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This article focuses on the interactions between Courtney and Duncan.



Courtney glares at Duncan in the opening sequence of Total Drama Island.

From the beginning of the series, it is evident that Duncan and Courtney are polar opposites, which causes a great deal of conflict between both of them during the first few episodes of Total Drama Island. In spite of this, they are often paired up together in challenges, which sometimes leads to insinuations that Courtney has feelings for him, which she steadfastly denies. Duncan, on the other hand, never denies that he is attracted to Courtney, and he, along with his friends, often accuse Courtney of wanting him as well. Despite the fact that she criticizes him at every opportunity, Courtney eventually shows signs of having a secret crush on Duncan, and there are indications of a mutual attraction growing between the two. This romantic tension eventually culminates in the two of them kissing in Basic Straining, with her displaying a more relaxed attitude towards the competition from Duncan's influence. However, any hope of the two competing alongside each other for the rest of the season is dashed when Courtney is voted off in that same episode, due to Harold tampering with the votes, as revenge for Duncan's bullying when he sees the two kissing. Signs of Duncan and Courtney having feelings for each other continue to be shown in many episodes after Courtney's elimination and well into the second season.


Duncan faints when he sees Courtney during the bank challenge for Ocean's Eight - Or Nine.

Courtney initially does not qualify for Total Drama Action while Duncan does. During Courtney's absence, Duncan becomes good friends with Gwen, but Courtney assumes that he is cheating on her. Duncan does show that he misses Courtney as he slept with a picture of her under his pillow and thinks of her when he is stargazing with Gwen. When Courtney returns in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, the two of them put their relationship aside and become enemies again as they are on different teams. This is also because Duncan is angry at the unfair advantages Courtney has while Courtney is angry at his and Gwen's friendship. Despite this, Duncan is unable to hold his feelings for her back and he lost to her in several challenges despite his great achievements before her return. Eventually, the two of them made up in Top Dog, but Courtney also imposes a set of overbearing rules on their relationship, expecting Duncan to completely memorize and follow them if they ever want to have a serious relationship. Because of this, Duncan votes Courtney off and they broke up. However, after the season finale, the two of them reconcile as a couple. They were shown in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special to have broken up again, but they got back together by the end of the episode after a kiss on the bus.

CourtneyMad (2)

Duncan and Courtney's messy breakup in The EX-Files.

When season three starts, Duncan and Courtney are still a couple, although Duncan is slowly losing interest in her due to her bossiness and control over him. At the same time, he starts to develop romantic interest towards Gwen. Courtney is also angry at Gwen, thinking she has a crush on Duncan. The argument between both girls is what causes Duncan to quit the season. Despite these initial feelings of distrust, Gwen and Courtney eventually develop a friendship in the absence of Duncan, who quit the season in the first episode. During his absence, Courtney constantly shows signs of missing Duncan, but tries not to let it affect her competitiveness. However, Duncan eventually returns to the competition in I See London..., and Courtney's worst fears are realized when Gwen and Duncan share a kiss at the end of that episode. Courtney remains unaware of the kiss until the end of Greece's Pieces, when Tyler is forced by Alejandro to tell everyone about it, since he was the one who accidentally witnessed the event in the confessional. Courtney is devastated and heartbroken by this news, and it destroys her friendship with Gwen, as well as her relationship with Duncan. Courtney officially breaks up with Duncan in The EX-Files, after she dumps a bowl of spaghetti on his head and kicks him in the groin for cheating on her. He and Gwen will then start a relationship in the same episode. After Courtney is able to eliminate Gwen in Picnic at Hanging Dork, Duncan's hatred for Courtney intensifies and the two of them argue even after Gwen's elimination. Courtney also moves on from her relationship with Duncan, and starts to be attracted to Alejandro. From here on, the two of them return to being fierce enemies.

When Total Drama All-Stars starts, Duncan is still in a relationship with Gwen, while Courtney is still feeling resentful to the two of them. Many times during the season, Duncan tries to grab Courtney's attention but Courtney would completely ignore him. After Gwen breaks up with Duncan due to him still showing a lot of interest for Courtney, she and Courtney become friends again and tease Duncan several times. Meanwhile, Duncan finds out that an old enemy of his has returned and tries to warn both his ex-girlfriends, but the two of them refuse to listen to him, which eventually leads to their downfall when Mal begins targeting the contestants.

Total Drama Island

Opening sequence

In the Total Drama Island opening sequence, after DJ runs off screaming when the animals attack him, Duncan bursts out laughing, but stops when he sees Courtney glaring at him in disapproval.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

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Duncan believes DJ would be a more valuable teammate than Courtney, which shocks her.

Duncan and Courtney start out as enemies, as Courtney quickly annoys her team with her militant leadership and frequent mentioning of her C.I.T. experience. During the construction of the hot tub, Duncan continues getting on Courtney's case by nicknaming her a "cyclops" due to her swollen eye from a bug bite. Because she and DJ refuse to jump off the cliff for the first challenge, they are forced to wear chicken hats for the rest of the day; their ineptitude plays a large role in the Killer Bass team ultimately losing the first challenge and having to send someone home that night. Duncan however personally suggests kicking off Courtney, finding DJ's strength and kindness to be more of an asset than Courtney's CIT experience. Courtney quickly tries to discard that idea by throwing Tyler under the bus, however Duncan stays firm with wanting Courtney gone.



The foreshadowing of things to come between Duncan and Courtney.

Since Duncan was exhausted from the previous episode's challenge, the Awake-a-Thon, he refused to participate for most of the challenge. Courtney is one of the few who initially chews Harold out regarding Duncan's condition for most of the episode. However, the Bass were put in a tight spot in a best three out of five game and already had two losses on their end. Courtney suggested they needed someone mean and fierce enough to give the team the strength to win, at which point everyone looked at the sleeping Duncan.

Courtney collectively organized them all to awaken him with a stick, with Harold being used as a scapegoat towards his wrath. When the enraged Duncan woke up, Courtney came forward to explain their situation. When Duncan asked why he should help them, calling Courtney "darling" in the process, Courtney responded by saying if he refused to participate in the game, she would personally guarantee that he would be the one voted off the island if their team lost again, sarcastically calling him "darling" in return. The threat was enough to force Duncan into playing, which won the Killer Bass the challenge.

The Sucky Outdoors


Courtney jumps into Duncan's arms after being terrified by a wolf.

Duncan and Courtney fought over leadership of the team during the Wilderness Survival Challenge. When the map and compass are given to Duncan, Courtney snatches them away almost instantly and shoots him a dirty look. While Courtney is pitching a tent, Duncan walks up to her and mockingly asks her what's for dinner, calling her "woman" in a derogatory manner. Courtney is disgusted with this, and refuses to dignify Duncan's question with a response.

Later on, Duncan scares the majority of his team with a horror story and a fake hook. Courtney especially is rattled, but pretends to reject her fear by yelling at Duncan. She later calls him vile and asks if his parents even like him, to which he casually responds that he doesn't know, as he hasn't asked them lately. A sudden wolf cry frightens Courtney, and she automatically runs into Duncan's arms, which Geoff gives a thumbs-up towards.


The "alleged cuddling" as Courtney called it.

