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This article focuses on the interactions between Courtney and Heather.



Courtney makes fun of Heather while she's stretched on the rack in I See London...

Despite Courtney and Heather being placed on opposing teams in Total Drama Island, the two have a strained relationship from almost the start of the show, and this tension only intensifies throughout Total Drama Action. It is not until the two are placed on the same team in Total Drama World Tour that they really begin to clash. Initially, Courtney intends to join Gwen in voting Heather off, but after Gwen kisses Courtney's boyfriend Duncan, Courtney temporarily enlists Heather's help in voting Gwen off. Heather turns on Courtney when she begins attempting to throw their team's challenges and becomes involved with Heather's love interest, Alejandro.

In Total Drama All-Stars, the two don't have many interactions at first since they are placed on different teams, but as soon as Courtney moves to the Villainous Vultures, the conflict between the two starts again. However, their reunion doesn't last long as Heather is eliminated shortly after Courtney switches teams.

Total Drama Island


Courtney mad

Courtney is upset when her attempt at hitting Heather with a spoonful of oatmeal fails.

Courtney and Heather's rivalry first starts when Heather taunts the Killer Bass for losing twice in a row and sending home their strongest player. Courtney retaliates by flinging a spoonful of oatmeal at Heather, but it hits Gwen instead and Heather taunts Courtney for missing.

During the challenge, Heather throws a ball at Tyler for flirting with Lindsay. Courtney complains about this to Chef Hatchet but Heather feigns innocence and says it was a mistake, prompting Courtney to hurl a ball at Heather. Heather winces as she braces for impact, but the ball is caught by Owen. Later, Heather continues to mock the Bass for their poor performance. Courtney reminds Heather that the Bass still have a chance to win but Heather seems hesitant to believe her.

Not Quite Famous

Courtney expresses her disapproval after Heather reads Gwen's diary out loud at the talent show, telling Bridgette backstage it was "so mean".

Haute Camp-ture

At Playa Des Losers, Courtney admits that while she found Heather to be a formidable competitor, she does not approve of her tactics, particularly reading Gwen's diary out loud in Not Quite Famous.

Are We There Yeti?

After learning she has reached the final three, Heather makes a confessional in which she sympathizes with Courtney due to the unusual circumstances of her elimination. However, it is implied this affinity was fake and her statements were only made to gain Courtney's approval.

Total Drama Action

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine

Heather argues that Courtney got eliminated fair and square, and does not deserve to re-enter the competition. Courtney, in return, responds that she and her lawyers "would beg to differ", explaining her victory over the producers in her lawsuit.

One Million Bucks, B.C.


Heather's greed to have Courtney's hair becomes an obsession throughout the episode.

Heather states that out of all the remaining girls present, Courtney has the nicest hair, and attempts several times throughout the episode to steal it. When Courtney enters the cabin, Heather attempts small talk, saying "great to have your hair", but quickly corrects herself by saying "great to have you here", to which Courtney glares suspiciously at her. Eventually, Heather succeeds and snips off a small piece of Courtney's hair while she was in the confessional, and laughs crazily about it afterwards. Heather contains herself from laughing and tells the camera "I'm not crazy. I'm just bald." Ultimately, nothing comes from Heather taking some of her hair.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

Heather is constantly seen making fun of Courtney and Duncan's relationship status, and brings up the fact that Gwen is attracted to Duncan several times. These comments annoy the three of them.

Total Drama World Tour

Opening sequence


Courtney and Heather glaring at each other in the opening sequence.

In the opening sequence, both girls are seen glaring at one another when all the contestants are forming a human pyramid, dancing and singing on top of the plane, not looking as happy as most other contestants.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2


Tension begins to rise between Courtney and Heather.

