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Killer Bass
Killer Grips
Team Amazon
Heroic Hamsters
Villainous Vultures
TDA DIY Char Courtney
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI: Basic Straining
TDA: Top Dog
TDWT: Chinese Fake-Out
TDAS: Sundae Muddy Sundae
Place TDI: 14th
TDA: 4th
TDWT: 6th/7th
TDAS: 5th
Relationship Alejandro (attracted to, ended)
Duncan (broken up)
Scott (broken up)
Justin (one-sided attraction on his side, ended)
Family Mother
Friends Bridgette
Enemies Alejandro, Beth, Blaineley, Cameron, Chef Hatchet, Chris, Cody, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Ezekiel, Harold, Heather, Justin, Leshawna, Lindsay, Mal, Mike, Owen, Sadie, Sam, Scott, Sierra, Tyler, Zoey
Voiced by Unknown actress
Emilie-Claire Barlow

Courtney, labeled The 'Type A', was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Killer Bass. Although was originally unqualified for Total Drama Action, she debuted onto the show in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine due to a lawsuit she filed for wrongful termination from competition, and was placed on the Killer Grips as the main antagonist of the second half of the season. She was a contestant on Total Drama World Tour, and was a member of Team Amazon. She was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. She was a contestant for Total Drama All-Stars, originally as a member of the Heroic Hamsters, but switched to the Villainous Vultures in Saving Private Leechball.


Courtney thinks of herself as a born leader, which often leads to her not letting others have a chance to take control. Although she is extremely bossy, competitive, critical, and even manipulative at times, she can be genuinely civil and polite to her fellow competitors. Such an example is in Jamaica Me Sweat, when Courtney is the only one to acknowledge the injured Izzy and Owen. As an overachiever, she has a tendency to overreact when things go wrong. She has become notorious among the cast for constantly reminding them of her CIT experience. Throughout her four competing seasons, the severity of Courtney's behavior ranges from generally easy-going to extremely antagonistic. When she wants something, she will fight to the death to get it. However, sometimes her determination ultimately leads to her own destruction. Courtney has exceptional athletic abilities and is also capable of lifting amounts of weight much greater than her own. She has displayed in several instances that she values the prize money over even her closest relationships. Her skewed priorities coupled with her harsh tendencies have resulted in her becoming a very unpopular contestant among her fellow competitors.

Total Drama Island

Cit chicken

Courtney tries to lead the Killer Bass to victory.

When Courtney arrives at Camp Wawanakwa in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, she appears to be friendly person, greeting Owen upon her arrival and comforting Sadie when she who is distressed that she is not on the same team as Katie. During the first challenge begins however, Courtney displays little effort in team spirit, refusing to jump off the cliff into shark-infested water and is required to wear a chicken hat as a result. Courtney is also stricken with bad luck throughout the challenge. She gets a splinter from the wooden crate she was moving, gets a swollen eye due to an allergic reaction to a bee sting and despite her leadership skills, her team fails to properly build a hot tub. Afterward, the other Killer Bass members considered voting her off due to her attitude and refusal to jump off the cliff, finding DJ (the other member who did not jump) as more of an asset to the team in future challenges due to him seeming a lot stronger. However, Ezekiel made some sexist comments about his fellow female team members and he picked his nose in front of them, resulting in his elimination and Courtney getting the last marshmallow. Seeing her early defeat, Courtney vows that she will win the competition no matter what.

Courtney gets mean looks

Courtney's overbearing attitude earn her team mates a great dislike towards her.

From here on, Courtney mostly takes over leadership of the Killer Bass, often bringing up her past CIT experience though her team rarely listens to her due to her bossiness and no signs of her being a proper leader that help their team to win. The closest person to her is her fellow team mate, Bridgette though Courtney often berates her for her clumsiness that almost cause them the challenge several times. In addition, she doesn't seem to be supportive of Bridgette's apparent crush on Geoff, wondering why her friend would like a person like him. Courtney harbors a great dislike for Harold and doesn't seem to view him as a strong contestant despite Harold helping their team wins twice. Courtney's attitude is also known Screaming Gophers and develops a conflict with some of them. She immediately clash heads with Heather, who commented her being a poor leader, Gwen, whom she accidentally threw gruel at and did not apologize, and Lindsay, for liking her team mate, Tyler as she believes that Lindsay is acting as a spy to root out information about her team from Tyler.


Courtney and Duncan's rocky relationship.