When Bridgette accidentally destroy their tent, leaving the team with no shelter for the entire night, Courtney makes a big deal out of it, but Duncan tries to calm her down, saying it was no big deal. Courtney shouts back that things could not possibly get worse, but right after saying that, it begins to rain. The Killer Bass are forced to endure the thunderstorm with a mere leaf as shelter. By morning, it is revealed that Courtney had subconsciously cuddled with Duncan in her sleep. When she wakes up, she is disgusted by what has happened. Courtney blames Duncan for it, but Duncan casually says he made no moves whatsoever, and all of the cuddling was her doing. In the confessional, Courtney states that since she was not conscious at the time of the "alleged cuddling," it should not be counted as making a move on Duncan, and pretends it never happened.

After the campfire ceremony, Courtney is sitting outside her cabin, swatting away the gnats and mosquitoes, until Duncan shows up and sits next to her. She angrily asks what he wants, and Duncan apologizes for scaring her with the horror story from the previous night. Courtney argues that she was not scared at all, but screams in terror when Duncan brings out his fake hook out of nowhere again, proving her wrong. Enraged, she stands up and stomps off, telling Duncan that she hates him. However, an amused Duncan tells the audience that he is certain that she doesn't mean what she says.

Phobia Factor

Duncan and Courtney holding hands

Courtney encouraging Duncan by holding his hand.

While the campers are discussing about their greatest fear, Courtney adamantly claims that she isn't afraid of anything, but no one - especially Duncan - believes her, as he reminds her about how badly he scared her last night. Courtney is quick to tell him to shut up, but also makes fun of Duncan when he reveals his worst fear: Céline Dion music store standees.

Snapshot 2009-02-15 22-48-29

Courtney gives Duncan a hug for facing his fear.

The challenge of this episode happens to be based on every camper facing his or her worst fear, earning points for every individual fear conquered. When Duncan has to face his fear by hugging an actual standee of Céline Dion, Courtney suddenly acts empathetic towards him and takes his hand, sweetly saying it's okay if he can't do it. This assurance seems to greatly aid Duncan as he manages to conquer his fear and hug the standee. Courtney cheers and calls Duncan awesome. Duncan is amazed that he managed to pull it off while Courtney hugs him, only to quickly let go when the others gather around to congratulate him. It is eventually revealed that Courtney does indeed have a phobia: green jelly. Duncan chastises Courtney for it, and she is quick to tell him to shut up and explaining that it's only because green jelly is like jiggly, sugary snot.

Paintball Deer Hunter


Duncan and Courtney literally butt horns.

Duncan and Courtney are designated as deer to be hunted for this episode's challenge, and they spend most of the episode apart from each other. Near the end of the episode, Courtney crosses paths with Duncan on her way back to Camp Wawanakwa. Following an argument about which way the campsite was, Duncan and Courtney's antler caps tangle together when they pass by each other making a heart shape in the antlers, foreshadowing the relationship. The two struggle to break free from each others' grasp (in a confessional, Duncan admits that he actually liked it and points out that they did not simply remove the antler hats because he suspected Courtney would tattle to Chris and have their team disqualified), but they remain stuck. After giving up, Courtney angrily asks what they're supposed to do next and Duncan asks if she wants to make out with him. Courtney's face suddenly goes blank, suggesting her "answer" as a no-go.


Courtney's face goes blank after Duncan offers to make out with her.

The two eventually make it back to camp, still attached to each other, where everyone is waiting. After Gwen and Owen make comments on the compromising position between the two, Duncan slyly claims that the girl can't keep her antlers off him. In response, Courtney kicks him in the crotch. Due to the fact that they were stuck together at the time, Duncan is especially reeling in pain since he can't even bend over.

If You Can't Take The Heat...

During the cooking challenge, Duncan and Courtney are paired for making the dessert of their Italian-themed three-course dinner: the cannoli. Duncan happily complies while looking suggestively at Courtney, while Courtney refuses to participate if she has to work with Duncan. Geoff, the Head Chef, tries to appeal to Courtney as he and Duncan give her an innocent, pleading look, which causes Courtney to reluctantly accept. However, in the confessional, Courtney begins to complain about Duncan and all his traits that annoy her, including his mohawk. She talks about him so much that the production staff actually fast-forward through bits of her ranting.

Courtney thinks Duncan is a slob

Courtney and Duncan make cannoli, but Courtney is critical of Duncan's work.

After a couple of minor insults while making the pastry and custard, Duncan tells Courtney that she would be much more fun to be with if she weren't so uptight. Courtney argues that she is the most easy-going person she knows. Duncan mocks her and sprays custard on her face. She is taken aback, but then responds by throwing the whole bowl of custard over his head, covering his face. She giggles and triumphantly wipes a fingertip of custard from Duncan's face, licks it off, and smirks at his "defeat."


Duncan lifts Courtney up and embraces her to celebrate their team's win in the cooking challenge.

Following the argument, another series of confessionals come up with Duncan admitting that Courtney creases him... but surprisingly, he is attracted to that trait of hers. Another Courtney confessional follows, this time about Courtney ranting about the unlikelihood of the two ever becoming a couple.

Afterward, it is time for both teams to have their courses judged by Chris. The two are downtrodden when Chris gives them a mediocre grade of six out of ten points. However, the Killer Bass ultimately win the challenge, Duncan wraps his arms around Courtney's back and lifts her up to celebrate with the others. Courtney goes along with it for a short time, but then demands Duncan to put her down. Embarrassed by his sudden actions, Duncan does so.

Who Can You Trust?

As the campers are having breakfast, Duncan steals an extra coffee mug while getting a drink. Just as he turns around, Courtney is there, watching him like a hawk and tells him that she saw the whole thing. She asks how he could just go about stealing mugs; Duncan explains that they were cool-looking and he simply wanted one for himself. Courtney warns Duncan that he might get kicked off the island for stealing camp property. Flattered, Duncan tells Courtney that he didn't know she cared so much for his welfare. Courtney denies that, saying she simply does not want her team to lose another member. Duncan brushes it off, saying he knows she really likes him deep down. Courtney simply walks away then, too frustrated to argue with him any longer.

When Chris introduces the trust challenge for the day, he mentions the rivalries in the Screaming Gophers team, as well as something strange going on with certain Killer Bass campers. Duncan elbows Courtney suggestively (believing Chris is talking about the two of them), which results in her pushing him down.


Courtney realizes Duncan isn't as bad as he seems.

Courtney is knocked unconscious during the Blind William Tell challenge when Sadie repeatedly and unintentionally pelts her with crab apples. She wakes up in the infirmary tent and spots Duncan luring over a rabbit with a carrot. She wonders what Duncan's up to and investigates. Eventually, Courtney learns that Duncan was finding a new rabbit for DJ, whose first rabbit was eaten alive by a snake while it was under Geoff's care.

Courtney was witness to the whole thing and despite her initial belief, she realized that Duncan was actually a nice guy deep down and told him so. Duncan tried to brush it off, claiming the rabbit followed him, but broke down when Courtney cornered him with the truth that he could not deny. While he didn't say why, he admitted to it and made Courtney promise not to tell anyone about what he did, not wanting the other campers to get the idea that he was a nice guy. Courtney assured Duncan that his secret was safe with her, though later on, she would end up telling other people about it anyway.