When Heather claims that Duncan may not be able to sing, Courtney angrily tells her that Duncan can do anything he puts his mind to. Courtney is also annoyed by Heather's bossiness throughout the episode, and the two constantly bicker. Some of this bickering includes Heather claiming she would stop being bossy when Courtney started to do things right. At one point during the episode, it is revealed that Courtney does not trust Heather. Courtney, along with Gwen, also laughs at her when she says to her teammates that they should listen to her more.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

Courtney and Heather once again argue during this episode, particularly with Courtney obsessing over being the team's leader, and Heather standing against her doing so. They also bicker due to their contrasting points of view regarding who should do both challenges, which ultimately and successfully ends up being done by Cody and Sierra after the two (and Gwen) quit the challenge.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

Yukon mush courtney

Courtney becomes a target of Heather's whipping.

When Courtney and Heather arrive first for the sled challenge, Chris makes Courtney the "dog" even though she and Heather both arrived at the same time, because, alphabetically, Courtney's name comes first. Courtney protests against this, believing that it wasn't fair, leading to Heather comment that "she didn't invent the alphabet". Courtney is at the mercy of Heather for the rest if the challenge, with Courtney pulling the sled with the rest of her team, while Heather constantly whips her, using the excuse that "it makes her go faster". In the confessional, when she complains about Heather actually whipping her, Courtney vows that she will have her revenge. By the end of the episode when Team Amazon ends up in second place, Heather complains that they lost "despite all her hard work" when she, in fact, did nothing besides whip Courtney, which is met with furious glares from all her teammates, but especially from an infuriated Courtney.

Broadway, Baby!

HCG-Loser Class

Courtney blames their loss on Heather whipping her in the previous episode.

Courtney and Gwen conspire against Heather, deciding that if they lose the challenge, they would vote her off. Courtney, mockingly declares they should "whip her off". In the confessional Heather shows no concern, stating they would not be able to vote her off, because she plans on proving her value by manipulating Sierra and Cody into an alliance to gain strength over those two. When Chris brings up the challenge being a "carriage race", Courtney complains that now Heather is going to make her the horse in this challenge after the last one. Later, when she goes back for Cody after he falls off their raft to Central Park, Heather complains that she's leading to them reaching last place. However, they do not get around to doing so in the episode, as it ends up being a non-elimination reward challenge, and Team Amazon wins. Later on, Courtney is hesitant towards Heather opening the final apple, noting that it could be useful to them and even tries to stop Heather before she throws the meat grinder found inside it off the plane, to no avail.

Slap Slap Revolution

Eine Kleine 06

Courtney and Gwen tease Heather during Eine Kleine.

During Eine Kleine, Courtney tells Heather she would do a jig once Heather is out of the game. After Chris explains the first challenge, Courtney constantly reminds Heather of how they could have used the meat grinder, which was received in the previous episode, but thrown out of the plane because of Heather, in that challenge. She pokes Heather in the chest with her finger, and calling her a "self-involved, lazy, useless, formerly bald dimwit" in the process, and they both growl at each other. When Heather was complaining during the challenge, Courtney, along with her other teammates told her to shut it. When Heather almost barfed, Courtney tells her "Less yakking, more packing", which Heather responds back stating she was being more useful than Sierra, who was using most of their meat to make a Cody statue. Courtney was mostly mad at Heather for placing last in the challenge. Courtney was seen cheering for Leshawna as she was slapping Heather.

The Am-AH-Zon Race

Amazon elimination courtney gwen cody sierra

Team Amazon is unsuccessful with their attempt to eliminate Heather.

While Heather is applying her makeup, Courtney comments that her bruises and missing tooth suits her, which leads to Heather angrily glaring at her in response. At the end of the episode, Courtney helps Gwen convince Sierra to vote Heather off, and she was disappointed when it was revealed to be a false elimination. Heather swears to take revenge on everyone on her team who voted for her.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

Heather is rather annoyed when Courtney brags about her ability to read brochure maps. After they and Gwen win the challenge for their team, they all high five.