Her most significant interaction is her love-hate relationship with bad boy, Duncan. Early on, the two of them clashes on how to lead their team. Despite their arguments, Duncan is shown to take a liking towards her, often flirting with her and giving her pet names. Though Courtney claims that she has no feelings at him whatsoever, it is clearly that she too has feelings for him. This is first shown in Phobia Factor when Courtney helps Duncan in overcoming his fear and hugging him after he succeeds but pulls back when she realizes what she is doing. As the season progress, the two of them often find themselves together in challenges, with Courtney mocking Duncan and high lighting his flaws while he counteracts by telling her to admit that she likes him. Although Courtney views Duncan as a delinquient who loves to cause trouble, she realizes that he is actually a nice person in Who Can You Trust?, when she saw him finding a new bunny for DJ, after he beocome grief stricken when Geoff loses the first one. Although Duncan denies his actions, Courtney agrees to keep it a secret, though it is eventually revealed that she though a few people such as Bridgette and Leshawna.


Courtney is dragged down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers by Chris and Chef.

Thoroughout Basic Straining, Courtney has to scold Duncan for making fun of Harold or angering Chef Hatchet. Although she claims that she doesn't want the team to be at a disadvantage, Duncan persists that she is actually doing this out of concern much to her frustration. After Duncan is sent to the boat house, Courtney paid him a visit. After a talking for some time, Duncan finally convinces Courtney to break some rules, and the two of them steal real food from Chef's kitchen for themselves and their fellow campers. Soon, Courtney become hyperactive from the experience and couldn't stop laughing. After another private moment with Duncan, Courtney pulls Duncan and kisses him for the first time. Unfortunately, their time together is short as Courtney is eliminated after their team loss. This shocks everyone and Courtney demands a recount but Chris denies it and pulls her tot he Boat of Losers. As the boat sails off, Courtney and Duncan bids each other goodbye with Duncan giving her a farewell gift, a wooden skull that he carved. It is later revealed that Harold tamper the votes in order to get back at Duncan for bullying him.


Courtney vows to get back at Harold for causing her elimination.

By Haute Camp-ture, Courtney had found out about Harold's actions and spends most of the episode hunting him down. She also reveals that she is attempting to sue the show for her unfair eliminaiton, with the other contestants backing her up as her witnesses. However, no one seems to care of her ranting and simply ignores her. Ezekiel and Noah even tells her to stop complaining but she knocks the former with a lampost and throw her drink at the latter. Lindsay on the other hand, tells her that she would had been voted off eventually since nobody likes her, shocking Courtney as she believes that everyone likes her. After she found Harold, Courtney proceeds to beat up him and ended up tying him with the lampost. Courtney had little opinion on the final five; disapproving on Heather's ruthless action and describing that Gwen is not a team player. She did however has a positive opinion on Leshawna, even stating that she has nothing bad to say about her, and reveals that she is supporting Duncan but tries to hide her feelings though Izzy pointed out to her that everyone knows that "she is all over him" and Noah even compares her with his dog "drooling over a rib-eye steak."

In the finale, Courtney is among those who sided with Owen even before he announce about the party he is going to throw. While the final two are crossing a ravine, she and Duncan argues about Gwen and Owen's current situation, with Courtney worrying about them while Duncan simply states that it will raise the show ratings. After a while, the two begin making out while denying their feelings for each other.


Courtney threatening Cody and his group to give up the briefcase.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, Courtney is shown to be feeling despondent about losing her lawsuit against the show's producers for wrongful termination. However, after Chris announces the million dollar challenge, her mood improves drastically and immediately pulls Duncan into helping her by kissing him. Courtney display a great change in personality in this episode, being more ruthless and obsessed with winning the money. Even after Duncan fight an alligator for her in order to retrieve the briefcase, Courtney abandon him when he sprains his ankle and is unable to continue. However, she lose the money to Izzy's group and give chase until she slams into a large backdrop. To Courtney's surprise, she discovered that they are not really away from civilization after all. Chris then sent an intern to stop her but Courtney manage to steal the intern's hot air balloon. She soon caught Owen, Tyler, DJ, and Cody (who had the case at the time) on a dangling microphone, demanding the case in exchange for their safety. She threatened that she would let them fall to their deaths if they did not do otherwise. Eventually, all five of them have to jump off the balloon, landing on the diving board with Bridgette, Geoff, Katie and Sadie. As the contestants fight over the briefcase, the plane piloted by Justin crash into the board's support beams, sending Courtney and a few others into the pool of green jelly that she failed to enter earlier in the season. Ultimately, Courtney is among those who are not qualified for season two, frustrating her even more. Before the season ends, Courtney made a final confessional about her plans for the show for scamming her out of the million dollars again.

