Cartoon Network is the only television channel to air Total Drama in the United States. Its programming mostly consists of cartoons (as the name implies), but the channel has aired a reasonable number of live-action shows. Total Drama Island has been one of the first Cartoon Network shows that has been rated TV-PG, even though it was created by Teletoon.

Total Drama Island formerly aired on the network's Har Har Tharsdays block before June 11, 2009, once it was replaced by the second season of Total Drama, Total Drama Action. Total Drama World Tour ran as part of Cartoon Network's Monday night comedy block beginning on June 21, 2010. Total Drama: Revenge of the Island would later premiere on June 5, 2012, followed by Total Drama All-Stars on September 10, 2013. Total Drama: Pahkitew Island debuted on July 7, 2014 and aired over the course of two weeks advertised as a "Two Week Summer Showdown." Continuing this trend, the spin-off series, Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, aired over the course of a month on September 7, 2015 in 5:00 EST timeslot before being moved to a 7:00 EST timeslot.

Edits to the series

During Cartoon Network's broadcast of Total Drama Island, there were many edits to the show. While the animation was completely untouched, there were numerous edits made to the dialogue. This has resulted in dubbing errors throughout the entire first season. The dialogue edits were made because of the words in the show that were considered too offensive by Cartoon Network. Examples of these words include "suck" (often replaced by "stink"), "crap" (often replaced by "shoot" and "crud"), and "boobies" (edited out altogether or replaced with "chest"). Cartoon Network also made several edits in the airings in Europe. Starting from Total Drama All-Stars, the edits remove any scene that contains vomiting, farting, and more.

On an original trailer for Total Drama Island on Cartoon Network, on the top left-hand screen, its rating is "TV-PG-DLS". They kept the D (which stands for "mild suggestive dialogue"), but edited out most of the content that could have been rated L ("infrequent language") and S ("some sexual situations").

However, starting with Total Drama Action, many episodes were barely edited. In Total Drama World Tour, only censored lines were cut out, with the bleeps being replaced with other words. Also, for the first time, an entire scene was cut from an episode. In the American version of Broadway, Baby!, an entire scene was cut from the episode due to it degrading one of the country's most important symbols (The Statue of Liberty), and its overall inappropriateness.

The edits were reduced even further in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, and the two latest seasons as well as the spinoff, had little, to no edits made whatsoever.

Other information

All but one episode of Total Drama Island was censored in some way by Cartoon Network, despite putting up a TV-PG rating warning at the beginning of the show and the end of each commercial break and the show being rated TV-G in Canada. The series is only designed to have one commercial break; this is seen by the episode fading in and fading out at the middle of each episode, while Chris says a line like "See ya right back!" right before the screen fades. Originally Teletoon has a commercial break on this fade, but as for Cartoon Network, they have two or sometimes three commercial breaks on each episode, resulting in an edit-out and interrupting the plot of that episode. One example is when a contestant wins a certain challenge and then all of a sudden the screen fades and a commercial pops out.

Surprisingly, 6teen, a show made by the creators of Total Drama Island which has similar dialogue content, is completely unedited except for one phrase that included the word "scorniest" (it was later changed to "scoring-est"), and the pilot episode, where Jonesy said "Getting to second base with Jill Anderson" (even though a similar line was not removed from Total Drama Island. Even the theme song, which contains "Thank God" in the lyrics, is left untouched. Many children's networks go out of their way to eliminate any mention of a particular religion or deity. Some episodes of Total Drama Action have shown that Cartoon Network's edits are getting lighter and lighter.

Aspect ratio

Chris 3x4

The same Chris scene, now cropped to the 4x3 aspect ratio.

Total Drama Island and every season following it has been aired in a widescreen 16x9 aspect ratio on

Chris 16x9

A scene of Chris in the original 16x9 aspect ratio.

Teletoon (in Canada) and at least Total Drama World Tour has been broadcast the same way on ABC3 in Australia (as well as K2, the Italian channel which broadcast Total Drama: Revenge of the Island). However, in the United States, every Total Drama series has been cropped to a 4x3 aspect ratio, which was the normal standard for all television shows before the era of HDTV. However, by now Cartoon Network has been gradually airing several other shows in their original 16x9 ratio; why they continue to crop the Total Drama series is unknown. Though most of the time the cropping has not affected the viewing experience of the show, but there are certain scenes that will look completely off-focus due to the cropping, such as a certain scene in Beach Blanket Bogus where Chris is about to use his automated machine gun to fire seagulls at Gwen.

Cartoon Network allows the viewing of Total Drama episodes via their website, however their video player is built for a widescreen presentation. To get around this with their cropped editions of the episodes, all of the footage is stretched out, enlarged, and cropped even more to create the illusion that the episodes are in widescreen format. Sometimes, it can look fairly convincing if the scenes are simple and focused on the center, but other times the faux-widescreen is very obvious to the viewer.