Basic Straining


Duncan and Courtney leave behind a dead fish in place of all the food they stole in Basic Straining.

Like the previous episode, Courtney is constantly on Duncan's case when he misbehaves during Chef Hatchet's grueling challenges. Again, Duncan teases Courtney by saying she must really like him to be so insistent on him following the rules, but Courtney uses the same rebuttal as before: she simply doesn't want her team to lose the challenge. When Duncan and the other guys prank Harold, she calls them immature, but Duncan blows it off by accusing Courtney that she actually likes him and everyone knows. He says that he might even let her kiss him if she wants. Due to this, Courtney comes close to spilling Duncan's secret from the previous episode, but takes it back and assures Duncan's peers that he's every bit as nasty and mean as he wants others to believe.

After the essay challenge, Duncan comments that Chef "missed a spot" when wiping saliva from his neck. Chef threatens Duncan for teasing authority, and at this Courtney quickly grabs Duncan's shoulders and pulls him away, denying Chef's offer to have him run laps around camp. She takes Duncan aside, asking him what he was trying to do. Duncan shoots back that he "Didn't know she cared." Courtney angrily replies that she doesn't, and again uses the worn out excuse of "I don't want to lose another challenge." She kindly asks him to stop being such a mistake for his team, and walks away. Duncan doesn't take note to this, and smiles, again claiming that Courtney wants him. Geoff then agrees with him.

During the obstacle course challenge, Duncan angers Chef to the point where Duncan is punished harshly: solitary confinement in the boathouse. While eating her meal, Courtney becomes concerned for Duncan and decides to go check on him. Geoff accuses Courtney of liking him, which she vehemently disagrees with. She lists all of his annoying qualities in an attempt to prove to Geoff that she can't stand Duncan, but after she leaves to go check on him, Geoff is shown in the confessional stall, still believing that Courtney is attracted to Duncan.

Courtney arrives at the boathouse with a bowl of mush for Duncan to eat, saying even pigs deserve a meal after Duncan asks if she's come to claim the kiss. Duncan respectfully declines the offer while Courtney explains that it's all Chef would serve them. She then asks Duncan why he insists on egging on Chef when he knows he'll only get in trouble. Duncan rebuts by asking Courtney why she has to be so uptight all the time, accusing her of always following the rules. Courtney counters by accusing Duncan of always having to break the rules, but he says he only breaks the rules he chooses to. Courtney admits that she does follow the rules and asks Duncan if he sees her as a loser because of that. Duncan gives her a simple "maybe" answer (which irritates her), then asks Courtney why she does follow the rules all the time. Angrily, Courtney explains that not following the rules results in suffering consequences such as being locked in solitary confinement in a fish cabin. Duncan notes that he is in the fish cabin, but with her. They both smile suggestively at each other as Duncan asks Courtney if she'd like to ditch the boathouse with him to get some real food. The exhausted and starved Courtney says she would love to, but brings up the fact that Chef would never give it to them. Duncan points out that that's the flaw with her thinking, and she shouldn't ask for it in the first place. Courtney asks if Duncan has any of Chef's food, which he says he doesn't, but happens to know where to find some. He warns Courtney that it will involve breaking some rules, but after a moment of consideration, Courtney agrees to work with Duncan.


Duncan and Courtney's first kiss.

A new side of Courtney is awakened when they successfully sneak into Chef's refrigerator and steal an abundance of food for themselves and all of the other campers to share. To stick it to Chef, Courtney leaves behind a dead fish in the fridge after gathering the food, considering it a little "present" from the Killer Bass. Impressed with her methods, Duncan compliments her and they both manage to sneak out back to their cabins with an abundance of food, bringing relief and sustenance to all of their fellow contestants from both teams. Caught up in the moment, Courtney eats too much and ends up vomiting. Duncan is witness to this, noticing the "Princess" has a "dark side" to her. Courtney admits to Duncan that doing something bad was so invigorating for her that she just wanted more and more. Duncan brings up the kiss offer again, saying that would be bad. Courtney teases Duncan by saying he still isn't her type and hopes he will enjoy prison, but after that, Courtney suddenly steals a kiss from Duncan, which Duncan happily complies to.


Courtney and Duncan gaze at each other with adoring eyes after having become a couple.

Duncan's fellow men congratulate him on finally winning Courtney over, with Duncan casually saying he knew all along that Courtney wanted him. Harold was also witness to this scene and became enraged, but was interrupted by Chef's announcement of the next level of training beginning in a few hours. The final test was to hang upside-down from a tree as long as one possibly could. As Chef began to describe the pain and torment the body goes through after being held upside-down for so long, Duncan falls out of the tree in a daze, making Courtney call for him out of concern. Soon after, Courtney started to laugh hysterically at the sight of Owen falling on Heather, and fell out of the tree as she was unable to control her laughter. She tells Chef to take a chill pill before joining Duncan arm-in-arm, shocking everyone else, but her romantic interest. However, when it came down to the final two, Geoff is unable to outlast Gwen, making the Killer Bass the losers of the night.


Courtney, clutching Duncan's gift, waves goodbye to him and says that she will never forget him.

At the Campfire Ceremony, Courtney and Duncan look at each other with adoring eyes as Chris explains the elimination progress and hands out the marshmallows. The final two are Harold and Courtney; Courtney looks rather confident, but is outraged when the last marshmallow goes to Harold instead of her. As Harold claims it, Duncan, Geoff, and DJ look on, dumbfounded. All three of them did not vote Courtney off, and Courtney did not vote for herself (resulting in at least four out of six votes in her favor), making it mathematically impossible for Courtney to be eliminated. Duncan and the others try to appeal, but Chris and Chef ignore it and toss Courtney onto the Boat of Losers. Duncan angrily complains that the situation sucks, but manages to throw a present over to Courtney before the boat takes her too far away. It's a carved wooden skull, which Courtney finds weird and creepy. Regardless, she loves it, and waves goodbye to Duncan; she promises she would never forget him.

At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Harold tampered with the votes to get back at Duncan, who had pranked and tormented him several times throughout the series. He figured the best way to get back at Duncan would be to mess with his love life. Duncan himself would not find out who caused Courtney's elimination until much later on.

No Pain, No Game

Though most campers voted Eva off the island right after her surprise return, Duncan was one of the few who did not. He voted for Heather instead, suspecting her to be the one behind Courtney's elimination. He gives her a shout-out afterward, saying he misses her and calls her "babe." However, he pinned the blame on the wrong person, as Heather had nothing to do with Courtney's elimination, both in being on the other team and not doing any intentional manipulation of the game to eliminate her.

Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon

While handcuffed to Leshawna, Duncan was cornered by her about his hidden softer side, which Duncan vehemently denies. Leshawna then brings up his relationship with Courtney, who told her about the situation with DJ's bunny (something Courtney originally promised to keep a secret), leaving Duncan with no choice, but to explain his reasoning and his softer side.

Duncan's carving

Duncan's carving on the back of a wooden Courtney head.

During the last challenge, while the campers are making a totem pole using carved wooden heads of all the previously eliminated contestants and stack them in order from the first camper eliminated to the most recent camper eliminated, Chris caught Duncan carving a heart with "D+C" behind a wooden head Courtney's head. As Chris laugh at him for begin soft, Leshawna defends Duncan by throwing one of the wooden heads at Chris.