Total Drama Action

Courtney initially does not compete in Total Drama Action, but, as seen in The Aftermath: I, she is trying to file another lawsuit over her elimination from Basic Straining. Courtney initially sides with Gwen in the Gwen-Trent debacle because she thinks that Trent is a "loser by choice," but after Trent explains his obsession with the number nine, she switches to Trent's side. Come the next aftermath she is under the belief that Gwen is trying to steal Duncan from her, even after Gwen insists that they are "just friends." When Geoff shows an exclusive clip, although Courtney is initially relieved to see that Duncan is still thinking about her, a later scene in the clip that shows the two playfully wrestling and almost kissing angers her further, even though Gwen insisted that it was a mistake.


Courtney debuts onto the competition.

Courtney ends up winning her lawsuit against the show and debuts into the competition in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, playing the role as the bank teller. After she rewards the loot to the Screaming Gaffers, Chris places her on the Killer Grips as a consolation prize. Even though she immediately takes leadership of her team, none of them get along with her due her bossiness and likewise, she thinks that they are a team of duds. To further solidify her team's dislike of her, they all voted her off even though she was immune that night, so only Courtney's vote of Owen counted.


Courtney defeats Duncan in Million Dollar Babies.

During her stay, Courtney takes the role of the antagonist. While she is still bossy and doesn't like not being in the leadership role, she is more ruthless and mean compared to the previous season and makes enemies with everyone who was left in the competition, especially due to unfair advantages provided by her lawyers. Her main advantage is through her PDA, which she uses to keep contact with the outside world and threaten Chris into getting what she wants. Even though she had already earned the hatred of her team with her bossiness, the other team also quickly grew to dislike her for similar reasons, including Duncan. While they still show a mutual attraction to each other, because neither are on the same team at any point, Courtney is far more focused on the competition than the relationship, sometimes taking advantage of this fact. An example of this is in One Million Bucks, B.C., where when the two seem like they are about to kiss, Courtney knocks him off of the pillar by hitting him in the groin with the bone provided in the challenge, which let her team win their first challenge since The Chefshank Redemption. When they are pitted against each other again in the next episode, Courtney almost has no issues defeating Duncan at all in the Greco-Roman wrestling match.

Even though she doesn't have any allies for a significant portion of the merge, which happens shortly after her return, she still performs well in the challenges and manages to avoid elimination via earning invincibility. Although most of the contestants have their fair share of issues during the first post-merge challenge, Courtney easily maneuvers through the lasers and gets the reward by doing a flying kick in order to break the glass. When Chris reveals that the first reward will be used in order to escape the building, Courtney refuses to share her reward with the other contestants unless they give her something for it, much to the disbelief of the others. Although they are all reluctant to do so, they eventually agree to split the money with her 50-50, although this deal is cancelled later on when the contestants refuse to make room for her in the tomato soup (which was used to get the smell of the stink bombs off) unless she undoes the deal.


Courtney shoves Lindsay out of the way to get materials for a costume.

Her most noted enemy for most of her return is arguably Lindsay, who she openly dislikes. From the beginning, the two did not get along very well due to Courtney quickly taking the leadership role from her and Courtney tends to get very frustrated by her lack of competence. An example of this is, after both win a section of the challenge in Dial M for Merger, she outright states she doesn't like her and tries to get out of the Lame-o-sine in order to avoid going to a local cheese factory with her. She still doesn't get along with her in the following episode either and shows quite a bit of jealousy towards her when she performs better in the first challenge than her. Despite this, she manages to win the next part challenge in order to receive immunity. From the discussion from the other contestants, it is likely that, had she not won the challenge, she would have been voted off by everyone except for Duncan. She begins to become impatient with her at the beginning of The Princess Pride when they both are trying out for the role of the princess, but Courtney is the one that ends up getting the role. Because of this, she doesn't have to do most of the challenge, but she manages to win over Justin after she sings. Despite Justin's attraction to her, however, Courtney manages to defeat him in the sword fight at the end, admitting that she was never actually attracted to him at all once he was eliminated.


Courtney scams Lindsay to get her DNA.

