Cartoon Network Video is a segment of Cartoon Network's website which features videos and clips from some of its series. The segment included sections for Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour.

Along with the episodes and clips that can be watched, there are "Best of" videos for each eliminated contestant. The series for Total Drama Island is called "Dock of Shame," the videos for Total Drama Action are shown in Total Drama Action EXTRA and the clips for Total Drama World Tour is called "Drop of Shame." The videos show a montage of the camper's best and worst moments while playing a song (the song is the same in Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour, but is different in Total Drama Island). Beth was the first person to have one of those videos. However, a different song, Way Too Much Fun, is played for the winner of each season, this is excluding Total Drama World Tour, where each member of the final three has a "Best of" video.

The video section was discontinued in 2012, once the site introduced the new "Full Section" and "Shows" section. Total Drama: Revenge of the Island was the only Total Drama season to be included. The video section was changed, however. Instead of just watching, you needed to put your cable company or service, just like the Cartoon Network app.

However, the video section was re-added, after a year of discontinuation, on August 26, 2013. It was added along with the Total Drama All-Stars game, Rain of Terror. The video section has a Total Drama section, featuring clips from previous seasons and various full episodes.

Total Drama Island

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Total Drama Island's video banner.

The first season plays a song titled Whatever it Takes, and shows the highlights of the camper's time on Total Drama Island. Besides the campers eliminated before the tenth episode, the only contestant to not have one of these videos was Gwen. This is most likely because since she comes in second, and she is not considered a winner nor a loser.


  • Beth - Shows clips in slow motion.
  • Sadie - Has sound playing after her video ends.
  • Courtney - Also shows the moment where Harold switches the votes.
  • Harold - Interrupts the video to show Harold's beatboxing.
  • Eva - Shows her worst moments.
  • Trent - Takes a moment from Phobia Factor and plays it at a moment when not said at normal speed.
  • Bridgette - Splits the screen into four.
  • Lindsay - Shows a moment of Lindsay after her elimination.
  • DJ - Splits screen into two and fast forwards DJ in the confessional.
  • Izzy - The intro for the song "Whatever it Takes" is longer than usual.
  • Geoff - Chris interrupts the video to rant about his hair and makeup.
  • Leshawna - Synchronizes Harold's and Courtney's cat fight while Chris is talking.
  • Mr. Coconut - Is the only non-human to have a Dock Of Shame Video.
  • Duncan - One part of the lyric "Whatever it Takes" is repeated.
  • Heather - Shows her best and worst moments.
  • Owen - Different music plays.

Total Drama Action

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Total Drama Action's video banner.

The second season plays a song called This is the Life, and shows the contestant's time on Total Drama Action. Izzy was the only castmate to have two videos, due to her return in the seventh episode and being eliminated again. The only castmate not to have one of those videos was Beth. This is because since she came in second, she was considered neither a winner or a loser.


  • Geoff and Bridgette - Two people are shown at the beginning. This is the first video to have two contestants faded out.
  • Izzy - Shows the wrong name in the title. It says Izzy instead of E-Scope.
  • Trent - Shows him counting to nine for nine seconds.
  • Gwen - Is the first video to have a camper faded out, and another camper faded in (due to the return of Izzy).
  • DJ - Also shows most of Chef's moments as well, due to him having a major involvement in DJ's time on Total Drama Action.
  • Izzy - The first time on Total Drama Action that a contestant has been faded out twice.
  • Owen - Interrupts his video when he talks about the times he eats. Also, Courtney doesn't fade in towards the end of the video even though she returned to the show.
  • Heather - Is the first video in the Total Drama Action video series with the most insults, that aren't even censored out (nerd, idiot boy, trout lips, etc.).
  • Leshawna - The entire song completely stopped at the part with her fake crying for the rest of the video.
  • Justin - Shows him getting hurt and becoming worried about his looks.
  • Lindsay - Is the second video to have a camper faded out, and another camper faded in (due to the return of Owen).
  • Harold - Lindsay is still shown at the end of the video along with the other contestants instead of Owen even though she was already eliminated two weeks earlier. Also, the music completely stops when Harold punches Duncan.
  • Courtney - The video shows a confessional from Courtney after the video ends.
  • Duncan - Shows his best moments from the season.