Haute Camp-ture

Courtney admits to the cameramen that she hoped Duncan would win the competition and that she really likes him; something that everyone else overhears and teases Courtney for, considering that she went so long denying her feelings for him. Courtney also forces Harold to vote for Duncan to win (though it is obvious he doesn't plan on doing so). Harold says "I vote for Duncan. Not!"

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Courtney and Duncan

Duncan and Courtney give into each other and share a passionate kiss.

Duncan and Courtney side with Owen during the final competition and sit next to each other. They, along with a couple of other Owen-supporters, follow Gwen and Owen as they race through highly-dangerous obstacles. Duncan compliments Chris on his idea for Owen and Gwen having to fight off angry eagle parents while carrying eagle eggs from a steep cliff, and Courtney asks why he likes it so much. In the confessional stall, she says that boys are stupid to like death and bodily functions, but then confesses that she thinks danger is hot, and they kiss after Courtney tells Duncan that he still isn't her type. Duncan retorts by telling Courtney that she makes him sick before they kiss once more.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island

During the celebration at Playa Des Losers, Courtney is embarrassed at Duncan's horrible dancing moves and tells him to stop. Duncan wonders why she's in such a bad mood, and Courtney explains how she lost the competition and the lawsuit she filed against the producers for unfair termination of competition and now just wants to go home to study for her LSATs and work her class president campaign. Duncan calls her a downer and tells her to relax since the crazy adventure is almost over, and Courtney angrily yells that she is happy (though she certainly doesn't look happy).

Once Chris announce that every camper have to compete for one million dollars, Courtney's mood greatly improves, saying that things just got interesting again and teams up with Duncan so they can split the money 50/50. Pumped up and enthusiastic, Courtney pulls Duncan over to her and kisses him deeply. Duncan is amazed with Courtney's revived spirit and happily goes along with her. Throughout the episode, they call each other pet names such as "honey" and "hot stuff."


Courtney considers Duncan her hero when he successfully steals the million-dollar case.

Unfortunately for Duncan, Courtney is shown to be more interested in winning the money than anything else, since she is quick to abandon Duncan after he injures his ankle after tripping over a rock, using the excuse that she can't have him slowing her down (even though he just wrestled an alligator for her moments ago) even if he does mean the world to her. As Courtney ran off with the money, Izzy lands on her out of nowhere and takes the money. Courtney screams and runs after Izzy and her teammates, declaring that no one will steal the money that she stole, prompting Duncan to casually remark that he "loves that woman" and seems not offended that she left him.

Later, Courtney steals the case in a hot air balloon and sees Duncan fending off a moose that attempted to chase him. Admiring his bravery, she cheers him on, but Duncan responded that he would come for her next in an almost-threatening and vengeful tone. By the end of the episode, a fourteen-way tie is made after a shark eats the suitcase with the money. The fourteen-campers in the tie are the ones who get to participate in the show's second season. However, while Duncan qualified, Courtney did not.

Total Drama Action

Opening sequence


Duncan and Courtney in the Total Drama Action opening sequence after kissing.

In the Total Drama Action version of the opening sequence, Courtney first scowls at Duncan for shooting Harold with seagulls, but then makes out with him, and pulls away grinning deviously at Harold's misfortune while Duncan appears both happy and surprised.

Riot On Set

It is revealed by Gwen that Duncan keeps a picture of Courtney under his pillow, strongly indicating that he still has feelings for her.

3:10 to Crazytown

Duncan reveals that he has found out that Harold has rigged the votes last season which resulted in Courtney's elimination which is the reason why he continues to relentlessly pick on Harold this season as payback.

The Aftermath: I

Courtney grows jealous when Trent reveals that Gwen and Duncan have been hanging out. Trent has had similar feelings, directing his anger at Duncan, but at this point, Courtney seems to also be angry at Duncan rather than Gwen.

Duncan still loves Courtney

Duncan thinking about Courtney in the unseen clip.

The Aftermath: II

When Gwen mention to Geoff that Duncan didn't vote her off, Courtney immediately stands up and yells that was because Gwen had her "goth girl hooks" into him. Gwen then explained that her and Duncan are only friends. Geoff then showed a never before seen clip of Duncan and Gwen stargazing. When Duncan, with a dreamy expression, ask her if Courtney is looking at the stars, Gwen playfully make a disgust face. Geoff pauses the clip and Courtney has a happy look on her face as Gwen tells her that Duncan always thinks about her. Geoff however, resumes playing the clip where it was shown while the two of them are playfully rough housing, they fell onto the ground with Duncan landing on top of her. Geoff points out how close Gwen and Duncan's lips are from each other as if they are  about to kiss. Despte Gwen insist that they are just friends, Courtney angrily leaves to call her lawyers.

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine

Once the Gaffers reach the bank and are about to rob it, Duncan was shocked to find out that the teller was actually a returning Courtney in disguise. After Courtney remove her blonde wig, Duncan immediately faint upon seeing her. Chris gives her the option of who deserved to win the bank money as first prize, and she said that the Gaffers (preferably Duncan) deserved it for getting to the bank first and happily gave Duncan the money. Duncan seemed extremely nervous when she gave it to him and said "Thank you" in a squeaky voice.

While assembling their go-cart, Duncan stared at Courtney constantly, and he ended up hurting his hand since he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing. When the Gaffers completed their kart and started to drive off, Duncan stopped in front of Courtney and teased her by saying, "Hey Courtney, maybe you'll get to see more than just the back of me when the teams merge!"

One Million Bucks, B.C.

Duncan Courtney Fight

Tensions grow between Duncan and Courtney.

Despite the fact that they still care about each other, Duncan and Courtney seem to have developed a competitive/hateful attitude toward each other. After Chris tells the castmates about "Courtney's rules" Duncan begins to mock his girlfriend while Courtney brings up about him cheating on her with Gwen while she wasn't around. After a several insults and sarcastic remarks, the two of them start to growl at each other with their teeth bared.

During the first challenge, Courtney brings up her C.I.T. experience again, and Duncan calls her a drama queen. Courtney retaliates mentioning his friendship with Gwen again. In the confessional, Duncan admits that there is nothing going on between him and Gwen and mention that that having Courtney back reminded him how much she drives him crazy though he repeats in a dreamy tone. Not long afterward, the fire starting challenge begins with both contestants representing their team to start a fire. While Courtney continues to smack the flints together, Duncan secretly takes out his lighter, and flames rise in the Gaffers pit. Courtney then looks in surprise as the Gaffers cheer by their fire. Duncan then looks towards the Grips and shouts, "I make fire!" and thumps his fists against his chest in a cocky sort of way. However, Chris caught him cheating and award the first challenge to the Grips instead.

Duncan and Courtney almost kiss.

Duncan and Courtney are pair up against each other for the second challenge. As the two of them are seen standing on top of the same column, Courtney is holding onto Duncan to not lose her balance. Duncan laughs and tells her to stop trying to make out with him but Courtney simply threatens him. Chis then sounds the horn, and the two begin to fight though they almost lost balance while leaning backwards.  Courtney grabs Duncan's wrist to re-gain balance, which causes them to hoist back up so fast, they accidentally kiss each other. While the two of them compliment the other in their respective confessions, Courtney is still angry at Duncan. As the two begin to lean in for another kiss, Courtney immediately use the opportunity to hit Duncan in the groin, giving her team the victory.