Courtney's first post-merge loss comes at the hands of Lindsay in Get a Clue. She becomes impatient over getting rewards during the challenge, as once she figured out where Chris was in the prerequisite challenge as well as getting two sets of DNA during the next one (one from Lindsay and another from Duncan), she demanded a prize after both of them. Chris eventually gives her cheese puffs in order to shut her up and she refuses to share it with anyone else. During the actual challenge, while most of the other contestants begin to panic over Chris's alleged murder, Courtney insists it is all a set-up and tries to get other contestants to help prove her point. Even after Duncan proves to her that it was in fact a real train, Courtney focuses on stopping the train rather than solving the murder mystery. While she was correct that it the murder didn't actually happen, Lindsay reasons that Courtney was the murderer, which Chris decided was true. Courtney's win streak wasn't broken fo long, however, as she ends up winning invincibility once again in Rock n' Rule. While she performs the best in the first challenge, Chris deemed that Duncan played more like a rock star would, and even though she was under the belief that the purpose was to dodge the paparazzi, Lindsay was deemed the winner due to doing the challenge more practicality. This causes her to go ballistic during the last challenge, as she destroys the entire set for the hotel room, including the walls and a boom mike.


Courtney and Beth end their short lived alliance.

Due to Lindsay's elimination, Courtney tries to get the only other female left, Beth, in an alliance with her. While Beth is aware that Courtney is trying to do this, Courtney is also aware that she will have to do anything to get in an alliance with her. As a result, when the two are forced to cook the "seven deadliest species of fish known to man," Courtney lets Beth use her PDA to call Brady while she did all of the hard work, something that manages to create the alliance by the end of the episode. This alliance, however, didn't make it through the next episode when Courtney refuses to listen to her warning that going last in the Vomit Comet would prove to be a bad idea when Beth refuses to forfeit the challenge alongside her once it was filled with barf. After an intense argument, the two end their alliance.

Courtney and Duncan finally go back to being a couple in Top Dog when Courtney writes a 32 page letter outlining his faults, something that she is very insistent on Duncan following. During the challenge, Courtney had a lot of issues dealing with her animal buddy, which was a shark, especially after Owen caused it to go crazy by making it see blood. Due to fighting with her shark and a few of its friends, she is unable to compete in the second half of challenge and, during the fight, she loses her PDA, which is not returned to her until she returns to the film lot two days later. Courtney ends up getting voted off that night, not only by Beth but Duncan as well, with him reasoning that he needed money more than her and a letter outlining his faults. This causes her to terminate their relationship once again.


Regardless of who wins, Duncan and Courtney get back together in The Aftermath: IV.

Despite her frustration with him, Courtney is still Duncan's biggest supporter in The Aftermath: IV, attempting to advocate things such as an "unbiased" quiz to determine the winner. Due to time constraints, she is unable to ask a question to either of the finalists, but ends up voting for Duncan regardless. Regardless of who wins the season, she ends up getting back together with Duncan, but come the events of Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, they broke up again due to a fight they had at dinner and a custody fight over a pet raccoon they owned. Courtney was the one that drove the bus when the cast chases down the Total Drama Dirtbags bus, but when Duncan and Courtney began to make out after suddenly getting back together again, she loses her focus and drives the bus off a cliff. She is among the contestants that are saved behind and eventually saved by Chris, letting her qualify for Total Drama World Tour. In her final confessional of the season, she states her goal is to keep a much closer eye on Gwen, still feeling suspicious about her feelings towards Duncan.

Total Drama World Tour


Courtney sings to Gwen during the Come Fly With Us musical number in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1.

Courtney is introduced with the rest of the cast in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1. She and Duncan have apparently gotten back together, but she is still wary of Duncan and Gwen's rather flirtatious relationship. Courtney is thrilled to be able to sing in front of the show's massive viewing audience, unlike her fellow contestants. She leads the season's first musical number, Come Fly With Us, and her performance is arguably the happiest of them all. She later prepares a belay for her and Duncan so they can complete the "Pyramid Over Under" challenge. Gwen ends up joining the group, much to Courtney's dismay. The girls' constant bickering pushes Duncan to his limit. He quits the show and storms back to the plane to await a ride home. Courtney and Gwen stare at him, mouths agape, but neither actually go after him. Courtney then joins her team with Gwen, Heather, Cody, and Izzy, which they name Team Amazon. In the next episode, she and Heather clash automatically over leadership. They are later on the same page as they engage in taunting Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot while the teams travel to the Nile River. Courtney states her loyalty to Duncan despite his rash decision. However, she does stop to consider Alejandro's question of if he even appreciates her.

Throughout the next few episodes, Courtney continues to lock horns with Heather and Gwen. Her distaste for the former especially intensifies. This is due to Heather's constant bossing around of her teammates and desperation to prove that she is valuable, along with whipping Courtney in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better and her lack of consideration for the team's reward in Broadway, Baby!. Courtney makes an agreement with Gwen to vote Heather off the first time they are sent to an elimination ceremony. Now with some common ground, the two finally begin to develop a camaraderie.

Courtney demands that Sierra and Cody "work up the thirst."

