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Killer Bass
Killer Grips
Team Amazon
Heroic Hamsters
Villainous Vultures
TDA DIY Char Courtney
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: Basic Straining
TDA: Top Dog
TDWT: Chinese Fake-Out
TDAS: Sundae Muddy Sundae
Place TDI: 14th
TDA: 4th
TDWT: 6th/7th
TDAS: 5th
Relationship Alejandro (attracted to, ended)
Duncan (broken up)
Scott (broken up)
Justin (one-sided attraction on his side, ended)
Family Mother
Friends Bridgette
Enemies Alejandro, Beth, Blaineley, Cameron, Chef Hatchet, Chris, Cody, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Ezekiel, Harold, Heather, Justin, Mal, Mike, Leshawna, Lindsay, Owen, Sadie, Sam, Sierra, Scott, Tyler, Zoey
Voiced by Unknown actress
Emilie-Claire Barlow

Courtney, labeled The 'Type A', was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Killer Bass. Although was originally unqualified for Total Drama Action, she debuted onto the show in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine due to a lawsuit she filed for wrongful termination from competition, and was placed on the Killer Grips as the main antagonist of the second half of the season. She was a contestant on Total Drama World Tour, and was a member of Team Amazon. She was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. She was a contestant for Total Drama All-Stars, originally as a member of the Heroic Hamsters, but switched to the Villainous Vultures in Saving Private Leechball.


Courtney thinks of herself as a born leader, which often leads to her not letting others have a chance to take control. Although she is extremely bossy, competitive, critical, and even manipulative at times, she can be genuinely civil and polite to her fellow competitors. Such an example is in Jamaica Me Sweat, when Courtney is the only one to acknowledge the injured Izzy and Owen. As an overachiever, she has a tendency to overreact when things go wrong. She has become notorious among the cast for constantly reminding them of her CIT experience. Throughout her four competing seasons, the severity of Courtney's behavior ranges from generally easy-going to extremely antagonistic. When she wants something, she will fight to the death to get it. However, sometimes her determination ultimately leads to her own destruction. Courtney has exceptional athletic abilities and is also capable of lifting amounts of weight much greater than her own. She has displayed in several instances that she values the prize money over even her closest relationships. Her skewed priorities coupled with her harsh tendencies have resulted in her becoming a very unpopular contestant.

Total Drama Island

When Courtney arrives at Camp Wawanakwa in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, she thanks Chris for helping her off the boat. She also acknowledges the other contestants happily, saying it's nice to meet them all. Owen immediately shakes her hand excitedly, stating his name and asking how she is. As Courtney starts to return his pleasantries, she drifts off at the sight of Justin. She is later placed on the Killer Bass and comforts Sadie, who is distressed that she is not on the same team as Katie.

Cit chicken

Courtney tries to lead the Killer Bass to victory.

During the first challenge in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, she is one of the three people who refuses to jump off the cliff into shark-infested water, saying her refusal to participate in the challenge is a calculated risk, as she underestimates the Screaming Gophers team, assuming most of them will be too afraid to jump, thus giving her team the win. However, because she refused to jump, she was forced to wear a chicken hat for the entire day, along with her teammate DJ, who has a fear of heights. Courtney is also stricken with bad luck with the first challenge. She gets a splinter from the wooden crate she was moving, gets a swollen eye due to an allergic reaction to a bee sting and despite her leadership skills, her team fails to properly build a hot tub. Afterward, the other Killer Bass members considered voting her off due to her attitude and refusal to jump off the cliff, finding DJ (the other member who did not jump) as more of an asset to the team in future challenges due to him seeming a lot stronger. However, Ezekiel made some sexist comments about his fellow female team members and he picked his nose in front of them, resulting in his elimination and Courtney getting the last marshmallow. Despite her rough start, and the close call, Courtney manages to get farther than expected and plays the game quite well, despite the many times she was almost eliminated, even befriending Bridgette and starting a relationship with Duncan.


Bridgette and Courtney indulge in stolen desserts in Basic Straining.

Courtney tries to outlast the other campers in The Big Sleep by running in place to keep awake. However, she eventually falls asleep. Courtney really takes the leadership role of her team in Dodgebrawl. She instructs them as they are playing the game and does, perhaps unintentionally, insult some of her fellow campers, such as commenting on how useless Tyler and Harold were, and referring to the other team's Cody as an "easy out." She also informs Duncan that he will almost definitely be voted out and eliminated if he does not contribute to the challenge to get him to compete. Despite her underestimation of Harold, he wins the game for the Killer Bass in the end.

As revealed in Not Quite Famous, Courtney has a talent for playing the violin. Despite Harold's win for the Bass in the previous episode, Courtney refuses to let him audition for the talent show. She was upset when Bridgette accidentally destroyed her violin. When left with no other options in the end of the episode, she agrees to allow Harold to participate. Harold once again wins the challenge for his team and Courtney, along with Bridgette hug him.

In Phobia Factor, Courtney insisted that she was not afraid of anything. She tried to help her teammates face their fears by telling them that fear is only in the mind. She successfully, and a little harshly, pushed DJ to overcome his fear of snakes, and helped Duncan overcome his fear of Céline Dion music store standees. However, as her turn came to dive into a vat of green jelly, she was unable to do it, even when Chris revealed that she would earn her team triple points if she performed her task, necessary for them to stand any chance of winning. This caused her team to lose the challenge, but luckily for her, she was not eliminated in this episode.


Courtney and Duncan's rocky relationship.

Courtney had a relationship with Duncan. At first Courtney seemed to view Duncan as a troublemaker who was hard to work with, getting annoyed, uptight, and paranoid whenever he started causing trouble. She always criticized him on his actions (which he strangely seemed to enjoy). However, through her criticism, she secretly formed a crush on him. As Duncan began to flirt with her, romantic sparks flew, as she began to enjoy his company. In Who Can You Trust?, Courtney and Sadie were paired up for the blind William Tell challenge, and after being pelted in the head with apples by Sadie, Courtney happily voted her out when they later lost the challenge.

In Basic Straining, Courtney goes against her usual mentality of following the rules. She tells her team she is going to check on Duncan, who was punished with solitary confinement in the boathouse for disobeying Chef. Geoff then teases her by saying she likes Duncan, but she still won't admit it. She goes to the boathouse, where she and Duncan talk for some time. Duncan finally convinces Courtney to break some rules, and the two of them steal real food from Chef's kitchen for themselves and their fellow campers. Through this experience, Courtney begins to get a thrill out of breaking the rules and starts to genuinely have fun. Bridgette attempts to stop her from overeating, but Courtney refuses to listen. However, she realizes her mistake and quickly flees outside to puke. Duncan follows her out, commenting on her "dark" side. Though Courtney says Duncan still isn't her type, she kisses him after the two of them wish each other the best in their contrasting lifestyles. Duncan happily complies, kissing her back.


Courtney is dragged down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers by Chris and Chef.

Courtney's personality changes drastically after her kiss with Duncan, as she develops a greater sense of humor, and focuses less on following the rules and winning challenges. However, this only lasts briefly; after her team loses in the episode, she is voted off at the Campfire Ceremony due to Harold (who spotted Duncan and Courtney kissing) rigging the votes to get revenge on Duncan for all the pranks he had pulled. She reverts to her old self as she protests in disbelief. However, it's unknown how Courtney could have been eliminated with Harold's vote (and Bridgette's probable vote), which suggests the votes could have been manipulated. Courtney objects to her elimination as Chef and Chris drag her to the Boat of Losers. Duncan, DJ, and Geoff are left dumbfounded as they know for a fact that they did not vote Courtney off, making it highly unlikely that she would be eliminated (as they had not considered nor figured out that the votes were tampered with). Before the boat is out of sight, Duncan rushes to the dock and throws Courtney a miniature skull he made for her and waves goodbye. Courtney finds it weird and creepy, but loves it nonetheless and promises she will never forget Duncan. While having returned to her old self, she shows signs of change later on as she and Duncan kiss several times (though she still claims that he is not her type and he says she makes him sick).

IC fight

Courtney hijacks Izzy's vine.