Million Dollar Babies

Duncan and Courtney are again pair up with each other where they had to wrestle in a ball pit. Courtney admits in the confessional that she has no problem fighting Duncan. In his confessional, Duncan believes that it will be an easy win but admits he will not go easy on Courtney as he doesn't want their relationship to end up like Trent and Gwen's. Once the challenge begins, Courtney aggressively attack Duncan, giving him no chance to counter back. Although Duncan at one point manage to gain the upper hand, Courtney immediately regain control and force Duncan to submit. At the Gilded Chris ceremony, Chris pokes fun at Duncan for losing to a girl in a match of wrestling. Duncan then states that she wasn't "a girl," she was Courtney, and it was a whole other thing.

Dial M for Merger

DxC DialMForMerger

Courtney immediately hugs Duncan when the bomb countdown begins.

When Duncan is hit by a tranquilizer dart and falls into a pit with Lindsay, Courtney immediately rushes to his side in worry, and calls him by the affectionate term, "Dunky" which Harold finds odd. Shortly after, Courtney is hit by a bowler hat and falls into the pit with Duncan and Lindsay. After the contestants find themselves in a cave, Duncan can be seen looking at Courtney, who just woke up.

The first challenge of the day was to reach a case with a small bag inside without getting hit by the many lasers guarding it. Duncan noticeably stared at Courtney while she was sliding through the lasers, howling like a wolf in response. Suddenly, Chris announces that the building they are in is about to explode, to which Courtney immediately hugs Duncan. However, Chris reveals that he was just joking and Courtney immediately pushes Duncan away, claiming that she was giving him a "pity hug." 

When Chris begins another countdown, Courtney refuses to let Duncan, as well as the others, escape with her unless they agree to split the prize money with her if one of them wins. However, Courtney later drops the deal so she could join the others in a tomato juice bath at the end of the episode.

Super Hero-ld

In the recap, Chris wonders if Duncan will win back Courtney. While trying to decide who they should vote off Justin mentions they should vote off Courtney since she is the biggest threat but Duncan states that she has invincibility and choose to vote off Leshawna instead. In order to make sure Harold helped them, Duncan visits Courtney at the girl cabin to help him persuade Harold. Meanwhile, the girls wanted to vote off Duncan in order to make Courtney mad.

The Princess Pride

When Courtney sings a brief ballad in the second challenge, Duncan is entranced and agrees with Justin calling her the "most beautiful girl ever." But then he gets mad when he realizes that Justin is falling for Courtney. Justin and Duncan try to be the "perfect prince" according to Courtney's song. Later, when Justin is flirting with Courtney, Duncan calls him "Sir Suck-Up" and Courtney says that he could learn from Justin that it's nice to get a compliment every once in a while. When Courtney is "kidnapped" by Chef, she says she wanted Justin to rescue her. Duncan gets jealous and tries to give her a compliment, saying that he likes Courtney's face. Courtney, however, ignores him.

At the tower she is in, Courtney gives each knight an air-kiss though seemed less than enthusiastic about having to send Duncan an air kiss in the first place. While Duncan stole Harold's, Justin stole his. Duncan an Justin begin to compete for Courtney's affection but Justin wins the challenge with Harold's help. As Justin and Courtney are about to kiss, Chris stops them, much to Duncan's relieved. At the Award Ceremony, Courtney was furious when she thought Duncan is eliminated before Chris states that he was joking and Justin is eliminated instead. Duncan noticed Courtney is upset of him getting eliminated though she admits in the confessional that she doesn't want her hard work off getting Justin to throw the challenge for her go to waste.

Get a Clue

Even though she already took DNA samples from Lindsay, Courtney also took Duncan's while treating him to a steak dinner and giving him a stroke. When it is believed that Chris was murdered, Courtney manage to encourage Duncan to climb to the top train by sweet talking him in a flirtatious way.

"Because you are the only one who can handle it."

- Courtney

Later, Harold, Beth, and Lindsay think Duncan killed Chris on Courtney's behalf though it was later revealed that Courtney is the true culprit. Lindsay ultimately wins the episode's challenge, and as her reward, she gets to enjoy a night out at the movies with a friend of her choice. In retaliation for Courtney's bossy attitude towards her, Lindsay chooses Duncan as her date for the movies in order to make Courtney jealous and Duncan goes along with Lindsay's plan. Despite the awkwardness between the two, the plan works and Courtney begin to cry hysterically despite trying the deny that she isn't jealous.

Rock n' Rule

During the guitar-playing challenge, Courtney and Duncan are the final two contestants left standing. Courtney plays skillfully, even behind her head, on her knees, and with her teeth, while Duncan only hits every other note and then smashes his guitar on the stage. Duncan ends up winning because Chris says Courtney tried too hard. Duncan then taunts her of his victory but Courtney immediately hits Duncan's groin in retaliation.

In the end Courtney wins the challenge and Beth, Lindsay, and Harold tries to vote off Duncan like before to make Courtney angry. However, Lindsay was distracted during the voting and voted herself instead, making Duncan safe and Lindsay eliminated.

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

Duncan and Courtney are pitted against each other again during the first part of the challenge with them controlling Harold and Beth respectively (who are wearing robot suits). As the fight become intense, Duncan and Harold wins after Courtney broke her joystick and Beth is unable to respond to Harold's attack.

2008: A Space Owen

During the first challenge, Courtney is jealous when Duncan gives his pillow to his pet spider, Scruffy, rather than giving it to her; but by the last challenge, when Scruffy is accidentally crushed and killed by Harold, Courtney tries to console a heartbroken Duncan by patting him on the back and saying that Scruffy is "in a better place." She then adds that it is certainly a better place than the film lot. It is later revealed in the confessional that Courtney is happy that Scruffy is gone, because now, Duncan can focus more on someone with "less hairy legs" (meaning her), something which clearly shows her recomposing endearment for Duncan.

Top Dog


Courtney kisses Duncan.

Courtney decides to give the relationship between her and Duncan a chance. However, Duncan received a thirty-two page long letter of his listing all his faults and how to correct them, if they are ever to have a serious relationship, which greatly annoys him. This include when to call her "babe" and to compliment her every few minutes.

After Duncan went crazy from being in the woods too long, Courtney's kiss snapped him out of it. Duncan, irritated by the thirty-two page letter, and stating that he is not willing to give up a million dollars for her, votes Courtney off. Courtney tells Duncan that their relationship is over when she is being taken to the Lame-O-Sine. In the exclusive clip, Courtney reveals that if Duncan wins, he would had to share his winnings with him as he had signed a contract with her.

Mutiny on the Soundstage

The final question asked by Chris to the finalist is about Courtney and if answer correctly, they are allowed to skip the final challenge. In the confessional, Duncan was relieved since that he know Courtney more than the other contestants due to their history and their relationship. When Beth is unable to figure out what band Courtney used to be a part of, Duncan gave the correct ("The Type-A Psychotic Crazies"). However, Chris states that the question is for Beth and his question is "What color is Courtney thinking of right now?". Duncan, though indignant at the ridiculous question, took a shot at answering it anyway, and guessed the wrong color (blue). Courtney is watching this from the Aftermath studio and was furious that he doesn't know that the answer was burnt sienna.