Newf Kids on the Rock

Heather BITC

"More like a B-I-T-C-"

- Heather

At the beginning of the episode, Courtney accuses Heather of having a crush on Alejandro and starts making fun of her "dried up, black little heart", which the latter denies. When Courtney brags about her experience as a swimmer, she once again mentions being a C.I.T., causing Heather to get upset, saying that Courtney is more of a "B-I-T-C", before Gwen cuts her off. Heather also yells at Courtney for causing their team to arrive late and miss the rest of the challenge.

Jamaica Me Sweat

When Courtney and Heather are about to start their turn in the bobsled competition, Heather worriedly asks Courtney if her lawyers would make sure the show's contracts don't allow Chris to kill them. Courtney grins and says, "Not in my contract, but who knows what they put in yours" which frightens Heather.

I See London...


Courtney and Gwen enjoy torturing Heather on the rack.

When Heather asks if someone should search for Alejandro, Courtney ignores her plea and says that Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot can look for him on their own. When Heather curses at Gwen for stretching her on the torture device, Courtney smiles at Heather and says "Every cloud has a silver lining", causing both her and Gwen to start laughing at her. When Team Amazon finds the room with a table full of treasures, Heather protests that Courtney and Gwen can go in while she guards the door. Courtney then asks how that is fair, to which Heather yells that she should guard, because Gwen and Courtney hurt her ankles with the torture device.

Greece's Pieces


Heather comforts a sobbing Courtney.

Heather cheers for Courtney when she faces off against Tyler in the martial arts challenge. When Courtney yells at Gwen, threatening that she will vote her off, Heather agrees to help do so. Later, Heather shows a rare moment of pure sympathy for Courtney and comforts her in first class when she cries because of Duncan cheating on her with Gwen.

The EX-Files

Heather sings Boyfriend Kisser with Courtney, and sides with her in the overall situation, mostly because of her own dislike for Gwen and to put more fuel on the fire, thus taking the target off her own back. As a result of this, she and Courtney (along with Sierra) form an alliance, with the sole purpose of eliminating Gwen. Courtney considers not saving Heather from being sucked into the alien portal, but she ends up saving her. Heather gets mad that she took so long to help her, but is glad that at least they still had the artifact, until Courtney breaks it. As Courtney tries to throw the challenge to the end in an effort to eliminate Gwen, Heather realizes that she has reached a point where she may have become crazier than even Izzy, as she comments coyly in the confessional.

Picnic at Hanging Dork


Heather and Courtney argue during Shear the Sheep.

Initially, Courtney doesn't want to make an alliance with Heather, but accepts the fact that Heather's vote would be important to eliminate Gwen. Courtney drags Heather into a dark closet on the plane and tries to cut a secret deal with her. Heather states to Courtney that she'll vote off Gwen with her, but reveals in a subsequent confessional that she had her fingers crossed in the dark in case Courtney tries to throw the challenge again. After seeing Courtney flirting with Alejandro, she then notices Courtney is truly losing on purpose by slowing down her emu; in a subsequent confessional, she is shown to be angry about this, as she prefers winning over the chance to eliminate Gwen, and she states that she would definitely prefer voting off Courtney now instead. During Shear the Sheep, Heather confronts Courtney about her actions both on losing and Alejandro; Courtney states that Heather lost her chance at Alejandro, and that she should have a chance at him, while Heather tries to warn Courtney to stay on track and win the challenge. She also threatens to maim her face if she ever tries to lose on purpose again. Ultimately, Heather puts aside her animosity with Gwen and votes with her to try and vote off Courtney. However, a tie in the vote leads to a tie-breaker between Courtney and Gwen, in which Courtney wins and Gwen is subsequently voted off.

Sweden Sour


Heather becomes jealous with Alejandro's flirting with Courtney.

Their conflicts reaches its peak in this episode. Heather witnesses Alejandro and Courtney flirting in the beginning of the episode, and becomes very jealous. She states that Courtney should be at home instead of flirting with Alejandro, showing that she wanted her to lose the tie-breaker. Later, Courtney tells her team to lay down all the pieces so they can know what they have to build for the challenge. Heather disagrees, saying it will only slow them down. She thinks that Courtney is just trying to lose on purpose again. Heather continues with what she was doing and Courtney tried to stop her.