In the episode Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Courtney is shown to be feeling despondent about losing her lawsuit against the show's producers for wrongful termination. However, after Chris announces the million dollar challenge, her mood improves drastically and she kisses Duncan deeply after pulling him out from the pile of people. She teams up with Duncan for the challenge. She is shown to be more ruthless than before in this episode, obsessed with winning the money to the point that she's even willing to leave Duncan behind when he sprains his ankle and is unable to continue. She promised she would still split the money with him, but admitted that she did not want Duncan slowing her down. While she is trying to escape with the money, she slammed into a large backdrop, and discovered that they are not really on an island. Chris then sent an intern to retrieve her, but she stole his hot air balloon to help her get the case back. She soon caught Owen, Tyler, DJ, and Cody (who had the case at the time) on a dangling microphone, demanding the case in exchange for their safety. She threatened that she would let them fall to their deaths if they did not do

Courtney strangles Cody for the million dollars.

otherwise. She eventually stole the case, but once again lost it due to the bear interfering. Courtney then wound up on the diving board with Owen, Cody, Tyler, Leshawna, DJ, Bridgette, Katie, Sadie, and Geoff. After an airplane crashed into the diving board's ladder and support beam, breaking it, the board fell off its stand, causing some of the
Courtney vs everyone

Courtney fights for the million dollars!

campers to fall on the broken plane wing and slide over towards the dock. However, Courtney was amongst the campers who fell in the pool below and was unable to make it to the dock in time, therefore, she was not allowed to compete for the money next season (even though she wanted to). However, near the end of the episode, Courtney foreshadowed in a confessional that she would not give up so easily, implying that she would launch another lawsuit against the show as a result of this.

Total Drama Action

Courtney appears in the The Aftermath: I with the non-returning and eliminated characters. She is shown trying to sue the show again, possibly for having been deemed unable to compete in the second season as a result of the events of the special. At the beginning of the episode, when the characters are taking sides on the Gwen and Trent breakup situation, Courtney is initially on Team Gwen. She says it is not because she likes Gwen, but because she considers Trent a "loser by choice." However, after Trent comes on the show and explains the real reason behind his obsession of the number nine, she sides with Trent (along with Katie and Sadie). When Trent explains how his relationship with Gwen went downhill on account of her budding friendship with Duncan, Courtney becomes extremely angry and jealous, determined to take her anger out on Duncan when she eventually makes her way into the competition.

TDA Ep. 12 (Courtney)

Courtney's lawyer has advised her not to comment on anything concerning the second season in The Aftermath: II.

Courtney appears in The Aftermath: II, where it is revealed that she has been advised not to comment on the season due to her lawsuit. She is extremely angry with Gwen from the beginning of the episode, as she had wrongly suspected that Gwen stole Duncan from her. As Gwen entered the stage, Courtney's booing was noticeably audible. After Courtney confronted her about the issue, Gwen insisted that she and Duncan are just friends, and that Duncan is still "all about Courtney." They then show a clip of Duncan and Gwen looking at the stars on a bridge. While Gwen begins to use the constellations to poke fun at Harold, Duncan stares into the sky, wondering if Courtney is looking at the stars also. The clip stops there at first, and Courtney's face softens and she smiles. The clip then continues on Geoff's suggestion, and ends with Duncan on top of Gwen after having playfully wrestled, a mere inch or two from her lips. This clip only angers Courtney further, and she storms off the stage, announcing that she is going to consult her lawyer. Since it was a "Truth or Anvil" segment in which Gwen said that she and Duncan were just friends, she was telling the truth, as no anvil fell after she said those words.


Courtney's debut onto Total Drama Action.

Courtney returns to the competition in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, first appearing as the bank teller in the first challenge. As the bank teller, Courtney was allowed to choose the winner of the first challenge. She awarded the prize (a "bag of loot") to an unnerved Duncan and the Screaming Gaffers. However, Chris announced that he was going to award the Killer Grips a "consolation prize" for coming in second place - Courtney herself. She immediately takes the leadership role of the team, but quickly earns the scorn of the Grips due to her desire to win and her bossy attitude. However, she does not seem to care what they think of her. At the Gilded Chris Awards Ceremony, she did not receive an award, as her lawyer made her immune from elimination for this episode. Despite this, the other Grips still voted for her to leave, so only her vote ended up counting. With her vote, Owen was eliminated from the team, much to the dismay of the other Grips.

Hair Anyone

Heather tries to cut Courtney's hair for her own in One Million Bucks, B.C..

In One Million Bucks, B.C. she becomes easily hated, especially amongst the other girls. Before the challenge begins, Chris says due to Courtney's lawyers, she is allowed to have a personal digital assistant and eat with the crew. Everyone soon complains about that. Courtney tries to quiet them down by saying she will still sleep in the trailers like everyone else. Chris, wanting to cause drama, says that she also gets special sheets and her "own private bathroom." Duncan teases Courtney by saying she can't win unless she cheats. Courtney again falsely accuses Duncan of cheating on her with Gwen and says that she can beat Duncan's "two-timing butt" with her hands tied behind her back. In the first part of the challenge, Courtney brings up her CIT experience again, annoying Leshawna. Courtney and Duncan have a stare down when making the fire for the challenge; both are determined to beat each other. When Duncan made fire, Courtney complained that the flint she had was fake and impossible to make a fire with, which Lindsay proved wrong. Before the second part of the challenge, Courtney hits Duncan in the head with a bone before Chris got the chance to fully explain the rules. Courtney and Duncan are forced to fight on a single platform because prehistoric beavers destroyed the other platform. Courtney struggled to find balance on the platform and accidentally kissed Duncan. In the confessional, Courtney says that Duncan has a strong animal magnetism, but still makes her want to hit him where it hurts. Courtney knocks Duncan off the platform (by hitting him in the groin with her bone) and wins the challenge for her team. Courtney is later shown in the confessional eating lobster and stating that Duncan got what was coming to him.


Courtney and Duncan wrestling in Million Dollar Babies.

In Million Dollar Babies, Courtney starts acting nicer towards her teammates, having cheered them on during the challenges. However, she remains bitter with Duncan and continues to spar with him. Courtney becomes upset with Beth after Beth uses her PDA to access hidden footage of Leshawna talking trash about her fellow contestants. Courtney herself was mentioned by Leshawna as having "dragged Duncan around by his eyebrow ring" when she was around before, something which Courtney takes offense to. Chris later arranges for Duncan and Courtney to face each other in a Greco-Roman wrestling match (and having it take place in a kiddie ball pit). Although Duncan tried not to throw the challenge for her, she ends up winning easily anyway. In the end, Courtney and her team once again prevailed over the Screaming Gaffers.

Smooth Courtney

Courtney maneuvering through the laser trip wires.

In Dial M for Merger, Courtney gets worried about Duncan when he is knocked into a pit, calling him "Dunky" in the process. When she is by the pit, she ends up getting hit and knocked out. After everyone wakes up in a mysterious cavern, she can't find her PDA until Beth is shown to have picked it up. Courtney takes back the PDA, giving Beth an "I'm watching you" sign to signal her distrust for Beth. Courtney shows in this episode that she has a few martial arts skills, as she does an impressive flying kick to break the glass around a vase during the challenge. Courtney also blackmails all the contestants by promising to save them from an exploding building in exchange for half the prize money if anybody other than her won the competition. Courtney again tries to cheat during the deactivating a bomb challenge by contacting her lawyers to get her the best experts at disarming a bomb. Unfortunately, she is unable to reach her lawyers and is forced to deactivate it herself. Following Lindsay's example, she cuts the blue wire after Lindsay successfully deactivated her bomb by doing the same. The other castmates do the same, but discover that not all the bombs are set up the same way. The bombs go off, covering everyone in a horrible smell. The deal she made earlier in the episode was undone shortly afterwards, as the other castmates blackmailed her back in exchange for soaking in the tomato juice pool (in order to get the smell out of her). Despite this, Courtney and Lindsay won the reward, as they each solved a challenge in the episode. Courtney was disappointed in the reward though, which turned out to be a tour of a local cheese factory with Lindsay. She tried to get out of it by contacting her lawyers, but she couldn't reach them.


