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Brady 2
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Relationship Beth
Friends Beth
Enemies Justin (one-sided on Justin's side)
Voiced by Dan Petronijevic

Brady is Beth's boyfriend who is mentioned by throughout Total Drama Action. Initially no one believes her when she claims Brady was her boyfriend, and even get to the point to doubt his entire existence. However, he finally makes an appearance in the season finale after the winner is declared, proving once and for all that he really does exist, and that Beth had been telling the truth the whole time since the first time she spoke of him.

Total Drama Action


Beth first mentions Brady and shows everyone a portrait of him.

Brady was first mentioned and seen when Beth shows his picture in Masters of Disasters. She constantly tells everyone about Brady's alleged acts and occupations. During the beginning of this episode, as everyone is in the mess hall, complaining about Chef's food, Beth brings up her boyfriend, saying that he is a professional cook. Izzy, Heather, Justin, Leshawna, and Lindsay are the first few to jump on this subject, as soon as Beth says the word "boyfriend." Heather had recalled no talk about Beth having a boyfriend before this. Leshawna, then, begins to notice Beth only saying the word "boyfriend" and not his name. She, in turn, asks her when and how they met. Beth tells Leshawna that they met between television seasons. Lindsay points out that the span between the two seasons was only two days, making it very unlikely she got a boyfriend in that amount of time. Beth claims they met in the orthodontist's office for the same reason: to get their braces off. Beth shows the Killer Grips a framed photograph of Brady, but her team begins to laugh at her. In the confessional, Izzy says she'll buy anything off of late-night infomercials, but she is not buying that.

Later, Heather asks her what he's like, and Beth claims that she's memorized all of the basic facts about him, such as his weight and height, and starts telling them all of these traits. However, Justin swipes the picture and sees that all of the attributes are simply on the back of the photo, realizing that it's a model comp card. Beth's lie and the fact that the person in the picture is confirmed to be a model simply makes the others even more confident that "Brady" is not Beth's boyfriend. Leshawna starts worrying about Beth's love life, as she's been chasing after a "boyfriend" with a "honey" (referring to Brady) back home. She replies, saying that she can't help herself when it comes to Justin, as he is a supermodel, while Brady is just a model.

Later, around the time the first challenge was about to start, Beth tells more about her boyfriend and Izzy still says that she won't believe it. Even during the first challenge, Beth talks continuously about Brady, to the point where Justin accuses her of making Brady up entirely.

While everyone is panicking about the rising water level in the "sinking submarine" of the second challenge, Beth continues to talk about the success stories of Brady. Izzy begins to also get upset, and accuses Beth of his nonexistence. Beth mentions that Brady is a certified "underwater photographer." Justin claims that his agent wants him to learn how to hold his breath underwater for an extensive amount of time. Around this time, Beth mentions that her boyfriend's name is "Brady," and that he could teach Justin.

Brady is mentioned again in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, when Beth says that Brady cracks his knuckles a lot. She tells Lindsay and Justin that some people find it weird and gross, but she believes it's adorable. She also says that she tried to flirt with him at the orthodontist by grinning at him when he sat in the direct opposite chair she was in. Unfortunately, Beth says that Brady mistook it as "ouchie faces," or faces people make when they are in pain. She then says Brady was immediately attracted to her once she sprayed on some of her chicken scented spray, 'Desperado, the Fragrance of Last Resort.'

Beth also mentions Brady again in One Million Bucks, B.C., but she doesn't say much about him. She protests against Courtney for getting special treatment by saying, "I'm the one with the boyfriend!" Beth mentions Brady again in Million Dollar Babies. She tries to use Courtney's PDA in order to contact him, which provides evidence towards his existence, as it wouldn't make sense for Beth to contact him secretly if she knew he wasn't her boyfriend. This is further proved when Leshawna taunts her during the badminton challenge against Heather, saying that "her chances of winning are about as real as her boyfriend," causing Beth to go into a fit of rage, helping Beth's team to win the challenge.

When trying to get Harold's vote in Super Hero-ld, she reveals Brady has two dogs, both named Steve. In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Beth is shown to sleep with a picture of Brady. Courtney allows Beth to use her PDA so she can contact Brady in an attempt to manipulate Beth into an alliance with her. They flirtatiously argue over who misses the other more, somewhat proving Brady's existence a little more.

In 2008: A Space Owen, Beth receives a candy cherry-flavored ring as a gift from Brady. This item is supposedly a promise ring. His relationship with Beth ends in this episode, as Beth develops a crush on Harold. However, in later episodes, he is still mentioned in ways that suggest their relationship.


The doubt of his existence goes away for good in The Aftermath: IV when he comes to the studio.

Brady is briefly mentioned by Beth in Mutiny on the Soundstage. She states that if she wins, she will share the money with Lindsay and him.

Brady is seen in person for the first (and currently the only) time at the end of The Aftermath: IV in both endings, hugging Beth after the season's winner is revealed. The contestants are quite shocked to find out that he existed, with Heather even noting how handsome he is. In Beth's ending, Justin is also shown to be actually quite jealous of him, and regrets voting for Beth. She tells Brady that she has all the reward she needs. In Duncan's ending, she says that she has all the prize she needed, prompting him to ask if he was supposed to bring a prize. However, she simply smiles and says that she "loves losing," and the two continue to embrace.


  • According to Beth, some statistics about Brady are revealed, as follows:
    • Height: 6'0"
    • Hair Color: Light Brown
    • Eye Color: Green
    • Shoe Size: 10"
    • Pants Size: 32" (with a 34" in-seam)
      • Beth got these facts from the back of a modeling portrait of Brady.
  • Beth has told the other castmates that Brady:
    • Is a great cook.
    • Is a male model.
    • Is a summer worker who cleans up after earthquakes and landslides.
    • Is part of a rescue team who saves people from avalanches.
    • Is an underwater photographer.
    • Has a habit of cracking his knuckles.
    • Has two pet dogs both named Steve.
  • Brady's shirt has a logo of what looks to be a moose, which is possibly a reference to an Abercrombie and Fitch polo shirt, due to a moose being their logo.
  • Brady has currently only one line in the whole series.
  • Brady, along with Josh, only appear in one episode of Total Drama Action and are not mentioned again in future seasons.
  • Brady's hairstyle and head shape were reused for José in Suckers Punched.
  • He share the same voice actor with Geoff.
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