Cody Jr. is a baby condor that appears exclusively in Rapa Phooey! It hatches out of one of Sierra's condor eggs that she is carrying for the challenge. Sierra considers Cody Jr. her and Cody's child, as they are "married" and it hatched from an egg that she had collected. She also believes that the bird bears resemblance to Cody. However, since Heather was the first person it ever saw, it considers her to be its mother, much to both Heather and Sierra's annoyance.

Total Drama World Tour

Cody Jr. on Heather's Head

Cody Jr. refuses to fly off of Heather's head.

Cody Jr. hatches in Rapa Phooey! from an egg that Sierra was carrying for the challenge. He has the same hair structure and eye color as Cody. Sierra describes him as "Cody the beginning of the next generation." He hatches while Heather is holding his egg. He sees Heather first, so he mistakes her for being his mother. Even though Sierra considers herself his actual mother, he continuously flies to Heather and nestles in her hair, much to Heather's frustration and Sierra's jealousy. Despite Sierra trying to make him leave Heather alone, he still continues to do this. In the second challenge, Sierra takes him up with her when she climbs the cliff to return the eggs to the mother condor. The mother condor recognizes her son, but Cody Jr. simply flies back to Heather's head when she starts to climb, despite Sierra's protests. Once Heather reaches the top of the cliff, the mother condor takes Cody Jr. from her and flies off with him. Sierra, at first, vows to get Cody Jr. back, but then sees the mother condor feed Cody Jr. pre-digested food from her mouth. This disgusts her and she says that maybe her and Cody weren't ready for kids quite yet.



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