Courtney as The Human Cricket in Super Hero-ld.

In Super Hero-ld, it is shown in the episode recap that Courtney reluctantly took the tour of the local cheese factory alongside Lindsay. Lindsay is so excited that she starts hugging Courtney, much to the latter's intense annoyance. For this episode's challenge, Courtney creates a costume and takes the identity "the Human Cricket" (and thanks to some steel plates on her legs, her superpower is making a highly annoying sound). Courtney manages to win invincibility in the second challenge due to managing to complete the obstacle course the fastest. The guys (with the exception of Duncan) and the girls want to vote her off, but know they can't due to her invincibility. After some convincing by Duncan, Courtney manages to talk Harold into voting for Leshawna's elimination, telling him that the girls will eliminate him if he doesn't. Harold votes for Leshawna and she is eliminated, breaking Harold's heart.

In The Aftermath: III, it's revealed that Courtney has a secret camera on her PDA and films her fellow castmates. Geoff calls it the Courtney Cam.

The Princess Courtney

Courtney about to kiss a frog in The Princess Pride.

In The Princess Pride, Courtney refused to partake in the biggest burrito contest that was hosted by Duncan. She called her fellow castmates "infected" with "reality-show-itis," a condition which causes people to make challenges out of mundane tasks and lose sight of the goal. After the challenge theme was announced, Courtney forcefully put her foot in a glass boot and it barely fit. Chris dubbed her as princess for the day and to avoid another lawsuit. Later on during the episode, Duncan and Justin fight over Courtney, both having been entranced by her beautiful singing voice. So they fight to get to the top of an ivory tower to save "Princess Courtney." Justin reaches her first as a result of a temporary alliance with Harold. However, Chris pits Justin and Courtney against each other in a sword fight, with the winner gaining invincibility. Justin, having fallen in love with Courtney, states that he refuses to fight her. He then puckers his lips in anticipation of a kiss from her for this act of chivalry. However, Courtney pushes him off the tower with her sword to win the challenge. At the Gilded Chris Ceremony, Chris reveals that Courtney's lawyers demanded 80% of the profits they made off of the Courtney Dolls, which Chris felt uncomfortable submitting to, so as a compromise, he traded the Courtney Dolls for Beth dolls instead. Later, he announced that Duncan was getting voted off, which made Courtney very upset since she still has feelings for him. However, Chris reveals that he was just kidding, and that Justin was actually the one getting voted off. In the confessional, Courtney admits she doesn't really like Justin and when he leaves, she just waves goodbye without even looking at him.


Courtney scams Lindsay to get her DNA.

In Get a Clue, Courtney starts demanding a prize after every portion of the challenge. Courtney is the castmate who finds Chris in the safe from Ocean's Eight - Or Nine. The first challenge is collecting prints and hairs; Courtney is the first to succeed as she gets Lindsay's. She later also collects prints and hair from Duncan, claiming that she did it simply for fun in his case. When turning in their collected prints and hairs, Courtney whines for a prize. Desperate to shut her up, Chris gives Courtney his cheese puffs. When Chris is seemingly murdered on the train, Courtney tells everyone its all fake and even sends Duncan up to check the train, wooing him to do so by whispering encouragement in his ear. However, the train turns out to be real. Courtney still tries to prove its all fake by kicking the "dead" Chris. Duncan is believed to be the murderer by every contestant except Courtney and is handcuffed to the wall. Lindsay finds fake clues that point to Courtney being the killer and Chris reveals the dead body is just rubber and he set Courtney up. Lindsay is proclaimed the winner, angering Courtney. Lindsay is rewarded with a night at the movies with a friend. In an attempt to get Courtney jealous, Lindsay picks Duncan. Courtney then throws a fit in the confession booth, claiming that she doesn't care about Lindsay's choice of contestant, yet she obviously does.


Courtney's violent outburst trashes the hotel room.

In Rock n' Rule, Courtney was the only castmate who was angered by Owen's return and tried to threaten Chris with her lawyer again. However, she stopped after Chris lied and said that Owen filed a lawsuit too. Throughout the episode, Courtney was eager to win every challenge, but loses each time. In the first challenge, Courtney displayed many tricks on a guitar. However, she lost to Duncan because Chris deemed her to have tried "too hard,” which to him is uncharacteristic of a real rock star. After Duncan teased her about it, she hit him in the crotch with her guitar. Courtney lost the second challenge as well, this time to Lindsay. She lost because she attempted to avoid the paparazzi entirely, which Chris said prevented celebrity exposure. She finally won the final challenge of the day, in which she had to trash a hotel room. She became especially aggressive and took her rage out on the entire hotel set, completely destroying it. As a result of winning the final challenge, she won immunity again. She, along with the rest of the castmates, was shocked when it was discovered that Lindsay accidentally voted herself off and got herself eliminated.

Courtney attacks jellyfish

Courtney gets attacked when preparing sushi in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen.

In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Courtney tries to convince Beth to form an alliance with her. At first, Beth realizes what Courtney is planning to do, and refuses. During the challenge, Courtney and Beth had to work together to defeat the boys in a "martial arts" challenge, but ultimately lose and are forced out of the challenge early. Chef later has Beth and Courtney prepare Kung-Fu Noodle Soup that was being offered as that night's reward. However, the ingredients of the soup consist of the "seven deadliest species of fish known to man," all of which attack and torment Courtney in her repeated attempts to cook them. As Courtney struggles, Beth mockingly plays with Courtney's PDA, which Courtney allows in an attempt to get Beth to form an alliance with her. That night, the two girls serve the winner (Harold) his reward, and finally seal their alliance together.

In 2008: A Space Owen, Courtney's gift from home was a picture of her winning a debate (even after her partner walked out on her). She called Duncan a "gross hairy creature" in the confessional, jealous that he was paying more attention to his pet tarantula Scruffy than to her. She and Beth's quick thinking in the first challenge gave them power to choose the order of the contestants in the next challenge. She thought making herself last would help her because she would see everyone else go before her, and likely fail. But she soon realized that her going last meant that she would have to ride the Vomit Comet when it could be filled with barf, which Beth tried to warn her about earlier. She comforted Duncan when Scruffy was accidentally killed by Harold. Her alliance with Beth was broken by the end of the episode after Beth refused to forfeit the challenge with her. Beth subsequently won invincibility, and Courtney and Beth got into a major argument that evening prior to the Gilded Chris ceremony. At the ceremony itself, she receives the last Gilded Chris, and Harold was eliminated.


Courtney and Duncan kiss in Top Dog.

In Top Dog, it's revealed that Courtney and Duncan reconciled as a couple, after the two stayed up all night in Courtney's trailer to work out their differences. However, Courtney also made Duncan a thirty-two-page letter that outlines all of his faults and how to correct them and she expects him to memorize it entirely (much to his chagrin). When it came time to pick an animal for that episode's animal buddy challenge, she chose the shark. While she was trying to train it for the first challenge, Owen made it crazy by pouring blood into the tank. She subsequently got into a fight with the shark, and though she made sashimi out of what it coughed up, she didn't receive a single point for the challenge. During the forest portion of the challenge, she was dumped in a lake, where she was confronted by three angry sharks. She beat up two of them, but the third shark stole her PDA and lured her off a waterfall. After getting back to the trailers and regaining her PDA, she read a message from her lawyers that outed Owen as a traitor. At the Gilded Chris ceremony, Courtney votes for Owen to be eliminated, but winds up getting voted off herself. After finding out that Duncan voted for her, mostly due to the overbearing rules she was imposing on their relationship, she scolds him for betraying her and breaks up with him. Owen soon joins her in the Lame-o-sine as Chris fired him after his cover was blown, thus eliminating him from the competition, too.

Courtney was first mentioned by Duncan in Mutiny on the Soundstage. He brought her up to question Beth's claim that she was everybody's friend. Beth reveals Courtney once had an overbite and that she "wasn't supposed to know that." Later in the episode, Duncan was able to correctly answer the trivia question Chris gave about her. However, Chris tells Duncan that the question he answered was Beth's question. Duncan's question about Courtney was to tell what color she was thinking of at that very moment. Duncan, though indignant at the ridiculous question, took a shot at answering it anyway, and guessed the wrong color (blue). Courtney herself was then shown watching from the Aftermath studio, annoyed that he did not know that the color was burnt sienna.