Both girls fighting during the challenge.

They start fighting until Cody constructs a giant wooden version of Gwen's face. When picking a captain, Both said "No way is she captain" to Chris. At the elimination ceremony, Heather tells Courtney she is going to be eliminated until Chris reveals it is a fake elimination, much to Heather's disappointment.

Niagara Brawls


Courtney and Heather sing together about Blaineley.

At the end of Blainerific, both girls mock Blaineley in unison while smirking at each other. After Sierra denies being paired up with Alejandro, Heather quickly goes and helps him up, making them partners which caused Courtney to become jealous. Later when Alejandro helps Courtney get to her wedding dress, Heather also got jealous, stating that each groom gets only one bride. In the second challenge when they get a head start and start talking about who to vote off. Heather warns Alejandro that Courtney is smart and that she wants her off so much that she gets mad and makes her and Alejandro fall off the rope. During the challenges Courtney changes her to-do list to eliminate Heather in almost all her top five goals. In the end at the elimination ceremony when Heather is announced to have two votes she shouts in outrage, asking if Courtney voted twice.

Chinese Fake-Out

Courtney and Heather arguing as usual

Courtney and Heather arguing over who gets the bike.

Heather and Courtney fight over which one of them will get a bike. When Courtney sees Alejandro start the race, she runs over Heather's foot. During the eating challenge, Heather notices that Courtney has been helping Alejandro and tells Chris about it. Courtney was then forced to wear a dragon mask in order to keep her from helping Alejandro.

Hawaiian Style

Courtney sides with Alejandro to win as opposed to Heather. In a deleted scene from this episode, Courtney called Heather a "hater" while talking about how she should have been in the finale.

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

Courtney glares at Heather after she secures a spot in the final two.

Hawaiian Punch

While climbing the volcano, Courtney assists Alejandro's side in throwing down the heavy obstacles to prevent Heather from crossing. When Heather wins in her ending, Courtney is the only person who doesn't cheer for her.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

At the beginning of the episode, Courtney is seen glaring at Alejandro (in the Drama Machine) holding Heather on the yacht that rides past Camp Wawanakwa.

Total Drama All-Stars

Food Fright


Heather agrees to an alliance with Courtney, but has her finger crossed.

With the two of them being on the same team, Courtney and Heather once again fight over leadership of the team as well as whose turn it was to take part in the obstacle course. Additionally, Heather is disgusted when Scott attempts to flirt with Courtney. Meanwhile, Courtney still carries a grudge against Gwen and tells Heather to vote Gwen off if they lose that night and Heather complies. Like before, Heather has her fingers crossed, lying about helping her once more.

Moon Madness

Courtney is disturbed by Heather's apparent personality change due to the effect of the Blue Harvest Moon, becoming a much nicer person, and makes fun of her with Gwen.

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

Scott may go home

Heather convinces Courtney and Scott to vote for Alejandro.

During the challenge, Heather catches up to Courtney and Scott to warn them about Alejandro's plan to eliminate Scott. Unbeknownst to them, she is lying in order to earn their votes against him. Courtney urges Heather to throw the last egg to her and Cameron in a last-ditch effort, which Heather does but their effort fails when the egg hits Cameron and then hatches, allowing the Hamsters to collect their last eggs and win the challenge. That night at the elimination ceremony, Courtney votes off Alejandro, and advises Gwen to do the same. However, Alejandro is spared from elimination as he found the invincibility statue where Heather hid it.

Suckers Punched

Despite their conflict, Courtney shows sympathy for Heather along with the rest of her team and openly berates Alejandro for what he did to her in the previous episode.

When Alejandro is pitted in a boxing match later, Courtney tells Gwen that she hopes it's Heather who he'll be forced to face, a battle both girls look forward to until they see it's actually Alejandro's older brother, José.


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