In Newf Kids on the Rock, Courtney leads Cody and Sierra in rowing Team Amazon's boat to shore. She and Gwen stop their team's boat after seeing what they think is Duncan, but is only a rock formation. Sierra explains when they get down from climbing that Courtney thought she saw Duncan because she misses him. Courtney accepts this, but her suspicions of Gwen and Duncan return as she wonders what reason the former had to see him as well. When Team Amazon finally catch up the everyone else, Heather blames Courtney for the failure. Gwen, however, volunteers to take responsibility herself, which surprises Courtney. In the next episode, Courtney immediately tries to help Izzy and Owen, who have been crushed by the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. She and Heather are later paired up to do the bobsled challenge together. Courtney tells the latter that her lawyers have ensured that she is protected from deadly stunts. In Heather's case, however, she isn't sure. Before Heather can object, Courtney launches them into the challenge.

Courtney is amused by Heather's pain from being stretched.

In I See London..., she and Gwen spend the episode getting to know each other and using their shared skills and knowledge to work through the challenges. Courtney admits in the confessional that she is, indeed, growing fond of Gwen. However, she is still timid about having a friendship with her.

Later in the episode, Gwen and Courtney arrive at a punk club where they find Duncan and capture him, which causes Team Amazon to win the challenge. Before the elimination ceremony, Courtney scolds Duncan for "abandoning" her. She then hugs him and clarifies that she isn't mad, she just missed him.

In Greece's Pieces, Courtney continues her friendly interactions with Gwen, as well as her belief that there is something going on between Gwen and Duncan. Gwen is feeling guilty for having kissed Duncan behind her back, but plays along with Courtney's excitement uncomfortably.

Heather comforts a sobbing Courtney.

Courtney shows her a list of things that she intends to change about Duncan, so he can be perfect. She unintentionally causes Team Amazon to lose one of the challenges by insulting Cody, angering Sierra to the point of attacking her. Prior to the tie-breaking challenge, Tyler is forced by Alejandro to admit that he saw Duncan and Gwen kissing. Courtney lashes out at Gwen for betraying her trust. She then orders Cody to throw the challenge so the team can vote Gwen out. Cody's devotion to Gwen makes him do otherwise, and Team Amazon wins. Afterwards, Courtney sobs to Heather's attempts at comfort. In the next episode, Courtney has far from forgiven Gwen and Duncan for their actions. She breaks up with him, tries flirting with Tyler to make him jealous, and is determined to lose the challenge so Gwen can be eliminated. She leads the episode's song about her betrayal, Boyfriend Kisser. Courtney constantly tries to sabotage her team's progress so that Team Amazon loses and she can have Gwen voted off. Near the end of the challenge, Courtney trips Gwen in order to break the device Gwen is holding but to no avail. At the end of the episode, enraged that not only Gwen is safe but Duncan as well, Courtney tosses Tyler out of the plane.
CourtneyMad (2)

Courtney and Duncan's breakup.

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Courtney tries to enlist Heather's help in ensuring Gwen's termination. Heather agrees under the condition that Courtney stop throwing challenges, something she denies doing. Alejandro begins flirting with Courtney as part of his and Duncan's plan to turn the girls against each other. Courtney is taken aback by his sudden interest, and becomes smitten with him. He earns her trust by agreeing to help aid in her effort to make Team Amazon lose. She also is visibly pleased to see that Alejandro and Duncan are apparently fighting for her affections. Team Amazon loses the challenge and is sent to the elimination ceremony. The votes turn out a tie between Courtney and Gwen, and the two engage in a tiebreaker to decide who stays and who leaves. Due to Gwen's severe allergic reaction, Courtney wins and happily watches her as she falls from the plane.


Alejandro and Courtney flirt.

In Sweden Sour, Courtney begins responding to Alejandro's advances, and seems to have actually fallen for him, as their flirting takes place away from Duncan. Alejandro notes that manipulating Courtney normally would be a lot harder, but her skewed emotions have given him the edge. He then states that he plans to eventually betray her. Later, after Courtney tries unsuccessfully to fish an apology from Duncan, Alejandro plots with her so they can "drive Duncan crazy." She clashes with Heather throughout the episode's challenges as they compete for team leader. Their animosity eventually forces them to settle on Cody. Team Amazon take another loss courtesy of Owen sinking their ship head. Courtney's teammates decide unanimously to vote her off, but as it is a fake ceremony, Courtney is safe, much to the disapproval of her teammates.


The tension between Courtney and Duncan escalates even further.

