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This article focuses on the interactions between DJ and Owen.



DJ helps Owen to calm down before boarding the plane in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1.

Owen and DJ are very similar in personality. Despite them not having a good start, the two of them immediately get along once all the remaining guys move into the same cabin. Eventually, at the persists of Duncan, the two of them, along with Geoff, join Duncan's Guys' alliance. Although the two of them were never on the same team in the series, they continue to be close during the first three seasons. In Total Drama Action, Owen love the food DJ cooked so much to the point he tries to persuade him not to leave the show.

Total Drama Island

Paintball Deer Hunter


DJ and Owen don't have a good start in Paintball Deer Hunter.

Owen is selected to be one of his team's hunters to hunt down the opposing team's deer, one of them being DJ. At one point, Owen spotted DJ and quietly approaches him but he was startled by a snake, alerting DJ who proceeds to run away. Owen chases him and continuously fires his paintball gun at DJ but all his shots miss. Eventually, the chase leads all the way to the top of the cliff where Owen finally corners his prey. However, he runs out of ammo, giving the advantage to DJ. With Owen unable to return fire, DJ approaches him with an angry expression on his face and throws him off the cliff.

Brunch of Disgustingness

As of this episode, Chris decides to split the remaining contestants into gender-based teams and all boys are to be relocated to the Killer Bass's cabin. Once Owen and Trent move in, DJ and the remaining male Killer Bass members throw a party for them. During the eating challenge, the boys are able to work well together unlike the girls, with each member managing to help each other whenever one of them are too grossed out to continue. After Owen completes the final dish, DJ and the other guys cheer for him and all of them are rewarded with a weekend off on a luxurious cruise.

No Pain, No Game

The guys return to camp and continue to remind each other of their time on the cruise with Owen complimenting DJ's smooth elbows that feel like velvet after a spa treatment. Although they assure themselves that they are "tighter than family," once Chris officially announces that they had reached the merge, the guys begin to distance themselves.

Hide and Be Sneaky


Owen and DJ arguing on whose hiding place the top of the cabin is.

Owen meets up with DJ, Duncan, and Geoff in a cave, discussing how the girls outnumbered them currently. However, DJ, and Owen remember that morning, where both of them were standing outside the communal bathroom overhearing the girls fighting, while snickering to each other. Regardless, Duncan is unwilling to let them be dominated and convinces the guys to form an alliance. Once all of them agree, Owen kisses Duncan and DJ on the cheek. For the challenge, Owen and DJ hide on top of the main lodge, unbeknownst to each other as they were on different sides of the roof. After a while, they notice a bird at the center and proceeds to move closer to it, only for them to discover each other. As they argue on whose hiding place it is, their combined weight causes the roof to collapse, causing them to fall inside of the main lodge where Heather discovers them, and inform Chef Hatchet of their presence. After the challenge is over, the two of them agree with Duncan to vote off Bridgette.

That's Off the Chain!

When Lindsay tells everyone about how she never received her dream bike from Santa Claus, DJ and Owen are touched by her story, and almost start crying.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

After watching the horror movie, DJ and Duncan give Owen a thumbs up for having Izzy leap into his arms. When it is declared that DJ is eliminated that night, Owen announces a group hug for him, and everyone (including Heather) gives him one final hug before he takes the Boat of Losers.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

DJ initially chooses to support Gwen for the finale, but after Owen announces that he will be throwing a party should he win, DJ and several others switch sides. During the challenge, DJ occasionally tries to help Owen to make sure he is in the lead.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island


DJ and Owen, along with Cody and Tyler, team up in the special.

As the contestants begin to divide themselves into groups of their own, Owen and DJ team up with Cody and Tyler to find the million dollar case together. Their group are the first to find the case, and Tyler manages to climb up the tree to get it down. However, DJ immediately distrusts Owen as he believes that he will run away with the case to claim the money all for himself. As the discussion becomes more and more tense, Cody decides that they should tie themselves together and go to the Dock of Shame together. Along the way, Owen has to do his "business" which earns him a scolding from DJ, who asks him why he didn't go to the bathroom before the challenge started. After one event leads to another, including them losing the case, retrieving it back from Justin, being chased by a bear off the cliff, ending up at the mercy of Courtney on a hot air balloon, and the case being eaten by a shark, Owen and DJ are the only members of this short-lived alliance to qualify for Total Drama Action, as Tyler and Cody fail to reach the docks in time.

Total Drama Action

Monster Cash

DJ comments, along with Trent, that Owen walking three city blocks in ten hours is sad.

The Sand Witch Project

Owen holding onto limo

Owen begs DJ not to leave after the latter enters the Lame-o-sine.

During the Awards Ceremony DJ arrives to announce about his illegal alliance with Chef Hatchet and willingly quits the show despite his team winning the challenge. At this moment, Owen realizes that it was DJ who had been cooking their meals all this time and was sad that he is leaving. He and several others attempts to convince him to stay but DJ stays firm to his decision. Even after DJ enters the Lame-o-sine, Owen attempts to talk him out of it or at the very least, send him some of food.

The Aftermath: III

DJ, along with the other members of the Peanut Gallery, looks worried as Geoff straps Owen to the electric chair.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

During one of DJ's kitchen shows with his mother, Owen can be seen trying to steal some of their food before DJ's mother slaps him.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

When the bus arrives at the airport, DJ is seen holding Owen and tries to calm him down as he has a fear of heights.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

Owen is one of the judges chosen for the tie-breaker challenge between Lindsay and DJ.
Owen aliance DJ

Owen tries to offer DJ an alliance with his team.

Like the other judges, Owen agrees that he likes DJ's shirt though he admits that he wasn't paying attention and didn't realize that there would be two models.

Newf Kids on the Rock

With DJ being the final member of his team, Owen attempts to help Alejandro in convincing DJ into forming an alliance with their team but he ended up saying the wrong things which made DJ and Noah feel awkward.


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