Courtney and Duncan Back Together!

Courtney and Duncan make out after Duncan wins Total Drama Action.

In The Aftermath: IV, Courtney still bears a grudge against Duncan for voting her off. Nonetheless, she's also shown to be his biggest supporter, even offering an "unbiased" (though obviously rigged for Duncan to win) quiz-off to settle the tie, though it's rejected. During Harold's "Hole in the Wall" challenge tie-breaker, Courtney cheers for Duncan. When the former contestants state their opinions on who deserves the money, Courtney doesn't get a chance to say much since Chris cuts her off due to time constraints. When it comes time to vote, Courtney can't get the pen to work and thus only gets a big squirt of ink on her ballot (and her face). Chris counts her vote as a vote for Duncan. When Duncan wins the money, Courtney hugs him in celebration, but Duncan hesitates, saying he won't share his money. Nonetheless Courtney kisses him and says that "every king needs a queen." Duncan happily complies with this and they make out as the episode ends.

In Beth's ending where Beth wins, Duncan asks Courtney out to dinner, to which she accepts. They tease each other as they leave and then Courtney offers to help Duncan sue the show because she believes that there is "election fraud" and that he should have won the million dollars.


Duncan and Courtney make up and make out in the Total Drama Action special.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, it is revealed by the Celebrity Manhunt hosts, Josh and Blaineley, that Duncan and Courtney had a highly-publicized romance following the conclusion of the second season, but broke up after a nasty fight over dinner at a restaurant one night. Courtney then decided to sue Duncan over custody of their pet raccoon, Brittany. Later, as the cast chases down the Total Drama Dirtbags on a bus, Courtney is shown to be the driver. She and Duncan get into a heated argument over who should be driving the bus. However, she and Duncan eventually pause to stare into each others' eyes and they suddenly start making out, effectively getting back together in the process. Unfortunately, this causes Courtney to lose concentration, and the bus veers off the road and over a cliff. The cast is saved by Leshawna's stretching bra, though. While they are falling, she hugs Duncan out of fear, and throughout the rest of the episode she remains by his side. She qualifies to be in Total Drama World Tour. At the end of the episode, she is shown in the confessional expressing worry that Gwen will be a "boyfriend stealer" and try to steal Duncan away from her.

Total Drama World Tour


Courtney sings to Gwen during the Come Fly With Us musical number in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Courtney is the first person to step out of the bus and to be introduced by Chris. After she notices Gwen and Duncan grinning at each other, when Duncan cracks a joke about Heather's hair, she looks at Duncan disapprovingly. Once Chris introduces the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Courtney states that she'd like to express her concerns about its safety due to it falling apart, but Chris assures her that it's perfectly safe. During the Come Fly With Us musical number, Courtney is arguably the happiest while performing since she loves to sing. She leads the others and sings that she's always wanted to sing on TV. When Duncan doesn't sing, Courtney ultimately gets him to do it by pleading to him. In the "Pyramid Over Under" challenge, Courtney pairs up with Duncan at the start. She prepares a belay for her and Duncan, stating that rock climbing was the team-building challenge when she was a CIT, and that her "superior belay skills" will assure victory for the two of them. However, after Duncan sees Gwen having trouble scaling the pyramid by herself, Duncan tries to get Courtney to invite her into the team (which Courtney reluctantly agrees to, citing that a "three-person belay is stronger"). While climbing the pyramid, Courtney comments on Gwen's "appalling" form of rock climbing, which Gwen sarcastically thanks her for noticing. The two girls bicker the entire time while climbing, much to Duncan's annoyance. Once the trio gets to the top of the pyramid, Gwen and Courtney get into another argument over whether they should untie themselves or not. After Chris shouts at them that the three of them have to sing a reprise of their earlier musical number due to not finishing in time, Duncan snaps and angrily rushes down the pyramid, dragging Courtney and Gwen down with him. When Duncan quits, Courtney gasps in shock, disappointed that he's gone from the competition. Near the end of the episode, Courtney is put on a team with Gwen, Heather, Cody and Izzy which they name Team Amazon.

Courtney annoyed at Heather

Courtney gets annoyed with Heather after she tries to boss Team Amazon around.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Courtney is upset about Duncan quitting, Heather tells her that he probably quit because he can't sing, but Courtney corrects her, saying he can do anything he sets his mind to. Courtney didn't have a solo in Lovin' Time, but she sang back-up with Heather and Gwen. Courtney insults Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, telling them to "Eat sand"; Alejandro flirts with her, but Courtney turns him down because she's with Duncan. Alejandro asks her if Duncan even appreciates her, which made Courtney think about that. Courtney had a small solo in Rowin' Time, along with the rest of her team (except Heather). Courtney and the rest of her team crossed the finish line first, avoiding elimination.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Courtney is trying to take charge of Team Amazon, much to the disapproval of Gwen and Heather. Courtney has a few solos in Before We Die. Courtney, Gwen and Heather fight about the commercial for the challenge, which ends in the three storming off. She was about to announce her team's failure to make a commercial before Cody interrupts her with a commercial he and Sierra had made. Team Amazon wins the challenge, with Cody and Sierra incorporating all three ideas.

TDWT4 07

Courtney is fed up with Heather's whipping.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Courtney and the rest of her team are relaxing in the winners' compartment. After everyone lands in the Yukon, Courtney suggests huddling to keep warm. Courtney, along with Heather, were the first of Team Amazon to cross the ice, but Chris said that since the "C" in Courtney's name comes before the "H" in Heather's name, Courtney will have to pull the sled. Throughout the race, Heather keeps on whipping Courtney with a whip to make her go faster. In the confessional booth, she vows that someday, Heather's going to get it. Courtney and her team sang backup in Stuck to a Pole. Courtney's team crossed the finish line last, which makes Heather cry out that she couldn't believe she did all her work for nothing, to which Courtney responds with a glare since Heather didn't do anything. But since Team Victory didn't have Bridgette with them, Team Amazon came in second place.

TDWT5 03

Courtney gladly accepts Gwen's idea of voting Heather off as soon as they can.

In Broadway, Baby!, Courtney and the rest of Team Amazon are sitting in the commercial cabin, complaining. After Courtney brings up the "whipping" to Heather, she and Gwen agreed they would vote Heather off if they lost the challenge. Courtney and her team were the first to get their baby carriage and get down the Statue of Liberty. Courtney sung the beginning of What's Not To Love and sung more parts throughout the song. Courtney drove the boat for Team Amazon, but they had to turn around because she forgot Cody, Courtney apparently had trouble hearing when she was driving the boat, as Heather told her she forgot Cody and Courtney responded with "What?,” because she couldn't hear her. However, Team Amazon won the challenge when Heather switched a real baby carriage with Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's baby carriage. When Heather throws the meat grinder out of the plane, she tries to protest, but it doesn't work.

In Slap Slap Revolution, Courtney was sitting next to Gwen, eating chocolates in the winners' cabin. Courtney has one solo in Eine Kleine sing talking Heather that she will dance a jig if Heather gets voted off. After Chris tells Team Amazon if they had their meat grinder they could move on in the challenge, Courtney tells Heather they shouldn't have gotten rid of it, but Heather told her she didn't make much of an effort to stop her when she threw it off the plane, which Courtney pokes Heather's chest and calls her a dimwit. Courtney didn't compete in the last challenge, but her team won when Sierra knocked Alejandro off the dance pad. By this episode it seems that both Courtney and Gwen have made up and have developed a friendship of sorts.


Courtney pokes fun at Heather about her missing tooth.

During The Am-AH-Zon Race, Courtney has a relatively minor role, not even singing with her team during Gypsy Rap, something which is a first during this season. At the beginning of the episode, she sarcastically comments that Heather is "looking good,” despite her missing tooth. She later fetches the flashlight out of Cody's pocket when they are tied up so they can use the batteries to activate their walkie-talkie. Once they do, she asks Chris for help since Gwen is extremely jittery because she accidentally injected herself with Cody's EpiPen, while looking for the flashlight in his pocket. By the end of the episode, Courtney makes an alliance along with Gwen and Sierra to vote off Heather, but since the elimination was fake, nobody is sent home. When Chris reveals the votes, Courtney as she is voting for Heather she said that is what she always wanted to do, vote Heather out.