In the next episode, Courtney and Duncan are at odds once again as they are paired for the wedding challenge. She even considers of teaming up with the bear that she originally chose. Duncan purposely directs her off course during the first challenge leading her to trip or bump into every obstacles. It wasn't until Alejandro helps her that she manage to retrieve her wedding dress. In the second challenge, Duncan and Courtney easily pass customs after everyone else falls into the water and win immunity. Immediately after this, the former couple argues again, with Courtney declaring she "wants a divorce."


Courtney helping Alejandro in the challenge.

In Chinese Fake-Out, Courtney begins ignoring Duncan for the most part. During the first part of the challenge, a race around the great wall, she ends up owing Alejandro a favor after he assists her when her tricycle gets stuck in the ground. He later figures out how she can repay her debt just before the eating challenge, when she reveals that she has a strong stomach. Alejandro slips Courtney the disgusting food underneath the table until Heather and Duncan inform Chris of the cheating. He forces Courtney to wear a lion dancer's mask to prevent her from eating anymore. When Chris states that the final vote is a tie between Courtney and Blaineley, she is ready for any tie-breaker challenge he throws at her. Due to the budget, Chris simply eliminates them both. In the exclusive clip, Courtney complains about her elimination during her drop. But she then states that she is happy to get rid of Blaineley and be far away from Duncan. Courtney soon realizes she is too close to the ground and tries to pull her parachute, but it doesn't release and she crashes into an elderly Chinese woman's roof. Angered, the old woman throws a hammer at Courtney right before the clip ends.


Courtney surfing to aid Alejandro in the final challenge.

In Hawaiian Style, along with continuing to express her hatred for Duncan and Gwen, Courtney supports Alejandro to win. She performs in the challenge in order to gain a special advantage for him. She surfs against Harold and Blaineley and wins first place, her garland falling around the neck of Alejandro's spirit animal, a jaguar, after she wipes out. Alejandro earns a wheelbarrow, which Bridgette and Geoff clarify will be useful in the final challenge. In Hawaiian Punch, Alejandro chooses her to assist him in the volcano challenge. She and Lindsay help to build his dummy and hinder Heather's helpers, Cody and Harold. At one point, she accidentally traps Alejandro due to any lack of indication which trap is which. She is the only one visibly unhappy by Heather's win in her ending. Once the volcano erupts, she follows the cast down the path and into the water, where they frantically swim to safety.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


Courtney glares at Alejandro and Heather.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Courtney appears on the yacht with the other veterans. While Alejandro (still in the Drama Machine) has Heather in his arms nearby, she glares angrily at them from behind Geoff and Bridgette.

Total Drama All-Stars


Courtney starts the season on the Heroic Hamsters.

Courtney returns to Total Drama All-Stars as one of the seven original campers and continues her conflict with Gwen and Duncan from their last encounter. Despite her multiple villainous acts from her former seasons, she is placed onto the Heroic Hamsters. Even so, she still does not show any heroic qualities while she is on the team. She quickly starts a conflict with most of her teammates, mostly by bossing them around, taking credit for many of their ideas, and being frustrated by their general lack of forming ideas due to getting along with each other so well. She often plans to eliminate her team members such as Zoey rather early on and often threatens them when they are not doing very well in challenges. Saving Private Leechball eventually becomes her undoing, as she stays back with Sam in order to not participate in the challenge. She uses the excuse that since she didn't bring any breakfast to him, she would make up for it by protecting him. When Jo eventually finds their hiding spot, she uses him as a human shield in order to not get hit by the leeches, making the excuse that anyone would do the same. Due to this act of cowardice, Chris makes her switch teams with Duncan to become a part of the Villainous Vultures.

Due to the team transfer, she attempts to find an ally in Food Fright. She finds Scott to be a potential alliance member and learns that Gwen actually does want to be friends with her again, despite Courtney's beliefs that she was faking it due to all of the times in earlier episodes in which Gwen would accidentally injure Courtney. Despite the knowledge of Gwen's true intentions, she still despises her, making a deal with Heather to vote her off if they lose the challenge. Things only seem to get worse in Moon Madness, in which Courtney seems to have no qualms if Gwen dies, barely showing any appreciation when she saves her from being attacked by a deer. Once Gwen tells Courtney that she had broken up with Duncan, however, Courtney accepts her apology and they manage to get along once again. However, Chris's meddling rigs them to fight each other in Suckers Punched. Even though the girls initially refuse to fight each other, after Chris shows some videos of Duncan and Gwen kissing from Sierra's blog, she angrily begins to attack Gwen. By the end of the match it appears that the two had vented out all their anger, causing their friendship to officially be renewed and letting their team win the challenge. The two willingly pair up in You Regatta Be Kidding Me despite Chris saying that only one person could win immunity for it, acting unusually friendly towards each other as well as promising to take each other to the finale.


