to preserve her audition for prosperity. The last thing she says is that when she is done on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, she will be the "biggest thing ever," ending the audition.


  • Dakota's stereotype, "Fame Monger", is a term on the Total Drama Online website, a contest that rewards a different person monthly for being a big Total Drama fan.
  • The picture on her Total Drama Online profile shows Dakota's top as black instead of pink.
  • Dakota is the highest ranking Total Drama: Revenge of the Island contestant to not compete in Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Dakota is the third contestant after elimination to hold a staff-like position on the show; in her case, a job as an intern. The others are Owen and Ezekiel.
  • Dakota's fate was foreshadowed twice in the show. First in her audition tape, when she says she'll be "the biggest thing ever" on television (her mutation would later turn her freakishly tall), and the second is when Dawn predicts in Truth or Laser Shark that if Dakota remains on the island, "disaster will befall her," referring to her mutation.
  • Dakota is one of nine contestants to have their last name revealed with the others being Alejandro, Blaineley, Brick, Lightning, Cameron, Cody, DJ, and Harold.
  • Dakota is one of only eleven characters to have a cleft chin, the others being Brick, Chef, Chris, Geoff, Heather, Josh, Leonard, Rodney, Topher, and Trent.
  • Dakota is a parody of hotel chain heiress, Paris Hilton.
  • Dakota is one of the few characters who possesses more than one main design, having her regular design and her Dakota-zoid design. Other characters include Ezekiel, Mike, Sierra, Lightning and Scarlett.
  • Dakota is one of five characters to have their own sleep masks with the others being Heather, Lindsay, Justin, and Courtney.
  • Dakota's favorite movie, "Shoeless," is a reference to the real-life teen comedy, Clueless.
  • Dakota noticeably shares many similarities with Ezekiel:
    • Both were the only two contestants to be brought back to the show as something entirely different from a contestant; Dakota as an intern and Ezekiel as a challenge.
    • Both were eliminated second in a season.
    • Both were eliminated once, but Chris eventually let them back in after someone else quit.
    • Both placed on the team with more contestants eliminated before the merge in a season.
    • Both eventually transformed into hideous monsters at the end of their participation in the show.
  • Dakota is the second contestant in the series to return after being previously eliminated, yet still not reach the merge. The first was Izzy in Total Drama Action.
  • Dakota is one of nine characters on the show to have been bald or currently be bald, with the others being Sierra, Alejandro, Ezekiel, Chris, Staci, Chef, Dave, and Heather.
    • She is one of two contestants to become bald due to radiation with the other being Staci.
    • She is also the only person to become completely bald without any hair left on her head or any patches.
  • Dakota holds the record for taking the Hurl of Shame the most amount of times, having taken it a total of three times.
  • With her mutation, Dakota has become the tallest contestant in Total Drama.
  • Dakota is one of two contestants confirmed to have competed in a beauty pageant, with the other being Sugar.
  • According to Dakota's Total Drama Revenge of the Island biography, her favorite food is a healthy salad.
    • Also stated in her biography is that she loves pop music and that her favorite color is pink.
    • It also says that her favorite movie is "Shoeless" because "its about girls who like to buy shoes!".


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