Courtney realizes there "might" be something wrong with their statue.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Courtney yet again has a relatively small role compared to most her previous ones. Courtney corrects Chris when he mispronounces "Louvre" upon arriving to the famed museum. When Chris announces that she and Team Amazon must find Michelangelo's "David" statue, she claims the statues shouldn't be too hard to find, since they're big and she's good at reading brochure maps. However Chris then announces that Chef has cut the statues to pieces (the real statues that Chef stole from museums across Europe instead of replicas like Chris had told him) and they must find the pieces and put them back together. Courtney helps her team look for the missing statue fragments and while doing so she and Gwen insist that Cody should make up with Sierra because her depression is considerably slowing them down. When Cody initially fails to do so, she and Gwen decide to move on and keep looking while they both sort out their problems alone. She gets annoyed with Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot when they threw their pieces in the exact same place at the same time, stating they got, "some of your Venus in our David." While assembling, she points out that the statue is wrong, and the team's pieces are mixed up. Later, they are able to fix it before the other teams and win the challenge. She high fives with Gwen and Heather, as they won invincibility and the first class cabin. She also poses for DJ when he had to choose a model for the runway challenge.


Courtney leads her team during the rowing challenge.

During Newf Kids on the Rock, Courtney's friendship with Gwen continues to progress, as they are sitting together in the beginning of the show, gossiping about Heather. When in the water, Courtney describes her extensive history with synchronized swimming, expressing that she'll be highly helpful in getting Team Amazon to shore. However, she and Gwen stop Team Amazon's boat when they see a far-away rock formation shaped like Duncan. She, along with Gwen, climb up to reach the figure of Duncan, but only get disappointed to see that it's not really him and it's just a rock. When they come back to the rest of the team after climbing, Sierra tells Courtney that she only saw that rock formation because she really misses Duncan. Courtney agrees, and moments later, looks at Gwen confusedly, wondering why she also thought the rock formation was Duncan. When Team Amazon finally catches up to everyone else, Heather gives all the blame to Courtney. Luckily, Gwen helped Courtney by taking the blame, which surprised Courtney.


Courtney and a terrified Heather prepare to bobsled for the final challenge.

During Jamaica Me Sweat, Courtney is first seen in economy class with her team, saying that by the time they get back into first class the members of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot will already have made it "stink like dude." After the plane runs out of fuel and it crashes into a Jamaican beach, Courtney is the first one to realize Owen and Izzy are under it and quickly tries to help them. During the first challenge, Courtney is splashed when Sierra dives into the lake, sending a huge wave up to her and Team Amazon. The wave also leaves an electric eel on her head which zaps her, despite being out of the water. Gwen tries to help her remove the eel and gets zapped as well. During the second challenge, she and Heather have to bobsled down Chris' death slide together. At the top, Heather asks Courtney if her lawyers have told her whether their contracts allow Chris to kill them; Courtney promptly replies her contract, which was made during Total Drama Action, protects her from deadly stunts, but isn't sure if Heather's does. Before Heather can object, Courtney rolls them both down the slide and they make it out at the bottom stunned, but relatively unharmed. By the end of the episode, Courtney and Team Amazon end in second place again and have to return to economy class.


Courtney teases Heather as she's strapped to the torture rack.

In I See London..., Courtney spends the whole episode getting to know Gwen, and they discover that they have more in common than she thought. She mentioned doing a sixth grade school project about the Tower of London after Gwen mentioned a Jack the Ripper report she made. The two happily stretched Heather on the torture device, during that challenge. Courtney then makes a confessional admitting that she has started to like Gwen, but is still timid about having a friendship with her. Scared that Gwen would hear her say that; she tried to snatch the video tape out of the camera in the confessional. The two work together the rest of the episode, combining their knowledge and skills to win. Later in the episode, Gwen and Courtney arrive at a punk club where they find Duncan and capture him, which causes Team Amazon to win the challenge. Before the elimination she is shown scolding Duncan for "abandoning her,” but then hugs him and states that she isn't mad, she just missed him.


Courtney breaks down and cries after finding out about the kiss between Duncan and Gwen.

In Greece's Pieces, Courtney sits next to Gwen on a sofa in first class at the beginning of the episode, elated about Duncan's return. She gushes to Gwen about how excited she is to have Duncan back, and Gwen converses with her uncomfortably, having secretly kissed Duncan behind Courtney's back at the end of the previous episode. Courtney then pulls out a list of things she needs to correct about Duncan, saying he would be "perfect" after she's done with the list. Courtney is then shown in the confessional, expressing how glad she is to have Gwen to talk to, but also showing some suspicion about Gwen's true feelings towards Duncan. Later, as Chris is explaining the episode's challenges, Courtney corrects him and says that the original Olympics were held in Greece and not Rome, causing Chris to change the plane's destination to Greece instead. Shortly afterward, Courtney catches Gwen staring flirtatiously at Duncan and questions Gwen about it, visibly dismayed. Gwen lies and says that she was taking note of his mohawk, stating that Courtney needs to do something about it. Courtney says that while it was originally on the list of flaws to correct about him, she's grown to like it, and that "love can do funny things." When Gwen and Duncan go in to do the first challenge, she is shown to be worried about the two of them being left alone together. Before the pankration challenge, she indirectly insults Cody's scrawny physique, and Sierra demands to fight her as a result, which Chris doesn't allow. During the pankration challenge, Courtney faces Tyler, and easily beats him. However, Team Amazon loses after Courtney insults Cody again; causing Sierra to attack her, which eventually results in a double-knockout. Following the song, Courtney expresses deep worry over Duncan's health when Gwen comes out without him, and when Chris says that Duncan might not be alive, Courtney questions Gwen about her overly concerned reaction. When Tyler is forced by Alejandro prior to the tie-breaking challenge to reveal that he saw Gwen and Duncan kiss, Courtney gets extremely angry at Gwen, lashing out at her for hurting her and betraying her trust. She orders Cody to intentionally lose so that she could vote off Gwen with the help of Heather and Sierra, but due to his feelings for Gwen, Cody wins the challenge to prevent that from happening. Courtney is later seen crying on the plane, with Heather trying in vain to comfort her. At the end of the episode when Chris is signing off, Courtney is heard yelling "I HATE YOU!" at Gwen.

CourtneyMad (2)

Courtney breaks up with Duncan "on her own terms."

In The EX-Files, Courtney is still saddened by the events of the previous episode. She is also still furious with Gwen, and is determined to get her voted off next. She reveals in a confessional that she broke up with Duncan a short while earlier, whereupon she gave him a black eye, dumped a bowl of spaghetti on his head, and kicked him in the crotch. Prior to the first challenge, Alejandro talks Courtney into openly flirting with Tyler whenever Duncan is around so that she could make Duncan feel jealous, which succeeds to a certain extent. She sings about Gwen's betrayal in Boyfriend Kisser. During the second challenge to retrieve an alien artifact from an Area 51 warehouse, Courtney constantly tries to sabotage her team's progress so that Team Amazon loses and she can have Gwen voted off. However, this is to no avail. In a desperate last resort move, she trips Gwen (who is carrying the alien artifact) in an attempt to break the artifact, but is unsuccessful. At the end of the episode, she is shown to be single-mindedly obsessed with getting Gwen voted off, which annoys Heather and worries Gwen. During Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's elimination ceremony, Courtney makes a surprise appearance after Tyler is voted off, angry that they didn't vote Duncan off instead. She then tosses Tyler out of the plane in a fit of rage, and then vows revenge on Duncan and Gwen for hurting her, claiming that she's "no more Mrs. Nice Guy."

68-4 (2)

Courtney jumps off the cliff to catch a sheep in the challenge.