The Aftermath: IV

Courtney and Duncan Back Together!

Courtney and Duncan are reunited after Duncan wins Total Drama Action.

Despite having broken up with him in Top Dog, Courtney is shown to be Duncan's biggest supporter in this episode. When Courtney suggests that the tie should be broken by an "unbiased" quiz she designed, she winks at Duncan, implying that she intended for the quiz to be biased towards him. However, her idea was immediately rejected by the other contestants.

In Duncan's ending, Courtney immediately hugged Duncan and states that they're rich. Duncan hesitates at first, saying he never said he agree to share his money with her. However, Courtney then kisses him and tells him that "every king needs a queen" to which Duncan immediately complies to Courtney's suggestion.


Courtney takes Duncan's hand as he asks her out to dinner in the Beth's ending.

In Beth's ending, Duncan offers a hand to a visibly disappointed Courtney sitting on the couch and asks her out to dinner. Although Courtney initially insist that she doesn't "usually eat with losers" she accepts it. As they are about to leave, Courtney pulls out her PDA and promise to sue the show for "election fraud," since she believes that he should have won.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special


Duncan and Courtney kissing in the Celebrity Manhunt studio.


Duncan and Courtney break up... again!

On the Celebrity Manhunt show, it is revealed that Duncan and Courtney continued to date. Their fame from the Total Drama reality series led to them being described as a celebrity "power couple" that the entertainment media dubbed "Duncney," with paparazzi following their every move. They even got matching heart tattoos on their arms, as well as a pet raccoon that they named Brittany. However, their personalities soon began to clash with each other once again, and they broke up following a particularly nasty fight over dinner at a fancy restaurant one night. A press conference was held with the two of them; Courtney kept ranting about all the disagreeable traits she found with Duncan (which seemed to mostly concern his eating habits), but Duncan declined to take part in the press conference and simply kept replying with "no comment." Josh, one of the Celebrity Manhunt hosts, subsequently revealed that Courtney is currently suing Duncan over custody of Brittany.

The two of them are unable to deny their feelings for each other any longer, making up and making out... at the worst possible time.

At the Gemmies, when Sierra questions them on the break-up, they simultaneously reply that their lawyers have advised them to decline comment at this time. Courtney is then shown to be astonished that Duncan acquired a lawyer of his own. Later, as Courtney is driving the tour bus away from the bus containing the "Total Drama Dirtbags" cast, she and Duncan get into a heated argument about who should drive. However, they eventually stop arguing to stare into each other's eyes, and suddenly begin kissing, unable to deny their feelings for each other any longer. Unfortunately, since Courtney happened to be driving the bus at the time, the bus veers off the road towards a cliff. She realizes this before they reach the edge of the cliff, but is unable to prevent the bus from toppling over. As they are falling, Courtney and Duncan embrace each other in fear; the entire cast survives due to Leshawna's stretching bra and a lucky break, though. As most of the cast is shown sleeping while they await rescue, Courtney is seen snuggling with Duncan. They both qualify for Total Drama World Tour. Courtney is shown in the confessional near the end of the episode; she expresses distrust for Gwen, worried that she'll be a "boyfriend stealer" and try to steal Duncan away from her. Courtney states that she'll keep an eye on her in the third season.

Total Drama World Tour

Opening sequence

Duncan and Courtney - TDWT Theme Song

Courtney and Duncan in the opening sequence for Total Drama World Tour.

In the Total Drama World Tour opening sequence, Duncan and Courtney are seen together on a boat. Duncan throws an oar at Harold (who was posing on the roof of the boat) and knocks him out. Duncan laughs hysterically at Harold's misfortune, while Courtney smiles at Duncan. They then crash into an inflatable raft carrying Gwen. Duncan grins at Gwen until he notices that her raft is sinking. He then looks down with a look of worry at Gwen, then turns around and sheepishly grins at a glaring Courtney.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1


Courtney begs Duncan to sing so he won't be instantly eliminated.

As Chris introduces the third season's contestants at the beginning of the episode, Courtney is introduced first, followed immediately by Duncan. Duncan is seen carrying Courtney's backpack for her, and seems to have no objections to doing so. However, after Gwen smiles at Duncan because of a joke he made about Heather, Duncan grins back at Gwen, causing Courtney to glare at Duncan disapprovingly. During the Come Fly With Us musical number, Duncan is shown to be extremely reluctant to participate. Courtney begs him to do it though, since she doesn't want to see him be eliminated so early. Due to Courtney's sincere pleading, he gives in and sings the final line of the musical number.


Courtney ties a climbing rope around Duncan as they prepare a belay to scale the pyramid.

Later, in the "Pyramid Over Under" challenge, Courtney pairs up with Duncan. She prepares a belay for her and Duncan, stating that rock climbing was the team-building challenge when she was a C.I.T., and that her "superior belay skills" will assure victory for the two of them. However, after Duncan sees Gwen having trouble scaling the pyramid by herself, Duncan tries to get Courtney to invite her into the team, which Courtney reluctantly agrees to, citing that a "three-person belay is stronger.” While climbing the pyramid, Courtney comments on Gwen's "appalling" form of rock climbing, which Gwen sarcastically thanks her for noticing. The two girls bicker the entire time while climbing, much to Duncan's annoyance. Once the trio gets to the top of the pyramid, Courtney and Gwen get into another argument over whether they should untie themselves or not. After Chris shouts at them that the three of them have to sing a reprieve of their earlier musical number due to not finishing in time, Duncan snaps and angrily goes down the pyramid, dragging Courtney and Gwen down with him. When Duncan quits, Courtney gasps in shock, clearly disappointed that he's not going to be by her side for the rest of the competition.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2


Courtney defends Duncan after Heather insults him.

At the beginning of the episode, the girls of Team Amazon were discussing Duncan's disqualification in the previous episode. After Heather expresses her belief that Duncan "can't sing,” Courtney is quick to stand up for him, stating that Duncan "can do anything he sets his mind to.” She then shows compassion about his current well-being, worried that he's feeling miserable due to being stuck on the airplane waiting for a ride home. As she does so, she calls him "poor thing" in an endearing manner. Moments later, Sierra makes an offhanded remark to Izzy about how Duncan and Courtney are the most popular couple on the show, according to the readers of her Total Drama fansite.

Later in the episode, during the race to the Nile, Alejandro tries to get on the good side of the girls of Team Amazon, referring to them as "fiercely intelligent women" after they toss some insults towards his team. Courtney dismisses his attempts at flattery, quickly pointing out to him that she's with Duncan. Alejandro persists though, and replies that it's a pity that she's given herself to a "quitter who doesn't deserve her.” This catches Courtney off-guard, and she stammers as she tries to respond, implying that she perhaps believes at least some of what Alejandro is saying. Wanting to escape the situation, she yells to the camel she's on to go faster.

Newf Kids on the Rock


The "Duncan" rock.