Courtney and Scott after their first kiss.

Even though things start off a bit rocky with Gwen and then get better, things with Scott start out much smoother. Despite Courtney not seeing anything in him initially past the alliance, both of them quickly develop feelings towards each other when Scott shows attraction towards her bossiness. The ordeal happens rather quickly, as the two are already shown to have a mutual attraction starting in the episode after they meet. While Scott is on Boney Island for the night, Courtney is seen saddened by his absence. She is concerned whenever he is hurt, and the two of them work together during the challenge in No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition. The two eventually share a kiss in Zeek and Ye Shall Find and start an official relationship, but it does not last very long due to "Mike's" interference, as he persuades Cameron kiss her. Even though this was all set up by the two with no intentions from Courtney, Scott is under the impression that the opposite had happened. This results in their break-up a mere two hours after agreeing to a relationship. They continue to quarrel even after they are captured by Ezekiel.


Courtney's chart is exposed in Sundae Muddy Sundae.

After seeing Scott heartbroken over recent events, Courtney demands that they get back together in The Obsta-Kill Kourse, to which he agrees. While Scott gets quite a bit of help from Courtney during the challenge, she still constantly ridicules him whenever he needs help or messes up. Courtney tells Zoey to keep the incident with Cameron a secret. Unfortunately, Courtney accidentally tells Gwen herself whilst warning Zoey not to do so. This upsets her due to hypocrisy on Courtney's part, but she doesn't seem to hold too much of a grudge against her for it. Courtney still promises to take Gwen to the finale, but in actuality, she plans to eliminate her, Zoey, and Mike and bring Scott. This is not due to her feelings for him, but because she thinks that he will eventually throw the challenge for her, securing Courtney's victory for the season. She outlines this plan on a chart for her own convenience. However, Courtney was apparently rather careless with it, because Mal exposes this chart to Gwen, Zoey and Scott in Sundae Muddy Sundae, causing both to turn on her. While she gives almost no sympathy for Scott whatsoever during the challenge, she still tries to become friends with Gwen again, who only wants to do so if Courtney decides to vote herself off. She is behind for a large portion of the challenge, but she manages to cross the finish line first, under the impression that the interns would be hungry enough to eat her sundae, which had been covered in burnt chocolate and bird vomit. Chris then changes the rules to having to be the first one to eat their own sundae, which she fails to do. She ends up being eliminated that night in a 3-2 vote, but whether she listened to Gwen's request and voted herself off or not is unknown.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama All-Stars

Audition tape

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Courtney's audition

Courtney campaigns for Student Council President while auditioning.

In her audition tape, Courtney tells the camera that she is running for student council president. The tape then cuts to her stating that if selected to compete in Total Drama Island, she promises to conduct herself with honor and integrity. However, she then accidentally mixes up her two speeches by promising to donate two new pop machines for the cafeteria. Then she curses and argues with the cameraman (Tom) when he refuses to tape a re-do.

Even though Cartoon Network edited out Courtney's cursing completely on the TV airing, they showed the unedited version of her audition on Cartoon Network's website.



  • According to an interview with Jennifer Pertsch, one of the co-creators of Total Drama Action, Courtney is partially based on Reese Witherspoon’s character, Tracey Flick, in the 1999 movie Election.