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Courtney and Gwen are still at odds with each other. Courtney reluctantly tries to get Heather on her side in an attempt to ensure Gwen's elimination, but Heather agrees to do so only if Courtney stops throwing challenges like she tried to do in the previous episode (which she denies doing). In the dining hall, Alejandro flirts with Courtney as part of Duncan's plan to turn Courtney and Heather against each other. Courtney is taken aback by Alejandro's sudden interest in her, and becomes smitten with him. Later in Australia, she begins flirting back with Alejandro in another attempt to make Duncan jealous. She also slows down her emu during the first challenge to try and make Team Amazon lose. Heather notices both of these actions and becomes furious at Courtney, vowing in the confessional that she'll vote for Courtney instead of Gwen if Team Amazon loses. During the second challenge, Courtney is shown to be upset that Team Amazon gets the advantage of having a battery-operated sheep shearer. She is the first one to bungee off Hanging Rock, but is unsuccessful in grabbing a sheep to bring back up. Following the song, Courtney falls for Alejandro and Duncan's deception and is led to believe that Alejandro is fighting Duncan for her affections, which makes her happy. A short time later, Alejandro flirts with Courtney again and promises to help her win. After she rejects this and confides in him that she actually wants to lose, Alejandro agrees to help her lose, earning her trust in the process. After Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot wins, Courtney catches Duncan's attention and then points to Gwen with a devious smile on her face. She then does a cutthroat motion, signifying that Gwen will be the next one eliminated. At Team Amazon's elimination ceremony, the votes end up tied, so Courtney and Gwen are forced to go to a tiebreaker to determine who gets to stay. The tiebreaker challenge consists of having to feed a hungry baby koala a bowl of eucalyptus leaves without using your hands, and since Gwen is highly allergic to eucalyptus, Courtney easily wins. She then watches Gwen jump off the plane, pleased that she's finally gone.


Alejandro charms Courtney, which makes Heather jealous.

In Sweden Sour, Alejandro and Courtney are shown flirting heavily with each other at the beginning of the episode, much to a jealous Heather's chagrin. Since this takes place away from Duncan, it's implied that Courtney has actually fallen for Alejandro. Alejandro is shown in the confessional a short time later, where he admits that Courtney would have been a much greater challenge to manipulate if it weren't for Duncan dumping her and messing up her emotions. Alejandro then states that he eventually plans to betray her. When the contestants land on the ground in Sweden, Courtney tries to get Duncan to apologize for cheating on her, which Duncan deliberately avoids doing in order to irritate her. Alejandro then takes her in his arms and gets her to flirt with him so that it would "drive Duncan crazy." Courtney and Heather clash throughout the episode's challenges as they both try to establish themselves as the team's leader. Following the song, Courtney (alongside Heather) is shown staring dreamily at Alejandro as he pulls his team's boat with his shirt off. During the second challenge, the animosity between Courtney and Heather forces them to settle on Cody as the "captain" of their floating Gwen-head ship. After Sierra takes a cannonball to the stomach for Cody, Courtney immediately asks if she was okay, concerned for her well-being. Team Amazon loses for the second episode in a row, and once again, they head off to the elimination ceremony. The other Amazons unanimously decide to vote off Courtney, who glances back at them worriedly. However, Chris then reveals that the episode was a reward challenge, which means that Courtney is safe. Courtney celebrates as the other Amazons groan in disappointment.


Courtney and Duncan fight throughout the episode after they're paired up with each other.

Courtney is seen sleeping with everyone else in Niagara Brawls. When about to go over the waterfall, Courtney promised to tutor anyone if she lived, even Duncan. Courtney and Heather poked fun at Blaineley by saying she is not that famous. Courtney was originally paired up with a bear as a partner, but she then got Duncan. She was deeply considering keeping the bear. Courtney kept running into objects during the blindfolded dress challenge due to Duncan messing with her. She ended up getting her dress, thanks to Alejandro, and moved on to the next round. Both Duncan and Courtney pass customs and win the challenge and immunity.


Courtney helps Alejandro cheat by eating the food from the second challenge for him.

In Chinese Fake-Out, Courtney gives Duncan the silent treatment in the first class section, minus shoving him into their wedding cake. During the first part of the challenge in a race around the Great Wall, Courtney uses the tricycle for the race. The tricycle gets stuck in the ground and Alejandro assists her, reminding her that she owes him one. During the race, Courtney hits a Chinese bomb and is blown far away into a pig pen. When she finally makes it to the restaurant, she finds out she lost. Courtney also points out that she has a strong stomach, giving Alejandro an idea. During the eating part of the challenge, Alejandro hands Courtney the food under the table so she can eat it, since the truth is Alejandro has a weak stomach. Heather notices the cheating and informs Chris, who makes Courtney wear a lion dancer's mask for the rest of the challenge so she can't help Alejandro cheat anymore. When the votes are being counted, it is revealed that she and Blaineley are tied to be voted off. Believing that there would have been a tie breaker, Courtney gets overly-confident and ready for it. However, Chris announces that they are both eliminated. Courtney makes it clear that she plans on suing the show again and have a "personal defamation lawsuit" for Duncan. In the end, she and Blaineley are pushed out of the plane by Chris. A deleted clip features her complaining about her elimination during her drop. But she then states that she is happy to get rid of Blaineley and be far away from Duncan. Courtney soon realizes she is too close to the ground and tries to pull her parachute, but it doesn't release and she crashes into an elderly Chinese woman's roof. Angered, the old woman throws a hammer at Courtney right before the clip ends.

In African Lying Safari, Courtney's elimination in the previous episode is briefly mentioned by Duncan near the beginning, with him saying "What can I say? It's like all my problems were shoved out of a plane."

IMG 0952

Heather examines the stone Courtney carving in Rapa Phooey!.

In Rapa Phooey!, Courtney does not appear, but a large stone carving of Courtney's head makes an appearance as part of the episode's challenge. It gives Heather an egg.

In Awwwwww, Drumheller, a wooden puppet of Courtney appears in the song This Is How We Will End It, which Alejandro uses to illustrate how he manipulated her. Courtney is later referenced by Heather. Heather says that she hopes the final challenge will be another eating challenge, since Alejandro won't have Courtney there to cheat for him (like she did in Chinese Fake-Out).


Courtney surfs over a waterfall as she wins the challenge in Hawaiian Style.

In Hawaiian Style, Courtney is one of the five people that support Alejandro. She wants to sing a song she wrote about her dislike for Duncan and Gwen, but Geoff would not allow it. She says she supports Alejandro because he is the best player out there. She nominated herself to try and win the special advantage. When asked to pick an animal that best relates to Alejandro, she picks the jaguar. She surfs against Harold and Blaineley, who was assisted by Owen. She manages to win the challenge and first place when her garland lands around the jaguar's neck after she wipes out. She wins first place and the best reward for Alejandro: a wheelbarrow as an advantage in the competition. She is angered that there is no prize for her and remains cross as the show ends.

She appears in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles at the very end, with all of the other eliminated contestants.

Mypictr 360x270

"Go, Alejandro! Squish him... like a bug!"

In Hawaiian Punch, she is the only one that cheers for Alejandro when he faces off against Cody. Later, Alejandro picks her to assist him in the volcano challenge, so she and Lindsay build his dummy and help him in all the obstacles. She sings in Versus and when they get to the next part of the challenge, Courtney is left alone when Lindsay is tricked by Cody into thinking there is a mall nearby. She ends up cutting one of the ropes in an attempt to hinder Heather, kicking Harold in the groin and nearly slashing Cody, but ends up trapping Alejandro instead since there was no way of knowing which one was which. She is later seen on top of the volcano, waiting for the winner, and was the only one that was unhappy with Alejandro being defeated by Heather. Once the volcano erupts, like the rest of the cast, she runs down the volcano path and into the water to avoid the debris, laughing at Chris when his boat sank and then swimming away in fear of the volcano rocks.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


Courtney glares at Alejandro and Heather.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Courtney appears on the yacht with the other veterans. While Alejandro (still in the Drama Machine) has Heather in his arms nearby, she glares angrily at them from behind Geoff and Bridgette.

