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This article focuses on the interactions between DJ and Harold.


DJ and Harold

DJ and Harold are excited about the challenge in Not Quite Famous.

Harold and DJ have been close since Total Drama Island, in which they were placed on the same team. Though DJ sometimes helps Duncan and Geoff to make fun of him, Harold does not seem to hold a grudge towards him. Many times in the series, the two of them show a degree of respect to each other for contributing to their team. They are also placed on the same team for the next two seasons that they compete on, giving them a chance to bond more.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

After Harold accidentally insults Leshawna, DJ and Bridgette quickly restrain her before she beats him up.


Harold Victory

DJ carries Harold on his shoulders when the Killer Bass win.

During the final moments of the dodgeball challenge, DJ and the rest of the Killer Bass begin cheering for Harold as he is their last hope to win the challenge. In the end, Harold manages to catch the ball Owen throws at him and secures victory for his team for the first time. DJ carries Harold on his shoulders and the team celebrates his victory.

Not Quite Famous

After Chris announces what the challenge of the day will be, Harold and DJ share a fist bump. During DJ's audition, Harold and the rest of the team are impressed by his ribbon dancing skills and clap once he is done. Likewise, DJ is awed by Harold's beatboxing and cheers for him when he's done.

The Sucky Outdoors

After being frightened by Duncan's scary story, Harold along with the rest of the team hide behind DJ.

Phobia Factor

When it is DJ's turn to face his fear, Harold and his team (except Courtney) encourage him and cheer once he manages to score a point.

Up the Creek

Once DJ manages to carry Killer Bass with their canoes back to camp, Harold and the rest of the team cheer for him.

If You Can't Take The Heat...

Harold and trio

DJ and the boys confront Harold over his disgusting habit.

Disgusted with Harold's habits of not picking up his dirty laundry and leaving his clothes on the cabin floor instead, DJ joins Duncan and Geoff to prank him in order to teach him a lesson. Their mischief first involves Geoff stealing most of Harold's underwear while DJ spills a bucket of water on him. Harold returns to the cabin to change his outfit but all he has on is his thong underwear as he was unable to find any pants. When he returns to the kitchen, the trio laugh at him. As they continue to joke about his current situation, Duncan tells him that they had returned his clothes and they are at the cabin. Harold leaves to change his clothes again, unaware that the trio had put hot sauce on one of his underwear. The resulting sensation is unbearable and Harold has to jump into the lake to cool off. With nothing else left to wear, Harold has to wear his pajamas.


DJ spills water all over Harold.

They also make Harold eat his underwear by putting them inside some sandwiches. After the challenge has ended, the trio carry Harold's bed while he is asleep to the Dock of Shame. When he wakes up the next morning, he is standing in front of all the female contestants (who are taking a swim in the lake) with his genitals in clear sight. Embarrassed, Harold quickly swears to the trio that he will not leave his underwear lying around again and they give him back his clothes, successfully teaching Harold a lesson, with them laughing at his misfortune.

Basic Straining

While Geoff and Duncan continue to make fun of Harold, DJ is not seen helping them, indicating that he no longer picks on Harold. After their team loses, Duncan states that he, DJ and Geoff did not vote for Courtney, hinting that all three of them voted for Harold.

X-Treme Torture

When it is declared that Harold is eliminated, Harold high-fives DJ, Duncan, and Bridgette as he walks towards the Dock of Shame.

Total Drama Action

Alien Resurr-eggtion


DJ attempts to see who is Harold going to vote for.

During the elimination ceremony, Harold glares at DJ when he attempts to peek at his voting device.

Riot On Set

During the first part of the challenge, Harold encourages DJ to pull their team's trailer up the cliff, despite DJ's refusal.

Beach Blanket Bogus

Harold takes charge in the sandcastle building challenge, and once it is complete, DJ is impressed with Harold's idea.

One Flu Over the Cuckoos

While the contestants are eating pizza, Harold tells them to eat slowly and save some for DJ. After Heather discovers a sore on DJ and believes he too suffers the same infectious disease Owen has, Harold and Izzy lift DJ up and place him into one of the quarantine bubbles.

The Sand Witch Project

DJ scares Harold

DJ gives Harold a big fright.

During the screaming part of the challenge, Chef forces DJ to approach Harold. Harold happily greets his friend upon seeing him, but Chef signals to DJ to slip on the hockey mask. DJ promptly scares Harold, causing him to give off an impressive scream. Like everyone else, Harold is shocked when DJ quits the show, after being overcome by guilt in his illegal alliance with Chef.

Masters of Disasters

During breakfast, Harold admits that he misses DJ and his cooking as it is better than the food Chef Hatchet usually serves to them.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

In the pyramid, Harold and DJ team up with Leshawna and go through the corridor with the mummy sign on it. The trio are the first to exit the pyramid and happily cheer when Chris announces that they are in Team One.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Gimme the stick

DJ snatches the stick from Harold.

After seeing Harold swinging their team's stick around, DJ scolds him and grabs it away from him before he hurts someone by accident.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

DJ Harold talk Alejandro

Harold and DJ talk about Leshawna's interest in Alejandro.

At the beginning of the episode, Harold and DJ discuss Alejandro and his way with the girls after saving Leshawna. Harold tells DJ he could have flirted with her as well but he wants to keep the ladies "wanting more". DJ then adds that what Leshawna wants is more Alejandro. Harold retorts that DJ knows nothing about women, but when Leshawna takes her time in being released by Alejandro, DJ smiles smugly and rhetorically asks "nothing?". Although DJ receives the most votes during the elimination ceremony, Harold quits in order to preserve his honor, ironically saving DJ from taking the Drop of Shame.


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