  • Courtney ranks third in winning individual challenges. She has won five individual challenges, behind Gwen, who has won six (counting her ending), and Heather, who has won seven (counting her ending).
  • Courtney and Scott are the only antagonists to eliminate someone twice in a season. While she caused both of Owen's eliminations in Total Drama Action, Scott caused both of Dakota's eliminations in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • Courtney, Harold, and Leshawna are the only original contestants to compete on the first three seasons to not make an individual cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. Additionally, she is the only contestant to compete in four seasons, but not make an additional cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • Courtney is one of the six female contestants to have more than one boy attracted to her, the others being Heather, Gwen, Bridgette, Anne Maria, and Jasmine.
  • Courtney, along with Lindsay, Izzy, DJ, Tyler, Sierra, and Cody, didn't sing in the episode she's eliminated in Total Drama World Tour.
  • Courtney is one of two characters to have more than one voice actor, as Emilie-Claire Barlow revealed on an interview with Christian Potenza that, on the first two episodes of the first season, Courtney was voiced by a different actress until they decided to recast her. The other is Alejandro.
  • Courtney switched teams with Duncan in Saving Private Leechball, making her one of only three people to be on five different teams.
  • Courtney has kissed the most boys on the show, with a total number of four, having kissed Duncan, Scott, Cameron, and Alejandro (off screen).
    • She and Trent are the only characters who have kissed two people in one episode.
  • As revealed in Sundae Muddy Sundae, Courtney worked part-time at an ice-cream shop for three weeks, but got fired for assaulting a bothersome customer while she was on her break. This makes her one of the few contestants known to have had an occupation prior to Total Drama. The others are BridgetteGwenKatie, Noah and Shawn.
  • Courtney is one of only two people to make it to the final five twice without ever reaching the finale. Coincidentally, they were in a relationship.
  • Courtney is one of five contestants to have her name in an episode title, the others being OwenBridgette, Scarlett, and Sky.
  • Courtney, along with DuncanGwen, Heather, and Lindsay are the only five contestants to compete in four seasons.
    • Courtney, however, didn't originally qualify for Total Drama Action, but debuted midway to compete.
  • As seen in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Courtney has (or at least had) a heart-shaped tattoo on her arm to match Duncan's identical tattoo. This would make her one of four characters known to have a tattoo. The others are Chef Hatchet, Geoff, and Duncan.
  • Courtney is one of the people in the series to have written a book, titled "Total Triumph for Teens."
    • The others are Chef (with his unpublished manifesto), Chris (with his autobiography), and Harold (under his "H-Bomb" persona).


  • Courtney is the first ever contestant to receive the final safety symbol at an elimination ceremony.
  • Courtney is one of three contestants to make it to the merge three or more times, the others being Duncan and Owen.
    • However, all three need to return to the competition in some way to achieve this. In her case, Courtney made her debut mid-way in Total Drama Action despite initially not being in the competition after filing a lawsuit against the show.
  • Courtney has caused the third highest amount of eliminations out of all of the antagonists and the fourth highest for any contestant, being directly or indirectly responsible for eight eliminations.


  • Out of the original twenty-two contestants, Courtney was one of the four campers who were not planned to appear in Camp TV. However, Bridgette's old design loosely resembles Courtney due to the fact that the prototype Bridgette has freckles on her face and her eyes look more similar to Courtney's than the relaxed look that the final design of Bridgette has.
    • She is the only former Killer Bass contestant to not be planned for Camp TV.
  • Courtney is one of the few contestants who are known to be able to play an instrument. In her case, it is the violin and guitar. The others are Trent, Duncan, Cody, Harold, Alejandro, and Gwen.
  • Courtney has an invested interest in politics and law, shown throughout the course of the series.
    • She mentions that she plans to run for office one day in Basic Straining, and planned to study for her LSATs after returning home in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island.
    • She was running for student council president during her Total Drama Island audition.
    • She sues the producers that were responsible for the show in both Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action (failing in her first attempt, but succeeding in her second, culminating with her return).
    • As revealed in 2008: A Space Owen, Courtney is on her school debate team.
    • As revealed in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Courtney said the she's going to Law School.
    • On the official Total Drama World Tour website, it is stated that Courtney's favorite profession is a lawyer.
    • As revealed in Before We Die, Courtney wants to be a corporate lawyer
  • It is revealed in Dial M for Merger that Courtney is lactose-intolerant.
    • However, she has been seen in other episodes eating food which often contains lactose, so it's unclear if this is true or if she is just partially lactose-intolerant. It may have been an excuse to not go on the trip to the cheese factory with Lindsay, which she obviously did not want to do.
  • In Rock n' Rule, it is revealed that Courtney had been in a band called The A-Type Psychotic Crazies. However, they disbanded before their first gig since all five of them wanted to be the lead singer. The band's name is a play on Courtney's stereotype, "The Type-A."
  • As confirmed by Todd Kauffman, Courtney is Hispanic. Therefore, she and Alejandro are the only two confirmed Hispanic characters on the show.
    • However, her online biography for Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action lists her as South Asian.
  • Courtney is the first contestant overall to sing in Total Drama World Tour. She started off five songs in Total Drama World Tour, the most of any female. Fittingly, she seemed to enjoy the singing challenges more than most of the contestants did.
  • According to Total Drama Online, Courtney's worst nightmare is Gwen and Duncan kissing and naming themselves "Gwuncan." Part of this nightmare eventually becomes true in I See London.... The rest of this nightmare comes true starting in The EX-Files.
  • It is revealed in Heroes vs. Villains that Courtney is allergic to flower pollen.
  • According to Courtney's Total Drama World Tour contestant biography, her favorite color is green, the "color of success."
    • It is also stated that her favorite food is sushi and her favorite movies include "Rules of Arrangement" or any other movie with the word 'rules'."


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