Total Drama All-Stars

Courtney returns to Total Drama in Heroes vs. Villains as part of the new all-star season featuring fourteen contestants from previous seasons. She is placed on the Heroic Hamsters despite displaying no such qualities as she continue on being bossy to her team mates for the next few episodes. Her conflict with Gwen continues as Courtney continue to give her the cold shoulder for stealing Duncan from her two seasons ago despite Gwen trying her best to make Courtney forgive her. When Chris asks the teams to choose a driver, she pushes Lindsay into the cart when the others couldn't decide. She is the first to jump for the team, and is very much annoyed by Lindsay's ineptitude. Upon returning, Sierra boards the baby carriage with Courtney still inside, injuring her and significantly slowing Lindsay down. Her team lost the challenge and had to vote someone off. At the Campfire Ceremony, Gwen attempt to apologize to Courtney by giving her a bouquet of flowers but didn't realize that she is allergic to its pollen, causing Courtney to hate Gwen even more. Courtney voted for Lindsay due to her poor performance in the challenge and watch as she takes the new elimination exit; the Flush of Shame.


Courtney with her team.

In Evil Dread, Courtney is awakened in the loser cabin due to Sierra taking a picture of her while sleeping. After complaining about Sierra's invasion of privacy, she tells Zoey that their team has to win the day's challenge to get to the McLean Spa Hotel. During the challenge, Courtney argues against Zoey's gameplan, only for Cameron to point out that they both had the same plan just reworded differently. After agreeing with the idea and trying to share credit for it, Courtney hesitantly joins in on the group huddle break, insisting that they should hurry up and start the challenge. In the confessional, she laments about how friendly her team is. After her team wins the challenge, Gwen attempts to apologize to Courtney, but accidentally activates a trap which results in garbage falling on Courtney.

In Saving Private Leechball, Courtney and her teammates are seen enjoying the luxury the hotel provides. When Sam returns from Boney Island, Courtney is the only one who did not bring any food for him. After seeing Zoey's amazing athletic abilities, Courtney immediately sees her as a threat and hopes to get Zoey eliminated next. Later, she volunteers to look after Sam in a cave while the others hunt for the Vultures. While Zoey believes that Courtney is doing this out of niceness, in reality Courtney is using them as foot soldiers while she lays back. When Jo enters the cave, Courtney tries to shoot her but misses. She then used Sam as a human shield to defend herself. Luckily for Courtney, Zoey arrives and manages to eliminate Jo, giving the Heroic Hamsters their second victory. At the elimination ceremony, Courtney was shocked that she has to switch teams with Duncan because her act of using Sam as a human shield was deemed villainous. As Gwen attempts to welcome her into the team, she accidentally kicks a bucket of leeches onto Courtney's head.

CARE1009191300001738 004 1280x720

Courtney eavesdropping on Gwen's confessional in Food Fright.

In Food Fright, Courtney realizes that she needs to find an ally as quickly as possible if she wants to survive in her new team and found one in Scott after he begins to act nice to her. Soon afterwards, she is seen eavesdropping on Gwen's confessional, where she overhears Gwen crying and stating that she only came back to make things right with Courtney; however, Courtney has trouble believing this and thinks Gwen is still out to get her. At the beginning of the challenge,  she yells at Scott for encouraging Chris to add the untested "salad spinner" to the challenge, to which Scott replies by grinning and saying that she looks pretty when she's angry. During Gwen's turn, Courtney states that she doesn't want to go after her since she thinks that Gwen will set up a trap for her. After Heather convinces her to go, Courtney tries to cut a deal with her to eliminate Gwen should the Vultures lose, to which Heather seemingly agrees; however, it is revealed that Heather had her fingers crossed. During Courtney's turn, she gets blasted with green jelly (which was stated to be her fear in "Phobia Factor") and starts freaking out. When she lands in the salad spinner, it starts spinning faster than usual as a result of interference from Mike's evil personality, and ends up launching Courtney high up into the air and into a tree. During the elimination ceremony, she is shown hugging Scott in celebration when Chris reveals that the Heroic Hamsters had actually lost the challenge; she and Scott quickly separate once they realize what they're doing.


Courtney compares Scott to a "donkey wearing a wig" in Moon Madness.

In Moon Madness, Courtney realizes that she misses Scott after noticing a bird that surprisingly resembles and even sounds like him. After Scott return from exile, she immediately check up on him to see if he is okay though she immediately ordered him to get up to which he happily complies. Despite claiming in a subsequent confessional that her only interest in Scott is as an ally, Courtney accidentally reveals that she find Scott attractive. Near the finish line, she is almost attack by a vicious deer but was surprisingly saved by Gwen. Though claiming that she would do the same if Gwen was in the same position as her, she revealed that she is just lying in the confessional. She and Gwen manage to make it to the finish line the last minute and their team wins the challenge. After Scott volunteers to be exiled on Boney Island again, Courtney expresses sadness for him leaving her again.


Courtney blushes at Scott after they briefly hold hands in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition.

In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Courtney is glad that Cameron is now that the "newbie target" is off her back now that Cameron is on her team, and she plans to eliminate him as soon as possible. She is partnered with Scott during the egg hunting challenge and shows more signs of affection for him. At one point, Heather met up with them in order to convince them to vote for Alejandro, claiming that he is targeting Scott. Ultimately their team lost and is required to send someone home again. Right before the elimination ceremony, Gwen reveals to her that she broke up with Duncan in the previous episode so she could be friends with her again. Gwen also agrees to help Courtney in voting whoever she is going to vote for.


Courtney tells Gwen how much she missed her following their fight in Suckers Punched.

In Suckers Punched, Courtney begin to warm up to Gwen and started to forgive her for her actions two seasons ago. For most of the episode, the two of them often speak in unison. She was concerned upon seeing Scott getting injured during his fight with Fang and carry him out of the ring with Gwen. In a twist set up by Chris, Gwen had to fight Courtney for the challenge. To make sure that they really fight, Chris showed Courtney Sierra's "Gwuncan blog" that contains pictures and videos of all the time Gwen and Duncan kissed. This infuriated Courtney and remind her of Gwen's betrayal. Anger finally consume Courtney and she begin to attack Gwen. After a while, they begin to forgive each other and share a hug, becoming friends again. Chris, out of kindness, gave them two points for their team and declare the Vultures the winner of the challenge.


Scott and Courtney after their first kiss.

In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Courtney and Scott accidentally fell on each other while climbing down the cabin porch and accidentally shared a kiss. Delighted, Scott gives her his shoelace as a make shift ring in order to signify the start of their relationship, which Courtney decides not to wear on her finger. When Chris is captured by Ezekiel, Courtney decide to team up with Scott instead of Gwen so they may celebrate their one hour anniversary. Scott compliments Courtney in the mine before they fall deeper into the mine where Cameron kisses Courtney by instructions Mal. Cameron accuses Courtney of kissing him which upsets Scott. Ezekiel then appears and throws them in his prison where Courtney gives back the ring thus ending their two hour relationship.

In The Obsta-Kill Kourse, Courtney is distraught that her relationship with Scott has ended, and is comforted by Zoey. Feeling better, Courtney has Zoey promise not to reveal her kiss with Cameron to Gwen. She runs out of the room, and trips over Scott, who is sitting on the stairs. Courtney declares that she and Scott are back together before running into the forest. She spots Gwen and Zoey talking, and declares that the two better not be talking about her kiss or be forming an alliance. During the challenge, she accidentally reveals her secret to Gwen and glares at Scott after he reveals the details prompting Gwen to tell Courtney that they're going to talk after the challenge. After reaching the top of the Slope Rope, Courtney motivates Scott until he is electrocuted forcing her to carry him to the Snapping Bars. However, he falls off causing her to become annoyed by his incompetence and move on.


Throughout the episode, Courtney grows frustrated with Scott.

She and Gwen discuss Courtney's kiss with Cameron behind a rock as Scott appears demanding to know if she kissed Alejandro. Gwen moves on ahead as Courtney reveals she did "years ago," before she and Scott were together. Mike appears revealing his plans to eliminate Alejandro, which the two agree to eagerly. Reaching the zipline, Courtney becomes angered at Scott for abandoning his pack and moves on with Gwen. They managed to cross the finish line but invincibility was ultimately given to Zoey who came in first. Courtney fulfills her promise alongside the others and votes off Alejandro.