During Sea Shanty Mix, Courtney is pointed by Gwen towards seeing something that looks like Duncan on a rock sailing to the Newfoundland coast. When they head there, Courtney appears to be happy to have found him until discovering it's merely a rock that looks like Duncan. When Sierra implies that Courtney depicted a strangely-shaped rock as Duncan because when a person misses someone a lot they start seeing them even though they aren't there for real. Courtney agrees that she misses him a lot, but also states that this doesn't make any sense since Gwen "saw him" too. In the confessional she said she was mad at him for "abandoning" her. She then states that she messed up (something Courtney would never do) but catches this and tries to get the tape back.

I See London...

During Changing Guard Mix, Courtney says she can't strip the guard down due to the possibility of Duncan freaking out. Then at the end of the episode, after Duncan returns to the competition, Courtney scolds Duncan for "abandoning" her, greatly annoying him. But then, she hugs him and tells him that she isn't really mad; she just missed him. Duncan's feelings appear to no longer be mutual, as he looks directly at Gwen (who was standing behind Courtney), saying "Every time I ran from the cops, I thought of you." Courtney naturally believed that Duncan said this to her, not seeing Duncan's attentions fixated elsewhere. Soon after, Duncan barges in on Gwen in the confessional and they start kissing; their actions setting the stage for a vicious love triangle scenario in the near future.

Duncan lost interest in Courtney due to her bossiness.

Greece's Pieces

At the beginning of the episode, Courtney sits with Gwen on a sofa, gushing over Duncan's attractiveness and how happy she is since he's returned. She then states that he still isn't perfect yet, emphasizing this point by pulling out a list of Duncan's supposed "flaws" that she plans to rectify. Later, Gwen and Duncan are staring at each other and making eyes, which Courtney notices. She confronts Gwen about it; Gwen making a save when she sets Courtney off course with a lie about how something needs to be done about Duncan's mohawk, relating to the list Courtney was talking about. Courtney replies that while it was originally on her list of flaws, she's actually grown to like it, admitting that love can do funny things to people. Courtney is shown to be extremely concerned when Duncan and Gwen are paired up for a challenge, since Courtney still fears that Gwen still has feelings for Duncan (and is unaware that the two of them have already kissed in the previous episode). During Greek Mix, Courtney finds that Duncan indeed has a great singing voice and swoons over it, ironically being too far away to make out the lyrics, which pertain to the love triangle going on that she is unaware of still. After Duncan and Gwen's challenge is over, Courtney becomes deeply concerned about Duncan, constantly asking where he is and if he is okay, because she has not seen him since the beginning of his and Gwen's challenge.
Courtney is depress

Heather comforts a crying Courtney.

When Alejandro forces Tyler (the sole witness to Duncan and Gwen's kiss) to reveal to everyone what he's seen, Courtney is devastated, heartbroken, but at this point more enraged than anything else. She screams at Gwen for her betrayal, admitting that they were actually becoming "friend-ish." Back on the plane in first class, Courtney is seen being comforted by Heather as she breaks down and cries over her loss.

The EX-Files

At the beginning of the episode, Courtney is shown making a list which includes getting back at Duncan and Gwen. In the confessional, she reveals that she still feels betrayed by Gwen, and that she apparently broke up with Duncan on "her terms," saying that it felt empowering. It is then revealed that she broke up with him by dumping a bowl of spaghetti on his head. She then breaks down crying in front of him and the other contestants, kicking and sobbing on the floor, while Duncan looks at her with a very guilty face. She then calls him and a "stupid jerk-face" and other words that weren't heard because of her crying. Duncan tries to apologize to her, but she interrupts him by kicking him hard in the groin. Courtney's confessional is then continued, in which she says in a cracked voice that she at least still had her pride, before finally breaking down and beginning to cry. Later, Courtney gets angry when Duncan openly flirts with Gwen, so Alejandro confronted her, saying she should flirt with someone else to make Duncan jealous. She decided to flirt with Tyler, which Duncan didn't seem to like too much. When Courtney later "flirted" with Tyler again, Duncan seemed surprised and possibly a bit upset, later revealing that he knew Courtney hated him, but he didn't think that she hated him that much. When she sees Duncan getting zapped by aliens just before crossing over into Area 51, Courtney laughs hysterically at his misfortune. Later, when Tyler was eliminated instead of Duncan, Courtney gets angry and whacks Tyler out of the plane. Courtney told Duncan that she'd get revenge on him and his new girlfriend, which he just smirked at.

Picnic at Hanging Dork

Still obsessed with getting revenge on Gwen and Duncan, Courtney starts flirting with Alejandro, not knowing Duncan and Alejandro agreed to prank Courtney, letting her believe Duncan is getting jealous. As Duncan pretends to be hurt, not only Courtney believes it, also Gwen does. During the second part of the challenge, Alejandro and Duncan take the strategy to the next level, while Alejandro is surprised after learning Courtney indeed wants to lose the challenge. After Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot wins, Courtney celebrates the results, while Duncan is late to realize their win meant the possibility of Gwen's elimination, as Courtney has planned. After the voting and the tie-breaker, Courtney manages to get rid of Gwen, and now she plans on getting back at Duncan too.

Sweden Sour

Courtney demands an apology from Duncan. He acts like he doesn't know what to apologize for, and refuses to apologize for kissing Gwen, which just makes Courtney angrier. Courtney tries to flirt with Alejandro to make Duncan jealous, but he apparently didn't care much.

Niagara Brawls

When everyone thought they were going to die, Courtney promised to tutor anyone even Duncan while Duncan promised to forget what Courtney said if they lived. Before the challenge Chris said someone was coming into the

Duncan holds Courtney rather unceremoniously as they reach "customs."

game. Duncan agreed with Cody that it would be nice to have Gwen back, Courtney disagreed and glared directly at Duncan. Courtney did not want Duncan as a husband and managed to get a bear instead. After the bear attacked her, Duncan and Courtney were paired for the wedding challenge even though both did not want each other (Duncan actually tried going back into the machine). Courtney was even considering trying working with the bear. They fought constantly, stating each other's flaws. Although they were paired together, Duncan purposely gave Courtney wrong directions to taunt her. At the tight rope challenge, Duncan carried Courtney and they both passed customs. They both argued with each other, Courtney saying that Duncan was an insensitive jerk and mocking about his piercings while Duncan says she could use some mouthwash. When Chris says that they've won the challenge and that they have to share first class, they both angrily glare at him. Immediately after this, Courtney demands a divorce while Duncan sarcastically replies that he wanted to "stay married to your sunshiney self forever."

Chinese Fake-Out

Total drama world tour episode 20chienese fake out part 2 1 0001

Duncan insults Courtney with her right behind him.