Total Drama World Tour

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Total Drama World Tour's video banner.

The elimination videos from the third season also play "This is the Life," and they show the contestant's time on Total Drama World Tour. The only contestants that didn't have the video are Blaineley and Izzy.


  • Duncan - No video was shown after he quit in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1. However, he had a video after his second elimination. This video features moments where he gets injured, as well as his relationships with Courtney and Gwen. At the end of the video, the second time he is thrown off of the plane was merged into the first time he is thrown off in an earlier episode. Also, the singing stops for part of the video. At the end, when he fades off of the screen, the picture was in zoom.
  • Ezekiel - Duncan was still shown at the end of the video along with the other contestants, even though he quit in the previous episode.
  • Harold - A clip of Harold voting off Ezekiel was shown after the video.
  • Bridgette - Halfway through the video, a clip was shown from an earlier episode and at the end of the video, another clip was shown.
  • Leshawna - Leshawna's video contained much more dialogue than others.
  • Lindsay - Lindsay's moment from the opening sequence is seen in one of Lindsay's clips.
  • DJ - Lindsay was still shown at the end of the video, even though she was eliminated two episodes earlier. Also, Izzy did not fade out, despite the fact that she and DJ were eliminated in the same episode.
  • Noah - Lindsay and Izzy were originally still shown at the end, and Duncan didn't fade back in. This was later fixed by the technical advisers.
  • Tyler - Shows most of his moments of him getting injured, as well as his relationship with Lindsay.
  • Gwen - At the beginning where her passport is being stamped and she is falling, there is no voice clip playing. Shows most of her moments of her relationship with Duncan and her conflict with Courtney.
  • Owen - Features most of his moments of him having bad luck, annoying Alejandro, as well as him farting. Also, a clip of Owen annoying Alejandro from an earlier episode is shown at the end of the video. Also, Blaineley didn't fade in even though she had debuted in the same episode.
  • Courtney - Focuses on moments where she gets injured, her rivalry with Heather, her bossiness, and her conflicts with Gwen and Duncan. Also, Blaineley didn't fade out in the end.
  • Sierra - Features her moments annoying Chris and her attraction to Cody.
  • Cody - Plays different music and shows most of his moments getting hurt, as well as a scene from Hawaiian Punch prior to the episode's airing. The first clip of the video has nothing to do with Cody.
  • Alejandro - Includes the full confessional from Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, which was censored.
  • Heather - Shows her various scenes of arrogance, getting hurt, and her attraction to Alejandro. In Heather's extended version, Cody wasn't in the final picture, and it adds scenes from Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles and Hawaiian Punch.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and onward

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Total Drama: Revenge of the Island's video banner.

While the website still shows clips and previews, "Best of" videos were discontinued as of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

CN Exclusive

For Total Drama Island, there were various Total Drama exclusive clips where viewers can see where eliminated contestants were after their elimination and what they've been doing. There were clips for Ezekiel, Tyler, Izzy, Harold, Cody, Katie and Sadie. They are inaccessible and can't be seen today on the site. Cody's video showed that he finally got an MP3 player while Ezekiel's video showed that he got a new girlfriend who was a scarecrow.


  • The song that plays for Alejandro, Heather, and Cody in their "Best of..." videos on the Total Drama World Tour Cartoon Network website is Way Too Much Fun by Robbie Nevel.
  • Overall, there are currently forty-seven "Best of..." videos.
  • The contestants who have gotten three videos are Owen, Heather, Duncan, Leshawna, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Harold, Courtney, and Izzy.
    • Thus, Gwen is the only contestant who, despite competing in the first three seasons, did not receive three "Best of..." videos.
  • The contestants who have gotten two videos are Gwen, Geoff, and Trent.
  • The contestants who have gotten one video are Sadie, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Justin, Noah, Eva, Ezekiel, Alejandro, and Sierra.
  • The only contestants who have never received a "Best of..." video are Katie and Blaineley.