Courtney takes the Flush of Shame with her disgusting bowl of ice-cream.

In Sundae Muddy Sundae, Courtney realizes that the finale is coming closer and this is the first time since Total Drama Action she reached this far. Not wanting to lose another chance to win the million dollars, she came up with a plan that will guarantee her victory. The plan involved betraying and eliminating Gwen at the semi-finals (despite promising to go to the finale together) so she could reach the finale with Scott whom she believed will forfeit the challenge for her. Though she had doubts on when to eliminate Mike, she plan on eliminating Zoey later that episode. Unbeknownst to Courtney, Mal (Mike's evil personality) somehow found out about her chart and reveals it to everyone. Scott and Gwen were furious about Courtney and walks away, leaving her without an ally. Desperate to save herself, Courtney does all she can to make sure she win invincibility. She also tried to sweet talk Zoey to form an alliance with her but she refuse. Courtney at one point meet up with Gwen and begged her former friend forgiveness as well as to not vote for her. Gwen promised but only if Courtney votes for herself much to Courtney's displeasure. With one ingredient left to secure victory, Courtney race to the chocolate fountain only to find out that Mal had destroy the fire breathing flower guarding it, causing the chocolate to burn into coal. Courtney decide to use her coal but it is still warm and melts her ice cream. To make matters worse, a bird pukes on her sundae, topping it with vomit. Despite this, Courtney continues, believed that the interns wouldn't be picky and will still eat it. She made a desperate sprint and reached the finish line first. As she is about to give her sundae to the interns, Chris made a sudden change to the challenge and everyone had to eat their own sundae. As Courtney couldn't eat her own ice cream due to its disgusting nature, she lost the challenge. That night, she was eliminated in a 3-2 votes and takes the Flush of Shame, still trying to finish her sundae.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama All-Stars

Audition tape

View this video for Courtney's audition tape.
Courtney's audition

Courtney campaigns for Student Council President while auditioning.

In her audition tape, Courtney tells the camera that she is running for student council president. The tape then cuts to her stating that if selected to compete in Total Drama Island, she promises to conduct herself with honor and integrity. However, she then accidentally mixes up her two speeches by promising to donate two new pop machines for the cafeteria. Then she curses and argues with the cameraman (Tom) when he refuses to tape a re-do.

Even though Cartoon Network edited out Courtney's cursing completely on the TV airing, they showed the unedited version of her audition on Cartoon Network's website.


  • Courtney is the first ever contestant to receive the final safety symbol at an elimination ceremony.
    • In addition, she is the first female and first member of the Killer Bass to accomplish this feat.
  • Courtney is one of three contestants to make it to the merge three or more times, the others being Duncan and Owen.
    • However, all three need to return to the competition in some way to achieve this. In her case, Courtney made her debut mid-way in Total Drama Action despite initially not being in the competition after filing a lawsuit against the show.
  • Out of the original twenty two contestants, Courtney was one of the four campers who were not planned to appear in Camp TV.
    • However, Bridgette's old design loosely resembles Courtney due to the fact that the prototype Bridgette has freckles on her face and her eyes look more similar to Courtney's than the relaxed look that the final design of Bridgette has.
    • She is the only former Killer Bass contestant to not be planned for Camp TV.
  • Courtney ranks third in winning individual challenges. She has won five individual challenges, behind Gwen, who has won six (counting her ending), and Heather, who has won seven (counting her ending).
  • Courtney is one of the few contestants who are known to be able to play an instrument. In her case, it is the violin and guitar.
    • The others are Trent, Duncan, Cody, Harold, Alejandro, and Gwen who play the guitar (both Trent and Duncan), keyboard (both Cody and Harold), accordion, and drums respectively.
  • Courtney has an invested interest in politics and law, shown throughout the course of the series.
    • She mentions that she plans to run for office one day in Basic Straining, and planned to study for her LSATs after returning home in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island.
    • She was running for student council president during her Total Drama Island audition.
    • She sues the producers that were responsible for the show in both Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action (failing in her first attempt, but succeeding in her second, culminating with her return).
    • As revealed in 2008: A Space Owen, Courtney is on her school debate team.
    • As revealed in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Courtney said the she's going to Law School.
    • On the official Total Drama World Tour website, it is stated that Courtney's favorite profession is a lawyer.
    • As revealed in Before We Die, Courtney wants to be a corporate lawyer
    • In addition, according to an interview with Jennifer Pertsch, one of the co-creators of Total Drama Action, Courtney is partially based on Reese Witherspoon’s character, Tracey Flick, in the 1999 movie Election.
  • She and Scott are the only antagonists to eliminate someone twice in a season. While she caused both of Owen's eliminations in Total Drama Action, Scott caused both of Dakota's eliminations in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • It is revealed in Dial M for Merger that Courtney is lactose-intolerant.
    • However, she has been seen in other episodes eating food which often contains lactose, so it's unclear if this is true or if she is just partially lactose-intolerant. It may have been an excuse to not go on the trip to the cheese factory with Lindsay, which she obviously did not want to do.
  • In Rock n' Rule, it is revealed that Courtney had been in a band called The A-Type Psychotic Crazies. However, they disbanded before their first gig since all five of them wanted to be the lead singer. The band's name is a play on Courtney's stereotype, "The Type-A."
  • As seen in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Courtney has (or at least had) a heart-shaped tattoo on her arm to match Duncan's identical tattoo.
    • This would make her one of four characters known to have a tattoo. The others are Chef Hatchet, Geoff, and Duncan.
  • Courtney is one of the people in the series to have written a book, titled "Total Triumph for Teens."
    • The others are Chef (with his unpublished manifesto), Chris (with his autobiography), and Harold (under his "H-Bomb" persona).
  • As confirmed by Todd Kauffman, Courtney is Hispanic. Therefore, she and Alejandro are the only two confirmed Hispanic characters on the show.
  • Courtney is the first contestant overall to sing in Total Drama World Tour.
  • Courtney is one of two characters to have more than one voice actor, as Emilie-Claire Barlow revealed on an interview with Christian Potenza that, on the first two episodes of the first season, Courtney was voiced by a different actress until they decided to recast her.
    • The other is Alejandro, who has been voiced by Marco Grazzini, Keith Oliver, and Alex House.
  • According to Total Drama Online, Courtney's worst nightmare is Gwen and Duncan kissing and naming themselves "Gwuncan."
  • Courtney, Harold, and Leshawna are the only original contestants to compete on the first three seasons to not make an individual cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
    • Additionally, she is the only contestant to compete in four seasons, but not make an additional cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • Courtney is one of the five female contestants to have more than one boy attracted to her, the others being Heather, Gwen, Bridgette, and Anne Maria.
  • It is revealed in Heroes vs. Villains that Courtney is allergic to flower pollen.
  • Courtney switched teams with Duncan in Saving Private Leechball, making her one of only three people to be on five different teams.
  • Courtney has kissed the most boys on the show, with a total number of four, having kissed Duncan, Scott, Cameron, and Alejandro (off screen).
    • She and Trent are the only characters who have kissed two people in one episode.
  • As revealed in Sundae Muddy Sundae, Courtney worked part-time at an ice-cream shop for three weeks, but got fired for assaulting a bothersome customer while she was on her break. This makes her one of the few contestants known to have had an occupation prior to Total Drama. The others are BridgetteGwenKatie, Noah and Shawn.
  • Courtney is one of only two people to make it to the final five twice without ever reaching the finale.
  • Courtney is one of seven contestants to have her name in an episode title, the others being OwenBridgette, Ezekiel, Scarlett, and Sky.
  • Courtney, along with DuncanGwen, Heather, and Lindsay are the only five contestants to compete in four seasons.
    • Courtney, however, didn't originally qualify for Total Drama Action, but debuted midway to compete.
  • According to Courtney's Total Drama World Tour contestant biography, her favorite color is green, the "color of success."
    • It is also stated that her favorite food is sushi and her favorite movies include "Rules of Arrangement" or any other movie with the word 'rules'."


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