They are seen together in first class, but do not seem to enjoy each others' presence. Duncan admits he likes the silent treatment, but feels he needs to have Courtney in an alliance in order to overthrow Alejandro. He tries to talk to her and even calls her "ex-wifey" and "Court." Still holding a grudge against him, Courtney throws him into the cake. During the race challenge, Duncan stops and laughs at Courtney when her bike got stuck in a crack. When Alejandro asks Duncan about winning Courtney's loyalty, he replies that she hasn't got any of that, saying that he had already tried, relating to when Duncan tried to get Courtney to team up with him against Alejandro, but completely backfired. They continue arguing when Duncan mocks Alejandro for helping Courtney, saying that "Miss C.I.T." was now "Miss I Can't Do It Myself." Later in the race challenge, Courtney angrily says to Duncan that he was a loser because of his insults towards her. When Chris was on his phone, Duncan asked him if it was Courtney wanting him to say to her that she was a loser. Duncan also noticed that she was eating something during the food challenge. After it was revealed she was helping Alejandro cheat, Courtney was eliminated along with Blaineley in a double elimination. She tells Duncan that she is planning a defamation lawsuit against him. Duncan, however, doesn't seem to mind, as he sarcastically says goodbye to her instead, noticeably with a satisfied smile on his face. In a deleted clip, Courtney calls Duncan the Lover of the Goths and is happy now that she is away from him.

African Lying Safari

Alejandro comments that Duncan is as happy as ever, and he nods, saying that "it's as if all of his problems were pushed off a plane," obviously referring to Courtney. Duncan also noted that his romance with her is a failure.

Hawaiian Style

Courtney displays dislike towards Duncan when he stood next to her, calling him "Jerk-face." Throughout the episode, Courtney wanted to sing a song she wrote that is basically a hate-song expressing her dislike for Duncan and Gwen. She tried to sing it on several occasions, but was interrupted by something else. Her first attempt was during Who You Gonna Root For?, and she sang that Gwen was a boyfriend stealer and that Duncan was a dead man, but Geoff stopped her. She started to sing her song again, with the first line mentioning that Duncan never used soap, just before the song I'm Winning This began. Also, in a deleted scene from the episode, Courtney tries to sing the song for a third time, while she is standing next to Gwen and Duncan (who are relaxing on the beach in lounge chairs, alongside other couples). When Courtney starts singing again, Duncan finally gets so fed up that he throws a sandal at her face, knocking her down.

Total Drama All-Stars

Opening sequence


Courtney's stick sets on fire while doing a combat with both Duncan and Gwen.

Courtney is seen fighting Duncan and Gwen with a burning jousting stick while she glares at them menacingly.

Heroes vs. Villains

Duncan is annoyed by Gwen sighing over being labelled a villain, saying he "might as well be dating Courtney". Later, Courtney glares a few times at Gwen, still clearly upset over the events of Total Drama World Tour. When Gwen complains to Duncan about Courtney's glaring, Duncan offers to glare back at Courtney on behalf of Gwen, which he does. However, Courtney ignores him. Duncan tries to get Courtney's attention, but she continues to ignore him. In a confessional, Duncan shows that he feels hurt that Courtney is completely ignoring him now, but he fake shrugs this off.

Following Duncan's confessional, Lindsay tells Courtney that Duncan may want to be yelled at for old times' sake. However, Courtney states that it'd be pointless, since Duncan "never listens". Furthermore, Courtney seems to have fully accepted that things are finally over between her and Duncan, stating that things probably wouldn't have lasted anyway due to him being a "bad boy".

Saving Private Leechball


Duncan confronts Courtney while they are shifting teams.

Both Duncan and Courtney continue to ignore each other throughout the episode. When they were ordered to switch teams, Duncan confronts her and says now she can't ignore his presence, and adds that he exists. Courtney however angrily retaliates with "you exist, so what!" and snaps at him that she does not care, causing Duncan to back off, viably hurt.

Moon Madness

Duncan believes that Courtney is pretending to be interested to Scott in order to make him jealous which he pretended to not be bothered. Throughout the episode, Duncan constantly asked Gwen whether or not Courtney is talking about him. This, along with several events in the previous episodes, is the breaking point for Gwen and she ends her relationship with him.

Suckers Punched


Gwen and Courtney mock Duncan.

Gwen and Courtney routinely mock Duncan through the boxing challenge, both taking amusement in seeing him unable to fight the bird he had been unable to bring harm to in the previous episode as the two of them rebuild their friendship. However, when Chris pits the two girls against each other in a fight they both refuse, prompting Chris to pull out a montage of clips from Sierra's blog of all the time Gwen and Duncan kissed in World Tour. This clip show infuriates Courtney once more, and she hammers Gwen with blows as she vents her anger over her kissing her former boyfriend. Duncan sees this and is pleased to see the girls fighting over him, bragging to Alejandro as he watches. He is also ecstatic, and thinks that Courtney still has feelings for him. However, when the girls exhaust themselves in their fight, Gwen admits she only wanted to make things better with Courtney, and Courtney responds that she had gotten over Duncan and never truly missed him after season three but had actually missed Gwen, much to Duncan's shock and dismay.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

Duncan wanted to be in an alliance with Courtney and Gwen. Duncan says he could protect them from Mal but since they refuse to believe that "Mike" is one of the biggest threats in the competition they laugh at Duncan and refuse his alliance offer.


  • This couple, along with Duncan and Gwen, is one of the only two couples in which both members compete in four seasons.
  • They are the only members of the Killer Bass to reach the final four at any point in the series.
  • This couple has broken up more times than any other couple.
  • They are the only former members of the Killer Bass to compete in Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Both have chosen the million dollars over each other in the relationship:
    • Courtney did so in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, where she ran off with the suitcase full of money instead of aiding an injured Duncan, explaining that "opportunities like this don't just fall out of trees."
    • Duncan did so in Top Dog. After receiving a thirty-two page document of his faults and how to correct them, Duncan was annoyed enough with her to vote her off, citing that, even though he really did like her, he "needs the money more than he needs some high-maintenance chick with a superiority complex."
  • In Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Total Drama All-Stars both were the last two former Killer Bass members left in the game.
    • Granted, they are the only former Killer Bass members to compete in the latter season, and are therefore the only two Killer Bass members to compete in four seasons.
  • Both have been in a band; Courtney was in "The A-Type Psychotic Crazies" and Duncan was in "Der Schnitzel Kickers."
  • This relationship was part of a love triangle with Duncan and Gwen.
  • Both, along with Owen, are the only contestants to reach the merge three or more times.
    • However, all three of them have to either have to return to the competition after have been eliminated previously or make their debut midseason after initially not qualified.
    • Both Courtney and Duncan returned in the thirteenth episode of a season, with the one who returned either directly or indirectly helping the team with the other on it to win the challenge and, subsequently, going to the other team as a "consolation prize," per Chris' decision.
      • When both returned, the other one of them was the first to encounter them.
  • Both are involved with at least one of each others eliminations:
    • In Basic Straining, Harold rigged the votes, causing Courtney's elimination as a revenge for Duncan's bullying towards him. In Top Dog, Duncan votes Courtney off after she gave him a thirty-two page letter of all his mistakes. In Chinese Fake-Out, Duncan once again votes for Courtney.
    • In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Duncan is furious over Courtney and Gwen's quarreling, along with several other reasons, causing him to quit.
  • According to an interview, Tom McGillis (the creator of Total Drama) prefers this relationship over Duncan's new relationship with Gwen.
  • According to an interview with Christian Potenza, their breakup (along with Trent and Gwen's) was an executive decision.
  • They are two of only three characters to be on five teams, with the third being Izzy.
  • They have both placed fourth and fifth in two different seasons.
    • In addition, both have been eliminated in the twenty-fourth episode of a season, and placed fourth in that episode.

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