However, this is no longer the case, now that Cartoon Network aired Total Drama: Revenge of the Island in 16x9 widescreen aspect ratio, making it the first season to do so. Total Drama All-Stars, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, and Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race were also aired in 16x9 format.


Total Drama Island DVD

Total Drama's first season was released on DVD on August 18, 2009 by Cartoon Network, and the second season was released only in Australia on November 2nd. Despite claiming that the first season DVD features all twenty seven episodes and cast interviews, Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island was not included (instead being replaced by the TDI Rundown), and the cast interviews are really the character auditions. Many people weren't happy at this. Some of the edits were removed and some original dialogue was retained, but most edits were left in. Despite this, an advertisement from, along with the summary on the back of the box saying "crappy", a word that was replaced in most episodes, had suggested that the DVD would be uncut.

Network branding

Total Drama Tuesdays

Total Drama Tuesdays

The logo for Total Drama Tuesdays.

Total Drama was such a hit on the network that Cartoon Network started to design blocks and special marathons around it. Total Drama Tuesdays was a short-lived block that debuted in early 2009, after the conclusion of Total Drama Island's original run on the network. The block would pair episodes of Total Drama Island with two other Fresh TV-produced shows, 6teen and Stoked. The programming block aired on Tuesdays. Branding was designed by Stuart Golley and Candice House and is available to view on Behance.

Spring Break '09


Chris hosting "Spring Break '09.

A few months later in April 2009, Chris hosted a special marathon called "Spring Break '09". It featured the first sneak peeks of Total Drama Action on Cartoon Network, along with other shows that were new to Cartoon Network during 2009.

Nood era

Cartoon Network used to feature Noods, human-like creatures that were Cartoon Network's advertising staples, that has been made into various Total Drama Island characters. Heather, Gwen, DJ, Chris, Harold, Cody, Trent, Chef, and the Bear have all been created as Noods. If a ball of color hits a Nood, they turn into whatever color that ball of color was, or they change into a camper who wears that color. For example, a Nood that gets hit with a ball the color of Heather's shirt will turn into Heather, or a Nood that touches an object blue will turn into the color blue. The look changed a bit in early 2010, not using the animation bumpers as much, but using live action. The Noods were retired along with the logo in May of 2010.


After the Noods were retired and the old Cartoon Network logo, the next (and current) era was called the CHECK it era. "CHECK it" appeared after the Cartoon Network logo in bumpers or advertisements involved Cartoon Network, as of June 2010. There are blocks/squares in the background and it has more of a retro feel. The Total Drama series had bumpers for prime time, new episodes, and if they were on next or later. The "CHECK it" bumpers were later renamed to the "YEEEEAUHHHH!" bumpers and were retired in May of 2013.


Total Drama Action

Games and website

The Cartoon Network website has had games and a show page for Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Total Drama All-Stars and Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. The Total Drama series is also on Cartoon Network Video.

There are also several games on Cartoon Network's website. They are The Big Picture, Best Game Ever, Drop of Shame, H-Bomb's Killah Beatz, Flight Simmerator, Chomp Sewey, Total Pandamonium, Splat! Oberfest, Oh No U Di'n't!!!, Toxic Targets, and Rain of Terror.

A game called Cartoon Network TKO on the website features Chef and Duncan as playable, fighting robot characters.

Following the premiere of Total Drama World Tour, there were shirts of the three teams in the season for a game called, FusionFall and later following Leshawna's elimination, her shirt was also made an item on FusionFall. More shirts have been added over the next few months, including DJ, Duncan, Owen, and Trent's.

Below, are images of the showpickers that are seen in the Cartoon Network navigational bar on the top of most Cartoon Network pages. The showpickers have Chris' face while the season is occurring, but when the winner is announced, the winner will be the showpicker instead. However, this is not the case for season three, for reasons unknown.


Cartoon Network released four Total Drama applications that were available on iTunes for download (on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) on August 2, 2010, but have since been removed.


FusionFall was an online game created by Cartoon Network. The game features Cartoon Network characters and allows avatars to be customized. The game closed down permanently on August 29, 2013.

The game also features codes (all of which are expired now) which allow players to obtain clothes and weapons for their avatar. Such items based on Total Drama World Tour include:

The Total Drama World Tour Facebook Page's Fart Blaster

Fart Blaster

In this Fart Blaster, one can send different kinds of farts to their Facebook friends. Some of the farts available to send are:

  • Northern Explosion
  • Grand Central Gasser
  • El Farto Supremo
  • Crumpet Trumpet
  • Parisian Poot
  • Stinky Sphinxy
  • Tokyo Toot
  • Deep Sea Doody

After one picks the kind of fart they want to send, they have to pick the friend that they want to send it to. The friend will get a notification that they have been blasted.


  • On Cartoon Network Video, the logo for Total Drama Island has Trent's Camp TV design. It's also seen on the Cartoon Network Valentine's Day game.
  • The Total Drama: Revenge of the Island video banner says the series is rated TV-PG-V, even though it is rated TV-PG.

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